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    Item Upgrade Guide by TheMarvin

    Version: 0.71 | Updated: 01/27/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                     Baldur's Gate - Dark Alliance II Item Crafting Guide
                                          Ver. 71
    E-mail: capnmadcapATyahooDOTcom
    Version History:
    Version .55: 1/22/04 - Conceived and Created!
    Version .60  1/25/04 - Typos Fixed, Item Descriptions for Multiple Gems added,
    information about effects of gems of boots, gloves, and other items added,
    tips added, and added preliminary section about Extreme Mode. Also Began
    modifications based on Extreme Mode Play - more will follow.
    Version .61  1/25/04 - Added Minor information, added note about Special
    Gem Combinations.
    Version .70  1/27/04 - Added Rune/Gem Construction Formulas for Extreme mode,
    fixed typos,  Added information and stats concerning Elemental Burst weapons
    and construction, added note about how 'wounding' damage works in weapons,
    added additional reader submission to Tips Section.
    Version .71  1/27/04 - Fixed some typos, corrected stuff about Extreme Mode,
    added information about Vampiric Weapon Creation, added to Credits section
    This is my first effort at creating any kind of organized 'guide' for a game,
    aside from efforts made on the c64 close to 20 years ago - so bear with me!
    This guide is currently only dedicated to the various
    attributes of gems utilized when improving weapons & armor in the fantastic
    relase by Interplay, 'Baldur's Gate - Dark Alliance II'.
    Format, level of information, and various tips and
    suggestions will all be implemented and changed.
    While it will include strategy, it is not intended to be a WALKTHROUGH.
    This guide is currently divided into the following Sections:
    Section I.    Gems
    Section Ia.   Special Combinations
    Section II.   Runes
    Section III.  Stacking
    Section IV.   Item Descriptions based on single Gem placement
    Section IVa.  Item Descriptions based on multiple Gem Placement
    Section  V.   Extreme Mode
    Section VI.   Tips and Reader Submissions
    Section VII.  To Do List
    Baldur's Gate, Dark Alliance II. Implemented the Item crafting aspect to
    gameplay that was popularized in games like Diablo II - but introduced in
    the AD&D system many years ago.  This not only allows for a more evocative
    gameplay experience, but allows you to tailor your character to your brand
    of particular gameplay.  Magic oriented characters will utilize gems that
    increase magical energies, whereas melee characters will utilize gems that
    bolster strength and combat feats.  It's a great way to enhance the
    replayability of a hack & slash type game - each time through can be a
    unique experience.  Want to be a Barbarian that utilizes his feats more
    than just slamming buttons? With the item crafting system, you can increase
    your energy level and do so!
    1. The Trader
    Item Creation begins with the trader, and he's the only character in the
    game that can upgrade your items.  Luckily, he's also easily accessible in
    town, and a recall potion will place you right outside of the tavern,
    which happens to also be an incredibly short distance from the trader.
    He's located in an alcove directly across from the tavern.  It all
    starts there!
    2. Item Craft
    To begin, you must start with a Rune and a weapon of 'Fine' or better
    quality.  Shoddy & Normal weapons -CANNOT- be upgraded.  The stats related
    to the quality of items will be categorized below:
    Quality        Armor         Weapon           Ring/Amulet
    -------        -----         ------           -----------
    Shoddy         -15% AC       1/2 Damage       Decreased Value
    Normal         Base          Base             Base Value
    Fine           +15% AC       x 1.5 Damage     Increased Value
    Remarkable     +30% AC       x 2 Damage       Increased Value
    Superior       +45% AC       x 2.5 Damage     Increased Value
    Grand          +60% AC       x 3 Damage       Increased Value
    Imperial       +75% AC       x 3.5 Damage     Increased Value
    Flawless       +90% AC       x 4 Damage       Increased Value
    * Unfortunately, there seems to be no greater quality weapon than
    'Flawless' in Extreme Mode.
    a) The stats above are multiplied by the item's -base- attributes.
