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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SDumblauskas

    Version: 4.1 | Updated: 07/28/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Naval Ops: Warship Gunner Game FAQ
    By: Scott Dumblauskas
    Version 4.1
    Copyright notice is as follows, also contains the ONLY site this should 
    be on.
    This FAQ copyright 2003 Scott Dumblauskas and may not be reproduced in 
    any form and may not appear on any site except www.gamefaqs.com or my 
    personal homepage without the expressed written consent of Scott 
    Dumblauskas. All rights reserved.
    Table of Contents
    I. Intro (a.k.a what no one reads)
    II. Controls
    III. The Basics
    IV. The Walkthrough
    V. Ship Building Tips
    VI. Hints and Tips
    VII. Contact Info
          VIII. Version Updates
    I. Intro
        Not much to see here. If you need to find anything press Ctrl+f 
    then type what you want to find. Levels will always have their game 
    designation (e.g. A-01, B-10, etc.), as will any hulls and weapons, 
    with common letters replacing the Greek letters (e.g. Battleship I, 
    Radar A (as apposed to Radar a, which would be harder to type in the 
    find box) Greek letters will be replaced by the first letter in their 
    name (a for alpha, b for beta, etc.) With that out of the way, lets get 
    on to what actually matters, the game.  
    II. Controls
    This is the default setup, there are other setups. Personally I like 
    the default controls, but I use an inverted Y-axis.
    Left analog stick - Move targeting
    Right analog stick - Binocular mode (Up to zoom in, down to zoom 
    D-pad up- Increase speed (double tap to get a speed boost)
    D-pad down - Decrease speed
    D-pad left/right - Turn left/right respectively (double tap to turn 
    Triangle - Switch Armaments up
    Square - Switch armaments down
    X - Fire selected weapon
    Circle - Precision mode
    L1/R1 - Turn left/right (double tap to turn faster)
    L2 - Sight steering
    R2 - Intercept mode
    Select - Change radar range
    Start - Pause menu
    Sight steering - allows you to just look at where you want to go and 
    the ship will automatically turn towards it. Good if you do not want to 
    deal with the rudders, bad if you want to bring all of your guns to 
    bear on a target.
    Precision mode - zooms in on a target, good for making sure your shots 
    count, but you do lose your radar while in it. Helpful for locking on 
    to what you want to, although sometimes the game does lock onto a plane 
    and tries, in vain, to follow it.
    Binocular mode - lets you zoom in on the horizon, basically the same 
    zoom as in precision mode, but you can do this just to scan the horizon 
    for the little flashes of light that signify a ship is there. 
    Intercept mode - uses certain guns to fire at incoming missiles, 
    rockets, torpedoes, planes and even submarines. Some weapons will not 
    fire in intercept mode, and you cannot put up any (real) offense 
    against ships that are near you. (Meaning you will sometimes hit a ship 
    when firing against a threat, but most likely the only kills you will 
    get will be stray PT boats) However, the trade off is that it will save 
    your life many times over. 
    Utilizing aircraft - to launch an air flight, keep pressing square 
    until the up arrow next to the armaments list is highlighted, then 
    press X. All of your planes that can take off will, they will circle 
    once, and then go hunting. To call them back, press square until the 
    down arrow next to the armaments list is highlighted, then press X. All 
    of your aircraft will return to the ship. Note that planes will go very 
    far out and practically destroy everything that is out there. Just be 
    aware that if your offense is centered around aircraft and they all get 
    shot down, you may be in a little bit of a jam. 
    This should only appear on www.gamefaqs.com and my web page. If you are 
    reading this on any other site, let me know now!
    III. The basics
    First off, this is a shooting game. Yes, ship design is a big part of 
    the game, but it takes back seat to blowing stuff up. Don't be afraid 
    to just go out into a mission, see how your ship can do, and if you 
    fail rethink it and do it all over again. First off some useful tips 
    for this game
    Learn to gauge your shots - early on, all you have are guns that fire 
    in arcs. Learn to judge how far a ship is from yours (it's really easy; 
    there's a distance finder on the HUD). Fire above them, and then see 
    where the shots land. If they land short of the target, adjust your 
    aiming up a little and try again. If they land long of the target (too 
    far), then aim lower towards the water. You also must note that the 
    ship is moving and lead accordingly. If the ship is coming towards you, 
    aim a little lower than you think you need to in order to compensate 
    for the movement. This is something that is very necessary in many 
    stages of the game, and if you fail to master it early you will be out 
    gunned when the bigger capital ships come. Master it early, use it 
    often and all you will see are heavily damaged ships coming your way 
    when you do see them.
    Missiles and rockets - for missiles and rockets (and other weapons 
    later on) a box will appear over any target, but when in range the box 
    will get smaller and smaller until it makes a "bracket" sound. Fire 
    when you hear that. For missiles, they will have a much greater chance 
    of hitting when this happens, for rockets they will semi adjust to lead 
    just a little, but not too much. Rockets are better for ground attacks, 
    while missiles are good overall.
    Get funds - don't be afraid to go back and do easier missions to gain 
    parts and money. Yes, some people find this to be nothing more than 
    cheating, but the game allows you to do this so you should take 
    advantage. Getting ahead of the curve on technology and weapons means 
    easier missions and is sometimes very necessary. Also, there are some 
    weapons and parts (namely the better ones) that can only be obtained 
    through missions, so make sure to pick up the parts crates when you see 
    Repair your ship - not only can you be damaged normally (hit point 
    damage) but some attacks will also cause status effects to take place. 
    Some status effects (fire and flood) will repair themselves over time, 
    others (deck damaged, rudder damage, or engine damage) can only be 
    repaired by picking up a status restore crate, or doing emergency 
    Firing arcs - certain weapons (mostly torpedoes and depth charges) have 
    a side firing arc. The enemy must be on the side of you to fire the 
    weapon. Other weapons (rockets and missiles) have minimum ranges; they 
    will not fire when a target is too close to your vessel. 
    Research - research technology in groups, many times to get the newest 
    weapons, engines or electronics, you not only need to research their 
    respective category, but also another technology. (E.g. the 20mm CIWS 
    requires both high armaments and high electronics) There are also parts 
    that can only be gotten through missions, so not everything can be 
    bought. (Mainly anything with a Greek letter after it and higher 
    caliber, high cm guns)
    Prebuilt ship - they have both their good points and bad points. First 
    off, some of the ships have non-buyable technology on them (e.g. FWD 
    bridges alpha, etc.) so buying one of them, then scrapping it for parts 
    isn't such a bad idea. But that's about all they are good for. Most of 
    the time, I found I could sit in the design shop and get better 
    performance from a ship I created than a prebuilt one. However, if you 
    want to get ahead of the curve, just research metallurgy and buy 
    prebuilt ships, then scrap them for parts.
    Lastly, don't be afraid to just jump into a mission with the ship you 
    used last mission. The game pretty much lets you know when you need to 
    upgrade. (You'll know, you'll die over and over and over again.) A lot 
    of the game is experimentation in and out of battle, don't be afraid to 
    just scrap a design and start all over. 
    IV. The Walkthrough
    The Prelude
    Move north
    Time: Afternoon
    Conditions: Sunny
    Ships Faced:
    Slow-Speed Transport Hp: 60
    1923 Class Hp: 75
    Penguin Class Hp: 290
    Walkthrough: This is the first level, so it is a cake walk. Just move 
    on north with the battle group and destroy all the ships in the level. 
    Near the end of the level, you face a Penguin Class that is a little 
    sturdier than the 1923 class. Get along side of it, and then hammer it 
    with some torpedoes. It should go down after one volley. 
    Reward: 2000 credits, 0 points
    Quick Tip: Go to the design center and up the barrels on your 
    destroyer. This gives you a much needed boost in offense for not too 
    much more weight.
    Northern Gales
    Rendezvous at the staging point
    Time: Afternoon
    Conditions: Sunny
    Ships Faced
    Slow-Speed Transport Hp: 60
    Esprit Class Hp: 100
    Walkthrough: Wait for permission to fire then take down the Esprit 
    Class with guns and torpedoes. The other ships you can do as you feel 
    with. They drop parts, nothing too impressive, but helpful nonetheless 
    if you want some easy money. Just head north towards the battle group 
    and then exit the sector by heading toward the edge of the map. Was 
    that simple enough for you?
