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"Action, speed and adrenaline in Haven City"

With Jak 2 you should not expect a sequel of Jak & Daxter. Jak 2 is a totally different game. It is harder, faster and more action/adventure based than Jak and Daxter. If you are a platform freak and expect a walk and search game, forget it!

1. Story 9.0
Jak 2's story starts at the end of Jak & Daxter. You do not need to play Jak & Daxter to understand the story, though. However you will meet some characters from the first game, and it's always nice to know who they are.
The story evolves through the 65 missions you need to carry out in order to finish the game. Everytime you finish a mission you return to certain places and the story goes on.
Your goal is to defeat Baron Praxis who for two years did all kinds of experiments on Jak before Daxter rescues him.
Daxter steals the show with his funny acts.
Conclusion: a nice refreshing story that evolves as you progress.

2. Gameplay 9.0
Jak 2 is more action/adventure based than the first game. You don't need to collect orbs anymore in order to do the next mission. In this sequel you have to finish a mission in order to do another mission. Sometimes you have to collect some items to finish a mission, but it is less platform based.
The missions consist of different kind of games: racing, jet-boarding, catching things, bringing someone somewhere, killing enemies... In the meanwhile you have to be careful not to be killed by enemies. The missions vary a lot in difficulty and form. Some can be very hard and you'll notice you will have to practice a lot before you finish them.
You also get some really cool weapons. As you progress they get upgraded and become much stronger and effective.
Something new is Jak's alter ego: Eco Jak. By pressing L2 while full of eco you can kill many enemies in a couple of seconds.
Sometimes Jak 2 reminds me other games like Driver, Ratchet and Clank and sometimes Spyro the Dragon. I don't feel that is a bad thing because all together the missions are different than in these other games.
Another good thing is that there aren't any download times. Waiting is something of the past!
Conclusion: a really good gameplay!

3. Graphics 9.0
Part one had really good graphics, but part two has much better graphics. Everything is really detailed. Haven City is spectacular. Houses, people and everything else look astonishing.
You can look around with your camera in 3D with no problems. In some cases you can't really turn the camera to all angles, but it almost never happens and mostly it isn't a problem.
The FMV's are also really cool and funny. Not too long, not too short. Not childish but still not too serious.
A typical thing of Jak 2 and Jak & Daxter is day and night. While you play you notice that its gets dark and later it becomes day again when the sun comes out. While you may think it's cool sometimes it's not! Some missions are quite difficult in the dark. Sometimes you don't see anything and you have to wait until the morning comes.
Conclusion: nice graphics!

4. Sound 8.0
Jak II doesn't make use of certain melodic tunes like other games. Or maybe it does but I can't really recall it. That isn't a bad thing. There is music, but it is an appropriate sound for the missions you're trying to finish. You don't want to hear these horrible childish tunes over and over while you're trying the same mission for the 20th times, right?
A nice thing is that you overhear the guards say things. This can help you sometimes because you know when they come after you.
Sound is also helpful while catching enemies. You hear sounds when they are nearby.
Conclusion: not too melodic but efficient!

5. Lastability 7.0
There are some people who won't find the game extremely difficult. On average I think this game is much more difficult than part 1 and than many other games. People who experience this difficulty can either enjoy the game longer (since they will have to play more) or get really frustrated. I know this because some friends of mine bought the game and weren't able to do any missions themselves. I had to the missions for them. They only thing they could do is walk from mission to mission!
I think on average the game can be finished in a range of time between 25-50 hours (depending on how fast you are and if you do any of the sidequests). Playing the game again can be fun for those that didn't find it too difficult and frustrating.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/27/03

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