    This means that a piece of Flawless Chain Mail having a defense of
    28! (Base Defense = 15, so the formula would be 15 + 15 * 90%)
    15 + 13 = 28.  It appears that fractions are rounded -DOWN-.
    b) While -any- item of Fine or better quality can be enhanced, it
    therefore makes sense to enhance the highest quality item you can find
    with the exception of Rings & Amulets - since they have no base stats.
    The Quality of the item being upgraded -will- be factored in to the price
    of its creation.
    c) Other than having the ability to enhance the item, the quality of
    item does -not- affect the creation other than adding to the base
    attributes of an item.  A fine longsword can be upgraded with
    16 runes to a maximum of +5, just like a Flawless one.  However,
    the flawless longsword will do 75% more damage, due to its base attribute.
    3. Cost of Crafting Items
    There is also a -cost- associated with crafting weapons.  However,
    The necromancer and thief can use abilities to reduce those costs.
    Higher Charisma, -will- affect the associated costs, much like it
    does with purchasing weapons, armor, and items.  This has been
    Verified by the Developers.
    * I will list those price reductions with further gametesting.
    4. Breaking Items
    You can -pay- the trader to break items that have been enhanced with
    runes & gems at a cost that is proportional to the amount of runes/gems
    placed in the item.  The breaking of the item will destroy all runes
    that have been placed, but leave the item and the gems it contained
    intact. Runes are relatively inexpensive, but the cost of breaking down
    and reforging can be prohibitive.  So while runes are abundant, and
    you maintain the Item and Gems, it's best to save your money for
    critical upgrades only.
    Section I. Gems
    It's as simple as visiting the Trader in Baldur's Gate.  Select the
    conversation topic that indicates that you wish to utilize his Workshop.
    Gems add various attributes to an item, be it a Weapon, Piece of Armor,
    or Ring/Amulet.
    1. Only items that have the following adjectives may be considered for
    upgrade: Fine, Remarkable, Superior, Grand, Imperial, & Flawless.
    Each item has -three- available slots for upgrade.  The first slot is
    utilized for runes.  This opens up the remaining -two- slots for
    inserting the various gems you encounter
    a) Note - You MUST purchase at least ONE Rune in order to improve each
    individual weapon/armor.
    b) You will find various gems as you adventure through the game.  More
    gems will become available in the shop as you progress through the game.
    c) The Trader seems to have an unlimited supply of each Gem, aside from
    some rare Gems that can only be found while adventuring.
    d) Simply adding a -rune- when you're crafting weapons/armor will increase
    the item's base attribute by +1... ie: Weapons increase hit AND damage by +1,
    and armor improves defense by +1.
    e) Stacking - Runes & Gems -CAN- Stack - meaning that you can put MORE than
    one rune/gem in each slot - see Section III for more information.
    f) There is a limit of 16 gems in each slot - see section II for
    more information.  Except for Extreme mode, in which the limit is 176!
    g) Each gem can only occupy -one- slot.  This means that you -cannot- add
    16 Sapphires to two different slots to obtain a +10 Cleave bonus.
    h) You -cannot- exceed a +10 bonus to your feats utilizing gems. Except
    in Extreme mode, in which the limit is +15
    i) Gems do -not- appear to grant you abilities that your character
    cannot have.  For example, a Sapphire placed in a weapon will -not- grant
    your character the Cleave feat.  (At least, it doesn't show up on the
    character sheet - testing will be done to conclusively prove this) Even
    if you HAVE the ability, you must at least place -one- skill point into
    it to gain the additional skills from the gem.
    j) An item -cannot- be upgraded twice.  Once it has been crafted, you must
    break the item prior to upgrading it again.
