"The platformer for people who hate platformers"

The reason why I say ''for people who hate platformers'',is that I once hated the whole platforming genre.I felt that they were the lowest form of gameplay.Well that changed when I picked up Jak and Daxter about a year ago.Now hoping that Jak II can convert all the platform haters, the long awaited sequel is out and it's time to see if it can live up to the first one.

The graphics are nothing short but amazing.The graphics are smooth,well detailed and nicely textured.Although the game seems to skip a bit from time to time.It doesn't really get in the your way much but it's get annoying, especially when a game looks this good.

The game takes place right after the first game.Jak and Daxter save the world from Gol and Maia.After discovering the large precursor gate at the dark eco silo,Jak,Daxter,Keira,and Samos the green sage, have reassembled the gate.When they open the gate they are greeted by a very ugly monster.They are then sucked in to the gate and get sperated.Jak and Daxter arrive at a city called ''Haven City''.Jak is then captured by Baron Praixs (the ruler of Haven city)and is imprisoned and used for dark eco experiments for two years before Daxter finally rescues him.It also seems that over the two years Jak learned how to talk and grew sweet goatee.Now Jak swears revenge for what Baron Praixs did to him.

Gameplay is much like the first one,but with some new features.There's still the double jump and attack like in the first one.But now there's guns and a new ability that Jak can use.The new ability is ''Dark Jak''.Jak turns into some big pale,powerful....thing that can take out multiple enemies at once.Later on in the game you can will get new moves that Dark Jak can use.You also get four guns that you can use on your quest for revenge.The scatter gun,the blaster,the vulcan fury,and the peace maker.These guns have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Ok,now for some of the cons of the gameplay.
The city you are in is confusing as HELL!!!.There're so many turns and narrow streets it gets annoying pretty quick.And one thing I noticed about the city is that there're guards everywhere.Another thing about the city is that there really isn't anything to do in it,besides going to mission to mission.There are secret mission like underground races and find the orb,but you need to know the city pretty well so they tend to get frustrating at times.And controlling the hover cars feel sluggish so they take some time getting used to.

The voice acting was done very good.The same VA from the first one(except Jak) are back again with some new voice actors like Phil la Mar.But the music in the game is always the same damn thing.The theme when the actions picks up is the same theme when you fight bosses and it gets annoying.And you have nothing to listen to when you are driving around the city.The only thing you hear is the sound of the hover car and the Guards say the same line over and over again.

Overall it is a great game,even with the minor flaws it stills stands up to all the hype and the first game.

Rent or Buy
Well if you are a big fan of platformers or it you loved the first one,definitely buy it.But if you hate platformers but if you want to try something new,you may want to rent this one first.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/17/03

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