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    Dark Jak Guide by Dav21

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/31/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Best times to use Dark Jak
    Version: 1.1
    Written by: Dav21 
    Table of Contents
    A. Version History
    B. Dark Jak Moves/Powers
    	a. Dark Jak
    	b. Dark Bomb
    	c. Dark Blast
    	d. Invincibility
    	e. Dark Giant
    C. Weapons
    	a. Scatter Gun
    	b. Blaster
    	c. Vulcan Fury
    	d. Peace Maker
    D. Enemies
    E. The Dark Jak Opportunities
    F. Copyright Notice
    G. Legal stuff
    H. Credits
    A.     Version History
    1.0 This is the first version of this FAQ. (7/27/04)
    1.1 I added a lot more stuff on the weapons. I also 
    tweaked a few things spelling wise. (7/30/04) 
    B.    Dark Jak Moves/Powers
    Note: You must have obtained these powers from the oracle 
    before you can use them.
    a. Dark Jak:
    Press L2 to turn it on. When you are Dark Jak you 
    have more powerful, his attacks have greater range, and Jak 
    is faster. 
    b. The Dark Bomb: 
    This move will send a shock wave across the 
    ground. To do this move press X then Square. You can also 
    press X then X again then Square (While in Dark Jak) to 
    get a bigger shock wave.
    c. The Dark Blast: 
    This move causes Jak to jump up into the air 
    and start to spin in mid air. Then dark eco bolts will fly 
    from his body and at any vehicle, pedestrian, as well as any
    enemy. To do this move press Square then X (While in Dark Jak).
    d. Invincibility:
    Once you get this move from the oracle you are invincible 
    (cannot be hurt) while in Dark Jak.
    e. The Dark Giant:
    Dark Jak can get bigger if you press L2 again (While in Dark Jak).
    a. Scatter Gun: 
    Is a short range powerful gun. It is like a shot gun 
    in which has a wide field of range and slow firing time. 
    This is a good weapon when a lot of enemies are on you.
    Scatter Gun Move List:
    Standard Moves:
    - Equip or put away Scatter Gun………………Directional Button Up
    - Fire Scatter Gun…………………………………………………R1 Button
    Advanced Scatter Gun Moves:
    Scatter Gun UpperCut……………………………………………Square Button then X, 
    then R1
    b. Blaster: 
    This is a good old fashion rifle. It if good at both short and
    long range. It even has a laser sight on it. You can do many 
    helpful moves with it and it is the most used gun in the game.
    Blaster Move List:
    Standard Moves:
    - Equip or put away Blaster……………………………………Directional Button Up
    - Switch Between Scatter Gun and Blaster…Directional Button Up 
    or Down
    - Fire Blaster………………………………………………………………………R1 Button
    Advanced Blaster Gun Moves:
    - Rapid Fire Combo……………………………………………………………O (or Square) Button 
    then R1 Button
    - Spin Kick Shower……………………………………………………………X Button then O Button 
    (in mid air) then R1.
    c. Vulcan Fury: 
    This is a chain gun. It is very fast but not that accurate. It can do 
    many of the same moves that the Blaster can do but faster.
    Standard Moves:
    - Equip or put away Vulcan Fury……………………………………Directional Button Up
    - Fire Vulcan Fury………………………………………………………………………R1 Button
    Advanced Blaster Gun Moves:
    - Rapid Fire Combo……………………………………………………………O (or Square) Button then R1 
    - Spin Kick Shower……………………………………………………………X Button then O Button 
    (in mid air) then R1.
    d. Peace Maker: 
    This gun is named the Peace maker for a reason once the 
    dust clears their is no one left firing at you. This is a high powered 
    gun and will kill any enemy in the area it is shot in.
    Standard Moves:
    - Equip or put away Peace Maker……………………………………Directional Button Up
    - Fire Peace Maker………………………………………………………………………R1 Button
    D.     Enemies 
    Krimzon Guard- The Krimzon Guard is the security force 
    of the city. They all have a type of laser rifle they 
    use to kill you.
    Hits to Kill-
    Gobber- These are not much to be worrying about. The most they 
    will go is jump and try to bite you and scratch you into you to 
    injure you. They are fast though. They are very easy to kill.
    Hits to Kill-
    Snorkle Tooth- These will be a bit more annoying. They use their
    tongue and hit you with it or they will try to lunge at you. The
    tongue is harder to avoid be if you move around you should be ok
    as for the lunge just hit him.
    Hits to Kill-
    Metal Head Swiper- These just try to swipe at you with their claws.
    These are the first metal heads you encounter just remember to 
    collect their skull gems.
    Hits to Kill-
    Security Tanks- These you cannot kill or hurt so don't try. Just
    run! Avoid their target and you should be fine.