    This process is detailed in Section I-3 above.
    k) There are only -three- available slots for crafting items - the first
    must be occupied by a rune.  So, you're only allowed -two- distinct types
    of gems in the other two slots, although up to 16
    of each gem in each slot. (176 in Extreme Mode)
    l) Combining certain gems (utilizing both slots in an item), will produce
    unique effects, or negate each other.  I'm experimenting with these as we
    Gem Type        Effect in Weapon - Includes Melee, Ranged, and Gloves
    --------        -----------------------------------------------------
    Amethyst        +1-8 Extra Critical Hit Damage
    Aquamarine      +1-4 Cold Damage
    Coral           +20% to Min. Damage
    Diamond         15% Destroy Undead on Crit. Hit  		
    Emerald         +5% of Damage w/ Weapon inflicted is added to Energy
    Jacinth         +1-6 Fire Damage
    Jade            +1-4 Acid Damage
    Jet             +1 Def. for each piece of armor worn
    Moonstone       +1 Combat Reflexes (adds to hit chance)
    Pearl           +1 Improved Critical
    Ruby            Target bleeds 1 point of damage for 1 second
                    (16 Rubies in  Weapon/Glove will cause target to 'bleed'
                          for 5 points of damage PER second, for 5 seconds.)
    Sapphire        +1 Cleave (Max 10 Ranks)
    Topaz           +1-8 Shock Damage
    Gem Type        Effect in Armor - Body Armor, Helms, & Shields (NOT BOOTS)
    --------        ----------------------------------------------------------
    Amethyst        +5% Damage Resistance
    Aquamarine      +5% Cold Resistance
    Coral           +1 Shield Expert (Unsure how this actually works)
    Diamond         3% Fire/Cold/Shock/Acid/Poison Damage Resistance
    Emerald         +5% Magical Energy & -15% Weight Reduction
    Jacinth         +5 Fire Resistance
    Jade            5% Acid & Poison Resistance
    Jet             +5 HP
    Moonstone       Reduces Duration of Slow/Stun by 20%
    Pearl           +1% Increased Treasure Drops (Gold, I assume)
    Ruby            +5 Reflect 5% of Melee Damage when struck
    Topaz           +5% Shock Resistance
    Sapphire        +1 Power Attack (Max 10 Ranks)
    Gem Type        Effect in Ring, Amulet, or Boots
    --------        --------------------------------
    Amethyst        +1 Charisma
    Aquamarine      +1 Intelligence
    Coral           +10% Ignore Knockback
    Diamond         +1 Bless (Max 10 Ranks)
    Emerald         +1 Iron Will (Max 10 Ranks)
    Jacinth         +1 Strength
    Jet             +1 Sanctuary
    Jade            +1 Constitution
    Moonstone       +1 Sprint
    Pearl           +1 Wisdom (Max 10 Ranks)
    Ruby            +1 Great Fortitude (Max 10 Ranks)
    Topaz           +1 Dexterity
    Sapphire        +1 Sunder (Max 10 Ranks)
    * Combining Amethysts with either Aquamarine, Jacinth, Jade or Topaz
    will produce the 'elemental burst' effect.  Other combinations exist,
    some which appear to negate the effects of certain gems and produce
    -new- effects.  These will be posted as I play through the game in
    both normal and extreme mode - e-mail me of your particular discoveries,
    and i'll be happy to include them and credit you.
    Section Ia. Special Combinations
    1. When certain gems are placed in combination with each other, they'll
    produce -special- effects, such as granting of a particular passive or active
    feat.  Note, that in this case, the NEW effect will NEGATE the singular
    power of the gem.  In the case of the Ruby/Coral combination, you'll lose
    the effect of each gem when you're granted a new skill.  I'm working on these
    as you read the FAQ, most likely!