    Reward: 15000 credits, 10000 points
    Blind the Blockade
    Destroy 3 radar installations
    Time: Afternoon
    Conditions: Sunny
    Ships Faced
    Exige Class Hp: 180
    Elam Class Hp: 200
    MTB20 Class Hp: 2
    Walkthrough: Deal with the ships that are going to give you problems 
    first; you don't want to be bothered while you're blowing up radars. 
    Note that you do face a cruiser in this level and that it is a threat 
    that should be dealt with. Use precision mode to aim at the radars, 
    bring all guns to bear (meaning be parallel to the shore so all your 
    guns fire on the radar) then just blast away. There are mines around 
    the shoreline, use intercept mode to blow them up for safety. After the 
    radars are toast, exit the sector at your discretion.
    Reward: 17500 credits, 10000 points
    Sea Wolves
    Sink 5 enemy subs
    Time: Afternoon
    Conditions: Sunny
    Ships Faced
    Vehement Class Hp: 120
    1924 Class Hp: 85
    Emden Class Hp: 400
    Walkthrough: First off, make sure that if you did for some reason sell 
    or get rid of the depth charges on your destroyer that you get them 
    back or put them back on, submarines cannot be attacked with guns. Note 
    that the Emden Class cruiser is not really a threat, it just seems to 
    hang around the shore line near the one of the subs. I never had a 
    problem with it, but if it gives you any grief just torpedo it to 
    death. As for the depth charges, they are fired from the stern of your 
    ship, unless you moved them, so make sure to just get close and ahead 
    of the subs. It only takes one volley of depth charges to sink a sub, 
    so you have plenty of ammo for this mission. 
    Reward: 20000 credits, 10000 points
    Duck Shoot
    Sink 15 Transports
    Time: Afternoon
    Conditions: Sunny
    Ships Faced
    High-Speed Transport Hp: 40
    Slow-Speed Transport HP: 30
    Tribal Class Hp: 170
    Europa Class Hp: 220
    London Class Hp: 
    York Class Hp: 800
    Revenge Class Hp: 2500
    Dido Class Hp: 350
    Elise Class Hp: 190
    Arethusa Class Hp: 400
    Walkthrough: Okay, you start with a set of nine transports off to your 
    port side, go and sink them (watching out for their escorts), after you 
    sink all of the transports there, there will be groups that are going 
    both directions (moving west and moving east), just hit the map and see 
    where they are. After you get 15 the mission is complete and you can 
    exit, but I recommend against it. This is a mission that is really easy 
    to do over for money, as well as the fact that destroying lots and lots 
    of transports gets you special hulls. You won't be able to do this the 
    first time through, but if you replay the mission a couple times you 
    should be able to rack up a good amount of kills and cash.
    Reward: 25000 credits, 10000 points
    Through Dover
    Escort Battleship to its destination
    Time: Afternoon
    Conditions: Sunny
    Ships Faced
    Olympia Class Hp: 200
    Hood Class Hp: 2000
    High-Speed Transport Hp: 50
    Planes Hp: Varies
    Walkthrough: First of, use intercept mode to destroy the mines near you 
    and then proceed to sink the three Olympia Class Destroyers ahead of 
    you. You can play this mission either way, actually stick by the 
    battleship and make sure nothing touches it or you can scout ahead and 
    just pummel anything you want to. I prefer the second method, but it is 
    your choice. You defiantly want to destroy as many aircraft as possible 
    to make it easy, so stock up on machine guns and high angle guns for 
    the mission. The mission ends when the battleship reaches the little 
    blue boxed area on the pause map and begins bombarding the coast line. 
    Reward: 30000cr, 10000 points
    The Fire of Feold
    Sink 2 enemy cruisers
    Time: Night
    Conditions: Rainy
    Ships Faced
    High-Speed Transport Hp: 50
    19368 Class Hp: 300
    Admiral Hipper Class Hp: 1200
    Scharnhorst Class Hp: 3500
    XXI Class Hp: 150
    Walkthrough: You start heading the right direction so just put it in 
    full ahead and blast away. The cruisers have escorts, but they should 
    prove to be nothing, sink them and then the cruisers behind them. After 
    taking them out, reinforcements come via the south. Head that way, 
    taking out the transports to trigger a sub ambush. Sink that, and then 
    proceed to sink the rest of the fleet that you can see. As it is night 
    and rainy, if you have non night capable planes, they will not be able 
    to take off and fight, so be aware of that. 
    Reward: 35000cr, 12000 points
    Winds of Freedom
    Destroy 6 gun emplacements then exit battle sector
    Time: Afternoon
    Conditions: Sunny
    Ships Faced
    Valerian Class Hp: 1800
    XXI Class Hp: 150
    High-Speed Transport Hp: 50
    Walkthrough: This mission is probably the first actually hard mission 
    out there. There are just a metric crapload of ground turrets and they 
    all do insane damage, and to make it worse, the mission critical 
    targets, the towering gun turrets, do more damage than the regular. My 
    advice is to go into precision mode when the turrets are in your main 
    gun's range, then just, from maximum distance, blast away. It's safe 
    and effective. There are enemy ships roaming the area, so make sure to 
    sink them if any of them give you problems. You trigger a sub ambush 
    when the turrets are destroyed so be aware of that. 
    Reward: 40000cr, 12000 points
    Attack at Dawn
    Do not let the enemy carrier escape 
    Time: Night
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    U Class Hp: 300
    Illustrious Class Hp: 1700 (Under Repair)
    Vanguard Class Hp: 2800
    Fiji Class Hp: 
    Walkthrough: First off, the carrier cannot go anywhere, however, its 
    deck guns and flight deck are fine, so it's not entirely defenseless. 
    Take out a couple of the ships near you to start, and then move in on 
    the carrier. Just blast away at it and it will go down. Head west and 
    reinforcements come. Sink these too, for more points and cash. Then 
    just exit the battle sector. The main threat in this mission are the 
    planes, there are a lot of them, so taking high angle guns may not be a 
    bad idea.
    Reward: 45000cr, 12000 points
    The Enemy Typhoon
    Sink 8 enemy transports
    Time: Night
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Slow-Speed Transport Hp: 30
    Battle Class Hp: 200
    South Hampton Class Hp: 1100
    Revenge Class Hp: 2500
    Walkthrough: As deceptive as the mission objective seems, it's a lot 
    harder than A-04. First off, there are Battle Class destroyers mixed in 
    with the transports. Secondly, there are plethoras of land turrets 
    around that do massive damage. And lastly, the escorts (the South 
    Hampton Class) are very agile and pack a wallop. You only have to take 
    out eight transports, but that's all thereare. Make sure to sink 
    everything you can, the cash and parts help a lot. If the land turrets 
    are too much for you, do not hesitate to do emergency repairs to 
    counter the damage. 
    Reward: 50000cr, 12000 points
    The Typhoon Hunter
    Sink the Enemy Supership
    Time: Afternoon
    Conditions: Sunny
    Ships Faced
    Wirbelwind Hp: 5000
    Slow-Speed Transport Hp: 30
    Walkthrough: Ok, to clear something up... I in no way classify this as a 
    cruiser. If you look at the info, it mounts 35.4 cm guns, a battleship 
    class gun. Anywho, this ship is fast. Unless you did some real research 
    into engines, I doubt you'll be able to keep up with it. Remember how I 
    told you to make sure you mastered gauging your shots?? This is one of 
    those missions where if you are good, it will make it easier. The 
    Wirbelwind will use its awesome speed to pretty much play hit-and-run. 
    It will move away, shooting its guns at you, stay far away for a while, 
    then turn around and come at you. What you want to do is not head right 
    for it, but rather lay in an intercept course so you meet it at a 90 
    degree angle. This way, when you lay down a barrage and it slows down, 
    you can bring all guns to bear and fire away. The game does state that 
    firing a barrage will slow it down, and it does, but if it's really far 
    away, it won't matter. Just keep picking away at its massive HP total 
    and eventually it will sink. Planes will start to come after you at 
    this point, so get out of there ASAP. 
    Reward: 60000cr, 15000 points
    Hammer and Anvil
    Protect the airstrip for 300 seconds
    Time: Night, moving into dawn
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Modified Yuubari Class Hp: 1900
    Matuki Class Hp: 700
    Slow-Speed Transport Hp: 30
    Modified Aobe Class Hp: 2500
    Modified Takao Class Hp: 2950
    Modified Furutaka Class Hp: 2500
    Modified Tenryuu Class Hp: 1700
    Walkthrough: Ok... Protect the airstrips... Can't be that hard. Right?? 