    Hits to Kill-
    Juice Goons- These are a type of Metal Head. They shoot 
    powerful electrical shock at Jak but only with in a certain range. 
    Hits to Kill-
    Sentry Gun Turret- These things are a little bit nasty. WHen it aims
    at you jump and when you get close enough shoot or hit them to get 
    rid of them.
    Hits to Kill-
    Metal Head Grunt- Is another type of Metal Head. It 
    doesn’t shoot at you. However they do try to claw your brains out.
    Hits to Kill-
    Metal Head Stinger- Is a small scorpion like creature. 
    They will try to sting you with their tail.
    Hits to Kill-
    Metal Jacket- This Metal Head can fly. It tries to kill 
    you with its balls of energy.
    Hits to Kill-
    Roto Blades- These Metal Heads have spinning blades 
    that it used to try to cut them up.
    Hits to Kill-
    Straffer- These can fly and shoot. If you shoot them with the 
    blaster they will die but you will probably want to use the 
    Gunpod *smiles* 
    Hits to Kill-
    Centurian- This Metal Head can shoot, has shields and 
    is not too bright. It lowers it shield a lot when he 
    lowers it attack.
    Hits to Kill-
    Crab Head- These are large four legged Metal Heads. 
    These shoot lasers at you. 
    Hits to Kill-
    Metal Head Hoppers- These Metal heads try to kill you 
    by ramming you with their large heads.
    Hits to Kill-
    Ram Head- These thing are huge. They try to ram you hence Ram 
    heads. Don't try to shoot them unless they standup on their 
    hind legs. Their belly is the only spot that is not armored. 
    So when it stands up shot it.
    Hits to Kill-
    Motion Sensing Turbo Cannons- These are for defense in the 
    city. They shoot out lasers and can track you you can 
    destroy them but it is easier to run away unless you are 
    in the mission you have to destroy them.
    Hits to Kill-
    ***Warning: May contain spoilers***
    Boss Enemy
    Octa- Mech- Is the Barons flying robot with tentacles. 
    It shoots machine guns, bomb, plasma bolts (swirling 
    red things), and he tries to ram you. The machine guns and 
    bombs are easy to avoid but the plasma blots aren't. 
    Be careful of them.
    Hits to Kill-
    Slinger- These throw balls of Dark eco at you which is easy to avoid. 
    But it is better to get rid of these from far away with the blaster.
    Hits to Kill-
    Grunt Gunner- These have laser rifles that shot dark eco at you. 
    My best advice is to hit them then duck behind something and 
    repeat until they are dead.
    Hits to Kill-
    Drag Head- These do nothing but run away from you. Just catch 
    them on your Jet board.
    Hits to Kill-
    Baron Supply Tanker- This has turrets on it which shoot at you when you 
    are in the Gunpod. Shoot at it's turrets to get ride of it. Shoot until 
    you see an explosion.
    Hits to Kill-
    Hover Guards- These are Krimzon Guard with hover packs. 
    They use machine guns that are attached to their hover packs. Shot them 
    with your GunPod.
    Hits to Kill-
    Cloakers- These are metal heads that are hard to see. But you can see a 
    faint outline and a little yellow. Shoot at it and you will be able to 
    see it better each time you hit it until it will decloak. These can 
    shoot you hand try to hit you if you get to close.
    Hits to Kill-
    Water Watcher- These are in the waters of Mar's Tomb. These are fast 
    and they try to lung at you but gun will take care of them.
    Hits to Kill-
    Baby Legs- These are big spiders in Mar's Tomb. They try to bite you 
    this their fangs. Don't waste your ammo on these just hit them.
    Hits to Kill-
    Widow- Maker- You can't kill this so don't try. Just run. 
    Hits to Kill-
    ***Warning: May contain spoilers***
    Boss Enemy
    Spider-Mech- This is the barons new toy. It is designed to take the 
    precursor stone and use it. It launches little Spyroids at Jak. Don't 
    try to hit these use you guns! After you kill them he will launch bombs. 
    Hit them at him to hurt him. In the second health bar he will launch 
    Spyroids, then shoot machine guns at you. When he does this hide behind 
    a pillar. In his 3rd health bar he shoots with the Precursor Stone and 
    uses the machine gun. When he uses the Precursor Stone get away from 
    where he is facing.
    Hits to Kill-
    Krimzon Guard Bomb Bot- These shoot beams of lasers. They are very 
    powerful so try to avoid them. Shoot it with your Vulcan Fury, when 
    you start hearing beeping run away from it.
    Hits to Kill-
    Hose Head- These Metal Head shoot laser beams for a short 
    period of time. Just jump to not be hit by them and then shoot them.
    Hits to Kill-
    UB86- These are Krimzon Guard robots. They roll up into 
    a ball and ram you.