    Combine Ruby + Coral in armor/helm/shield for:       +1 Barbarian Rage
    Combine Amethyst+Aquamarine in Weapon/Glove for:        Icy Burst
                                                     +1+8 EXTRA Crit Cold Damage
                                                           1+4 Cold
    Combine Amethyst+Jacinth in Weapon/Glove for:            Flaming Burst
                                                     +1-10 EXTRA Crit Fire Damage
                                                            +1-6 Fire
    Combine Amethyst+Jade in Weapon/Glove for:              Corrosive Burst
                                                     +1-8 EXTRA Crit Acid Damage
                                                             +1-4 Acid Damage
    Combine Amethyst+Topaz in Weapon/Glove for:             Shocking Burst
                                                     +1-12 EXTRA Crit Shock Damage
                                                             +1-8 Shock Damage
    Combine Ruby+Emerald in Weapon/Glove for:                   Vampiric
                                                        5% of inflicted Damage
                                                        added to Energy & HP
                                                         (Thanks to Ddeity)
    a) Barbarian rage does -not- mention the +10 Cap that abilities such as
    'Bless' do.  Although, it's likely that this is an oversight.
    b) 'Elemental' Burst: A standard Amethyst placed -alone- or with gems
    excluding the Aquamarine, Jacinth, Jade, or Topaz, will do +1-8 -extra-
    damage on top of the modifier for a criticial hit.  However, when placed
    in conjunction with the aforementioned gems, your weapon/glove will do damage
    of the related elemental type, sometimes exceeding the normal amethyst damage
    by 2-4 points (Jacinth & Topaz).  While this might not seem like much,
    bear it in mind when stacking the gems in a +5 combination - in the case of
    the Amethyst+Topaz Combo, it will increase your maximum damage range
    by +20 points - nothing to laugh at in the thick of battle!
    Section II.
    I. Runes:
    Runes grant the ability to place gems, as well as enhancing the
    base bonus & value of an item.
    You can place up to -16- (or 176 in Extreme mode) runes in the first slot
    of any item. This allows for a +5 Bonus.  This limit cannot be exceeded,
    and stands for any item of fine or better quality. Can Be exeeded in
    Extreme Mode. So, your favorite sword is never going to be anything more
    than a +5 Sword. Runes placed in items capable  of being upgraded will
    actually -enhance- the function of the item, even if you don't add any gems.
    In extreme mode, the Bonus for Boots/Rings/Amulets is capped at +15.
    a) Each placement of a rune in the first item slot allows for -one- Gem
    to be placed in each of the other two slots.  This means that placeing -4-
    runes will allow you to place a total of -8- gems (Four in each slot).
    While it -IS- possible to place up to 16 gems in each slot, you will -not-
    receive the benefit of the gems unless you have an -equal- amount of runes
    in the first.  In addition, the cost of crafting items is based on the
    amount of gems and runes, so don't use more than you need!
    (Again - in Extreme mode, this limit is 176)
    b) As mentioned previously, there is a cap of -16- runes in any item,
    which grants a +5 bonus. (The Cap is Runes in Extreme Mode)
    However, there is a -formula- for the attribute
    increase allocated to the item - see the proceding section on -stacking-
    for that formula.
    Section III.
    I. Stacking - This can prove to be a -highly- advantageous method of
    boosting damage/protection attributes, as well as attributes.  A
    crafty player will enhance his stats/abilities/skills to an extreme
    by stacking the runes/gems that he finds in his journey.
    1. Effects of Runes & Gems place in Items necessary for stat increase:
    1 Rune/Gem = +1 Increase and base effect of gem
    2 Runes/Gems = +2 Increase and x2 effect of gem
    4 Runes/Gems = +3 Increase and x3 effect of gem
    8 Runes/Gems = +4 Increase and x4 effect of gem
    16 Runes/Gems = +5 Increase and x5 effect of gem
    a) Balance
    This is -crucial- when crafting items, and cannot be stressed enough.