    WRONG! First off, the airfields are right behind you, but the problem 
    is that there is a narrow strip of land separating you from the open 
    sea. Simply put, going beyond that will put the mission in extreme 
    jeopardy. Stick close to the airfields, sinking ships that come close 
    to where you are. Just deal with them as they come and don't stray too 
    far. This may seem like a stupid tactic and that going out and sinking 
    ships as they show would be a better one, but the above mentioned land 
    strip makes intercepting ships very tough. To further that point, if 
    you stray too far out into the open seas and then a battleship or 
    cruiser slips through and gets close to the strips, you are screwed. 
    Just stick to your guns and keep those ships at bay. After 300 seconds 
    (five minutes for all those non math savvy people out there) have 
    passed, exit the battle sector. 
    Reward: 70000cr, 12000 points
    Fire on Icy Waters
    Destroy 60% of Enemy Harbor Facilities (60 targets)
    Time: Afternoon
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Modified Craven Class Hp: 300
    Modified Omaha Class Hp: 1800
    Brooklyn Class hp: 2000
    Modified Farragut Class Hp: 400
    Nevada Class Hp: 3500
    Lexington Class Hp: 4000
    Modified Mahan Class Hp: 600
    Walkthrough: First take out all the Craven Class DD's near you; it 
    makes life a little easier. Start picking away at the nearest harbor 
    facility (the west most one), taking it all out will bring you up to 
    about 44 targets down. There will be reinforcements from the east, 
    notably a carrier. As you head east, make sure to sink it fast, 
    otherwise the bombers may pick you to pieces. Also note that the harbor 
    installations have missile launchers, not rocket launchers, missile 
    launchers. The do a lot of damage (500-750), just make sure to go into 
    intercept mode to kill the missiles. Basically just a mission where you 
    have to shell everything in sight, so make sure you can move fast and 
    take some hits from the ground turrets (damage usually in the 900s). 
    Sometimes a sub ambush will happen, I think this may be only the second 
    time through but I will go back and confirm this later.
    Reward: 75000cr, 12000 points
    Bandits on Your Six!
    Sink 1 Enemy Aircraft Carrier
    Time: Afternoon
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Fubuki Class Hp: 800
    Modified Mogami Class Hp: 3000
    Modified Shoukaku Class Hp: 4500
    Modified Asashio Class Hp: 1000
    High-Speed Transport Hp: 50
    Modified Nagara Class Hp: 1800
    Shouhou Class Hp: 2000
    Walkthrough: Ok, the fleet starts off to your north west, so head 
    there. You will have a lot of aircraft to deal with, but they aren't 
    too much of a threat. Just sink the enemy ships as you see them. Make 
    sure that when you actually see the carrier, you focus on it. Taking 
    out the carrier will prevent the planes from being attacking you. After 
    you complete the objective, the enemy reinforcements show up in the 
    form of another carrier. Sink it and then exit the battle sector to 
    complete the mission.
    Reward: 80000cr, 15000 points
    Fox and Hounds
    Escort the Allied Carrier to Port
    Time: Afternoon
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Junsenhei Class Hp: 270
    Modified Kagero Class Hp: 1100
    Modified Myouko Class Hp: 2900
    Modified Yugumo Class Hp: 1200
    Fusou Class Hp: 4700
    Modified Agano Class Hp: 2300
    Walkthrough: Ok, I hate this mission. First off, head west and sink the 
    three subs. Then go back to the battle group and stick by it at all 
    costs. Do not stray from it! The carrier has no planes, and all you 
    have to protect it are two cruisers and a destroyer. The enemy 
    practically throws everything at you here, and the carrier is quite 
    fragile. Destroy ships as they become threats, making sure to keep an 
    eye out for reinforcements. Near the end of the trip, there are some 
    ground turrets. Make sure you blow them up. They do massive damage and 
    focus on sinking the carrier. The real problem with this mission is 
    straying too far from the carrier and letting it get picked apart by 
    the cruisers and destroyers while you are off sinking the two 
    battleships that show up. Just deal with the threats and try to keep 
    ahead of the curve and you should do fine. Just remember about the 
    ground turrets.
    Reward: 90000cr, 15000 points
    Assault at Rabul
    Sink 4 Enemy Cruisers
    Time: Night (dawn breaks after you complete the objective)
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    High-Speed Transport Hp: 50
    Junsenhei Class Hp: 270
    Modified Takao Class Hp: 2950
    Modified Aoba Class Hp: 2500
    Modified Junyou Class Hp: 3500
    Modified Shoukaku Class Hp: 4500
    Modified Asahio Class Hp: 1000
    Nagato Class Hp: 5000
    Modified Asashio Class Hp: 1100
    Modified Shiratsuyu Class Hp: 900
    Walkthrough: Head north, taking out the sub on the way. As you get 
    closer to the port where the cruisers are, they start to mobilize. Make 
    sure to put the hurt on them. Now, due to the sheer volume of ships 
    that you will be facing this is a tricky part. Also, there are some 
    ground turrets near you and they still cause problems. Make sure to be 
    aware of your Hp status at all times. When you destroy a couple 
    cruisers, enemy reinforcements show up, en masse. A lot just appear 
    near where you are, so make sure you're ready for them. After taking 
    out everything in the north, you can exit the sector, or head south to 
    take out the carriers that showed up. This is dangerous due to the fact 
    that the planes are a little better than what they have been, but they 
    are still not hard. 
    Reward: 100000cr, 15000 points
    The Killing Machine
    Sink 1 Enemy Battleship
    Time: Night
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    North Hampton Class Hp: 2500
    Modified Livermore Class Hp: 750
    Portland Class Hp: 2600
    New Mexico Class Hp: 3500
    Tennessee Class Hp: 3500
    New Orleans Class Hp: 2700
    Modified Fletcher Class Hp: 900
    Walkthrough: Ok, off to the right of you there is a small battle group. 
    Sink them all, none of them are mission critical, but the points, parts 
    and cash will help. Go northeast and you will run into the battleships. 
    Note that there just isn't one, but there are six. Be very careful 
    around them, they all do high damage. Sink whatever you can then 
    withdraw. Note that reinforcements do appear a lot in this mission. 
    First a supply convoy, then more ships. If you can, take them out. 
    Again, the funds and such will help you greatly. Try to keep moving 
    around the ships as you attack them, not only will this bring all guns 
    to bear on a target, you will also dodge shots in the process.
    Reward: 105000cr, 16000 points
    Sink 4 Enemy Cruisers
    Time: Afternoon
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Brooklyn Class Hp: 2000
    Atlanta Class Hp: 1900
    South Dakota Class Hp: 4500
    Colorado Class Hp: 4000
    Modified Fletcher Class Hp: 800
    Gato Class Hp: 295
    Walkthrough: Ok you start practically right next to the battle group 
    with the cruisers. Just turn and fire on them, again making sure to 
    take into the sheer number of ships that are in the group. After they 
    are all sunk, you have options. You can just withdraw, or you can 
    choose to take part in the other battles taking place in the sector. 
    Just go into binocular mode and search out the little reflections of 
    light from ships or explosions to see where they are happening. One 
    battle is nothing but battleships, so be careful if you do go over 
    there in search of parts and funds. 
    Reward: 110000cr, 16000 points
    The Terror Below
    Sink the Enemy Supership
    Time: Night
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Dreadnought (Submerged) Hp: 3000
    Dreadnought (Surfaced) Hp: 7000
    Walkthrough: Ok, make sure you have a good amount of anti-sub weapons 
    on your ship before you leave port. Planes are acceptable, but make 
    sure you have some sort of anti-sub weapon on your ship incase they get 
    shot down. A good recommendation is that if you have a high enough 
    metallurgy rating, go into prebuilt ships and look for a cruiser or 
    destroyer with nothing but VLS systems on it. Buy two of those, and 
    then scrap them for the anti-sub VLS. It's expensive, but if you are 
    using a battleship it is the only anti-sub weapon you can have. (Yes, 
    you can have a battleship by this point. I received a battleship hull V 
    a few missions before this one.) Start to unleash on the submerged sub. 
