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"I never had this much fun playing a platformer before, get this ASAP."

Back in 2001, Naughty Dog released Jak and Daxter:The Precursor Legacy for the PS2. Some saw this as a great platformer, others saw it as a collecting game. None the less, it was a great game. But then we were left with a 'secret ending', one which would take 2 years to know more about......

Now two years later, Naughty Dog does it again. Releasing the sequel to the first game, Jak II improves in many ways, be it the gameplay or the graphics. Now enough with my words, on with the review!

Story:Well this is what every game is supposed to have really. For those of you who haven't played the first one and are considering in getting this one, buy or rent the first game to fully understand the story. Anyways, the story starts off from the secret ending. Jak, Daxter, Keira, and Samos the sage are about to take off in a rift in their hometown, when all of a sudden, a huge creature pops out of the portal, and then get sucked in. They all get seperated. J&D end up in Haven City. Just as they recover from the crash, some strange creatures armored in red, known as the Krimzon Guard, approach Jak and knock him unconscious, dragging him away. Daxter promises to rescue him.

Two years later, the cruel leader of Haven City, Baron Praxis, expern Jak with Dark Eco, the strange element from before. Baron then orders that Jak be killed. But its Daxter to the rescue! As soon as he comes, Jak wakes up, swearing that he would kill Praxis and get revenge(and he finally speaks, yay!). The story gets much much deepr, but thats for me to know and you to find out! The story is really great. 10/10

Gameplay:The meat and potatoes of any game. Naughty Dog brings back old gameplay elements from the first game and introduces some new stuff. First off, weapons! You get access to four different guns. The scatter gun, a shotgun kind of weapon, the blaster, hence the name, the vulcan, a machine gun kind of weapon, and the peace maker. Each have their different effects. You can gain many upgrades to these weapons. Second part of gameplay, vehicles. This adds a kind of GTA feel to the gameplay. You have light and heavy vehicles, light vehicles being more faster and damaging much more easily, and heavy vehicles, slower but can take more damage. You can snag a parked one, or steal one from a citizen of the city. Do that and be ready for a chase(believe me, you don't know how much hell you can raise by stealing a vehicle). You also gain a hoverboard and the Titan Suit for other obstacles. Next we have the addition of Dark Jak. Since Jak had Dark Eco used on him, he can absorb it. Get enough and voila, JAK SMASH! You also gain certain moves to use in this form. But it is temporary and should only be used when needed. And finally we have missions. The first game had missions, but not ones as good as the ones in this game. Again, it feels like GTA, since someone would hire you for it. You can get rewards for completing some missions. There are also many other things you can do besides missions, like racing. The gameplay is(and should always be)the best part of the game. 10/10

Sound:The sound is ok. Jak finally talks(yipee!), you have good voices. It sounds great when you crash two cars together, or fire a gun. The same song is played when you enter the city or another area, but it isn't that big of a deal. The sound is really at its best. 9/10

Characters:Old faces, and some new ones. Of course we have Jak, the bad ass hero of the game(did I mention he can talk?!). Then we have Daxter, the Ottsel who is funny as hell. You'll laugh at every joke he says. The Baron(the antagonist)will be Jak's main guy to defeat. There are many other characters you'll see, but I won't spoil them for you here! 10/10

Controls:For those people who played the first game, you can manage well. For the novices, you can still get used to the controller. 10/10

Extras:You have a load of extras(well not a load but good ones). They can be frustrating to unlock, its time consuming, but with some time and patience, you can unlock everything in a matter of time. Once again, great extras. 8/10

Score Recap:

-Great gameplay
-Sharp Graphics
-Better AI, much more challenging

-Some frustration
-Time consuming

In Conclusion:
This is a really great game. One of the best I have played this year. For those of you who liked the first one, I highly suggest you buy this. For people who like platformers, also, get this ASAP. People who don't like platformers, rent this and you might change your mind.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/09/03

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