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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SephirothSolace

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          ##############      ## ############
        ###     ##  # ####  ###    ###  ###    _  _ __
                ## ###  ## ##      ###  ###    \_\_\\ \  AND
     ##        ## ## ## #####      ###  ###     \ \ \\,\_   __ __    __
      ####     ## ##### ##  ##     ###  ### \   //\\ \|¯\\_\\_\\ \\ \\ '\_\
         ###  ## ##  ## ##   ###   ###  ###  \^//¯¯\\_\\ \\ \\\ \_\\_\\_|\ \
           #### ##             ### ###  ###
    |                        | COPYRIGHT 2004 Chris Renke                         |
    | A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE  | Written By: Chris Renke                            |
    | AND WALKTHROUGH FOR:   | FAQ Started: June 8, 2004                          |
    |                        | FAQ Updated: June 9, 2004                          |
    |  JAK II                | E-Mail: SephirothSolace[at]Cox[dot]net             |
    |                        | Version: 0.75                                      |
    | TABLE OF CONTENTS |                                                         |
    +-------------------+                                                         |
    |                                                                             |
    | 1) Legal Information                                                        |
    | 2) Introduction                                                             |
    | 3) Controls                                                                 |
    |    3A) On foot                                                              |
    |    3B) Hovers and Zoomers                                                   |
    |        3BA) City Hovers and Zoomers                                         |
    |             3BAA) Krimzon Guard Hovers and Zoomers                          |
    |             3BAB) Pedestrian Hovers and Zoomers                             |
    |             3BAC) Mini-Map Information                                      |
    |        3BB) Racing Zoomers                                                  |
    |    3C) Hand Weapons                                                         |
    |    3D) JET-Board                                                            |
    |    3E) Titan Suit                                                           |
    | 4) Characters                                                               |
    | 5) Tips and Tricks                                                          |
    | 6) Background on Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy                       |
    | 7) Mission Walkthrough                                                      |
    |    7A) Escape from Fortress                                                 |
    |    7B) Protect Kor and Kid                                                  |
    |    7C) Retrieve Banner from Dead Town                                       |
    |    7D) Find Pumping Station Valve                                           |
    |    7E) Blow up Ammo at Fortress                                             |
    |    7F) Make Delivery to Hip Hog Saloon                                      |
    |    7G) Beat Scatter Gun Course                                              |
    |    7H) Protect Sig at Pumping Station                                       |
    |    7I) Destroy Turrets in Sewers                                            |
    |    7J) Beat Blaster Gun Course                                              |
    |    7K) Rescue Vin at Strip Mine                                             |
    |    7L) Destroy Eggs at Drill Platform                                       |
    |    7M) Find Pumping Station Patrols                                         |
    |    7N) Beat Time to Race Garage                                             |
    |    7O) Win JET-Board Stadium Challenge                                      |
    |    7P) Collect Money for Krew                                               |
    |    7Q) Turn in 5 Power Switches                                             |
    |    7R) Find Gear in Mountain Temple                                         |
    |    7S) Find Lense in Mountain Temple                                        |
    |    7T) Find Shard in Mountain Temple                                        |
    |    7U) Ride Elevator up to Palace                                           |
    |    7Z) Defeat Baron at Palace                                               |
    |    7AA) Shuttle Underground Fighters                                        |
    |    7BB) Protect Site in Dead Town                                           |
    |    7CC) Catch Scouts in Haven Forest                                        |
    |    7DD) Intercept Tanker                                                    |
    |    7EE) Destroy Cargo in Port                                               |
    |    7FF) Rescue Lurkers for Brutter                                          |
    |    7GG) Drain Sewers to find Statue                                         |
    |    7HH) Get Seal Piece from Water Slums                                     |
    |    7II) Win Class 3 Race at Stadium                                         |
    |    7JJ) Escort Kid to Power Station                                         |
    |    7LL) Destroy Equipment at Dig                                            |
    |    7MM) Blow up Strip Mine Eco Wells                                        |
    |    7NN) Destroy Ship at Drill Platform                                      |
    |    7OO) Hunt Haven Forest Metal Heads                                       |
    |    7PP) Get Seal Piece at Dig                                               |
    |    7QQ) Destroy 5 HellCat Cruisers                                          |
    |    7RR) Beat Onin Game                                                      |
    |    7SS) Use items in No Man's Canyon                                        |
    |    7TT) Pass the Second Test of Manhood                                     |
    |    7UU) Pass the First Test of Manhood                                      |
    |    7VV) Defeat the Baron in Mae's Tomb                                      |
    |    7WW) Rescue Friends in Fortress                                          |
    |    7XX) Win Class 2 Race at Stadium                                         |
    |    7YY) Protect Hideout from BombBots                                       |
    |    7ZZ) Escort Men through Sewers                                           |
    |    7AAA) Beat Erol in Race Challenge                                        |
    |    7BBB) Get Life Seed in Dead Town                                         |
    |    7CCC) Destroy Eggs in Strip Mine                                         |
    |    7DDD) Protect Samos in Haven Forest                                      |
    |    7EEE) Rescue Lurkers for Brutter                                         |
    |    7FFF) Destroy Drill Platform Tower                                       |
    |    7GGG) Win Class 1 Race Championship                                      |
    |    7HHH) Explore Palace                                                     |
    |    7III) Get Heart of Mar in Weapons Lab                                    |
    |    7JJJ) Beat Krew in Weapon Lab                                            |
    |    7KKK) Beat the Metal Head Mash Game                                      |
    |    7LLL) Find Sig in Under Port                                             |
    |    7MMM) Escort Sig in Under Port                                           |
    |    7NNN) Defend Stadium                                                     |
    |    7OOO) Check the Construction Site                                        |
    |    7PPP) Break Barrier at Metal Head Nest                                   |
    |    7QQQ) Attack the Metal Head Nest                                         |
    |    7RRR) Destroy Metal Kor at Nest                                          |
    |    7SSS) Go to the Oracle                                                   |
    | 8) Secrets                                                                  |
    |    8A) Normal Mode Secrets                                                  |
    |    8B) Hero Mode Secrets                                                    |
    | 9) Dark Jak Extras                                                          |
    | 10) Frequently Asked Questions                                              |
    | 11) Version History                                                         |
    | 12) Credits and Final Words                                                 |
    | 1) |                            LEGAL INFORMATION                           |
    This Guide may not be reproduced, altered, and/or copied in any way, shape, or
    form to be sold.  Contact me if you want to distribute this guide.  (Why would
    you want too anyway?) THIS GUIDE IS FOR PERSONAL PLEASURE AND USE ONLY.  Use of
    this guide on any other website besides GameFAQs.com and Faqs.ign.com is 
    strictly prohibited and is a direct violation of copyright law.  This guide may
    NOT be displayed publicly -physical, electronically, or otherwise- without my 
    advanced written consent, which I will most likely give if you ask.
    | 2) |                            INTRODUCTION                                |
    This is when I tell you why I wrote this Walkthrough and played the game. After
    playing Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (TPL) I had to know what happened
    next.  Needless to say, what happened next way upstaged what happened before.
    I never thought that they could improve on Jak and Daxter: TPL graphics, but
    once again Naughty Dog and SCEA have proved many wrong.  My jaw still hurts
    from when it hit the floor with that last plot twist, ouch... my head hurts
    too.  You either know what I mean or you don't...  
    I have beat this game a few times, I have TOTALLY beat it once, I have done the
    first half 2 times, once for fun and then now for writing this guide.  I just
    have to say "WOW!"  Gotta love Daxter!  ..."I love you man!"... O well, now
    that you have read this, read the guide!
    | 3) |                              CONTROLS                                  |
    This section of the FAQ/Walkthrough tells you how to control anything, anywhere
    in the game.
    NOTE: When you control Daxter and not Jak, the controls are the same.
          R1 R2      //   L1 L2
          _____     //    _____
        /¯  |  ¯\ __ __ /   /\  \
       ( <-  -> _)¯¯ ¯¯(_ []¯¯() )
        \   |  /__\ = /__\  ><  /
       /      /\__/   \__/\      \
      /      /             \      \
     (      /               \      )
      \____/                 \____/
    This is the kind of controller that you need to play Jak II, a PlayStation 2
    controller.  Not a N64, Dreamcast, GameCube or XBoX, but a PS2 controller.