    Out of the 3000 Hp it has, you have to do about 1000 damage to get it 
    to surface. It has some powerful torpedoes and missiles, so make sure 
    to intercept them. When it surfaces, my suggestion is that if you have 
    any torpedoes, you unleash them first. This will whittle its Hp total 
    down quite nicely. Its attacks don't change much after it surfaced, 
    except that now it has deck guns it can bring to bear on you. Just keep 
    up the fire on it and it should sink, its not that hard, but still a 
    Reward: 125000cr, 18000 points
    Behind Enemy Lines
    Raid Kagoshima and Escape
    Time: Night
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Modified Asashio Class Hp: 1000
    Modified Kagero Class Hp: 1100
    Modified Tone Class Hp: 3100
    Modified Ouyodo Class Hp: 2400
    Junsenhei Class Hp: 270
    Modified Yuubari Class Hp: 1900
    Modified Tenryuu Class Hp: 1700
    Walkthrough: Ok, head east to start and sink the ships over there. Then 
    proceed northwest. Take out the ships as you see them, it makes life 
    easier to take them out now rather than later. Reinforcements appear 
    from the south, go and sink them while you're at it. Now, head north, 
    cautiously. There is a minefield near the entrance to the port, but 
    that's nothing serious. However, the ground turrets and missile 
    launchers are a different story.  Make sure to approach them with 
    caution. The first set is on the east side of the inlet. Then the 
    second set is right next to the extraction zone. Rockets make taking 
    them out very easy, although using your guns to do the dirty work isn't 
    that hard.
    Reward: 130000cr, 16000 points
    Shadow of Evil
    Destroy the Enemy Supership
    Time: Afternoon
    Conditions: Stormy
    Ships Faced
    Archeopterix Hp: 18000
    Walkthrough: Ok, first things first. Do not un-equip your main guns 
    thinking they will not hit, they are the best weapon in this fight. 
    However, on the other hand, take off all anti-sub and torpedoes to gain 
    a few knots of speed. As the Supership approaches, take your main guns 
    and start aiming at it. You have to lead your shots a little more than 
    usual due to Archaeopterix's high speed. As they state, it does have a 
    blind spot right under it, so try and stay there. Like all other 
    superships, as it gets down to its last 1000 or so Hp it starts to use 
    its better weapons. In this case, it just lies down a ton of cannon 
    fire upon the seas. Just keep blasting it and it will go down. 
    Reward: 150000cr, 20000 points
    Caroline Islands
    Guard the Troop Transports
    Time: Afternoon
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Modified Kawachi Class Hp: 2000
    Modified Tone Class Hp: 3100
    Walkthrough: Ok, escort duty. Not a really hard mission. Just get ahead 
    of the transports and destroy anything in their way. Note that there 
    are reinforcements in the mission, but they appear so far away that 
    sometimes they are never a factor. There are tons of aircraft in this 
    level, also, so you may want to take high-elevation guns or a CIWS or 
    something like that. As you near the end of the level, ground turrets 
    become a problem. There are about 6 of them, 4 on the main island and 2 
    on the island to the SSW of it. Take them out before the transports 
    come under fire. Not too hard.
    Reward: 160000cr, 16000 points
    Defend the Islands
    Sink 3 Enemy Aircraft Carriers
    Time: Afternoon
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Modified Tone Class Hp: 3100
    Akizuki Class Hp: 1200
    Modified Shoukaku Class Hp: 4500
    Ise Class/BattleCarrier Hp: 4800
    Taiho Class Hp: 5000
    Modified Yugumo Class Hp: 1200
    Modified Yamato Class Hp: 7000
    Junsenhei Class Hp: 270
    Modified Agano Class Hp: 2300
    Modified Nagara Class Hp: 1800
    Walkthrough: Weren't we just here?? Anyway, this is a fun mission, 
    tough, but fun. First things first, you're probably looking at the ship 
    list thinking "What the hell is a battle carrier??" Basically, it's a 
    carrier with the firepower of a battleship, this is the only level with 
    them in it, so if you want that 999 BattleCarrier kill reward, you need 
    to do this mission about 445 times. Now, head ESE to the battle group. 
    You will get an anti-air alert, and then about 100 or so planes will 
    fly at you. I wouldn't waste intercept mode, but it's your call. Now, 
    don't get into the middle of all the ships, you will get killed if you 
    do that. I would just recommend staying in front of the group, and 
    picking off ships one by one with a combination of torpedoes and guns. 
    Just remember this... repair when needed! Don't assume a ship you just 
    sunk will drop an Hp restore! Now, after sinking the battle group, 
    reinforcements come, lots of them. Feel free to take them out; the cash 
    will go a long way. Exit the sector when you rule the seas to cash in.
    Reward: 165000cr, 18000 points
    The Surigao Strait
    Stop the Enemy at the Strait for 300 Seconds
    Time: Night
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Modified Yugumo Class Hp: 1200
    Modified Takao Class Hp: 2950
    Fusou Class Hp: 4700
    Modified Yamato Class Hp: 7000
    Walkthrough: Ok, head WSW to intercept the first set of ships. You have 
    to work fast on destroying them then moving on to the next set of 
    ships. Make sure your ship can go at least 30 knots before attempting 
    this mission. After you take out the first wave, two more will come, 
    one right behind the wave you just destroyed, one on the other side of 
    the island. Make short work of the close wave, and then head around the 
    island (heading east) to cut off the other ships. Sink them and then 
    exit the battle sector. From what I have gathered, you need only 
    destroy the bigger ships to complete the mission, you can let the 
    Yugimo Class go through and nothing happens (at least that's what 
    happened to me.) 
    Reward: 175000cr, 18000 points
    Destroy 3 Enemy Airstrips
    Time: Night
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Modified Asashio Class Hp: 1100
    Modified Agano Class Hp: 2300
    Modified Kongou Class Hp: 4500
    Modified Matsu Class Hp: 1200
    Senkou Class Hp: 200
    Ise Class Hp: 4800
    Walkthrough: Pick a target and head there. Make sure to sink any ships 
    near it first before going into ground attack. Having missiles makes it 
    easy, but you can still complete the mission without them. Note that 
    the airbases (as well as the ships) have missile launchers and ground 
    turrets that do massive damage. Intercept mode here will save you. To 
    put the hurt on the airstrips, aim slightly above them when in range 
    and fire away. The shells will detonate over the airstrip and do damage 
    to it. Again, with missiles or rockets, just lock and fire. Not too 
    hard, but the constant missiles will make life not fun for a while.
    Reward: 180000cr, 18000 points
    Breath of a Lion
    Protect the 4 Carriers
    Time: Morning
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Modified Yugumo Class Hp: 1200
    Modified Mogami Class Hp: 3000
    Modified Shoukaku Class Hp: 4500
    Ise Class Hp: 4800
    Modified Kongou Class Hp: 4500
    Modified Agano Class Hp: 2300
    Akizuki Class Hp: 1200
    Walkthrough: Ok, this is what I like, a difference between protect and 
    escort. You are given free reign to go off and sink ships, making sure 
    that the carriers stay alive. Sink the ships nearest to them (off to 
    the east of the carriers) first. Then either a) go off and sink the 
    carrier that appears to the NNE or b) head to the NW and sink the 
    destroyers and cruisers up that appear up there. I recommend you go 
    sink the destroyers, because as much of a threat the carrier seems to 
    be, it retreats a little and lures you with it, away from the 
    destroyers. After the carriers leave the sector, you can still go off 
    and sink things, so feel free to hunt down the carrier and its escorts. 
    Reward: 190000cr, 20000 points
    Battle Off Hawaii
    Sink 3 Enemy Battleships
    Time: Afternoon
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Modified Yugumo Class Hp: 1200
    Modified Mogami Class Hp: 3000
    Modified Kaga Class Hp: 5500
    Modified Yamato Class Hp: 7000
    Modified Hiryuu Class Hp: 3000
    Walkthrough: Ok, start heading west. You have choices; there is a small 
    contingent of cruisers to the north that you can take out. They aren't 
    that powerful, but they can do some damage if you aren't careful. Or, 
    you can just head west and engage the battle group. There are a lot of 
    battleships, and if you are in a cruiser (like I usually am) they can 
    wreck havoc on your Hp total. Focus on taking out one at a time, 
    bringing all guns to bear and then moving on. While the Kaga class 
    battleships are less powerful, I recommend taking out the Yamato class 
    simply because they can and will put the hurt on. After completing the 
    objective, more ships appear, as well as a carrier. Feel free to go 
    around and sink it. 
