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"A New World To Be Discovered...Jak2"

Jak 2 is the sequel towards Jak and Daxter, which many people are familiar with. A note to those who have played the first game...forget everything about. Forget the cheery atmosphere and forget Jak's annoying mute character.The first game was good...and the second is better.Just remember the game controls if you think you're rusty.

Also,don't forget...when Naughty Dog(the game designers) created Jak2, they didn't just create a sequel.They re-designed the whole impression the first game left on everyone...they created something which will feel familiar,but will be radically different; in a good way.Whether you enjoyed the first game or not,you will surely love this one:

Graphics[9/10]~The graphics in Jak 2 are splendid. You will be awed by the enviromental designs, and also the character polygons. The amount of polygons used on the characters create an interesting combination of expression of which you will see on Jak's amusing face. The surroundings of the city are just outstanding; details are designed with a rather atmospheric feel to it, and the cut-scenes are to be admired. Jak2 brings a new standard of platformer graphics with its real-time scenes.Thus,leaving me with my jaw hanging open...staring at the graphics!!

Story[9/10]~ I don't like spoiling a good suprise,so I'll attempt to review the storyline without giving away and essential bits. To begin with,Jak2 is set around two years after the first game. After being shot into some sort of different place, Jak is taken by a villian known only as 'The Baron'. In the Baron's fortress, he is tortured with the use of dark eco for a fully two years...until his trusty buddy Daxter comes to his rescue.'s the big suprise: He has a voice! Indeed,Jak has a voice in this game,no longer a mute character.

He gives an immediate strong attitude full of revenge towards the Baron. To do so,he joins an underground group who rallies against the Baron's evil plans and schemes to keep himself in power. Unlike the previous game,instead of being sent on constant errands without anything else to do,Jak 2 focuses on different prospects. Although you are still given errands to accomplish in the game,the game still provides freedom.In words,you can explore the city more freely,jack a hover-car or two and openly do fun activities...with the exception of not being caught by the Baron's Krimson Gaurds who are on the outlook for you.To put it short,Jak2 provides you with a story and also rather interesting characters...enough to keep you glued to the game. Of course,the gameplay also keeps you on the game.

Gameplay[9/10]~ As I said in my explanation of the storyline, you are given several errands to run. Although some may dread the idea of running errands, you'll find them a rewarding (you can get weapon upgrades) and fun-filled expirience. The controller for the game is tight and with the many things you can do with it...still remains simple. Pulling off combos is fun and so is turning on your new-found power when you transform into a dark-eco being. But what can really add jazz to the gameplay,take a cue from GTA games: Guns!! Yes, Jak2 features weaponry...and not only that,but powerful weaponry as well!! You can try your weapons out at a range(lots of fun) and will find it addictive to shoot away the baddies.
The game also features racing...not only around the city with jacked hover-boards, but in a real racing stadium. The racing in the game handles almost as good as a racer. This will add a bit of variety and spice towards things you can do in the game!!

Final Verdict~ Jak2 is a wonderful game for those who like and don't like platformers. You will be finding yourself addicted towards its gameplay,and spend a great amount of time exploring the gigantic world.It is a must buy...and definately worth your money.I would like to thank my brother Sam,who played the game with me...we both enjoyed it,and I'm sure that anyone who plays it will!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/14/03

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