    Instead of writing out Cross, Circle, Square, etc. this guide will use the 
    following abbreviations: 
    |Cross        =  X       |
    |Square       =  []      |
    |Triangle     =  /\      |
    |Circle       =  O       |
    |Left Analog  = LA       |
    |Right Analog = RA       |
    |D-Pad Up     = Up       |
    |D-Pad Down   = Down     |
    |D-Pad Left   = Left     |
    |D-Pad Right  = Right    |
    + 3A) + On foot                     +
    When you walk around, your controls are as follows:
    Run/Walk..................Left Analog Stick
    Move or Zoom Camera.......Right Analog Stick
    First-Person View.........R3 (Push in RA stick)
    Spin Kick.................O
    Hi-JAK Vehicle............/\
    Change to Dark Jak........L2 with full Dark Eco meter
    Split Jump................L1(Crouch) + X    
    Spin Jump................. X + O
    Double Jump............... X + X
    Double Spin Jump.......... X + X + O
    Dive Attack............... X + []
    Ultra-Dive Jump Attack.... X + [] + X
    Uppercut..................[] + X    
    Ultracut..................L1 + []
    Uppercut SMASH!...........[] + X + []
    Roll......................L1 while running
    Roll Jump.................L1(Roll) + X
    Crouch....................L1 while stand still
    Crawl.....................Hold L1 then start moving
    Dive......................[] when in water
    Shoot Weapon..............R1
    View Orb/Skull Gem Info...L3
    In-Game Menu..............START
    + 3B) + Hovers and Zoomers          +
    Hovers and Zoomers can be found all over Haven City.  Hovers are the big two or
    three seat floating vehicles.  Zoomers are the small and speedy one-seaters.
    You can also commandeer a Krimzon Guard vehicle when there is no alert. Krimzon
    Guard vehicles come equip with weapons that you can use.  You can also use a 
    Race Zoomer when you are on the Stadium Race Track.
       + 3BA)+ City Hovers and Zoomers     +
       There are two types of sky vehicles in Haven city, Pedestrian ones and
       Krimzon Guard ones.
          o3BAA)+ Pedestrian Hovers and Zoomers     o
          When in a Pedestrian Hover or Zoomer, the controls are as follows:
          Reverse................[] when you are stopped
          Shoot Hand Weapon......R1
          Equip Hand Weapon......Up, Down, Right, or Left 
          Switch Flight Zones....R2
          Jump...................L1 (Only for Zoomers)
          Move Camera............RA
          o3BAB)+ Krimzon Guard Hovers and Zoomers  o
          When in a Krimzon Guard Hover or Zoomer, the controls are as follows:
          NOTE: Handling for Krimzon Guard cars SUCK, so turn WAY early.
          Reverse................[] when you are stopped
          Shoot Mounted Weapon...R1
          Switch Flight Zones....R2
          Jump...................L1 (Only for Zoomers)
          Move Camera............RA
          o3BAB)+ Mini-Map Information              o
          The Mini-Map for Jak II is perhaps the most important thing in the game.
          Knowing how to use it well will be to your advantage.  The Mini-Map is
          the circle in the bottom right hand side of the screen.  The blue-green
          arrow in the center of the map is Jak and it points in the direction he
          is facing.  A little red circle means there is a Krimzon Guard there, the
          red triangle projecting from it is what he can see.  A big red circle is
          an airborne Krimzon Guard.  A white dot means there is a non-moving
          vehicle there.  Pulsing green dots are where thing are or places to go
          during a mission.  Little icons show where your next mission is located.
       + 3BB) + Racing Zoomers             +
       You can only get a Racing Zoomer at the Stadium in Haven City.  You can only
       turbo after you go through one of the purple rings on the racecourse.
       Reverse...................[] when you are stopped
       Move Camera...............RA
    + 3C) + Hand Weapons                +
    You get most of your weapons from Krew, only one of them is from Torn.  It is
    good to know when to use what type of weapon.  Check the Weapons FAQ for more
    Take out\Put Away Scatter Gun......Up
    Take out\Put Away Blaster Weapon...Down
    Take out\Put Away Vulcan Fury......Left
    Take out\Put Away Peace Maker......Right
    Punch and Pump.....................[] + R1
    Rapid Fire Everywhere..............O + R1
    Fire From Heaven...................X + O + R1
    Roll Shot..........................L1 + R1
    + 3D) + JET-Board                   +
    You get to keep the JET-Board after the Catch Scouts in Haven Forest mission 
    (7CC) and you'll have it for the rest of the game.  It is great for traversing
    the city with, especially the Bazaar.  You can also do tricks and grinds on it.
    Take out/Put away..................R2
    Crouch Jump........................L1 + X
    Boost Jump.........................X then X again after landing
    Grind..............................[] or O + LA
    Spin.......,.......................X + R1 + Left/Right
    Boost..............................X + R1 + Left/Right
    Flip...............................X + R1 + Up/Down
    Trick..............................X + R1/L1 any direction on LA
    + 3E) + Titan Suit                  +
    The Titan Suit is a Mech Machine that Jak and Daxter can get in.  You can use
    it late in the game at Dead Town and at Underport.  The controls for the Titan
    Suit are as follows:
    Enter/Exit Suit..................../\
    Move Camera/Zoom...................RA
    Punch..............................[] or O
    Rocket Jump........................X
    One-Two Punch......................[] + O
    One-Two-One Punch..................[] + O + []
    Pull/Push Block....................L1 + LA
    Pick Up/Put Down Block.............L1
    Throw Object.......................[] or O
    Shake off Enemy....................Continually Hit X
    Get More Air (Underwater only).....Stand on Bubble Vent
    | 4) |                             CHARACTERS                                 |
    +     Jak     +
    Jak is the main character in the game.  He has been altered form the first game
    and now he has Dark Eco powers.  He carries his best friend Daxter around on
    his shoulder.  After saving the world in Jak and Daxter: TPL, Jak got sent
    through time and is now saving the world in the future.
    +    Daxter   +
    Daxter seems a little confused as to who the side-kick is.  He thinks Jak is
    his side-kick, not the other way around.  O well, when you are "two feet tall,
    and covered in orange fur..." you tend to have a rather large ego.  He also
    thinks he's some kinda cick-magnet.  He was originally a regular person, but
    he fell into some Dark Eco and got transformed into an Ottsel.
    +    Samos    +
    Samos the Green Mage.  Well, old Samos anyway.  Samos is short and has a log
    tied to his head.  He also has blocks on his feet so he can levitate.  He was
    held captive in Gol and Mia's Citadel in Jak I.  He is now try to get back to
    his time in the past.
    +    Kiera    +
    She's average height and fit.  She is trying to rebuild the Rift Rider now so
    that she, Daxter, Jak, and Samos can go back to the past.  She still has all of
    her mechanical skills that she had in Jak I.
    +Baron Praxis +
    He's the ruler of "glorious Haven City..."  He rules it like a dictatorship. He
    ordered Jak to be taken captive and he also conducted the expieriments on Jak.
    He wants to destroy the Underground and the Metal Heads, though he is suppling
    the Metal Heads with Eco.
    +    Erol     +
    He's in charge of the Krimzon Guard and he kindly calls Jak, "Eco Freak!"  He's
    high on himself and thinks he's the best racer in Haven City.  He also hates
    Jak with a passion.
    +    Torn     +
    Torn is a high ranker in the Underground.  He plans most of you strikes again
    Baron Praxis.  He was formerly in the Krimzon Guard and still bears the tattoos
    to prove it.  He isn't amused by Daxter's humor, and he carries a short curved
    +    Krew     +
    Krew is a short, fat, ugly, five-chinned, smuggler with chicken legs.  He seems
    to be up to something, but then, when you float around all day because you are
    too fat to walk, who knows what you up to.  Krew seems to think he can hire or
    buy off anyone.
    +     Kor     +
    Kor is the first person you meet in Haven City, after you get out of prison. He
    is an old geyser that thinks this short little Kid is very important.  He helps
    Jak find Torn and the Underground.  He keeps getting weirder and weirder.
    | 5) |                          TIPS AND TRICKS                               |
    This is the part where I give you some general help for the whole game.
    + If you are in the city and have low health, just die.  I'm not a morbid guy,
      but this really is the best option, unless you are next to the Fortress. (If
      you are next to the Fortress entrance, just go in and break the crates to get
      Health Packs)  You will respawn after you die with full health, and this game
      doesn't count lives, so die all you want!
    + Ammo is good!  You want to be good, so ALWAYS HAVE AMMO!  Go to the Firing 
      Range whenever you want and get ammo from the Krimzon Gaurd boxes.  If they
      don't have enough ammo, just leave, let the door close, and go back inside
      for more.