    Reward: 200000cr, 20000 points
    No Mercy
    Sink the Supership
    Time: Evening
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Harima Hp: 30000
    Matuki Class Hp: 700
    Walkthrough: Ok, I will detail the two ways to do this. First I'll 
    explain the easy way. Earn some cash and research into metallurgy and 
    air tech. Get the best BattleCarrier out there and the best bombers out 
    there. Build a ship that can hit at least 35 knots and can carry some 
    good weapons and load it with nothing but bombers. Then go into the 
    mission. At the start of the mission, launch all your bombers and let 
    them go to work for a while. While they won't make quick work of the 
    Harima, they will put a good amount of hurt on it. Then your deck guns 
    should be able to finish off the remaining amount of hp it has. Just 
    keep your distance and don't let it bring its guns to bear. 
    Now, the other way is a lot harder. It involves going at it with 
    whatever ship you have. For me, the first time I went up against it I 
    had my cruiser, needless to say, it sunk me. Unlike other ships, you 
    cannot aim at the bridge and have your shots hit, you must aim at the 
    hull. This is where guts come into play, you will have to get close to 
    it to get good shots in but at the same time, risk it using its bigger 
    better guns against you. Personally, I find that using the first tactic 
    is way more effective, but it is your choice. 
    Another note, if you do this mission over and over, you get 30mm and 
    35mm CIWS; they rock and are hard to find later in the game. I 
    recommend getting some of these before moving on.
    Reward: 215000cr, 25000 points
    Clean-Up Operation
    Sink 8 Enemy Transports
    Time: Night
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    High-Speed Transport Hp: 50
    Modified Asashio Class Hp: 1100
    Modified Nagara Class Hp: 1800
    Shimakaze Class Hp: 1200
    Modified Yugumo Class Hp: 1200
    Modified Agano Class Hp: 2300
    Walkthrough: Simple as can be. Find the transports and sink them. The 
    only real difficulty about this mission are the missiles that everyone 
    seems to be using now. They do massive damage. Make sure to intercept 
    them rather than just letting them hit. There are ground turrets and 
    missile launchers on the north land, just make a note of them. Not too 
    hard of a mission, quite a cool down from the supership you just sunk.
    Reward: 225000cr, 20000 points
    The Closed Trap
    Guard the Fleet for 300 Seconds
    Time: Night
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Viking Class Hp: 4
    Modified Yugumo Class Hp: 1200
    High-Speed Transport Hp: 50
    Modified Ibuki Class Hp: 3100
    Senkou Class Hp: 200
    Walkthrough: Ok, the first wave is simple, five Viking Class Pt boats. 
    If you lose at this point, please take the game out of the system and 
    return it. The first real wave of ships appears from the south. Nothing 
    too severe, just intercept them and then head back toward the fleet. 
    Second wave in from the west, take them out, but don't stray too far 
    from the fleet. Ships also approach from the ENE but slowly, so while 
    it may seem all clear to go out and engage the ships to the west, the 
    eastern ships might come in and create general disorder in the fleet. 
    Move swiftly to sink everything that is a threat to the fleet then go 
    out hunting for subs and transports.
    Reward: 240000cr, 22000 points
    The Smell of Cordite
    Destroy the Supership
    Time: Morning
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Arahabaki Hp: 34000
    Walkthrough: Ok, before even leaving dock make sure you have an 
    electromagnetic shield equipped. Trust me on this one, you will need 
    it. Start the mission and head toward the supership. Let the cinematic 
    play, they show just why you should be cautious when maneuvering around 
    the ship. Try to keep your distance and out maneuver it. It isn't that 
    hard, but if you have a slow ship, you may have problems. Keep shelling 
    it until the music changes. At this point, it starts using laser 
    weapons, lots of them. If you do not have an EM shield, you might as 
    well hang it up right now. The weapons do about 2000 damage and couple 
    that with the missile attacks and other weapons and you have problems. 
    If you take too much damage, there is a small island in the middle of 
    the map, play cat and mouse with the ship. Go to one side, repair, then 
    go around and attack it, repeat if necessary. It isn't that hard if you 
    are prepared.
    Reward: 250000cr, 28000 points
    Defend Unto Death
    Guard the Strait for 300 Seconds
    Time: Afternoon
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    High-Speed Transport Hp: 40
    Modified Allen M. Sumner Class Hp: 450
    Modified Iowa Class Hp: 5000
    Albany Class Hp: 3600
    Goering Class II Hp: 900
    Modified C.F. Adams Class Hp: 1100
    Pirahana Class Hp: 2200
    Walkthrough: Head north, sinking the few ships that get in your way. 
    After you get about half way done with them, another set of ships show 
    up. Sink them but be wary because they are all battleships that can put 
    out damage as well as take it. Sink those, then two sets of ships show 
    up, one on the west side of the strait one on the east. Deal with both 
    of them quickly then just sit there. Eventually there will be an anti-
    air alert, but it's only about five fighters. Just sit there until the 
    time runs out.
    Reward: 275000cr, 22000 points
    Top Brass Rescue
    Rescue the FF Commanders
    Time: Afternoon
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Albany Class Hp: 3600
    Modified Brook Class Hp: 1200
    Modified C.F. Adams Class Hp: 1100
    High-Speed Transport Hp: 50
    Pirahana Class Hp: 2200
    Modified Nox Class Hp: 1100
    Modified Forrestal Class Hp: 6500
    Walkthrough: Ok, first take out the ships near you, shouldn't be too 
    hard, just pay attention to whom is shooting at you. If you head north, 
    you encounter a carrier, sink it then head back south. The overall 
    mission isn't that hard, but I will brief you on something. From this 
    point on, always have an EM shield on your vessel. The Pirahana Class 
    use a lot of energy weapons and not taking damage from one ship makes 
    life easier. Also, before moving too far ahead, I suggest getting some 
    cash for ships and technology.
    Reward: 300000cr, 22000 points
    Ocean Destroyer
    Destroy the Supership
    Time: Evening
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Dual Crater Hp: 45000
    Pt109 Class Hp: 3
    Walkthrough: Ok, first things first. From this point on, you should use 
    the best battleship hull you can get with 61cm 50 cal (or better) guns 
    on it (at least 4 mounts, 3 barrels each), 6 30mm CIWS (C-07 has them) 
    and at least three anti-sub VLS (look in the prebuilt ships in 
    destroyer or cruiser, press square on them to see what they have, buy 
    one then scrap it to get the parts.) Speed is secondary, make sure you 
    can get at least 30 knots, but make sure at the same time you have 
    anti-46cm armor. This seems like a weird setup for a ship, but it will 
    get you through the rest of the missions with few difficulties (at 
    least for me it did.) Now, you would think that this mission is easy, 
    just another supership, right? Not exactly. First off, from the 
    supership many (read: a metric crapload) Pt109s will swarm out and 
    attack you. The sheer number is horrific, but if you focus on them, the 
    second trick comes into play. Dual Crater will slowly move toward a 
    spot on the map, if it reaches it, you fail. So you are racing the 
    clock here. As soon as you can, start bombarding the crap out of Dual 
    Crater, ignoring the Pt109s for now. Intercept mode here will save your 
    life, but don't stay in it for too long. Keep pummeling Dual Crater 
    with everything you have and it will go down soon enough. Now, you may 
    wish to farm this mission. It gives out flamethrower guns and tower 
    rail guns, both of which come in very handy. I would stock up here and 
    now, rather than later.
    Reward: 400000cr, 25000 points
    On the Beach
    Pick Up the Agents from 2 Locations
    Time: Night
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Nikino Class Hp: 350
    Vicious Class II Hp: 4600
    Pirahana Class Hp: 2200
    Vendetta Class Hp: 5100
    Vantage Class Hp: 4000
    Victor III Class II Hp: 300
    Walkthrough: Head west, but do not go to the south extraction point. 
    Instead, head to the north one first. Take out the ships as you see 
    fit, making note of the missile turrets along the shore. Be aware of 
    the mass amount of ships that await you at the north extraction point. 
    After you sink them and exfill the agents, head to the southern 
    extraction point. There will be reinforcements, but they prove to be 
    noting too hard. Sink them and a sub ambush happens pretty much right 
    under you. Sink them using the VLS missiles and then exit the battle 
    sector. Hanging around for too long causes an air alert, so you may 
    want to motor to get out of there.
