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    Loudspeaker Script by CalmJester

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 12/04/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Jak II: Renegade - Loudspeaker Script
    (Copyright 2004)
    By: Von (Contributor id: CalmJester)
    If you'd like permission to post this script, 
    please contact me through gamefaqs.
    Version 1.4, Posted 05/12/04
    I. Introduction
    II. Update information
    III. Script
    IV. Legal Information
    I. Introduction
    Nothing special. I looked for a script of what the Baron's loudspeakers said,
    couldn't find one, so decided to write one myself.
    I had difficulty in pinpointing the 'start' of the announcements, so eventually
     decided to 'end' with the announcements regarding the Metal head invasion of
    the city and then simply begin with whatever came after that.
    As far as I am aware (I checked it a couple of times, to be sure) this guide
    includes every single announcement made, in the correct order and with the
    correct wording. Therefore there shouldn't be any updates, but if you *do*
    find something wrong, please email me so I can fix it.
    This guide is for personal, non-profit use only.
    If you want to post this on another website (Non-commercial, Non-profit), I'd
    appreciate it if you'd email me for permission. It's not like I'd refuse, but
    my poor mangled fingers would like to know that all the typing they did wasn't
    then just copied-and-pasted away.
    III. Update information
    15/04/04 - Added update section, added 'Authorised sites' list.
    4/08/04 - Added GameScripts to the 'Authorised sites' list.
    17/08/04 - Changed GameScripts' Url.
    5/12/04 - Added new URL
    12/12/2013 - Removed outdated contact information.
    III. Script
    Fear not the men in red.
    Sure there are occasional complaints, about their over-aggressive policing,
    wanton destruction of people's property during raids, mass arrest, misplaced
    loved ones and whatnot. Hey, we're only human! Running a city can be tougher
    than it looks. Imagine how much worse it would be if the Metal Heads were
    in charge.
    We've had a few... incidents with our lower-class labour force lately. If your
    Lurker is acting up, call Krimson Animal Control. Is your Lurker in a tree?
    Stuck in a sewer grate? Foaming at the mouth? Call the friendly officers of
    the K.A.C, and they will deal with your furry slave with all the love and care
    it deserves. Then haul it away for reconditioning.
    Remember; Lurkers can be dangerous.
    Please give generously to the Baron Eco Fund. Your munificent donation , will
    be used for a variety of humanitarian needs.
    Bombs, guns, armour, genetic alteration research, all in the name of preserving
    this wonderful city of ours. Give often, give freely, or it will be taken from
    It can be so lonely at the top. And looking down from up here, I can see that
    this dirty city is in desperate need of revitalisation. So, to that end, we
    will be bulldozing many sections of the city in the coming weeks. All
    complaints against this construction initiative can be brought - in person -
    to the fortress prison where they will be...reviewed.
    Condemned city sections are to be evacuated before razing begins. Anyone
    still in their homes will be ignored.
    Serve your city. Sacrifice for your city. And *all* will prosper.
    You are safe, because I care.
    All Metal Heads must die!
    Work hard and be grateful.
    Report all wrongdoers.
    Remember, even your friends could be enemies.
    Turn in all who subvert.
    Strength is our only option.
    Obey. And be happy.
    Sacrifice is something you should do for your city.
    Sacrifice for your city.
    Remember, even friends might be enemies.
    The city needs your sacrifice.
    It is better inside the walls.
    The law will show no mercy.
    Justice is swift.
    The underground movement is dead.
    One way, My Way.
    Join the Krimson Guard and your family will be allowed to stay.
    To lead is to control.
    Give up your freedom and I will protect you!
    Have faith in me and the promised land is yours.
    Your city needs a strong leader, not a childish fool.
    Welcome not the unknown face.
    Shun those who would defy me.
    I am the face of Haven city.
    Without my strength, there would be no city.
    Follow me to a safer future!
    You're safe inside the walls with me.
    Defy and Die.
    Welcome to Haven City. All laws are enforced for your safety.
    Obey them!
    And you will not be punished.
    The city is safe, I will not allow harm to befall you.
    Trust me.
    Rest assured I will destroy the Metal Heads.
    One way or another.
    To all citizens:
    This puny Underground revolt will be dealt with by all aggressive means.