    + If you purposely or accidentally kill Krimzon Guards all you have do is high
      tail it around a corner and get up against a wall.  Then just push the left
      analog stick against the wall; you should jump and get up flush against the
      wall.  Krimzon Gaurds can't see you if you get up against the wall like this.
    + DON'T WASTE Peace Maker or Vulcan Fury ammo!  Most Crimzon Gaurd boxes in Jak
      II have Blaster Weapon or Scatter Gun ammo, so be wise with your other guns.
    + Blaster Weapon is your friend.  Always use him if you have any doubt about
      range or lethality.
    + If you are gonna die, then die.  Don't waste your ammo or Dark Jak futilely.
      You respawn with as much ammo and Dark Jak meter as you died with.  If you
      waste it all before you die, then you won't have it when you need it!
    + The Hovers will the little winglets in back seem    |   __^______^__   |
      to have the best handling-to-speed ratio in my      |__|            |__|
      opinion.  Get them whenever possible. It looks like    |_(_)____(_)_|
      that in the back.  --> 
    + The JET-Board is great for getting around the city and especially the Bazaar.
      When JETing around, hold L1 so that if you are about to hit a Krimzon Guard,
      you can just jump over his head.
    + On missions with timers, don't break you controller if you fail the first
      time around.  Many of them are cut VERY close time-wise, especially the
      Destroy Cargo in Port mission.
    There is a reason this game is called Jak II, not just Jak.  When we start Jak
    II, Samos, Kiera, Jak, and Daxter are sitting on a Rift Rider- but hey, I'm
    getting ahead of myself.  Lets start at the begining.
    In the beginning of Jak and Daxter: TPL, Jak and Daxter, before he became an
    Ottsel, get on the local fisherman's speed boat and head over to Misty Island,
    even after being told not to go there.  They go near a Dark Eco pool and are
    talking about a Precursor Bomb Jak is holding.  Some Lurkers attack, Jak 
    activates the bomb, and Daxter gets knocked into the Dark Eco by Jak.  Jak got
    blown into Daxter and Daxter got blown into the Dark Eco.  Daxter gets "spit"
    out of the Dark Eco and he is short, orange, and furry.
    Jak and Daxter set out on a quest to find Gol.  Gol is the only person in the
    world who can help Daxter get changed back.  Unbeknownstto them, Gol and Mia
    were plotting to release Dark Eco and basically destroy the world.  So Jak and
    Daxter set off to get Power Cells for miscellaneous things so Jak and Daxter
    can continue their journey North to Gol's place.  Eventually they find out that
    all the other Sages have been kidnapped by Gol and Mia, so you have to go to
    Gol and Mia's Citadel.  After saving all the Sages, you find out that Gol is
    planning on openning the ancient Dark Eco Silos and destroying all life.  You
    must destroy Gol, Mia, and the Precursor Robot they are using to open the Silos
    and thus destroy the world.  After an epic battle that Jak and Daxter win, they
    discover a large door ontop of Gol's Citadel.  Jak has to collect 100 Power
    Cells to open it.  When he does, all the Cells get inserted in the door, and it
    opens, and there is a bright light, and the game ends!  
    What a riot, huh?  Ending a game with that kinda cliffhanger.  So continue
    reading this FAQ/Walkthrough to find out what happens next.
    | 7) |                         MISSION WALKTHROUGH                            |
    The Intro goes like this...
    Ol' buddy Samos is doing one of those 'Lord of the Rings' voice intro things,
    all about the rocks and how they have to endure fire to be hard and how plants
    had to stand up to the wind before they could take root, all to show how there
    are trials in every era... and how the only great trials he knew produced a
    hero for all times.
    The it fades into regular Jak, the one from Jak And Daxter: TPL, Daxter, and
    Kiera.  Samos comes in and says how he hopes Jak is prepared "for whatever
    happens..."  Kiera butts in and says she thinks she knows how the Rift Rider
    works.  This is the vehicle to travel through the Rift Gate that Jak and Daxter
    found on the top of Gol and Mia's Citadel in Jak I and then brought to Samos'
    lab.  Anyway... so Dad has a "witty" comment to make and then Samos’ rebukes
    him and goes into some precursor spiel, "Blah Blah Blah..."  Then Jak reaches
    out and touches this red button and the Rift Gate opens.  The walkway gets 
    ripped up some and the gat starts floating, and then BOOOOOOM!  Weird black
    birds come out of the Rift as you hear this freaky ominous voice say, "Finally,
    the last Rift Gate has been opened!"  Daxter is freakin' out and Samos is all
    calm, and then a weird head with a bunch of horns comes out and its arms pops
    through the Rift Gate.  It's all saying how Jak, well he says boy, but I hope
    he isn't referring to Samos...*I shudder*, can't hide from him.  Now Dax is
    really scared and is trying to hit all the buttons, but Jak hits the red button
    again.  That then launches the Rift Rider down the walkway into the Rift Gate.
    Then the Rift Rider, with Samos, Kiera, Jak, and Daxter on it, plummet through
    a Hyperspace-from-star-wars-like-thing.  Then thing explodes and Samos says,
    and it sounds really ominous, "Find yourself Jak!"
    They then exploded out of the sky over a city and land in a street.  Daxter
    swears that he in never again going to touch "any stupid precursor crap!"  All
    of a sudden three red-clad, rifle-carrying guards and an officer, who you will
    later know his name is Erol, approach Jak and Daxter.  Jak is told to "step
    away from the animal."  who is really Daxter.  Erol says that the Baron wants
    Jak, not the animal.  Daxter runs away, but Jak gets KO'd!  Knocked Out, not
    killed.  But right before he does, Erol says, in another ominous voice, "We've
    been waiting for you."  After the KO'ing, Daxter screams that he'll save Jak
    before he knows it.
                              -Two Years Later-
    Jak strapped to a chair on a massively tall, freakishly thin column that has
    cells all around it, but an "abyss" between the column and the cells.  He is
    having a purple current running all over him and he's, obviously, screaming.
    This purple stuff is Dark Eco.  Baron Praxis, the ruler of the city Jak landed
    in, and Erol are standing around Jak.  A computerized voice says that Jak's bio
    signs are all normal, even after being pumped full of Dark Eco!  Erol states
    the obvious by say that Jak is very resistant to Praxis' experiments.  Barons
    pissed, Errol’s not, and Baron is all, DANG NABBED!  IF I PUMP YA FULL OF DARK
    'cause Jak was supposed to have become some kind of great warrior from the Dark
    Eco, and since he didn't, Erol can't defend the city from the Metal Heads.  All
    Praxis cares about is his reputation, but he orders Erol to "finish off this
    thing [JAK] tonight."
    They walk out and Daxter comes ridding up an Ottselvator. Ha ha... Daxter is 
    very comical about the Prison, and then jumps onto Jak.  He is wondering what
    Praxis did to Jak, then he turns to Jak who is still semi-unconscious and says,
    "Hey Jak, it's me, Daxter!"  Jak opens his eyes and lifts his head- then
    drops and closes his eyes.  Daxter is upset and sad because he has been looking
    for Jak for the last two years, he hollers, "SAY SOMETHING!"  Well, Jak finally
    speaks!  Amazing!  But... um... he could have had nicer first words, since his
    first words are, "I'm gonna kill Praxis!"  Daxter tries to figure out how to
    open Jak's locks, but Jak turns into Dark Jak and breaks the locks himself.
    Daxter is afraid that Jak is gonna kill him, because Jak kinda loses control
    when he turns into Dark Jak. (*cough* The *cough* Hulk *cough*)  Daxter cowers
    in fear and says that he's Daxter; Jak has one of those huh?-I-know-that-name-
    from-somewhere looks on his face and then changes back to normal.  Daxter jokes
    that he shouldn't piss Jak off.  Daxter leads the way for the escape.