    Reward: 450000cr, 25000 points
    Sea Hawk
    Defend the Airfields for 300 Seconds
    Time: Evening
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Modified Fletcher Class Hp: 800
    Modified Amazon Class Hp: 400
    Modified Sheffield Class Hp: 850
    Venus Class II Hp: 400
    Modified Brook Class Hp: 1200
    Emerson Class Hp: 4000
    Modified Invincible Class Hp: 3000
    Modified Colossus Class Hp: 2500
    Walkthrough: This mission sucks, it really does. Start by sinking the 
    ship that starts right in front of you, then head west to the other 
    airfield via the south, do not head around the island to the north. 
    Reinforcements come from the SSW, taking the sheltered route to the 
    field (they go around the west side of the center island.) Let them get 
    really close to the airbase before engaging them because when you start 
    attacking them, another group appears in the north. Finish off the 
    little fries, then head north at max speed. Sink those ships very 
    quickly, then head back south. Don't worry about the sub ambush, they 
    don't attack the airbase. Head south to engage yet more reinforcements, 
    but make it quick. Another group closes in from the north with a 
    carrier fleet. Sink them all. Make sure to look east a little bit 
    because sometimes ships will escape and head toward the base. This 
    isn't that hard of a mission if played right, just the fact that if you 
    fail to respond to any threat, you can kiss an airbase goodbye, and 
    with it, any hopes of completing the mission. 
    Reward: 500000cr, 25000 points
    Here Be Dragons
    Destroy 3 of the Missile Emplacements
    Time: Afternoon
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Vendetta Class II Hp: 5100
    Volte Class II Hp: 2300
    Shawarz Zondarc Hp: 12000
    Nikino Class Hp: 350
    Vortex Class II Hp: 5700
    Victor III Class II Hp: 300
    Walkthrough: Head south to start, sinking the ships there. Then turn 
    about, and engage the new ships to the north. After they are all sunk, 
    head west to get those ships, continue heading west to encounter some 
    Nikino Class DDs. From there, head south, taking out the turrets that 
    you see. Warning, they pack a punch, so engaging from a distance is 
    advised. After you destroy them, head east through the little canal 
    they have, following it up to one of the subs in the ambush. Sink the 
    sub, then if you want find the others and sink them.
    Reward: 600000cr, 28000 points.
    A Blood Red Sky
    Sink 2 of the Enemy Carriers
    Time: Morning
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Modified Nimitz Class Hp: 7000
    Albuquerque Class II Hp: 1300
    Modified Ticonderoga Class Hp: 3600
    Crescendo Class Hp: 700
    Esperance Class II Hp: 1100
    Modified Los Angeles Class Hp: 600
    Modified O.H. Perry Class Hp: 1100
    Modified Forrestal Class Hp: 6500
    Walkthrough: So, head north to the battle group. Note that all the 
    ships there do massive damage and the carrier itself and the planes it 
    launches are threats. Sink whatever you can, making sure to sink the 
    carrier in the process. Reinforcements from the north, the other 
    carrier is there. Head over there, making sure to keep an eye on your 
    life gauge due to the high concentration of turret fire and ships. 
    After you sink those ships, head back south to get the rest of the 
    fleet. Doing this is unnecessary, but if you want some good parts and 
    money, you should do it.
    Reward: 750000cr, 28000 points
    The Frozen Sea
    Run the Blockade and Head Eastwards
    Time: Night
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Modified Los Angeles Class Hp: 600
    Victor III Class II Hp: 300
    Esperance Class II Hp: 1100
    Modified Ticonderoga Class Hp: 3600
    Albuquerque Class II Hp: 1300
    Modified Nimitz Class Hp: 7000
    Emerson Class Hp: 4000
    Shwarz Zondarc Hp: 12000
    Walkthrough: Look behind you and lock onto the sub at the start for an 
    easy kill. Start heading east, sinking ships as you go. There is not 
    too much strategy to this mission, just keep an eye out for ships, and 
    sink them if you want. There are a massive amount of airplanes in this 
    mission, so sinking the carriers is defiantly a priority. When you've 
    killed everything, or just want to get the mission over with, head east 
    as fast as possible.
    Reward: 800000cr, 28000 points
    Into the Fire
    Destroy the Supership
    Time: Morning
    Conditions: Snow
    Ships Faced
    Habakkuk Hp: 40000
    Allen M. Sumner Class Hp: 850
    Walkthrough: Ok, I lied about being able to do all the missions with my 
    ship. Granted, you can do this mission with that ship, but switching 
    out all the guns for flamethrowers is a good idea for this mission. 
    There are other tactics, one of the best ones is arming a ship with 
    nothing but chain guns, but I'll just cut to the chase. The supership 
    you are about to face... well, it has the uncanny ability to recover 
    about an amount of damage from every attack you do, unless it is with 
    flamethrowers. Get up close and personal and just blast away. What is 
    really nice about this tactic is that the planes will also get 
    destroyed due to the fire hitting them as they come in for a landing, 
    so eventually it will just be you versus the supership. It has a lot of 
    Hp, so be prepared for a long battle if you choose this method. 
    Reward: 900000cr, 30000 points
    Destroy the Supership
    Conditions: Fair
    Ships Faced
    Druna Skass Hp: 60000
    Allen M. Sumner Class Hp: 850
    Walkthrough: Ok, before you begin, go back into missions that had good 
    weapons/money and play them multiple times. I recommend playing C-07 
    for CIWS, D-09 for sheer cash (especially if you get an S rank), D-06 
    for some engines and possibly a few other choice missions for whatever 
    you need. Well... go on! I'll be here when you return.
    Back? Good, then let us begin with the facts. First off, this is a 
    battle of luck. Sometimes you will get lucky and the supership will 
    never really hurt you, other times you will not be so lucky and it will 
    bring its best guns to bear. Case in point, I was playing and I did 
    emergency repairs right next to it, and it never did any damage, it 
    kept pushing me and using laser weapons. Secondly, no matter what the 
    case, do not get in front of it. It does use its wave gun if it gets 
    the chance, and no ship you have can withstand it. Lastly, this may 
    turn out to be a damage race at some point. Equipping your ship with 
    chain guns rather than regular guns may be advisable (and it does work) 
    but just be wary of your range to the ship. There are multiple 
    strategies for this boss; it just depends on what type of player you 
    are. Before proceeding any further, make sure you have all the parts 
    you want and max out your tech levels. 
    Ok, now on to the boss. Head north, taking out turrets as you go along, 
    this doesn't have that much effect on the battle, but if you need to 
    get away and repair, at least somewhere will be relatively safe. As you 
    get close to Druna Skass, a cinema will play; it will show you just why 
    I told you not to get in front of it. As soon as you can start 
    bombarding it, if you have regular guns, this means bracket it, if you 
    have otherwise, just zigzag towards it. As you get closer, begin to 
    circle strafe it to death. There is not much more help I can give you 
    after this point; you must react to the situation. Good luck.
    Reward: The ending, nothing more.
    Oh wait, you thought we were done?? Hardly, we are far from done. After 
    the credits role, you get to save your game. You start all over, 
    keeping tech, parts, ships, cash, everything, but you start from 
    mission A-01. "This should be easy!" you think, but what you to think 
    of is that all the enemy ships are just as teched up as you are. Are 
    you scared yet?? Well, the real benefit is that all the part drops are 
    way better. I will continue the guide telling you of new ambushes and 
    ships and superships. I will call this mode EX mode.
    EX Mode
    New ships have Hp listed right after them.
    All normal ships will have a boost in Hp and some will have higher tech 
    weaponry. No changes to points or mission reward credits take place, 
    however you will net more money from the new ship classes, as well as 
    better parts.
    Notes on new ships
    Shwarz Zondarc: The new main battleship. Hard hitting and can take 
    damage as well. Has a VLS launcher that does tremendous damage, you are 
    advised to sink these when you see them as they create problems if you 
    Piranha: The new cruiser packs only energy weapons. Fodder for larger 
    ships, but they have the uncanny ability to show up in groups.
    Emerson: The other cruiser. Packs some hard hitting energy weapons, but 
    they will be absorbed by an EM shield. 
