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"Second to few"

It has been a long wait since the first game and finally it arrives. Naughty dog have been working hard on their new game and have improved and reworked on it until neigh perfection. High expectations have been built upon this this game and does it fulfill them? Wait and see.

Story: Continuing a few months after the first game, Jak with his trusty (and hilarious might I add) partner Daxter along his side are sent hurtling through a rift gate into the sprawling city of the future, Haven city.The story is set around revenge and compared to the first game which was more for the younger generation this game has darkened up a bit. Through out the game there are plot twists and turns and though it wasn't the best story ever I personally I enjoyed it A LOT. 9/10

Graphics: As you load up a new game and you see the first cut scene you tell how amazingly beautiful this game is, but this is just the start ... obviously.This game has the best graphics I've seen in a game for a long time, the reason for this is that it is so detailed, the cracks in the walls, the stones on the ground and the hundreds of people who inhabit this ''marvelous'' city.
The amount of effort put into the graphics is amazing
in Jak alone there are thousands of polygons not to mention the whole city. And it's not just the city the outside levels are outstanding all the detail and it runs so smooth with no actual loading screens it looks amazing i could just fain.... 10/10

Gameplay: The game plays sort of like the GTA games, as in you go around the (HUGE) city doing missions for different people, and you can also ''Jak'' any passing by cars if you feel the need. Also like GTA there are cops that if you bother or disturb them in any way they will be on to you in a second which is pretty well worked into the game so as it is not too hard to get them off you. Another new thing they have put in is Dark Jak which is a sort of alter ego you can trigger if you have sufficient dark eco.This new feature could work very well for the fighting especially when surrounded though the bad thing is it takes about a second for him transform though it is not too bad.But he game is so fun to play with the new addition of guns and cars, it combines different types of gameplay into one such as, racing, shooting (sorta) and obviously platforming.It all goes so well into one game it is hard to resist. 10/10

Sound: Boom bang smash, if those were the only sounds in the game I would have to rate it pretty low but they're not, it includes them and many more all done so well.The voices are all really good as well, all befitting their characters perfectly.The music is also really good in the way that it changes to fit the mood and seeing as the mood changes so often the music will often retain it's charm. 9/10

Characters: We have many Characters in this here game and the vast majority of which are new, Jak being the main character now has a lot more attitude and a real character and we have daxter the ottsel who always has to something funny to say and rarely failed to crack me up, and the first new character we meet is Kor who is a wise old citizen of Haven city, there is also Torn who will give you your first missions and next is Sig the big wastelander who has the chest of steel vibe he seems to give off and we have Krew the big fat mafia type person who will also give you jobs around the city and over the course of the game you will meet many more other than this hilarious bunch. 10/10

Cars: You have very few cars to choose from I am sad to say but the are still a fair selection none the less.
I'm not sure of the names but I know that there are three hover cars and two hover bikes.If you are looking for speed then the hover bikes the way to go, after you grab yourself one of these you will be flying through the city like a bird unless you disturb the cops then they are sure to take you down.When you have the cops on you the best thing to do is to grab a hover car, I'm not sure which one is the best but any will do really.The cars in this game take damage pretty well and will help you quite a bit on your journey. 8/10

Life span: With around 65 missions through the game and plenty more this game should keep you in it's grasp for a good time and if you make it through the game and have the necessary amount of items you will get Hero mode which I won't spoil for you this game should keep you entertained for a good time. 10/10

Overall: This game is well worth the full price of about $50 - $60 US or $100 AU and especially if you like platform games. It also is very good for a challenge and you feel good after completing the harder of the missions. If your not a fan of platform games or are not too sure, rent it and see what you think. 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/07/03

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