    + 7A)   +=+ Escape from the Fortress                                          +
    +Orbs: 8   Skull Gems: 0    +
    You start out facing the torture chair in the prison.  Go backwards to your 
    left toward the cellblocks behind you.  Look on top of them and you will see
    a pinkish-orange egg, this is a Precursor Orb. Collect them throughout the game
    to unlock the secrets.  Walk about a foot in front of the door, then do a 
    Spinning Split Jump (L1 + X + O) to get up to the Orb, you may have to try a
    few times.  Once up, grab the orb and head right screen.  Follow the walkway
    you are on until it drops off.  Jump onto the passageway to your left.  Once
    inside, Daxter will instruct you how to roll (L1), so roll a few times to make
    him happy.  Go to your right once inside, and jump through the opening.  Right
    when you land, look behind you on the left side of the door.  There will be a
    cabinet, ontop of which is a Precursor Orb.  Split Jump or Double Jump onto the
    top of it and grab the orb.  Now go back to the crates on the left side of the
    room and jump up them.  When you get to the taller ledge, Daxter will tell you
    to Double Jump onto it, do it.  Go forward a few steps then go left.  Hop
    through the opening.  Go forward and smash open the Krimzon Guard crates like
    Daxter instructs you to (O or []).  Now look to your left at the platforms. 
    Jump onto the first platform, then jump to get to the second one, and finally
    hop up to the third one.  Now either regular jump onto the next moving platform
    when it is down low or do a Double Spinning Jump onto it when it is high.  Once
    on it, jump to your left.  Split Jump onto the ledge afterwards.  Go forward
    then left and take out the guard by either punching ([]) or spin kicking (O) 
    him twice of by punching or spin-kicking him over the edge.   Then Double Jump
    onto the moving platform, proceed across it and take out the guard.  STOP AFTER
    KILLING THE GUARD!  Look to the computer console to your left right after the
    moving platform.  There is a precursor Orb on it.  Split Spin Jump (L1 + X + O)
    up to it and grab it.  After that, proceed to your right.  Grab the health in
    the Krimzon Guard crates.  Next comes the spin bar...
    Jump at the bar, and you should grab it and start spinning.  Jump off it when
    are coming up and land on the platform in front of you.  Head right.  Jump onto
    the moving platform and turn around.  Jump off the platform onto the little
    ledge on the other side of the wall next to where you jumped on.  Continue down
    the hall and kill both guards, but watch out for the pit on the left side of
    the walkway.  When you get to the end of the walkway where Daxter tells you to
    Roll Jump (L1 + X), DON'T ROLL JUMP!  Walk down into the pit between the to
    ledges. There is a precursor orb down there.  Jump onto the crates till you get
    back to the top, now Roll Jump across the gap. Head left and roll jump across
    this gap.  Head left and then run right when you get on the grating with the
    Krimzon Guard people shooting you from below.  Don't turn again to the right,
    but go behind the computer and grab the Orb back there, now continue across the
    You will come to a square on the ground.  Walk ontop of the square grate and do
    a Dive Attack (x + []).  Look to you right, behind the column there is another
    Precursor Orb.  Snag it and continue down the hall.  Turn left at the end of
    the hall and jump through the doorway.  Walk forward, hugging the left wall.  
    Roll out and spin-kick both of the guards.  Now walk onto the grate and do a 
    Dive Attack.  You will land on a sliding path, so just follow it to the end
    and it will dump you in some trashy water.  Go directly forward, through the
    water and onto the land.  Keep going forward and jump onto the crates next to
    the wall opposite the way you came in.  Once onto of the crates, jump into a
    dead-end alcove and grab the precursor orb there.  Jump out and walk down the
    peninsula walkway, break the crates, grap the health, and walk off the end into
    the water and grab the precursor orb in it.  Now turn around and walk down the
    peninsula and jump up onto the other crates and climb up onto the ledge there.
    Click in R3 and make sue you have all 8 Precursor Orbs, then jump out into the
    street.  Good Job!  Mission Complete!
    Now that your on the street, walk to your right and follow the road then to the
    left.  You'll see a kid and an old guy, approach them and get ready for mission
    numero duo!
    + 7B)   +=+ Protect Kor and the Kid                                           +
    +Orbs: 0   Skull Gems: 0    +
    Jak is walking and looking around and an old man introduces himself as Kor and
    asks Jak if he needs some help.  Jak, in his now-normal peeved attitude, 
    "asks", *cough* demands *cough* to know where he is.  Daxter meanwhile
    approaches the Kid and apologizes for Jak's lack of conversational skills.
    Kor sarcastically states that while Jak was in prison for two years, everyone
    is a prisoner to Baron Praxis city.  Then, however, a squad of Krimzon Guards
    approach Kor, the Kid, Jak, and Daxter and tell them that they are all under
    arrest.  I quote them saying, "Surrender and die!"  Now this strikes Daxter as
    odd so he asks them if they meant, "'Surrender OR DIE?'"  Kor dryly responds
    that that's not how it works in this city, which is Haven City.  Kor ask that
    you protect him and the child in exchange for him introducing Jak to someone
    who can help him.
    This mission is really very simple, just mash X, [], and O.  I prefer to hit []
    and take out a few people with each punch.  After you kill the first three guys
    and the Drop Ship arrives, you become Dark Jak.  Just Spin and Punch and you
    should be able to take them out no problemo.  Just remember not to stand still,
    otherwise, the Krimzon Guards will use their electroshockers against you.
    Daxter thinks this whole Dark Jak thing is really cool, but Jak doesn't know
    how to control it, all he knows is that Baron Praxis "experiments" did this to
    him.  Kor thinks that what Jak just did, kill all the guards, was very
    impressive and brave.  Kor also tells you that the Kid is really important.
    Daxter replies that he looks kinda "scruffy."  A Krimzon Guard flies up in a 
    Krimzon Guard Hover and tells you to move along.  Kor thanks Jak and tells him
    to look in a dead end alleyway for someone named Torn, who is part of the 
    underground, a group a people waging war against Praxis.  He tells you that the
    leader of the underground is someone named The Shadow.
    See above section about navigating the city with the Mini-Map in the corner.
    Hi-JAK a vehicle by pressing /\ (TRIANGLE) and then just follow the little
    Sword icon on the map until you come to the dead end alley.  You will see some
    people there, approach them and get ready for your next mission.
    + 7C)   +=+ Retrieve Banner from Dead Town                                    +
    +Orbs: 0   Skull Gems: 0    +
    Now that you came to the alley, a video starts.  You see a hot chick come into
    the screen and Jak says he's looking for a guy named Torn.  Torn gets in Jak's
    face and Jak asks if he's Torn.  Daxter makes a funny comment and then Torn
    says that he's heard Jak is out to join the fight against the Baron.  Jak says
    that he wants to see The Shadow.  Torn laughs like Jak had just asked to see a
    purple cow kiss a flying pig.  Torn says that seeing the Shadow wasn't likely
    to happen.  If they were serious about joining, Torn says they should go get
    the Baron's Banner from the Ruined Tower in Dead Town.  Torn then proceeds to
    do a really cool knife trick.
    Just follow the Mini-Map Icon and go to another alley.  There is a geared door.
    Stand infront of it and it should open.  Continue through and let the other set
    of doors open.  Go out into Dead Town.
    Go forward and punch the frog-like Metal Head that is there, then head left
    after picking up it's Dark Eco.  Jump across the "water" and kill the two more
    "frogs" and pick up there Dark Eco.  Turn right and jump across the two
    pontoons and run and punch the cat-like Metal Head, then very quickly punch it
    again.  Jump up onto the ruined wall and proceed across it and punch then spin-
    kick the two "cats" there.  Hop up the rocks and head left across the walls.
    Jump up onto the perpendicular wall and continue on.  Swing a right and kill
    the "frogs" on the ledge.  Pick up the health in the Krimzon Guard crates if
    you need it, then continue right, around the wall.  Walk forward and take the
    right branch then the left.  Kill some more "frogs."  Hop of the steps and take
    a right across the bridge.  Go quickly though, because it collapses.  Continue
    right and jump up the platforms and across the gaps.  Double Jump quickly up
    the set of collapsing steps and then jump onto the spin bar.  Jump off of it on
    to the next ledge.  Now you continue around the tower, but this time going down
    it.  Watch out as the first two steps collapse and you have to grab the spin
    bar after that.  Then continue going across the collapsing steps.  Finally, 
    jump onto some solid footing and hop up the steps.  Grab the Banner at the top
    and watch the funny video.
    Jak grabs the Banner and the old Jak and Daxter: TPL music plays- and cuts as
    the ledge he is on collapses.  The fall onto a awning and get catapulted up 
    onto a wire.  Jak lands and grinds on his shoes, Daxter racks himself and gets
    launched up into the air again.  Jak jumps to the ground in front of Torn and
    then Daxter falls out of the sky next to him.  Behind them the whole tower
    collapses.  Torn has a look of stunned amusement and disbelief on his face and
    says, "Yeah.  I guess you guys are in."