    Hits to Kill-
    ***Warning: May contain spoilers***
    Boss Enemies
    Krew/ Krew Clones- Krew shoots machine guns bullets at you from
    his chair he floats around in. The Krew clones are Krews other 
    line of defense, these are Green looking Krews. 
    Do not try to Attack these with kicks or punches. You can 
    only use guns against these. If these touch you they give 
    you an electrical shock.
    Hits to Kill-
    Squid-Head- These attach themselves to your Titan suit and give you an 
    electrical shock. So don't let them just hit them.
    Hits to Kill-
    Metal-Pede- These things you can't hurt, don't try so run.
    Hits to Kill-
    Arach-Head- These shoot lasers at you. Try to kill them from far away 
    with the Vulcan Fury.
    Hits to Kill-
    Metal Mantis- These try to slice you up with their claws. They can jump 
    far and are very quick. Use the Scatter gun to take them out. They will
    overwhelm you if you aren't careful.
    Hits to Kill-
    Ele-Beast- These you cant kill. But they do send out energy from their 
    back. It is easy to avoid and it does not try to hurt you. Just don't 
    walk into it. Don't try to kill it wont do anything.
    Hits to Kill-
    Metal Kor- Metal Kor is the Metal Head leader. He is very 
    powerful and very susceptible to damage. He has 3 Health 
    Bars like any other boss.
    Hits to Kill-
    E.     The Best Dark Jak Opportunities
    Note: These are in order by Mission, not in order by which is more important.
    Mission: Protect Sig at the Pumping Station-
    In this mission is the first best time to use Dark Jak. In 
    this mission you have to protect Sig at the Pumping Station. 
    A little after the first Metal Head Sig kill with a Peace Maker 
    Shot (Ball of energy). Their will be a cluster of Juice Goons. 
    This is the time to use Dark Jak. Scratch and hit the stuffing 
    out of these guys until they are dead.
    Mission: Destroy Turrets in Sewers-
    This is the second best time to use DJ (Dark Jak). A little 
    after you destroy the first turret there is a dark room with 
    a lot of yellow lights. Those yellow lights are Metal Head 
    Grunts. When you hit the switch they will try to attack you. 
    This is the time to use the Dark Bomb. You should have it 
    by now. It will save you time and a few scars as well.
    Mission: Rescue Vin at Strip Mine
    This is the third best time to use DJ. After the caviar belt, 
    take you are going to take the middle path. A lot of Metal 
    Stinger, Jackets, and Metal Head Grunts. This is the time 
    to use the Dark Bomb.
    Mission: Destroy Eggs at Drill Platform
    This is another good time to use DJ. When you enter the wall
    you blow up with the Gunpod. After the Centurain in the next 
    room a lot of Roto Blades. Use the Dark Bomb in this room,
    it will take out most if not all the Roto Blades in the room.
    Mission: Find Pumping Station Patrol
    This is the fourth best time to use DJ. This is one of the 
    better times to use DJ. After you find Ashelin a bunch of 
    Crab Heads attack you and Ashelin. Wait for a lot of them 
    to be there then use the Dark Bomb. It makes it a lot easier.
    Mission: Find 3 Artifacts in Mountain Temple.
    ***Warning: This one may cause you game to glitch, but only temporally***
    This is the fifth best time to use DJ. When you are in the 
    room with 2 paths after a lift. Take the path to your right.
    You should see two pipes if you picked the right one. A little
    down this path a bunch of Metal Head Hoppers will come out in
    large numbers. Wait till there are a lot there. Then use the Dark
    Bomb. However when I have done this before on occasion all of the
    walls with start to fritz. This can by fixed by simply saving and
    loading your game again.
    Mission: Defeat Baron at Palace
    This is another good time to use DJ. Use the Dark Bomb In his 
    last health bar. This part of the fight can be very frustrating. 
    This should help you a ton.  
    Mission: Protect Site in Dead Town
    This is also a good time to use DJ. In this Mission after the
    first Slingers you meet a little after (three platforms and 
    a small island from there). there is a part that a lot of Metal 
    Heads come out. This is the time to use the Dark Blast, use this
    because you can take out a few people up top as well.
    Mission Check the Bazzar/ Intercept Tanker
    This is the sixth best time to use DJ. In this mission Metal
    Heads Grunts hide in a Dark eco tanker. Then you and Ashelin
    have to fight them off. Wait a little bit till a good amount 
    come out then use either the Dark Bomb or Dark Blast.
    Mission: Check the Water Slums Get Seal Piece at Water Slums
    This is a good time to use DJ. In this mission the Krimzon 
    Guard are chasing you. You should use this at anytime when 
    you feel they are getting to close.
