Review by Burn Burn

Reviewed: 10/19/03

This game is Awesome!!!

If you like games with cool stories, crazy alternate egos, guns, and stealing cars you came to the right place. I will now backup what I said above.

Graphics =10 : I think that they used voodoo magic that came from aliens of the future. The levels are huge and each person moves like normal people. It very colorful and realistic. A big feature that I like it is that it never takes you to a load screen. In a way it loads as you run. The main characters have extreme detail, every single hair is noticeable. This probably took them the most time when they created this game. I do not they think that they spared even a single detail.

Sound = 6.5: This is part of the reason that the game got a 8. The sound is good for the first few hours, but after a few the same repeating score starts getting boring. It would have better if they had more than one song in the whole game practically. The reason it got this high of a score is because even though the music got boring when you first hear it it sounds cool and almost eerie to your ears.

Game Play =9 : I know that every human in this world at one point wanted to act evil or do something evil well this game made my wish come true. If you are not doing a mission then you can go where you want when you want and you can do what you want. Wanna be a renegade running away from the police you can. Wanna kill every living thing that walks the Earth you can. It gives you so much freedom from the regular hero story.You get a gun pretty early on. The only real flaw in the game play are two things. 1. Some of the levels are impossibly hard. 2. There are no checkpoints on those impossible levels so if you die you have to start the missions all over again.

Story=10 : The story is partially a cliche of the whole renegade hero fighting a tyrant, but what isn't a copy or cliche these days.

Rent/Buy: If you like the plat former genre at all buy it for the love of god. If you do not like plat formers at all you may as well rent it or burn it. If you like challenges or Action/Adventure then you should not be reading this review, you should be in the closest game store buying it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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