    Changes: New Ships (Piranha 2540, Shwarz Zondarc 14400, Q. Elizabeth 
    Changes: New Ships (Piranha 2540, Shwarz Zondarc 14400, Reknown 1920)
    Changes: New Ships (Piranha 2540, Shwarz Zondarc 14400, Bismarck 4800, 
    Canaris 6000, Delta V 9240, 1936B 360)
    Changes: New Ships (Piranha 2640, Delta V 9240, Modified Courageous 
    Class 1440, Reknown 1920, Shwarz Zondarc 14400)
    Changes: New Ships (Shwarz Zondarc 14400, Ark Royal Class 1560)
    Changes: New Ships (Shwarz Zondarc 14400, Emerson 4800)
    Changes: New Ships (Shwarz Zondarc 14400, Emerson 4800, Volante 4440)
    Changes: New Ships (Shwarz Zondarc 14400, Emerson 4800, U Class 360, K. 
    George 3600, Illustrious 2150)
    Illustrious is still under repair, but another one will come as 
    Changes: New Ships (Shwarz Zondarc 14400, Emerson 4800) 
    As the you complete the mission, dawn breaks and a carrier approaches 
    from the south, it does launch an air flight, so be aware of that.
    Changes: New Ships (Trollslegur 96000)
    The Wirbelwind gets some more Hp (now at 6000.) Trollslegur is a laser 
    BB; it has tons of energy weaponry and a very good EM shield. Take 
    caution if you have a lot of laser weapons on your ship. This isn't 
    that hard, but the massive amount of Hp makes it a long battle. Just 
    keep shelling it and it will sink.
    Changes: New Ships (Emerson 4800, Eminence 19800) 
    Changes: (Piranha 2640, Eminence 19800, Gato 354)
    New Sub Reinforcements to the south
    Changes: New Ships (Emerson 4800, Eminence 19800)
    Changes: New Ships (Piranha 2540, Shwarz Zondarc 14400)
    New Reinforcements from ESE, Carrier inbound from NW corner
    Changes: New Ships (Eminence 19800, Shwarz Zondarc 14400)
    Changes: New Ships (Eminence 19800)
    Changes: New Ships (Shwarz Zondarc 14400, Emerson 4800, Eminence 19800, 
    Modified York Town 4200, Lexington 4800)
    The carriers are a new addition to this battle.
    Hp up, air force enters map after sinking of sub Also, there are more 
    ships for refilling ammo and hp, but they are near the edges of the 
    Changes: New Ships (Emerson 4800, Piranha 19800[not a mistype])
    Changes: New Ships (Nautilus [12000submerged, 8400 surfaced])
    Normal boost in Hp for Archeopterix. New enemy supership is the 
    Nautilus, a clone of the Dreadnought. Same strategy applies, but the 
    Nautilus does have more powerful weapons, as well as mine layer 
    systems. Its new torpedoes do massive damage and sometimes cannot be 
    seen until they are right next to you. This is a tougher battle than 
    the Dreadnought, but it still should not prove to be that much harder.
    Changes: New Ships (Eminence 19800, also unconfirmed carriers)
    New carrier reinforcements from ESE, they play a minor role due to 
    their late appearance, but they do launch air flight and can cause 
    damage to the transports if you are not careful.
    Changes: New Ships (Argent 6000, Nahato 9000, Eminence 19800, Shwarz 
    Zondarc 14400)
    Changes: New Ships (Argent 6000, Eminence 19800)
    Changes: New Ships (Nahato 10800, Argent 6000, Eminence 19800, Shinano 
    Changes: New Ships (Quartermain 15600, Argent 6000, Eminence 19800)
    Note: I got an Auto-Load System Gamma (reload time -91%) from this 
    battle as a random drop.
    Changes: New Ships (Quartermain 15600, Nahato 10800, Eminence 19800)
    Changes: New Ships (Strumwind 68400)
    The Harima gains a few thousand Hp, but it still goes down easy. The 
    Strumwind is another high speed cruiser; see battle A-10 for more 
    details. It has some powerful weaponry, but it should prove to be no 
    match for your ship at this point. It approaches from the south, moves 
    north to intercept you. Just plot an interception course, then shell 
    Changes: New Ships (Quartermain 15600, Nahato 10800, Eminence 19800, 
    Argent 6000)
    New set of reinforcements to the NE sector of the map after all 
    transports are sunk.
    Changes: New Ships (Eminence 19800)
    More reinforcements show up with the sinking of the NW group of ships. 
    The approach from the south, so be aware of them. Also, the ships you 
    protect FAIL to have EM shielding so charged particle guns do massive 
    damage. Act quickly, or you risk losing a ship or two.
    Changes: New Ships (Amaterasu 126000)
    Boost in Hp for Arahabaki. When the Amaterasu comes, it brings some 
    other ships with it, but the ones to the north shouldn't be a problem. 
    There are subs to the south of the new supership, so be aware of that 
    too. The new supership sports some hard hitting weapons, most notably, 
    a multi warhead VLS and a 305mm chain gun. It is the same setup as the 
    Arahabaki, so stay away from the bow and sides of the ship; it also 
    appears to be faster to turn and to move.
    Changes: New Ships (Quartermain 15600, Eminence 19800, Modified Midway 
    Class 7200)
    Carrier shows up when you sink all enemy vessels in the area.
    Changes: New Ships (Quartermain 15600, Eminence 19800, Nahato 10800)
    Changes: New Ships (Vicious Class II 5240, Vantage Class II 4800, Delta 
    V 9240, Vendetta 6120)
    They throw a real curve ball at you in the form of many more ships than 
    just the Pt109 and the Dual Crater. Focus on taking out the Dual 
    Crater, leaving the other ships for dessert. Dual Crater also seems to 
    put out more Pt109s than when you first fought it. The other ships are 
    nothing more than distractions, leave them for after the battle.
    Changes: New Ships (Quartermain 15600, Eminence 19800, Nahato 10800, 
    Argent 6000)
    This mission has the ever elusive "nukes." Look for them as cruise 
    missile launchers and spec. warhead VLS, you can pick up one of the 
    latter with a S rank.
    Changes: New Ships (Emerson 4800, Tukuyomi 14400)
    More ships and harder hitting weapons on them make this a tougher 
    mission than before, the faster you are in sinking ships, the better 
    chance you have to succeed. Also, this mission has the best tech drops 
    in the game (Enigmatech Systems) farm here for good tech.
    Changes: New Ships (Emerson 4800, Tukuyomi 14400, Delta V 9240, 
    Nagimaru 21600, Argent 6000, Albany 4320, Modified Forrestal Class 
    After you destroy the missile launchers, the carrier and the Albany 
    class show up in the NE corner. Also, this mission has the ever elusive 
    Atomic Engine Sigma, Turbine Sigma, and the best Gas Turbines, farm 
    here for engines.
    Changes: New Ships (Emerson 4800, Tukuyomi 14400, Delta V 9240, 
    Nagimaru 21600, Argent 6000, Modified Shwarz Zondarc 105600, Virago 
    Class II 4800)
    Changes: New Ships (Argent 6000, Modified Shwarz Zondarc 105600, Virago 
    Class II 4800, Nagimaru 21600, Tukuyomi 14400)
    Changes: New Ships (Musspellheim 38000 before transformation, 84000 
    As usual there is the regular boost in Hp for the Habakkuk. The 
    Musspellheim isn't that hard on its own, however the air planes it 
    carries (German UFOs) are deadly. The Musspellheim does have some 
    powerful deck guns, but nothing too deadly. Just treat it as you would 
    any other ship out there and sink it. After doing some damage to it, it 
    does transform and loses its ability to launch and recover its UFOs, so 
    eventually they will run out of ammo. This is also the last level 
    before starting all over yet again, so I would suggest farming missions 
    that give good parts while you have the chance.
    Changes: New Ships (Silfurbor Negla 120000)
    Not much has changed with the Druna Skass, just sink it fast, trying to 
    not get too beat up in the process. Before you read on thinking I have 
    some fail-proof strategy for the Negla, I will flat out say that I 
    don't. I've sunk him before with only 3 Hp left, other times I get 
    lucky and he can never bring his bigger guns to bear. I will give some 
    advice though. First off, make sure you have lots and lots of ammo for 
    whatever gun you plan to use. I recommend going back and sinking 500 
    transports and getting the 2 hull battleship and mounting it up with at 
    the minimum 8 61cm 50cal (or better) 3 barrel guns, then going to D-05 
    and getting an Engmatech Strulta and C-05 and getting an Auto-Load 
    Gamma, all these parts help, a lot. Secondly, drop anything that is 
    energy based, that does include anti-air pulse lasers; also drop any 
    anti sub or anti air weaponry (missile systems), also, I would 
    recommend dropping missiles in general as they will get shot down with 
    ease. Make sure you have no less than 8 CIWS guns on your ship, for 
    obvious reasons. Make sure you can take some punishment; I recommend 
    taking any extra weight you have and putting it toward more armor. 
