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"Jak is back!!!"

Ah yes, I remember the good old days when I rented Jak and Daxter and popped it into my PS2. Good times. Good Times.

Story: 10/10
Jak isn't having a good day. Taking off where J&D left off, Jak and pals were fixin up a time rift ring. Hoping to go exploring in a new world. But something goes wrong. DEAD wrong. A ghostly monster appears out of the ring and tries to kill them. Jak activates the ring sending Jak, Daxter, Kiera, Samos, and a monster to a different world. Upon entering Jak and Daxter gets separated from Kiera and Samos. Wondering where they are Jak gets arrested by the crimson guards. Daxter escapes and Jak gets hauled off to jail. In jail Jak is used as a test experiment in the ''Dark Warrior'' program where he is pumped full of dark eco. (For those who don't know, Dark Eco is a very bad thing to have in you). In two years Daxter finally comes to the rescue and breaks Jak out. Now, Jak is pissed (and talks!) and wants to get revenge on the guy who tortured him, Baron Praxius. For a platformer, this is a very good story. There is love, betrayal, revenge, and rivalry. The story just grows on you.

Graphics: 9/10
Haven city is freaking HUGE! You can spend HOURS just trying to explore. Thankfully there are zoomer vechiles you can hijack to get around the place. There is also a handy radar that acts just like the same one from GTA3 and VC. Jak looks cooler, has facial expressions and the bad guys look devestating. I'm impressed with the graphics in this game. It's even better then Kingdom Hearts.

Gameplay: 10/10
I LOVE THE GAMEPLAY. It's a 3rd person shooter, a railshooter, a futuristic racer, driving and non driving mission base game. It has just about everything. You can even skate in a Tony Hawk Pro Skateboard enviroment via the hoverboard. The enemies in Jak II are highly intelligent. They will bob and dart your attacks, sneak up on you, surround you and gang up on you. These guys aren't just standing around waiting to be picked off. If you pin one down far away others will take offensive stance, spread out and search for you. The missions in this game works like GTA you head over to someone and they give you a job. But unlike GTA you won't run around and gun down everyone you see. You are going to do A LOT MORE! You'll be exploring old tombs, escorting some rebels, taking down tanks or blowing up the Baron's ammunition. Jak can also transform into Dark Jak. Dark Jak basically clears the field of any bad guys around. Also, the more Metal Head Gems you collect from killing Metal Heads(another bunch of baddies) Dark Jak will gain some more powerfull moves.

Sound and Music 8/10
The voices are great. The cutscenes aren't 30 minutes long, and unlike some games you WANT to see them because of the humor. The Music changes on what you do. It picks up the beat when you draw out your gun or being chased by Crimson Guards, it also changes when you hop on your hoverboard. The music in Haven City is catchy and you'll might be humming it every now and then. The music in boss fights are awesome too.

Controls 8/10
Zoomers are kinda hard to control but there are a variety so you can find the one that suits you. Jak is very responsive and so is the vehicles you will be riding on.

Overall Score: I never had this much fun with a PS2 game since Sly Cooper. I give this game 9/10! The game also have unlockables so when you beat it you can look for the Precusor Artifacts and try to unlock everything!

Rent or Buy: Buy. This game may be changeling but it isn't that hard. I beaten it in about 5 days. It may seem short but once you pick it up. It's hard to put it down.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/27/03

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