    Mission: Hunt Haven Forest Metal Heads
    This is yet another good time to use DJ. In the Forest there 
    is a part with four Metal type things and a wooden barrier. 
    There are a lot of Metal Heads there. Use the Dark blast to 
    kill all the Metal Heads in the area.  
    Mission: Destroy Ship at Drill Platform.
    This is the seventh best time to use DJ. This is also one of 
    the best times if not the best time to use your Dark Powers. 
    This is the mission everyone hates that you have to kill 40 
    Hover Guards in a turret. Before those 40 there are a few 
    Hover Guards that take shoot at you and you have to kill. 
    Well if you want to avoid them listen well. Before you go 
    into the turret, go around the fence. Then use the Dark 
    Blast. You should hear a bang or something breaking. If 
    you go back around and into the turret the ones before the 
    40 will not be there. 
    Mission: Pass the Test of Manhood
    This is the eighth best time to use DJ. Go to the right 
    (from the large room). When those beetles drop on the ground 
    you have to find 3 of the one with the red strip on their 
    belly. If you use the Dark Bomb it will kill all of the wrong
    ones. I would not use DJ now because you can use it later in 
    the tomb.
    Mission: Defeat Baron in Mar’s Tomb
    This is the ninth best time to use DJ. This mission can 
    be hard but if you hold out till the Baron is in his red 
    health bar I can help you. The red health bar can be hard 
    because he uses the Precursor stone against you. Here is 
    where you will use the Dark Bomb. It will take care of his 
    full red health bar and you will be done in the tomb.
    Mission: Rescue Friends at Fortress
    This is the tenth best time to use DJ. This mission can 
    be very frustrating. In the first room a large wave of 
    Krimzon Guard try to kill you. If you can get as close 
    to the other side of the room as possible then use the 
    Dark Bomb it will help. Once you get into the next room 
    the Krimzon Guard will stop coming into the room then go 
    back and press all of the buttons.
    Mission: Escort Men Through Sewers
    This is the eleventh best time to use DJ. This mission can 
    also be very frustrating. In the part when a ton of them 
    start going down the walls (after the cut scene, you’ll 
    know when) use the Dark Bomb when a lot of them are there. 
    This will make your job easier.
    Mission: Bring Life Seed/ Protect Samos in Haven Forest
    This is a descent time to use DJ. Use it when you feel the 
    Krimzon Guards are getting to close.
    Mission: Get Heart of Mar in Weapons Lab
    This is the twelfth best time to use DJ. In this mission you
    are looking for the Heart of Mar. In the beginning there is 
    a conveyor belt. There are a lot of Guard when you come down. 
    When you get to the bottom is the best time to use DJ. Use 
    the Dark Blast on the Guards. However I would recommend to 
    not use it now, because you will need it later in the mission.
    Mission: Beat Krew in Weapons Lab
    This is the thirteenth best time to use DJ. During the fight 
    you will need to kill a lot of small Krews. When he is in his 
    last health bar, use the Dark Bomb against him, when he is 
    attacking you directly. It will help you a lot.
    Mission: Defend Stadium
    This is the fourteen best time to use DJ. In this mission 
    there are a lot of Metal Heads that attack you. This is a 
    good mission to use DJ. When a lot of Metal Heads come close 
    to you use the Dark Bomb. It will make your job a lot easier.
    Mission: Break Barrier At Nest/ Attack The Metal Head Nest
    This is more of a suggestion. By this time you should have 100 
    more Metal Head Skull gems. Go back to the oracle (use the 
    air train you used to get here). If you do you will get the 
    Dark Giant. It will help you to beat the final boss.
    Mission: Destroy Metal Kor at Nest
    This is the fifteenth time to use DJ. Use the Dark Bomb during 
    his last health bar. It will take half of his health bar and 
    help you a lot. Good Luck
    Good Job and Congrats you beat Jak II now onto Hero Mode or back
    to pacing waiting for Jak 3.
    F. Copyright Notice
    This FAQ is copyrighted © 2004 by Dav21 (author) and the game is
    copyrighted © 2003 by Naughty Dog, Inc. This is not to be sold 
    for profit in any way. Violators of this copyright will be 
    prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The only web site 
    that has permission to use this guide is GameFAQ.com unless the
    website asks my personal permission.
    G. Legal Stuff   
    This is not to be reproduced for any circumstance,
    except for home personal use.
    H. Credits
    First off many thanks to Brady Games and Greg Off 
    for their Strategy guide of Jak II, which had the 
    idea of Dark Jak opportunities, I use some of their
    opportinuties times as well as made my own. Thanks 
    to you again. Also thanks to Naughty Dog for making 
    this magnificent game. Also thanks to Jeff Veasey 
    (CJayC) for making GameFAQ.com. and posting this FAQ.

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