    We will crush these arrogant upstarts.
    They will not be allowed to threaten me, or this city's order.
    Attention Citizens:
    This is your Baron speaking. There have been several unauthorised uses of the
    City's old gate locks. Fortunately these breeches have not resulted in
    contamination. But we all know how deadly the wasteland is. No-one is allowed
    outside the city without authorisation.
    Let it be known that any violators will be caught and executed.
    Brave citizens:
    Today is the anniversary of the great battle that ruined our city section we
    now call Dead Town. Remember those who died that day and how much we owe the
    Metal Heads for their treachery! Remember how bravely I fought to save those
    poor souls in the overrun section. And reflect on how grateful you should all
    be that the Krimson Guard keeps you safe each day.
    Attention my loyal citizens:
    We are looking for a rebel fugitive who has caused the city considerable
    damage of late. This man is armed and extremely dangerous, and can somehow
    change into a monstrous creature! We have reports he is working with the Metal
    Heads to subvert your city and your safety.
    Report all sightings immediately.
    Don't try to make a fool out of me Jak.
    Just because I haven't killed you yet, doesn't mean I'm not onto you. The
    citizens of this city worship me, because I offer them safety.
    All I ask in return is for their lives.
    I'll find you. And when I do, you'll wish you'd died in Prison.
    As you all know, I was wounded during our last glorious assault against the
    Metal Head nest many years ago.
    I have sacrificed everything for this city and I demand only the same in
    Loyalty will be rewarded!
    Death will await all others!
    The Dark Eco inside you will eventually kill you, Jak.
    It's destructive effects cannot be stopped.
    Once you are in it's chaotic grip, it will not let you go until you slide
    into insanity. Turn yourself in. And I will kill you mercifully and painlessly.
    It is your only way out.
    Pay no attention to the groundless rumours about low eco supplies.
    As your Baron, I assure you, the city has an endless supply of Eco stores.
    Those who say we are running out are only trying to frighten and subvert.
    I have everything in control.
    I command you to have no fear.
    To all citizens of this great city:
    There is a monster among you. Masquerading as a man. He is dangerous and must
    be destroyed! I offer a reward of Eco for his capture! Or, if you have a loved
    one in prison I will exchange them for this renegade.
    I promise.
    To all who defy me:
    I am watching you. I am everywhere. I am this city!
    This is your Baron:
    I have been informed by the ministry of extreme labour, that worker
    productivity is down this month! That is unacceptable!
    I give you safety, and this is how you repay me! You must work harder! Not
    smarter! Free the mind and the body will do as its told. Forced labour will
    set you free! And to help you in your spiritual motivation, quotas are doubled
    next month!
    Due  to recent...ah.. attrition difficulties, this city needs fresh Krimson
    Guard recruits. Everyone is asked to volunteer members of their family. Come
    down to your friendly fortress facility. Or else.
    As your Baron, I am instituting a No Hoverboard Rule in the city. Young
    delinquents, with nothing better to do than float around and do tricks! Huh,
    I'll put all violators into the Guard and teach them some discipline.
    No skating. It's the law.
    I am disappointed with this city's lack of commitment and sacrifice.
    Work harder. Eat less. Drink only when I tell you! Sleep is optional.
    We are at war with an outside threat. Don't make me declare war on you as well.
    This is your Baron:
    I am still in control! And I assure you; There's absolutely no Metal Heads in
    the city. Anyone who contradicts this fact will be shot. The current situation
    is merely an elaborate propaganda hoax. Perpetrated by the outlawed
    underground militia! Trying to subvert our laws and discredit those who protect
    you while you sleep. Pay no attention to this foolish hoax. There are no Metal
    Heads within a hundred miles of this city.
    This is Baron Praxis:
    We have taken back the city, and the Metal Heads are now fleeing before us.
    Victory is at Hand! Continue to fight for the freedom I may someday give you.
    Continue to defy these enemies of my law and order. And continue to die for me.
    III. Legal Information
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    All text under the heading 'Script' is taken directly from the Game
    'Jak II: Renegade'. No credit is taken for it.
    This Guide was written by a fan, for the fans and takes neither credit for,
    nor profit from, that contained within.
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    These sites have permission to post this guide:
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com)
    GameScripts (http://gamescripts.x3fusion.com)
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