    Now turn around and jump up the steps and run off the edge and kill the two
    "cats" at the bottom.  Run back across the ruined wall, kill the "cat" and jump
    back across the two pontoons.  Kill the two frogs and then jump across to the
    left.  Kill frogs and go through the doors back into the city.  
    Head toward the Sword Icon on the Mini-Map for the next mission.  Go back to
    dead-end alley and approach the green sign with skull on it, it will slide into
    the wall, go into the door and you will be given your next mission.
    + 7D)   +=+ Find Valve at Pumping Station                                     +
    +Orbs: 3   Skull Gems: 10   +
    Daxter runs over toward a water faucet and say's, "Whew, being a big hero sure
    makes you thirsty."  He opens the faucet and gets a face and mouthful of mud.
    Torn tells you that the Baron turned off all water to the slums in hopes of 
    destroying the underground, that Praxis would sacrifice so many innocent to 
    root out the underground.  Torn also says that he has seen this kind of evil 
    when he worked in the Krimzon Guard.  Jak gapes and says something to the 
    extent of, "You were a Krimzon Guard?  Huh.  Oh, that explains your... charming
    sense of humor."  Torn says he has a friend that know that the valve to turn on
    the water to the slums in somewhere in the Pumping Station, and for Jak and
    Daxter to go find it.  If they turn it on, then "the slums would be indebted to
    Ok, leave the house, and follow the Mini-Map Icon into the Water Slums.  Then
    you should end up with a walkway that leads to the wall with another one of
    those geared doors.  Wait for it to open, then proceed through both sets into
    the Pumping Station.
    Ok, you finally get to meet some real Metal Heads,  but first, break open the
    Krimzon Guard boxes and grab the Dark Econ.  Then proceed out the forward and
    punch or spin-kick each Metal Head twice.  There should have been three Metal
    Heads, so pick up the three yellow-green ellipse things called Metal Head Skull
    Gems.  Go to the way left of the rising platforms, in the water past the tree
    there should be another Precursor Orb.  Now go back to the right of the two
    rising platforms, there is a pipe and also a Precursor Orb, grab the orb, and
    Double Jump onto the pipe.  Now you can split jump to your left if you want to
    kill the two "frogs" which don't give you skull gems, or you can Spilt Jump to
    you right to continue on.  After you round the bend, you see a large pipe. Jump
    at it so that you grab the edge.  Then, while hanging, hit DOWN LEFT ANALOG and
    X to fall down and grab the bottom half of the pipe, pull yourself in and grab
    the precursor orb.  Now Double Spin Jump up and grab the top of the ledge.  Go
    across the pipe and jump up the ledge.  Kill the one "frog" and the two "cats",
    grab the health pack and look left.
    There is a rotating pipe, so jump onto it right after it finishes one rotation,
    and run across it then jump up onto the next ledge.  Kill the Scull Gem giving
    Metal Head and grab the Scull Gem.  Now go to your right across the long pipe
    with the electrical arc going up and down its length.  Just run across it and
    jump over the arc when it gets to you.  Now kill the four "frogs" and one Metal
    Head.  Grab the Skull Gem and the Health Pack in the Krimzon Guard crates and
    jump onto the rising platforms.  Get on the rightmost platform and jump toward
    a ledge to the right when it is at its highest point.  Continue around the edge
    and jump to the next ledge.  Kill the two "cats" and one Metal Head.  Grab the
    Skull Gem and the Health Pack.  Walk across the next arc pipe and Double Jump
    when the arcs get to you.  Kill the three "frogs" and look left.  Jump down
    onto the ground there and kill the "frog" and two Metal Heads.  Grab the two
    Skull Gems and carry on.  On the metal platform up ahead, grab the Health and
    Dark Eco and then jump onto the slightly higher platform.  Kill the two "frogs"
    and one "cat" and then continue across the rotating pipe, using the same
    strategy from before.  You may have to do a Double Spin Jump at the end to get
    onto the ledge before the pipe rotates.  Run across the metal platform and jump
    off it onto the dirt one.  Kill the three "frogs" and move on.  Kill the "cat"
    on the next platform and walk up the ramp and go to the right at the top. Jump
    onto the next ledge and take out the two Metal Heads.  Jump onto the next ledge
    and then the next one.  Approach the lighted pipes and watch the video.
    Daxter sees the valve and tries to turn it, keyword being tries.  Jak slams his
    fist down onto the valve, the valve turns, a pipe over Daxter's head opens, and
    that pipe sucks up Daxter.  The camera follows the pipe right, down into a 
    valve, left, then right, down, left, etc. across a bunch of pipes at the
    Pumping Station.  Daxter is behind a faucet and is wanting help from Jak.  Jak
    turns another valve and Daxter's head, then his arms, and then WHOOSH he flies
    out of the pipe.  Jak wants to laugh, but Daxter warns him not to even chuckle!
    Ok, now proceed out of the pumping station, the door is right in front of you.
    Hi-JAK a Zoomer and head over to the Oracle.  It appears as a orange Upside-
    down T on the Mini-Map.  The Oracle is a ancient Precursor thingy that looks
    like a skull with blue eyes and a blue mouth.  Approach it and a short video
    will commence.
    The Oracle greets you as "great warrior" and says that there is a "dark rage"
    inside Jak and that it will eventually destroy him.  It says that "only the
    last power of the Precursors can save you [Jak]."  If you bring it 25 Skull
    Gems, then it will "teach you to control your [Jak's] dark power."
    You will now be instructed to hit R2, so does it.  Watch Jak transform into 
    Dark Jak, and then leave.  Head back to Underground HQ using the Mini-Map
    icon as a guide.  When you go through the door, a cut-scene will start.
    + 7E)   +=+ Blow up Ammo in Fortress                                          +
    +Orbs: 0   Skull Gems: 0    +
    Jak and Daxter walk down the steps into the Underground HQ.  Torn is happy that
    the water is back on and says that he'd love to "see the head's roll when the
    Baron finds out."  Jak doesn't really care.  Jak says that he did what Torn so
    now he wants to see the Shadow.  Torn says Jak will when, or if he says so, but
    first Jak has to "take care of an ammo dump."  Torn tells Jak the defenses and
    that they know it’s vulnerable.  Jak is told to go blow up all the ammo he can
    find inside the Fortress.  Daxter is mad because him and Jak are doing all the
    hard mission, not Torn.  Jak says he's fine with doing the hard stuff, because
    the Baron will know that it is  Jak that is hurting him.
    Go outside of Underground HQ and get in the Zoomer parked there.  Drive it to
    the red icon on the Mini-Map.  Once there, go inside the door.  
    Grab the health packs and Dark Eco and run between the blue striped pillars to
    the left of you.  You will stop and the tank thing in the middle of the room
    will target you, RUN!  Go left, then forward, then jump right again.  (One good
    strategy is to stop every once and a while and let the tank target you, then
    right before it shoots, run forward so that it shoots the wall.) Then jump onto
    the next platform to your right, run forward, then turn         ...|
    right again and run behind the grated wall  Ok, this           ....|
    next part is difficult, VERY.                                  \....\ [<-]
    The hall way is a zig-zag with three turrets on it.              |....|
    It is shaped like shown on right.  You must run across           |....|
    this catwalk with abyss on either side while being shot         /..../
    at from the tank and -if you are so unlucky as to trip         /..../ [<-]
    a laser- to be shot at by turrets.  The turrets rotate        |....|
    about 135 degrees in an arc.  A laser is pointed out in       |....|
    the direction the turret is pointing, so just jump over        \....\
    the lasers and the turrets won't shoot you.  That is       [->] \....\
    rather difficult since there are four turrets.  Just             |....|
    watch them all and jump over them and you should be fine.        |....|
    After that section, run forward and then right. The tank will crash through the
    wall, and resume targeting you.  Run left, break the Krimzon Guard crates and
    grab the health packs.  Now jump out to your left onto of the rotating arms
    that have the platforms on them, then from there jump out onto the middle of
    them all, and smash the blue glass jars.  Next, jump onto an arm and grab the
    health pack from the ledge.  Jump back onto the platforms and onto the middle
    of the next set of rotating arms and smash that blue glass jar.  The
    electrified door should unelectrify and you can jump into it.  
