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"A Wonderful Adventure Game!"

When Jak And Daxter:The Precursor Legacy came out for the PS2, It had great Graphics, Gameplay AND a great Adventure game, The 2nd game, Jak 2 improves on everything making this a wonderful sequel to the 1st game. Jak does talk in this one,(he didn't talk in the 1st one) but at the starting he gets pumped with Dark Eco giving him the power to transform into this ''Dark Jak'' monster whenever you get enough power.(From the items dropped from enemies). You can get new attacks for Dark Jak by collecting items and trading them at the Oracle. Early in the game you get access to... GUNS! Which is a really cool thing in Jak 2.You get gun upgrades as the game goes on, this really is a great feature to such a great game... And also, This game and the 1st one were made by Naughty Dog, Who also made Crash Bandicoot, So you know what to expect , a great game of course!


The Gameplay is excellent, In Jak 2 you even get to steal Hovercrafts and use them yourself and do a lot more cool things! The controls are very good, making it easy to move around. It is a big city where you start and it IS big with all the places you need to go.


If you thought that The 1st games Graphics were amazing (which they were), Wait until you play Jak 2...
Clear Graphics, It makes the game that much more enjoyable, fun and worthwhile.


Like I said, Amazing controls, And since there are a lot of controls in Jak 2 this makes it easy for the player to press the buttons and get it right. Although, The one LITTLE thing with controls is that sometimes you can get glitch ed and can't move for a while, This hardly ever happens and I mean HARDLY.


There is Music and other cool sounds in Jak 2. It really improves the game. Great sound with the attacks and moves. Music and sounds isn't really a big part of the game, But, that doesn't mean it isn't important, Sound, To hear the gun shots and bad guys fall to the ground. Music, there is some music and it is great.


The Storyline is great, you get transported into the future and have to get back, and that is when the game starts...

Rent or Buy?

I'd Buy, It's such a good game, You are already spending your money on a good game. But of course, if you still have doubts, Rent, Then Buy this game.
As you can see, you aren't wasting your money on this game, Enjoy playing!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/20/03

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