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"Volume two of a great trilogy"

Jak II is the sequel to the best selling Jak and Daxter the Precursor Legacy. It was created by Naughty Dog, and released in the fall of 2003. At the end of Jak and Daxter it left us with a ‘secret ending’. It was open ended for another game if they wanted to make one. Jak II is rated teen. Unlike its predecessor it is not as light as a game as the first. This is more mature. It is not all happy with comical violence. This is a little more violent, you can hit, shoot and blow up creatures in Jak II. It does swear for parents that may be concerned, however it is nothing that bad. It is more of a cross between Jak and Daxter and Grand Theft Auto. Because of this it makes this game a lot of fun because they took a new approach at the whole game. Because it is still new it is about 35-40 dollars. Unfortunately this game is only out for the PS2. For those of you with either a GameCube of an Xbox you are out of luck. This game will probably not be coming out for either of those two systems.


Jak II starts out just where you left of in Jak and Daxter. Jak and moved this ring from the Dark ‘eco’ silo to Samos’s hut. Jak, Samos, Keira, and Daxter were fiddling with the machine and pressed a button. The machine activated and these things game out of the ring. Then they are shot into the ring. It is some type of vortex and you travel trough it. Jak and Daxter get separated from Samos and Keira. Then Jak and Daxter come flying out of the sky into a city. Jak gets arrested and Daxter escapes. Two years later you see Jak being injected with dark ‘eco’ by Baron Praxis. Daxter then comes in to break Jak out. Needless to say Jak changes and breaks himself out. When they get out they find not everyone in the city is happy with the Barons rule over the city. Jak goes to find the underground movement and take revenge on Baron Praxis for what he has done to him.


If you thought that some games have huge levels, this game will take the cake. In Jak and Daxter you had task to complete. In this game you have missions to complete. You will meet many new people who will give you missions to complete for them. The more missions you do the more the story unfolds. You will enjoy the missions they are a ton of fun. You will also have to do races in this game. They are not that are but they are fun. You will also get new items and weapons the more missions you do. You don’t have to collect many things anymore. You can get orbs to get secret things from the game. You can also collect skull gems. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to. They will help you get new abilities. The characters in this game are very fun and cool. They all have their own personality. Daxter always loves to make joke, Jak is mean. The character will make you laugh (especially Daxter) and some will even make you excited over a mission just by the way they talk. You will meet new characters as well as old ones. The new thing in this game is that Jak has vehicles and guns. Both of these will be very fun to use.


There are four guns in this game. The first is called the scatter gun. It is a kind of shotgun. It is very good at short range and can take out a lot of enemies with one shot. The second gun is called the Blaster. This is the gun you will use most of the game. It is an equivalent to our rifle. You can take out many enemies from far away. Unlike the scatter gun it does not have a wide field of range. However you can use some special moves with it which I will let you find out for yourself. The third is called the Vulcan Fury. This is our equivalent of a mini gun. It fire vary fast and can take out many enemies before it runs out of shots. The last be defiantly not the least is the peace maker. This is unlike any of our guns. It uses an extremely powerful energy ball that will kill anybody in the area that you shoot it in. This is the best gun in the game by far.


The vehicles in Jak II are called zoomers. They are basically hover crafts. You can carjack some one to get a zommer or just steal one that is parked. Zoomers can come in many shape or sizes. Some are hover bikes, some are hover cars. You can even steal police vehicles and use the turrets on them to shoot things. The bigger the vehicle the more damage it can take but at a cost, you speed will decrease a lot. If you have the smaller vehicles you are fast, but you can’t take many hits. So you will have to choose wisely for the situation. The other thing you can use is a hover board. It is like a skate board but much better. You can even use a robot suit to go through certain levels. This is called the titan suit.


The main enemies are called the Krimson Guard and the Metal Heads. The Krimson Guard are the ‘police’ of the city. They get mad very easy. If you hit some one, shot at them or steal a vehicle while you are in they’re proximity. They all have rifles, and Hover vehicles that patrol the city. They can be challenging at times. The other enemy is the Metal Heads. They are an invading force, or at least trying to. You will have to be careful of these creature. They use melee attacks against you. Some can shoot energy balls. For the most part they don’t do that. These enemies can also be hard at times but that’s why you have guns. They drop metal head skull gems when you kill them which will help you get new abilities as I said but I wont tell you what those are.


Jak II has the best graphics to date. This is pushing the power of the PS2 to the max. The levels are very detailed. The levels in Jak II are huge environments in which you will have to navigate. Some of the levels are forest, you will find trees and grass and many other thing you will find there. The team at Naughty Dog took their time to make every tree and things like that. They did not just repeat the tree or other things. They took their time. The result was extraordinary. It is amazing the work they did on this to make this game look great.


The sound is great. The music will change in every environment. When the Krimson Guard go on high alert the music will change. Even when you get on you hover board the music will change. It will change in different situations. The light environments music are very good and the darker environments have darker music.


For the most part this game is not way to hard. Some parts in the game you will be banging your head against something. Others you will laugh at how easy it is. The enemies are formidable and some of the puzzles will be a little hard. Some of the races are not that bad, however two or three of them are somewhat hard. All in all it is not too horrible but because of a few hard parts that’s why the rating on this is so high.

- Lots of fun
- Great graphics
- Harder and more challenging enemies
- Awesome characters
- No loading time
- Long (could be a con)
- Challenging levels
- Great story line

- Some point are hard
- Very frustrating at times


This has a very good story line. The graphics are wonderful. The missions will keep you occupied, and the more you play the more you will not be able to stop playing this game. If you like platformers get this game. If you liked the first game you will love this game.

Replayability: 8/10

The only reason this has a semi low replay score is that a few of the missions in this game is hard and you will still get frustrated even with practice. However if you don’t think about those missions replaying this is still very fun. You will still laugh at jokes, have fun in missions, and find new things in this game. This game is still fun even after it over and over.


This game is very good. It is worth 35-40 dollars. You will play it the rest of your life. I strongly encourage you to buy this game. If wait until summer it will defiantly go on the greatest hits list. Then you can get it for 20 dollars. Happy playing.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/29/04

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