    Grab the health and Dark Eco and continue left.  Jump across the moving 
    platforms and spin-kick the two guards.  Go through the gap in the wall, and go
    left.  Jump back onto the moving platforms.  Then jump across and spin-kick the
    two Krimzon Guards.  Then jump back across *whew* to your left, go through the
    gap in the wall, and kill all three Krimzon Guards.  Proceed left and jump go
    across the spikes when they are all in the ground, or jump across them.  Kill
    the two Krimzon Guards there and continue left. What is with this place and 
    left!?!?  Go across some more spikes and kill four Krimzon Guards.  Turn right
    and Dive Attack on the grating on the floor.  
    Now walk onto the conveyor belt, ride it to the end, and jump onto the moving
    platforms.  Once on, do a Double Spin Jump onto the crates on the other side.
    Grab the health from the crate and them climb up the boxes, but don't fall down
    the pits.  At the top, get on another conveyor belt, ride it to the end, and
    walk through the door.
    Jak and Daxter walk over to some barrels and pick up a security pass from on
    top of them.  This is what you need to get through the Red Checkpoint.  Jak
    hears a click and he and Daxter look down a vent.  Under the vent there is a
    room with a huge pipe ending in the room, a bunch of barrels, two Krimzon
    Guards, and two METAL HEADS!  IN THE CITY!  The first Krimzon Guard tells them
    that the barrels are the latest shipment of eco, and to take 'em and leave!
    Back up on top of the vent, Jak is wondering why Metal Heads are in the city,
    and why the Baron is giving them Eco.  But before he can answer his own
    question, the Guard Tank you outran appears, and targets Jak!
    Ok, this part is another run-for-the-tank place.  Run over to the left of the
    crates and then run over to the right of the missile.  During this segment, you
    have to get the tank to destroy all four brackets all around the missile, so 
    just run to the other side, away from the tank, and it will try to target you
    through the stuff.  I will then shoot the bracket, not you.  So just keep 
    hiding behind the bracket you want it to shoot, let it shoot it and then go to
    the next bracket.  There are Health Packs and Dark Eco globs in Krimzon Guard
    crate all around the room.  After all the stuff is blown up, then run out the
    door on the wall opposite the one you came in before the timer runs out.
    Jak and Daxter are running out the door in slow motion- arms pumping, mouths
    gaping- then they put it all into one jump and BOOM!  The missile exploded
    behind them and they get rocketed, no pun intended, out the door and land on
    the street.  Jak lands on Daxter, and then Daxter make a funny comment about
    Haven City.
    OK, good job, Mission Complete, but there's work to be done.  So head over to
    Underground HQ again for your next mission.  Grab either a parked hover of JAK
    one, but get there somehow.  Go inside HQ and watch the movie.
    + 7F)   +=+ Make Delivery to Hip Hog Saloon                                   +
    +Orbs: 0   Skull Gems: 0    +
    Daxter jumps up on the table and starts saying funny stuff, "The demolition duo
    has returned."  Jak interrupts and say that they saw something odd at the dump,
    how there where Metal Heads getting Eco and from some Krimzon Guards.  Torn
    replies that The Shadow will be very interested in hearing that.  Daxter is
    complaining that "so far, your [Torn's] gigs have been easier that stealing
    grass from a sleeping yakow!"  Torn laughs and says they can "prove themselves"
    by taking a shipment or Eco Ore to one of the Underground's suppliers.  He
    tells Jak to take the Zoomer and drive to the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon and ask for
    Krew.  Also not to let the Krimzon Guards stop you.  And when they get there to
    pump Krew for information because he knows what happens in the city.
    Go outside and get the Zoomer.  First thing you notice when you get on is that
    this Zoomer has a health bar, DON'T LET IT GET TO NOTHING OR YOU'LL BLOW UP!
    I feel like I'm mapquest writing this, but here are driving directions to the
    Hip Hog Haven Saloon.
    |1-Drive straight and then instantly turn left                                |
    |2-Follow this and take the first left, the one ontop of the ditch            |
    |3-Then turn right and go straight                                            |
    |4-Follow your left hand wall and turn through the Red Checkpoint             |
    |5-Once through the Red Checkpoint, swing a right                             |
    |6-Take your first left                                                       |
    |7-Then take the next left (Step 6 & 7 make a U-like turn)                    |
    |8-Follow this road and get in the bottom lane to go under the roadblock      |
    |9-Take the next available left                                               |
    |10-Then follow this road to the right                                        |
    |11-Swing a left at the T intersection and follow the road left               |
    |12-Take a right and go straight                                              |
    |13-Go forward and don't turn right until the last possible right turn        |
    |14-Go under the roadblock and follow this road, the scenery should change    |
    |15-Turn right and go over the bridge thing that goes over the pipes          |
    |16-Follow this road until you get to the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon(yellow beacon)|
    In the foreground you see a black guy with silver armor and Jak and Daxter walk
    in in the background.  Daxter, being the smoothtalker he is, tells Jak to let
    him handle it.  Daxter walks up to the Black Guy and says "Hey Big Guy."  All
    off a sudden a fat blob of human flesh floats down on his chair.  Ok, this has
    got to be the fattest man in the world.  Daxter inquires as to if he is Krew 
    and brags that he "shook the heat" and brought him his shipment in "primo
    condition."  Krew says that’s good, because that rare Eco Ore is worth ten of
    Daxter and Jak's lives.  Krew says that the Underground will take "anyone with
    a pulse these days."  He makes a comment about Daxter being The Shadow "mascot
    of the month" and then thinks that Daxter would go good with his silk suit. 
    (I'm surprised he even could fit into a suit.  Must be REALLY custom tailored.)
    Daxter tries to sound like a homie-in-the-hood and talks like a homie saying
    that they, Daxter and Krew, have the real juice in this burg and that we're
    both players, that we're both looking for a piece of the action.  Krew and the
    Black Guy, who is called Sig, exchange a puzzled look.  Jak is pissed and
    embarrassed so he says that he did Krew a favor so now it his turn. He proceeds
    to ask why the Baron is giving Eco to the Metal Heads.  Krew responds that 
    questions like that could "get a person killed, 'ey?"  Krew tells Sig to give
    Jak, who he addresses as "el capitan", a bonus.  Sig gives Jak the Blaster Gun.
    Krew tells Jak that he can go try it out at the weapons course down the road.
    Ok, cool, that was an easy mission.  Now go outside and head left, follow the
    road to the weapons course.
    + 7G)   +=+ Beat Scatter Gun Course                                           +
    + Orbs: 3 if you get a Bronze +=+  Skull Gems: 0    +
    Once inside the room, a communicator will appear and Sig will start talking to
    you, saying he's gonna "teach you how to use this baby."  He says, "The Scatter
    Gun is a good short-range weapon with a wide field of fire.  To fire the weapon
    press the trigger."  The screen then instructs you to press R1.  Do this and
    keep listening to Sig narrative.  He says some stuff and says, "It's not the
    fasted firing weapon in the world.  You can put your weapon away or pull it out
    at any time.  Try putting the weapon away."  Press Up to put your weapon away.
    Sig continues by saying, easy, huh?  Now take the weapon back out."  So press
    Up to take it back out.  Sig says, "Good... you can find red ammo inside
    Krimzon Guard crates."  He tells you to shoot the crates, so do.  But in the
    future, just punch then, don't waste ammo shooting them.  Sig finally says,
    "Great, now your ready.  Wanna try the scatter gun course?"
    Walk over to the open door and prepare to fire.  I am not gonna do a in-depth
    thing on this part because the range is somewhat inconsistent.  So just shoot
    the blue targets and the gold targets, but don't shoot the Pink or Orange 
    civilians.  The Big blue and gray targets need to be shot twice before they get
    destroyed.  Also, you can still punch or spin-kick the targets, so do that if
    you need or want to.  The goal is to get 3000 points, points are added for 
    destroying the bad targets, and points are subtracted for shooting civilians.
    The gold targets are worth extra.  
    After you finish, it shouldn't be to hard, just don't waste ammo, proceed back
    to the main room and stock up on ammo.  I STRONGLY recommend you go back and
    do the course again if you did not get a bronze medal the first time through.
    Getting a Bronze Medal will net you 3 precursor orbs.  It is very simple, you
    get most of the points at the end.
    You can return to the Weapons Course at any time to get more ammo for your guns
    or to do the weapon courses.  AFTER you get a Bronze go outside, head right, 
    and enter the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon.