    If you want the full effects of the runes/gems placed, you must at the
    very least -match- the amount of gems in either of the other two slots
    with the amount of -runes- in the first slot.  If you don't, the item
    will -only- grant the abilities based on the amount of -gems- placed,
    and not the runes, and vice versa.  Here are some examples:
    First Slot     Second Slot       Third Slot    Effect
    ----------     -----------       ----------    ------
    16 Runes       n/a               n/a           +5 Item
    16 Runes       1 Moonstone       n/a           +1 Item, +1 Combat
    16 Runes       16 Moonstones     1 Sapphire    +1 Item, +1 Combat, +1 Cleave
    16 Runes       16 Moonstones     16 Rubies     +5 Item, +5 Combat, +5 Cleave
    As you can see, it's -critical- to balance your items.  Don't waste your
    gold unless the amount of gems in each slot matches the amount of runes
    that you've placed in the first.
    Section IV
    Item Names as result of crafting
    1.  When a Runes and Gems are placed in an item, the very name of the
    item will change.  Runes will just state that it's a +1 - +15 bonus,
    but gems will alter the adjective that describes the weapon.  A gem
    placed in -two- slots will further alter the name.  Below, I will
    provide the various names utilized when placing single gems, and will
    add the changes that take place when a gem is placed in two slots.
    Gem Type        Armor              Weapon             Ring/Amulet
    --------        -----              ------             -----------
    Amethyst        Of Thunder         Thundering         Of Thunder
    Aquamarine      Of Frost           Frost              Of Frost
    Coral           Of Battle          Of Battle          Of Battle
    Diamond         Sacred             Of Disruption      Sacred
    Emerald         Fey                Fey                Fey
    Jacinth         Of Fire            Flaming            Of Fire
    Jade            Of Corruption      Of Corruption      Of Corruption
    Jet             Of Warding         Defending          Of Warding
    Moonstone       Of Speed           Of Speed           Of Speed
    Pearl           Keen               Keen               Keen
    Ruby            Of Blood           Wounding           Of Blood
    Topaz           Shock              Shock              Shock
    Sapphire        Of Striking        Mighty Cleaving    Of Striking
    Section IV a.
    1. When upgrading an Item with -two- Gems, an item will gain a new adjective
    based on the dual effects.  The following is a listing of those descriptions.
    It's a little difficult to make out, but don't worry - everything is listed.
    If you don't see the combination you're looking for by matching the left
    column with the right, match the right with the left.  I opted to create the
    columns in this manner to make an effort to place more than -one- combination
    and its name on each page of the guide.  Width as opposed to length, in this
    Gem Type                               Item Adjective
    --------                               --------------
    Combined with:  Amethyst	Aquamarine	Coral	        Diamond	
                    --------        ----------      -----           -------
    Amethyst        N/A	        Icy Burst	of Conquest	Of the Herald	
    Aquamarine      Icy Burst	N/A	        Ice Wyrm's	of Purity	
    Coral           of Conquest	Ice Wyrm's	N/A	        Templar's	
    Diamond         of the Herald	of Purity	Templar's	N/A
                    Emerald         Jacinth         Jade               Jet
                    -------         -------         ----               ---
    Amethyst        Of the Warp     Flaming Burst   Corrosive Burst    Of War
    Aquamarine      Ice Witch's     Of Coldfire     Of Sorrow          Glacial
    Coral           War Witche's    Salamander's    Murderous         Of Beseiging
    Diamond	        Wyrm            Of Holy Flame   Necromancer's      Guardian's
                    Moonstone       Pearl           Ruby              Sapphire
                    ---------       -----           ----              --------
    Amethyst        Of the Sky      Resonating      Warlord's         Of Power
    Aquamarine      Silvery         Of Crystal      Of the Wolf       Of the North
    Coral           Dervish's       Noble           Of Rage           Myrmidon's
    Diamond         Of Retribution  Angelic         Inquisitor's     Of Punishment
