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"I love it, I hate it, I love it, I hate it!"

I never liked the first Jak and Dexter, it was far too easy, far too short, and far too generic. I had high hopes for Jak 2 due to the darker mood and much longer length. So how can I both love and hate this game. It all comes down to this, the platforming parts are golden, even though they are just like the far superior ''Ratchett and Clank''; however, it takes forever to get to them, and then they end way to quickly, and are far too easy. This city is so huge, and the makers of the game decided to make it seem much longer than it is by having each mission at the other end of the town. Just like ''Windwaker'', you spend way more time traveling than anything else. For more specifics, continue reading.

GRAPHICS: 10/10 This is the games best point, it just looks amazing, far darker but also far better than the first game. In an early mission, you will see crumbling rocks sending up debris that is astounding. Even with so much on screen at any given time, there never is any slowdown, or any other kind of drawback.

MUSIC/SOUND: 7/10 While the sound and sound effects are great, and the voice acting good, the music is so unmemorable, that I sit here now wondering if there even was any.

CAMERA/CONTROL: 9/10 The controls are excellent and responsive, the camera is near perfect. The only problem is that all the buttons are used, but in different ways for different things, and can get confusing.

GAMEPLAY: 5/10 Now, you may have heard this game is like ''GTA'', I beg to differ. Most things can be done without using vehicles at all. There are some 70 missions to complete, but only a very few require any vehicle. Vehicles can get you around the city faster, but if you are like me, and not used to such games, they are hard to control and if you hit a guard with one and then wreck the vehicle too, the jig is pretty much up; far simpler to just walk. There is a map in the bottom right corner, and you can use it to go to your next mission, but because the city is so roundabout, the icon will move as you get to it, not being exactly where it seemed to be. Also, you may have heard that the game ramps up the difficulty level to extreme as early as mission three, baloney. I am 20% done and completed about 14 missions, and they are all extremely easy. The hardest part is that in each mission, if you die, you have to redo it all. The thing I hate about this game is that you can go for twenty minutes just to get to a mission that takes 5 minutes. At times I just want to smash it to bits. The only difference between this and ''Windwaker'' is it is land and not sea. Some other nice touches to this game over the first one are the guns, which are fun to use, and the dark eco powers, which help make the game easy. As you acquire each weapon, you then get to go to the training courses, which are some of the best parts of the game. It is just like a police cadet training course, as both bad guys and citizens pop up. It is also one of the few hard parts of the game. The bronze medal is hard but doable, but forget the other two. The first dark eco power you get lets you jump and then pretty much take out all enemies on screen, it also takes all your power so it will be a while before you can do it again, and if you die, when you restart, you restar with no power.

VALUE: 6/10 If you like ''GTA'' and platformers, then you will be right at home here and will want to finish everything, including finding the 284 precursor orbs, which would take a long time but for the game being too easy. If you don't like ''GTA'', then you may not finish at all. I estimate finding everything to take 25-40 hours, at least 50% wasted wandering the city. You may want to consider renting first to see what I am talking about and weather you can stand to play through it all.

FINAL COMMENTS: There is a lot to like here, but a lot to hate as well. Couldn't they at least have put the missions closer together, especially in a city so huge, and most of it not being used at all. Then there are the people walking around, but you can't interact with any of them. Still, I'm very curious as to the next episode in the Jak and Dexter saga.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/06/03

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