Review by Rhuman13

Reviewed: 10/18/03

Jak is back!

To start with, if you didn't like Jak and Daxter the original, then you will most likely not like this game. It has essentially the same great game play, and more.

The story is that of most games in this genre, you have to go defeat the main bad guy who's done something horrible to you or your family. In this case, the crime has been committed against Jak, who was imprisoned after an accident with a Precursor artifact that sent him to an unknown world. A ''Baron Praxis'' was waiting for Jak when he arrived, and then imprisoned him to experiment with Dark Eco. Once he was freed by his faithful furry pal Daxter, he set off to get revenge on the Baron. The majority of the game is somewhat dark, though, and at points can be depressing.

Just like the original, this game shines in the graphics department. It moves seamlessly into the different levels, with no loading times whatsoever. There is no slow down when there are multiple units on screen, and the movements of both the character and enemy are fluid. Within Haven City (your ''Base of operations'') there are many people who roam the streets with no slow down whatsoever. Unlike the original, though, you won't find yourself wandering through lush green fields under a perfectly blue sky. Instead, you will find yourself wandering throughout a darkened city, including the sewers.

Sound is one of the weaker points of the game, but it is still pretty good. You'll get used to hearing it in the background, and it's not so repetitive as to shut it off and put on a CD. The sound effects and voice-overs are great, though, it's merely the music that is a bit lacking.
One voice-over in particular caught my attention, Jak's! That's right, in this sequel our hero has shed his mute quality and taken on a sinister sounding voice.

Game play:
Game play is the key part of any game, as it usually determines how much fun you will have while playing it. Game play in Jak and Daxter does nothing but impress, from that tense moment when you have 2 health and 20 guys to battle, to blasting away at enemies with a scatter gun. Weapons have been introduced in Jak 2, and are useable along with the traditional jumps, twirls, and punches. They can even be used along side these aspects, creating many impressive looking combos. You'll spend the majority of the game wandering through levels collecting items and completing missions given to you by the various people populating Haven City. The missions have more variety than in the original, things ranging from destroying sentry guns to racing through the city on a hover vehicle to killing 5 special enemies alongside an NPC. You also can collect various items to give you powerups, in both regular and Dark Eco form. Dark Eco form is an enraged state that Jak enters when he has collected enough Dark Eco from enemies or crates. He has far better attacks and is damaged less while in this state, but it only lasts a brief period of time.

It is entirely possible to play through this game once and then play it again, but it gets progressively more boring and repetitive. Once you have run through a level, you don't have much desire to return, unless searching for an item you need. Collecting is a major part of the game that will keep you returning to areas, but once everything is collected the game loses its charm. Its length is enough to make up for this though, lasting an easy 30-40 hours.

Buy or Rent?
A definite buy, you would never be able to get through all of this great game without owning it for more than a month!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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