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Jak 2. Sequel to Jak and Daxter: Precursor's Legacy. Created by Naughty Dog. One player. Great graphics. Good story. Amazing exploration and adventure aspects. That is what Jak 2 offers up to the table at a glance. Jak 2 is a combination of many PS2 games, which makes it a huge ball of reminiscence and silent ''wow's'' that will undoubtedly utter from your mouth. That is, of course, if you like the following content:

Graphics - 10/10

Best on PS2? From what I've seen. Normally games of such magnitude have to limit graphics for the greater good of the size of the game. Games like GTA3 and GTA:VC both have this syndrome, but I assure you Jak 2 does not. Despite it's humongous areas Jak 2's graphics remain amazing and awe-inspiring throughout. I dare anyone to find better PS2 graphics, because I truly believe there aren't any. I have a feeling these graphics will be the best for a long time.

Sound - 8.5/10

The sound of Jak 2 is very professionally done as well. The only gripe I have is that the same music is used throughout the game in the city. Each area-specific locale has its own music, but I would've liked some more varied tracks in the city, as well as a more dramatic orchestral effect. I think that would've made this game my favorite game of all time, but alas, such an effect is absent.

Gameplay: Adventure - 10/10

Half of the gameplay will be spent exploring and quenching your thirst for beautiful scenery. Your main exploration will take place within the city. Might I add this city is HUGE! This can make getting from Point A to Point B a hindrance, but I assure that it is NOWHERE near as bad as games like Zelda:WW, and with the right vehicle usually the maximum requirement for travel is a few minutes. You can ride around in a hovercar, float around on your hoverboard (which you acquire later in the game), or just walk around and enjoying the townsfolk and detail of the enormous amount of buildings. I would also like to add that a night time stroll down the bustling streets of Jak 2 is one of the most engaging experiences I've ever had the honor of seeing.

Gameplay: Action - 9/10

The other half of Jak 2's gameplay is Action. All of Jak's old moves make an encore appearance, but this time around Jak also gets the chance to wield four different types of weapons. One of the more interesting, yet overlooked, aspects of the Action gameplay are the Dark Eco Powers. The Dark Eco Powers can be performed when you transform Jak in to ''Dark Jak''. This gives him the ability to perform powerful attacks to take down masses of enemies at once. I say it is overlooked because often your weapons are sufficient enough to get the job done. You'll probably only resort to Dark Eco Powers when you are low on health or in a really tight jam. And for all you evil people, YES, you CAN kill anyone. Health isn't much of a problem, and you get many opportunities to heal yourself as well as avoid getting hurt in the first place. The difficulty level of the various levels and missions isn't too difficult, but I should warn novice gamers that Jak 2 could be frustrating. For those who love to master their games, you are in for a treat. Jak 2 will take you around 20-25 hours to beat flat out. To earn 100%, however, will mean spending many more hours of repetition and trying things over and over. That is because there are some ''side missions'' that can be quite difficult, and may at first seem impossible! Naughty Dog is really pushing the difficulty limit with some of the challenges, but after you beat one you can enjoy your successes and go back to Part I of the Gameplay, the Exploration and Adventure.

Story - 9/10/10

You know the drill. For those who love a good story, consider playing/re-playing Jak & Daxter: The Precursor's Legacy for a tint more nostalgia when playing Jak 2. Jak 2 begins pretty much where the ''special ending'' of J&D left off. There are many ''story elements'' within the game, such as Love, Betrayal, etc., etc. Getting caught up in the story isn't hard to do, but you may not enjoy it if you go joyriding too much and lose the flow of the storyline.

Overall - 10/10 (not an average)

Overall Jak 2 is the best platformer to date. Is it difficult? To some. Is it hard to master? Yes. Does that mean this game will take you a while to beat? Yes. You see, Jak 2 offers SO MUCH to the player, that it is worth every point I granted it. SO MANY experiences await you after you pop your disc in, and all of those experiences are each amazing and incredible. I have a personal attachment to Jak 2. It's just something about enjoying the environment of the city. It's so well constructed, and at night time with the lights all around a well populated area is just amazing to me. Perhaps that's why I hold Jak 2 in such a high regard, but I assure you each and every person will find the thing they love about Jak 2. It's just finding out what you love, then doing it over, and over.

Buy or Rent? - Buy.

If you even slightly at one time enjoyed a platformer game, buy Jak 2. It's 40 dollars at Retail Price, and worth every penny (and tax too!). I see the bad reviews of Jak 2 complain about how big the city is, and how hard the game is. If anything these two things are advantages to Jak 2. The vast city assures that you will always be experiencing something new. The difficulty is usually remedied by improving your skill, which I think is what games are all about. If you don't buy Jak 2, then you should rent it most definitely. Failure to take part in this gaming experience will result in your missing out on a part of gaming history.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/17/03

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