    Amethyst        Shocking Burst
    Aquamarine      Ice Storm
    Coral           Charged
    Diamond         Of Justice
                    Emerald         Jacinth         Jade              Jet
                    -------         -------         ----              ---
    Emerald         N/A             Of Hellfire     Of the Hag        Watcher's
    Jacinth         Of Hellfire     N/A             Of Woe            Of Magma
    Jade            Of the Hag      Of Woe          N/A               Executioner's
    Jet             Watcher's       Of Magma        Executioner's     N/A
                    Moonstone       Pearl           Ruby              Sapphire
                    ---------       -----           ----              --------
    Emerald         Of the Moon     Sidhe           Vampiric          Bale
    Jacinth         Mercurial       Blazing         Infernal          Of Wrath
    Jade            Hissing         Assassin's      Vile              Plague
    Jet             Unrelenting     Gilded          Crimson           Of Might
    Emerald         Of the Wisp
    Jacinth         Firestorm
    Jade            Scarred
    Jet             Vibrant
                    Moonstone       Pearl           Ruby              Sapphire
                    ---------       -----           ----              --------
    Moonstone       N/A             Flashing        Stirge's          Reaver's
    Pearl           Flashing        N/A             Hunter's          Mercenary's
    Ruby            Stirge's        Hunter's        N/A               Savage
    Sapphire        Reaver's        Mercenary's     Savage            N/A
    Moonstone       Crackling
    Pearl           Ozonic
    Ruby            Of Terror
    Sapphire        Bolting
    a) Exceptions - As indicated below, there are -some- exceptions to the above
    Item Descriptions - notably when the proceding Gem Combinations are placed
    in Armor, Amulets, and Rings. * Thanks to Freeknight for the notification!
    When using multiple gems in armor or trinkets, these are the only name changes:	
                    Aquamarine      Jacinth              Jade        Topaz
                    ----------      -------              ----        -----		
    Amethyst        Of Winter   Of Conflageration   Of Corrosion    Of Lightning
    This is because these four combinations when used on weapons result in
    the elemental burst feature. (Sent by FreeKnight - along with an .xcl graph
    superior to the one I had made for my records - Thanks!)
    Section V. Extreme Mode
    1. I've worked my way through Extreme mode, and i'm going to continue
    testing.  The only crucial differences in terms of item craft I believe
    to be true are the following:
    a) The critical difference between Extreme mode versus normal gameplay in
    Easy, Normal or Hard, is the ability to add up to -176- runes AND gems to
    Boots, Rings and Amulets - Allowing for a +15 Bonus to Armor in each, and
    a *15 Multiplier to Character stats.  Unfortunately, feats lack the ability
    to be improved byeond 10 ranks - as they do in any other mode.  This permits
    you to achieve a potential +60 -simultaneous- bonus to -two- different stats,
    Since you have -four- items that are equippably simultaneously, you can
    easily achieve the cumulative bonus with your boots, 2 rings, and an amulet.
    You could also make an effort to spread the points around, but in Extreme
    mode, it's probably wisest to saturate -two- stats as much as possible,
    depending on your character class.
    Choose Wisely, as every little bit helps in Extreme Mode, especially if
    you're playing a Melee character.
    b) The upward limit of Runes that can be placed in an item in extreme mode
    is 176! Meaning, that in order to sufficiently 'balance' an item with two gems,
    you're required to add of 176 of -each- gem.  The formula as always, continues
    to be binary. Unfortunately, it only holds true for Boots, Rings, and Amulets.
    Effect          Gems Required
    ------          -------------
    +1                  1
    +2                  2
    +3                  4
    +4                  8
    +5                 16
    +6                 32
    +7                 48
    +8                 64
    +9                 80
    +10                96
    +11                112
    +12                128
    +13                144
    +14                160
    +15                176
    Section VI.