    + 7H)   +=+ Protect Sig at Pumping Station                                    +
    +Orbs: 1   Skull Gems: +17  +
    Tall, thin, and handsome- Oh, I mean short, fat, adn ugly compliments you on
    your great shooting and asks if you've considered being a Wastelander.  Jak
    replies that he hasn't.  Krew says that Wastelanders go outside the city and
    find rare items and weapons and bring them to Krew.  Krew says that if Jak
    works for him that he'll give Jak some of the items.  Jak accepts on the basis
    of, and I quote, "Kill Metal Heads, get toys.  Sounds good to me."  Daxter,
    however, isn't so cheary about the job.  Krew says that Sig will "show you[Jak]
    the ropes."  Sig says he'll "see what you're [Jak and Daxter] made of out in
    the thick."  Sig tells Jak that he is going out to the Pumping Station to get
    five Metal Heads to make butts of chairs with for the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon.
    Sig tells Jak and Daxter not to worry because he's got the Peace Maker.  Sig
    want Jak and Daxter to watch his back while he get the Metal Heads.  He tells
    you to meet him at the Pumping Station.
    Go outside and Hi-JAK a good Zoomer.  Follow the Mini-Map Icon to the Pumping
    Station and go through the geared doors there.  Proceed forward to start a
    video with Sig.
    Sig greets Jak with his customary, "Hello Cherries!" and continues with, "Ready
    to hunt a few Metal Heads?"  He tells Jak to follow him, stay close, and to
    watch his back.  "This is gonna be fun!"
    Follow Sig and Punch and Pump ([] + R1) the enemies.  Collect the Metal Head
    Skull Gems.  And then jump onto the rising columns.  Kill the two "frogs" at
    the top if Sig hasn't beat you to it.  Get Behind Sig anf watch him blow up
    the water tank.
    After Sig charges up his weapon, Sig shoots the water tank and it explodes in
    a cascade of fire and water.  Daxter looks like he is gonna make a snide
    remark, but a peice of debris almost flattens him, so he shuts up.
    Follow Sig past the Water Tank.  Go around the boxes and shoot the two Metal
    Heads.  Grab their Skull Gems and continue on down to the end of the walkway.
    Jump up onto the risen bridge to bring it down for Sig.  Walk across the bridge
    and get ready to toast some "cat" Metal Heads.  Sig will crouch down and charge
    his Peace Maker up to shoot the Metal Head, you have to protect him while he
    does this.  It is easiest to get rid of the "cats" by standing next to Sig and
    shooting the "cats" while they are still in mid-air on their way up to the
    platform.  This will knock them off the edge so they don't even have a chance
    at hurting Sig.  After Sig charges the Peace Maker, he will shoot the big
    Metal Head.  Continue on down the ramp to your left.
    Continue on around the beach and Punch and Pump the enemies there.  Grab the
    Skull Gems and wait for Sig to target the next Metal Head.  The enemies will
    drop onto the beach all around Sig, so just shoot them back into the water
    and shoot them once more when they come back onto the beach to kill them.  Sig
    will shoot the second Metal Head.  Continue on up the metal platforms to your
    right.  Jump up onto the metal catwalk and kill the two Metal Heads.  Lower the
    bridge while Sig kills a bunch of "cats".  You and Sig should carry on across
    the brige.
    Sig will target the third Metal Head, so go stand next to him and kill off the
    attacking "cats".  Sig will shoot the third Metal Head and it will fall off
    its ledge.  Follow Sig across across the platform  and then jump onto the
    metal column.  Then jump onto the dirt one, then jump to your right and then
    down onto the beach.  Kill the three Metal Heads and all the little lesser
    ones.  Then protect Sig as he charges his Peace Maker.  The "cats" come out of
    the water on all sides, so constantly move the camera to see where they are.
    Once Sig shoots the fourth Metal Head, jump onto the dirt mound with the plant
    on it and jump across onto the next beach.  
    Look out below!  That's what the Metal Heads should scream because they jump
    off the overhead beam and start attacking you.  Kill them all off and grab the
    Metal Head Skull Gems.  Proceed across the beach and Sig will target the 
    fifth and final Metal Head.  Now just shoot all the "cats" that come out of
    the water, and let Sig shoot the last Metal Head.
    Sig says a funny comment that goes like Us 5, Metal Heads nothing!  Sig tells
    you to tell Krew that "we got them all cooked and canned."  He tells you you
    did good.
    There is a gap in the wall on the left side of the overhead rotating pipe, but
    go on the left side instead.  Hug the wall or swim if you want but there is a
    Precusor Orb on a little inlet there.  Proceed on around the wall and go
    straight.  The door to leave is to your left.  Walk through it back into the
    Head over to the Oracle, the upside-down orange T on you Mini-Map, and go
    inside his Hut.  A video will start and Jak will get Dark-Eco-fied and will
    then learn a new ability.  If nothing happened, you weren't diligent in picking
    up Metal Head Skull Gems and don't have enough, this ability cost 25 Skull
    Gems.  Once finished with the movie, you will be able to test the skill.  You
    learned Dark Bomb.  This is, in my opinion, the best Dark Eco skill.  Jump and
    then hit [] to dive down and damage, and almost always kill, anything within
    range.  After trying Dark Bomb, go out the door and Hi-JAK a Zoomer.  
    Head back to the Hip Hog Haven Saloon using the Mini-Map.  Enter it and you'll
    be given your next mission.
    + 7I)   +=+ Destroy Turrets in Sewers                                         +
    +Orbs: 0   Skull Gems: +17  +
    After entering the Hip Hog Saloon, Krew will float over and compliment you on
    your good shooting.  He then gets right along with him need Jak for another 
    job.  He tells Jak that the Sewers used to be a great smuggling route, but now
    there are weapon turrets in them.  And Daxter makes a hilarious comment.  Jak
    makes a great statement that goes like this, "Who or what do we have to shake
    down, knock out, or blow up?"  Krew says that he wants Jak to go down into the
    Sewers and blow up all four sentry guns, and if he succeeds, there will be a 
    "sweet weapon upgrade" in return.  Daxter starts describing what he imagines
    the Sewers to be like.  Jak says that they aren't gonna do anything if Krew
    doesn't first tell them why the Metal Head are trading with the Baron's forces.
    Krew says that he should have had Jak and Daxter kneecapped.  Krew then says
    that all he knows is that the Metal Head leader and Praxis cut a desperate deal
    well, desperate from the Baron's side. The Baron would give the Metal Heads Eco
    is they'd only attack the city enough to keep Praxis in charge.  Jak doesn't
    think that deal can last, and Krew says that the Baron is almost out of Eco and
    the Metal Heads are almost out of patience.  Praxis NEEDS this war to keep on
    ruling, otherwise the people would put the true ruler on the throne.  Jak says
    that they'll clear out the Sewers, but they still want the weapons upgrade.
    Go outside and Hi-JAK a vehicle.  Drive over to the Weapon's course if you need
    ammo.  Then proceed to the Sewers.  Open the geared door and go down the
    elevator and your in the Sewers.
    Walk out of the Elevator and grab the Health Pack and Scatter ammo.  Easily
    kill the three "cats" with a Punch and Pump.  After that, walk to the end of
    the passageway and step on the glowing orange circle, this will turn on the
    lights for the next section of Sewers.  Jump our to the right and walk across
    the small walkway.  The next tunnel has the first Sentry Gun.  The best
    strategy for taking out this Guns is to just hop out and let the turret turn
    toward you.  Once it stops turning, IMMEDIATELY run to the left or right to get
    out of its line of fire and Double Spin Jump toward the gun.  If you don't get
    all the way to it then just let it target you, run to the side, and charge.
    When you get close enough to shoot it, one Scatter shot should do it in.
    Now for the next Sentry Gun.  Continue one past where the first Sentry Gun was
    and jump across the three grated pillars and turn left.  Jump over the water
    gap and STOP!  Take out your gun, because the next grating on the wall has a
    charging Metal Head on the other side.  With your Scatter Gun out, walk out and
    it will charge the grating, simply shoot it and snag the Skull Gem.  Now jump
    across the next three pillars, and kill the one "cat" and three "frogs".  Grab
    the Health Pack and Scatter ammo from the KG crates.  Continue right and step
    on the orange circle on the ground.  Whoooopey!  More Metal Heads.  Try to
    shoot all three at once when they come at you and group up.  After killing
    them, grab the Skull Gems and carry on.  In the next room, there are two "cats"
    and some ammo and health.  Kill the cats and pick up the ammo.  Continue left
    for the second Sentry Gun.  A good thing to do here is to Roll Jump over to the
    KG crates infront of you right AFTER the Sentry Gun fires.  Then follow the
    same get-targeted-and-evade tactics as before.  Double Spin Jumping helps
    tremendously here.  Shoot it and carry on to the next gun.