    After Druna Skass, you may be low on ammo, if you are, you are screwed. 
    From what I have sunk, no ship in the area drops an ammo supply box. 
    See why I recommended the 2 hull BB? Negla will be a test of skill, 
    luck and patience. It has bigger guns than any ship (period, end), 
    missiles that do tremendous damage and a bigger wave gun than Druna. 
    The live fire guns did upwards of 5500 damage (BB, anti 44cm armor with 
    ~8640 Hp total), it doesn't seem to use its missiles very often, but 
    they come unexpectedly sometimes. Also, unlike in the mission against 
    just Druna, I would recommend against repairing right when you need it. 
    Negla loves to use its Breac Wave Gun, as well as its deck guns, so 
    getting far away from it may be more advisable than repairing when you 
    need it. As much as I want to give you more help with this fight, I 
    really cannot. Many factors play into this battle, I would recommend 
    asking on the boards for help because there are people out there that 
    have great strategies that work a good amount of the time. Good 
    Now, you finished EX mode, you get to save again and start all over. 
    Sound like fun? Yeah, not to me either. However, you can tackle 
    survival mode now. All survival mode is is you taking whatever ship you 
    want out on all 40 missions straight. No reloads, no regeneration, no 
    buying more planes after each battle. You don't get anything for doing 
    it, well nothing I have found. You do, however, get the satisfaction of 
    blowing up little destroyers with big guns, so there is some coolness 
    to be had. 
    Are you reading this somewhere other than www.gamefaqs.com or my 
    webpage?? Let me know!! 
    V. Ship Building Tips
    First off, have a goal in mind. Not "I want this ship to kick major 
    ***" or "I want a fast ship." Have something specific goal in mind. For 
    instance, if your current ship can't go 35 knots, but you like the fact 
    that it can carry all the weaponry you like, try maybe going with a 
    better hull, or reducing the number of barrels (if applicable) on your 
    main guns. 
    Secondly, don't always go with the bigger guns. Sure, there are weapons 
    that can't be beat (the wave gun, spec. warhead VLS and such) but in 
    reality, the best guns are smaller. You will find that the 61cm guns 
    are pretty much the best main guns out there. They aren't too heavy; 
    they have a great reload rate and power. Sure, the 80cm guns hit for 
    more power, but they have way too much weight. You can put more 61cm 
    guns on a ship, and keep a steady rate of fire down on any ship you 
    want. Also, don't pass up the special chain guns. The higher cm guns 
    can really tear a new one in any ship (even superships!) Granted, the 
    overall offense may seem low but the ability to just keep putting the 
    hurt on a ship constantly makes up for it. The only drawback is that 
    they will fire at planes and missiles in intercept mode, so you may run 
    out of ammo quickly.
    Engine placement does have an effect on more than speed and weight. If 
    you use shift placement, you have a lesser chance of having your 
    engines damage, however you pay for it in extra weight. I recommend 
    using the shift placement in ships where you have weight to spare, but 
    not enough to do anything really good with it.
    Shift placement (add boilers and turbines to taste):
    Turbine-boiler-boiler-turbine-boiler- boiler- boiler
    Regular placement
    Aux systems should be added specifically for ships. For instance, for 
    all carriers and Battlecarriers (and if you have launchers on your 
    battleships and cruisers) you should have the auto fire extinguisher. 
    This makes sure that you can launch an air flight when you need it. You 
    should always equip an auto load system, as the massive drop in reload 
    time helps kill things faster. The electronic targeting system (+x 
    amount to intercept range lock on) seems good, but if you don't have a 
    good control, you'll just waste ammo faster. The better aux systems 
    (read: all movement,) can only be found in missions or by destroying 
    ships. However, they are worth it.  There are systems out there that 
    help, there is a command system that adds points to control, as well as 
    other enigmatch parts that do random things. D-05 and C-05 have these 
    techs, so go there and be prepared to look around for them.
    Don't be afraid to scrap a design and start all over. Sometimes it's 
    better to just start anew rather than try to build upon a design that 
    doesn't work in the first place. Remember that if you really get stuck 
    on weight you can always save tonnage by taking off a barrel of a gun, 
    or getting rid of some armor.
    Make sure you can defend against everything. Unless you are making a 
    mission specific ship (see: Harima battle) make sure you have anti-sub 
    and anti-air defenses. Also, make sure to take into consideration your 
    defensive plating. Don't design up to the brim on weight and then 
    realize that you have to do armor plating. Make sure to adjust it about 
    midway through. 
    Regarding planes, I would stick to a max of three types in extreme 
    situations. You can easily get rid of scouts by equipping an anti-sub 
    VLS missile onto your carrier, opening other slots for fighters or 
    bombers. Try to stick to either using fighters or bombers. Fighters can 
    usually take care of themselves in air to air battles, but have weaker 
    ordinance and cannot attack land targets, bombers on the other hand, 
    can attack land turrets, but are more likely to be shot down by 
    interceptors. On the subject of interceptors, make sure to take some. 
    You need aerial supremacy to really rack up the kills.
    The way better parts can only be gotten through missions the second 
    time through. D-06 has the best engines, although an A rank on C-06 
    gets you a Turbine Omega. D-07 and C-07 have better bridges for the 
    heavy ship classes. D-05 and C-05 have some of the best aux systems in 
    the game. 
    Also, make sure you keep to the ship class. Do not try to squeeze 
    excessive amounts of deck guns on a carrier, or put tons and tons of 
    weapons on a destroyer. However, at the same time, don't restrict 
    yourself to following the regular patterns. Go outside the box; make a 
    ship containing nothing but chain guns and flamethrowers, or a cruiser 
    with nothing but missile launchers or even a destroyer with nothing 
    more than torpedoes. You never know what you will like until you try 
    VI. Hints and Tips
    Destroying 100, 500, and 999 of any type of vessel gives you a special 
    S and A ranks not only give you a lot of money bonuses, they also give 
    you a part as a reward. Try to aim for them.
    Money is everything in this game. Many players feel that going back and 
    redoing missions is wrong and nearly cheating, but I feel that if you 
    are given the opportunity fairly, it's their own fault. More money 
    means better tech, which means better equipment, which means easier 
    missions. However, you cannot buy everything, and eventually you will 
    have nothing to do with your money.
    VII. Contact info
    Email - icmann@hotmail.com (make sure to put either FAQ or Naval Ops 
    (or copyright) in the heading. I use filters so if you leave the 
    heading blank and get mad, it's your own fault!) 
    AIM - Icdragoon615 (I'm not on a lot, but if you feel like you need 
    person to person help, email me (see above regardless) tell me what 
    time you'll be on, and I'll try to be on at that time. 
    Gamefaqs message board handle: Hells Dragoon
    VIII. Version Updates
    Version 0.5 - The beginning, started up everything you see here. 
    Version 1.0 - Up to A-10
    Version 1.1 - Copyright change
    Version 1.3 - Up to mission B-03
    Version 2.0 - Up to mission C-01
    Version 3.0 - Up to mission D-01, took out ship class table, other 
    Version 4.0 - Up to mission D-10EX
    Version 4.1 - Finished except for some touch up work, minor changes
    IX. Closing
    I purposely did not put this in the table of contents for many reasons. 
    First off I'd like to thank...
    CJayC - for running the site that has all my gaming needs. 
    Me - for getting the motivation to do this
    Koei - for making so many good games
    <Insert your name here> - for reading this guide
    All of my friends from Valpo (you know who you are) - they know why
    All my friends from Chicago - they, too, know why
    Copyright notice is as follows, also contains the ONLY site this should 
    be on.
    This FAQ copyright 2003 Scott Dumblauskas and may not be reproduced in 
    any form and may not appear on any site except www.gamefaqs.com and my 
    personal homepage without the expressed written consent of Scott 
    Dumblauskas. All rights reserved.
    Note to the reader, if you find this FAQ on any other mainstream site 
    than www.gamefaqs.com let me know, they are violating many 
    international laws, as well as federal laws and can be prosecuted to 
    the fullest extent of the law.

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