"The way sequel's are supposed to be done"

Jak 2 is a the sequel to Jak & Daxter, a plataformer that was released over 2 years ago. But unlike Nintendo naughty Dog decided to make the game more serious instead of more Kiddy(You know of wich game im talking about) with it's bad language, funny humor and the character has been changed to cool a Bad-Ass older version. Jak 2 is an
Action Adventure/Plataformer hybrid

The gameplay is great, Jak can use melee, weapons, combinations between melee & Weapons,ride Hoverboards(a hovering skateboard, and yes you can do tricks on it) hijack cars & ram over cops or inocent civilians. All of them are fun to do and easy to pull off, the only thing that lower the score is the Hover vehicles and the rolling atack is a bit hard to use:

Melee, unlike most plataformers is fun, you can dodouble jump's, do rolling atacks, Jump attack & Dash atacks just to name a few, not to mention a few hidden ones.

Using Weapon is fun, but they will get better with their upgrades. You'll take dozens of enemies at once using your weapons, you can also use them for melle combat.

Combinations are a butt saver, you can do rolling attacks while firing, fliying vehycles while gunning civilians & using your hoverboard's tricks to kill the enemie. You'll often use this to knock off the wave of enemies.

Dark Jak:9.5/10
Jak transforms into Dark Jak after collecting purple orbs by the killed enemie's or contaners. Dark Jak is a result from the experiments and hate within him. Dark has very few atacks in the beginning but they are devastating and Jak cant take damage while transformed, you'll gain new attack's by collecting stones from metalheads.

The story begins with Jak being transported to the future at his childhood by a precursor portal. Then Jak was taken prisioner by Baron Parix Guards, and is being used as a guinea pig for two years for a weapon project to kill the Metal Heads. Shortly after that, Daxter rescues Jak from the torture chamber and are able to break out of the fortress to find themself in a strange city. The story is the best so far I have seen in a plataformer, It will start pretty simple and confusing but it will eventually clear up.

The graphics are awesome from the landscape to characters. The only thing that lowers the score is the ugly water.

The controls are great, all moves are easy to pull of, yet they screwed with the hoveringcar controls, is just too hard to control them(exept hovering motorcycles) and they take too long to turn. You'll most likely ram a few hundred civilians the firs time through.

The sound is pretty good and the voice acting does justice, Daxter's funny comments dont hurt either, but the main problems is the music of the City, wich gets repetitive.

You'll start doing simple tasks, but you'll eventually be noticed by Important people and will be given weapon upgrades, apointments to new missions or Keycards to new regions of the city. While most of them are fun, they are dificult to acomplish. The drawback is that you'll have to travel a lot in the city to get to them wich gets to tend's to get booring.

The city is the games Hudd, is pretty big(bigger than GTA:VC) but it can get frustating to have to travel all those minutes just to do a mission, thankfully keycards open shortcuts that make travel easier.

Well the replay of the game depends, you'll always have to come back when you finish the game to unluck cheats(some of them are awesome and some even change the movies), and some cheats add replay by changing the Worlds apearance like Mirror world. But if your the type of guy who quit's after they finish it give it a 8.0.

A truly great game, its a shame if you wanted a real plataformel sequel, but in my opinion this way is better because you have many choices and things to do. Of all the consoles, this is the best plataformer available(includes Mario64 & Sunshine). This is the way Nintendo should have handle their games, instead of making them more innocent make them more serious or atleast dont worsen it by making it more for younger atractions(what younger do they want to make?4)


*Many thing to do
*You can always hoveskate around the city or go surfing with it
*Great graphics
*Funny humor
*You can change the games layout by using a certain Cheatin the game(No gameshark or Acion Replay is neded)
*Great improvement over the original
*More matured & cooler

-The Water looks ugly
-It is difficult to drive around the city
-Cars break to easy
-You don't get anything by killing civilians or cops

Buy or rent?

If you like the GTA series, plataformers(same as J & D exept with weapons) or like really unique addictive games.

If you where expecting a real plataformer or if you don't like plataformers.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/22/03

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