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"Still one of the best games EVER, from a review written in 2011"

Yes, the title more-or-less says it all.

Sometimes I feel obliged to write something like this here review on the internet. I always knew this was a great game, however what I didn't know is that it would stand the test of time to such an extent that years after purchasing and playing it I would still think back to this game and be reminded of what an incredible game it was, how it blew me away and how it was actually so good it would actually be better than the majority of similar-type games I would play afterwards. And this is inclusive of games I played on a certain Microsoft designed next-gen console I bought after the ps2, largely motivating me into writing this review.

Yes, I decided to go for the 360 rather than the ps3. I think it was titles such as Shadowrun and Fable that persuaded me, which is funny now as having bought the game, I'm now aware of what a shocking travesty Shadowrun is for fans of the franchise. Anyway, back to my point, my choice of next-gen may have been in error, as I soon realised one of my favourite game franchises was Playstation exclusive - The Ratchet and Clank games. These games were excellent and similar to the Jak games, though not as good, which serves as a good point showing you how much I think of the Jak games. In particular one of them standing tall as truly a phenomenal gaming experience and genius creation - Jak 2: Renegade. After research I found there were a few of these ‘modern day plat former' type games available for my 360 but after buying and playing them, all I could think was this, “this is not as good as Jak 2 on my ps2.”

It truly deserves 10/10 status. The character Jak is charismatic, cool, plays well and is perfectly voiced with gruff awesomeness. The graphics are brilliant, I can honestly say (which is also surprising for me) even better than some games on my 360. The story is pretty amazing, a little rebellion-like jobby, and the setting is even better: not-so-faraway future, with hover cars and the like, my favourite setting actually. The other characters are also charismatic and cool aswell as being funny, sassy or even sexy. Yes, this game really has it all, and all brought with perfect execution aswell. Those Naughty Dog guys were geniuses, as for the gameplay well… what other game has me digging out my old ps2 for a game made 8 yrs before? Perfect. This game is as close to it as only a handful of other games I've played from my past.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/02/11, Updated 12/05/11

Game Release: Jak II: Renegade (EU, 10/17/03)

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