    Go back in the opposite direction of the gun you just destroy and DON'T walk on
    the ledge to the right in the big, dark room.  Simply jump onto the floor.  Do
    NOT get the Dark Eco unless you need it, because you will need it in a minute,
    well maybe.  Go forward and turn right, then step on the orange light switch.
    There are two ways to quickly dispatch the Metal Heads hear.  1) You can turn
    Dark Jak and use Dark Bomb or 2) you can take 'em all out with a Scatter Gun.
    I HIGHLY advise using choice 1 as it will take only a few seconds and no
    ammo.  After the Metal Heads are dead, grab the Skull Gems, and Double Jump
    onto the platform to your left.  Jump to the next platform and then into the
    tunnel.  Kill all four "frogs" and make sure to snag their Dark Eco globs. Ok,
    now to your right, there is gun #3.  What I recommend here is to just, swim on
    the far side of the columns toward the gun, jump up and blow it away. 
    Now jump up to the left and grab the ammo and Health Pack.  Jump into the tube
    and step on the light switch.  Go down the passage about 10 feet and the lights
    will go out, also, the three Metal Heads will see you.  Run back to the switch,
    turn on the lights, and massacre the three approaching Metal Heads.  Grab the
    Skull Gems and walk to the end of the passage, and HALT!  The fourth and final
    Sentry Gun is here.  You can either do one of two things, first you can Double
    Jump onto each of the platforms infront of the gun, then Double Jump straight
    into the air to avoid the shots or you can jump right so that you grab the edge
    of the platforms, then after the gun fires, jump up and grab the edge of the
    next platform.  Its your choice, when you get close enough, just shoot it to
    beat the mission.  The end of the mission doesn't mean the end of trouble.
    Jump into the last tube and shoot the four "cats" inside.  Grab the ammo, and
    SLOWLY walk toward the end of the tunnel.  Two Metal Heads will drop out of the
    ceiling, shoot them QUICKLY.  If you shoot fast enough, it should blow the
    Metal Heads off the edge and kill them.  Don't worry about the Skull Gems
    because id you haven't found out, the Gems will fly back up to the place they
    died, which was infront of you.  So just wait for the Gems, grap them, and jump
    out the end into the water.  Swim to you right and head toward the, say it with
    me, Geared Door!  Ta-Da!  Now you have ACCOMPLISHED the Mission.
    Go up the elevator and out the door.  "Borrow" a Zoomer and head over to the
    Hip Hog Heaven Saloon for your, "sweet weapon upgrade."
    !!  MORE TO COME!  Sorry, I am going on a trip for a week, but I will work   !!
    !!  on this FAQ/Walkthrough during the trip and post an update with many     !!
    !!  missions soon!  Until then.   -Chris Renke                               !!
    !!                                                                           !!
    | 8) |                              SECRETS                                   |
    You can unlock secrets by collecting the Precursor Orbs throughout the game.
    Below are the lists for secrets for Normal Mode and Hero Mode.
    +  8A)  +=+ NORMAL MODE UNLOCKABLE SECRETS                                    +
          +  Secret Unlocked       =+=   Precursor Orbs Required  +  
          | Toggle Jak's Goatee---------------------5             |
          | Mirror World----------------------------15            |
          | Big Head Mode---------------------------30            |
          | Small Head Mode-------------------------45            |
          | Scrap Book------------------------------55            |
          | Scene Player Act 1----------------------65            |
          | Vulcan Fury Gun Course------------------75            |
          | Scene Player Act 2----------------------95            |
          | Peace Maker Gun Course------------------105           |
          | Scene Player Act 3----------------------125           |
          | Reverse Races---------------------------135           |
          | Level Select----------------------------145           |
          | Unlimited Ammo--------------------------155           |
          | Unlimited Dark Jak----------------------165           |
          | Invulnerability-------------------------175           |
          | Hero Mode-------------------------------200           |
    +  8B)  +=+ HERO MODE UNLOCKABLE SECRETS                                      +
          +  Secret Unlocked       =+=   Precursor Orbs Required  +  
          | Toggle Jak's Goatee---------------------5             |
          | Mirror World----------------------------15            |
          | Unlimited Ammo--------------------------20            |
          | Unlimited Dark Jak----------------------25            |
          | Invulnerability-------------------------30            |
          | Big Head Mode---------------------------35            |
          | Small Head Mode-------------------------40            |
          | Scrap Book------------------------------55            |
          | Scene Player Act 1----------------------65            |
          | Vulcan Fury Gun Course------------------75            |
          | Scene Player Act 2----------------------95            |
          | Peace Maker Gun Course------------------105           |
          | Scene Player Act 3----------------------125           |
          | Reverse Races---------------------------135           |
          | Level Select----------------------------145           |
          | Mega Scrap Book-------------------------200           |
    | 8) |                       DARK JAK EXTRAS                                  |
    You can collect Metal Head Skull Gems and cash them at the Oracle in the Water
    Slums.  When you cash the Skull Gems, you learn extra abilities for when you
    are Dark Jak.
        + Ability         +=+ Skull Gems Required +=+ Operate it by:  +
        + Dark Bomb       ===         25          ===  X  +  []       +
        + Dark Blast      ===        200          ===  [] +  X        +
        + Invincible Jak  ===        200          ===  L2             +
        + Dark Giant      ===        100          ===  L2             +
    | 9) |                  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                            |
    Here are some common questions about Jak II, and their answers.
    Q: Why is Daxter a talking, um... Ottsel?
    A: See section 6.  He got accidentaly knocked into a pool of Dark Eco and came
       out as an Ottsel.
    Q: What, only 4 guns?!?!
    A: Yup, if you want weapons, then play Ratchet and Clank I or II.
    Q: I'm in the city and need health, where do I get some?
    A: To my knowledge, there is no Health IN Haven City.  Yeah, I know, shouldn't
       there at least be a Hospital.  Well, you can go to the Fortress and get
    Q: How did Jak get his Dark Eco powers?
    A: Baron Praxis did Dark Eco experiments on Jak while he was in prison.
    Q: How do I get more ammo capacity?
    A: Later in the game you will get an uprgrade to give you more ammo capacity.
    Q: How do I make my guns do more damage!?!?
    A: Later in the game you will get an upgrade to make your guns stronger.
    Q: So Samos just happened to have a time machine laying around?
    A: No, Jak and Daxter found the Precursor gate in the first Jak, read section
       6 (Backgound on Jak and Daxter: The Precusor Legacy)
    Q: Why doesn't Samos remember going back in time.
    A: Good question, he kinda does really.  At the beginning of the game when Jak
       opened the Rift Gate, Samos says, "So this is how it happened..." in a
       voice that made it seem like he was in deep thought.
    Q: When do I get the Peace Maker?
    A: About one hour from the end of the game, bummer huh?
    Q: HEY! I did Hero Mode and my Peace Maker didn't blow up the Water Tank?
    A: Too bad, you can't.  Sig's Peace Maker is the only one that can.
    |10) |                       VERSION HISTORY                                  |
    + Version: 0.75     This is my first ever Walkthrough that I've written out.
      Started: 6-08-04  Done everything in Table of Contents except most of the
     Finished: 6-10-04  missions, there are a lot as you can see. 
    |11) |                     CREDITS AND FINAL WORDS                            |
    Thanks goes to...
    <> Naughty Dog and SCEA for making a truely awesome game.
    <> Sony for making the PS2 such a graphicly amazing console.
    <> Michael Irwin for giving Jak a great voice.
    <> MadCatz, because I couldn't type this and play Jak II withouth their
        extension cords.
    <> The writer of the Weapons FAQ, o wait... that was me...
    <> You! For reading this guide!
    + FINAL WORDS         +
    "I LOVE YOU MAN!" -Daxter
    Bummer, those can't be my final words.  Just want to say that...
                     Krew is fat 
                     Tess is hot
                    Daxter's cool
                    Samos is not!
                    Jak's a freak
                  Dark Eco for snot
                     Sig is funny
                  Yakow's get caught
                      Erol gone
                Brutter needs his shot
                     Kiera's nice
                 Ashlin's a thought...
                Krimzon Gaurds are gay
                  They always fought
                Baron Praxis is stupid
            Kor shoulda got hit with a pot
                    The Kid is Jak
                    and Jak is not
                   Above's my Poem
                 And above that a lot
                     So why bother
             Writing a final rhyming line?

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