    Tips & Reader Submissions
    1. As I do further testing, i'll offer surefire suggestions for great
    crafting combinations, and offer other tips for dealing with and economizing
    the system.  Feel free to e-mail me and contribute suggestions as well!
    a) The trader will offer items that contain gems -prior- to the point that
    they can be purchased or found.  It's a great idea to buy the items,
    break them down to retrieve the gems, and place them in the items that -you-
    find desireable.  Why waste a great Gem in a piece of fine chainmail,
    especially if you can't buy/find the gem at that point in the game.
    b) While considering the above, the cost of buying items from the Trader
    that already possess gems is -more- expensive than buying the Item, Runes,
    Gems, and crafting them seperately.  So, try to make your own items rather
    than purchase the 'prefab' versions.
    c) Also note that in choosing what item to upgrade, for Rings and Amulets
    you want to choose the lowest grade (fine) since the only difference is
    increased value and cost of the ring/amulet. So basically it's more
    expensive to use a higher grade which will yield the same results as a
    lower grade. (sent in by "Blayze Lewis")
    d) The original 'bug' in Baldur's Gate - Dark Alliance I. that allowed
    you to sell items for -more- than you paid for them has been removed - and
    confirmed by developers on the Interplay site.
    e) 'FreeKnight' Emailed the proceding great analysis about Coral Gems!
    "While the effect of Coral (+20% to Minimum Damage) is nice on weapons,
    one would be better served to simply add two different elemental attacks.
    Grand Staff
    16 runestones -> 18-33 damage
    16 coral -> 33-33 damage (+100% to Minimum Damage)
    16 Topaz -> +5-40 shock damage
    or 16 Jacinth -> +5-30 fire damage
    or 16 Jade -> +5-20 acid damage
    or 16 Aquamarine -> +5-20 cold damage
    So, we could either go with 33-33 damage and (we will use topaz) 5-40
    shock, giving you a range of 38-73 damage a hit.
    If we takes two elemental attacks, we see 18-33 + 5-40 + 5-30.  The
    resulting range is 28-103.  The difference between 28 and 33 is not
    that great,  but the difference between 73 and 103 is.
    If the two least damaging effects (acid & cold) are used, we end up
    with 18-33 + 5-20 + 5-20.  The resulting range is 28-73.
    Though the minimum damage is 5 lower, the visual effect is
    definitely worth it (in my opinion).
    What this boils down to: Coral gems are useless to a necromancer
    (especially because knock-back is not that much of a  problem
    that one would need to increase resistance to it, and who would use a
    shield over two weapons, or at least one two-handed weapon)"
    Section VII.
    To Do list
    1.  Establish whether Pearl in Armor increases -gold- drops or Item Drops, or
    both.  This might need to be verified by a Developer on the Interplay boards.
    2.  List -base- prices (prior to charisma or feat/ability modifications)
    of constructed items with indivudal gems.  It appears that there's no 'extra'
    charge for adding a second gem to an item, so calculating base cost minus
    the expense of the item will do.
    3. Discover more 'unqiue' combinations other than the Barbarian Rage and
    Elemental Burst.  I've listed all gemcombinations possible, but I'm curious
    to see whether or not specific -items- also play a role in crafting of
    a 'new' item.  ie: a certain quality/type of sword with x/y gem combination
    produces a -new- effect, akin to the Barbarian Rage.
    4. Add more Tips and Strategy!
    Thanks to Gamefaqs, which i've been following for years now - it's definitely
    the most respectable place for game information on the web right now.
    And thanks to CjayC for making it all possible!
    Also, thanks to: HyugaNeji, Blayze Lewis, Bry, Freeknight, and Ddeity for
    sending in helpful stuff! Note - if you sent something in to me that I
    utilized, but forgot to provide credit for, please let me know so I can amend
    that situation promptly!
    Thanks also to Interplay, the partially dissolved Black Isle, and their
    affiliates who went into providing a phenomenal game.
    Final Comments
    This Faq is a work in progress - I don't consider it finished at
    this point.  All of the important information is here, but i'd like
    to take it further in depth - since it is technically a guide focused
    on a particular 'nuance' of the game. I encourage anyone who enjoys
    the Guide to submit information, report errors/typos, etc, or
    simply ask a question about the game or guide.  I'll do my best to help.
    I will likely add new sections and possibly tinker with format.
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