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    FAQ/Walkthrough by invisibleII

    Version: V. 0.50 | Updated: 09/28/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Naval Ops: Warship Gunner V 0.50
    ~Table of Contents~
    I: Intro
    II: Section A
    III: Section B
    I: Intro
    Um, not much here, but I guess I will list the controls. These controls are for
    the standard setup. Sorry.
    X: Fire
    triangle: Weapon select up
    square: Weapon select down
    circle: Precision mode
    R2: Intercept mode
    L2: Auto-Steering
    L1 or <-: Port
    L2 or ->: Starboard
    Left Analog Stick: Aim
    Right Analog Stick: Binoculars
    Precision Mode - Precision Mode is like binoculars, but you can actually
    shoot. It is activated by the circle button. If there was a sniper rifle,
    this would be its zoom. An indespensible tool for all precise long-range
    shooting, hence the name, Precision Mode.
    Binocular Mode - Binocular Mode allows you to look at long distances, allowing
    you to see if there are any enemies that you can pick off with Precision Mode.
    It is activated and adjusted with the right analog stick. An indispensible tool
    for finding long-range enemies so you can plan in advance.
    Intercept Mode - Intercept Mode allows you to do just that. Intercept oncoming
    planes, missles, rockets, submarines, torpedoes, and mines. Indispensible, but
    only if you have the proper weapons to intercept your target (machine guns,
    depth charges, etc.).
    Er, I think I covered them all. OK, now time for the actual part to walk you 
    through. But before I can do that, let me share a few wise choices.
    Replay levels - To some, it may seem like cheating, but it is a good idea to 
    redo levels for the sheer cash bonus and/or parts.
    Stay fast - I know that gun looks cool, but if your ship has a resounding top 
    speed of one knot, maybe you should lighten up, or get a better engine.
    Invest in tech - Yes! This is the single most important thing you can do to 
    aid your progress without being in the field! I usually invest in this order of 
    importance: Metalurgy, Electronics, Weapons, Engines, and finally, Air Tech.
    Pick up crates - Yup. You can get things unavailable in shops this way.
    'Nuf said.
    DO NOT SELL ITEMS YOU CANNOT BUY!!!!! - This is important! You can lose
    important items this way! Think twice before selling that railgun. Are you
    sure you want to sell those 80cm guided torpedos? Do you really hate your 
    radar VI that much?
    I will give my personal rating for each level, with a difficulty level from
    1-10, 10 being extreme, 1 being a walk in the park.
    OK, NOW we can start the walkthrough.
    Remember - These are my strategies, if they don't work for you, keep trying.
    II: Section A
    After you escape North in the beginning, you can begin the first mission.
    A-01 - Northern Gales
    Rendezvous at the Staging Point.
    Rating: 1
    OK, this being the real first level, you should be able to do it easily. Just
    try to get to the boundary box with the FF fleet in it, then exit. The only
    real advice I can give is to try to stay on task until you can get a better
    ship to replay this level.
    A-02 - Blind the Blockade
    Destroy 3 enemy radar installations.
    Rating: 2
    Yay! You actually managed to survive the last mission (Or you are just reading,
    same thing.)! OK, it WAS easy, but still, now you are here! You hate me now,
    don't you? Yup. Knew it. But now, to walk you through. First, make sure you
    have machine guns equipped before leaving dock. Why? Because there are mines.
    Now you use intercept mode to blow them up instead of you. Then, just blow
    away the radar installations, and exit the battle sector.
    A-03 - Sea Wolves
    Sink 5 enemy subs.
    Rating: 2
    Wow, I've underestimated you! But don't get cocky, this is only the third
    level. Be sure to equip anti-sub armament before leaving dock. Um, really,
    this is one of the easier levels. Just keep in intercept mode, head toward
    the target, and wait for the reassuring mesage "Enemy ship sunk!". Then leave.
    A-04 - Duck Shoot
    Sink 15 transports.
    Rating: 4
    Good. Only a fool could not have passed the last level. No offence, but really.
    For this level, you will need a good turn of speed. Oh, and watch out for a
    "Revenge Class". It will tear you limb from limb, then get around to
    actually killing you. Just find a way to sink the 15 transports, and you are
    done. Yeah, I said done. Oh, and you have to leave the battle sector.
    A-05 - Through Dover
    Escort battleship to its destination.
    Rating: 2
    Nice one. If you managed the last level in one try, you should get a medal.
    Even I failed it on my first try when I first got the game. Anyhow, escorting
    that battleship is not easy, even though you pray it would be. Ill break it
    down, just incase you don't understand. First, clear the minefield. Then,
    try to sink the Olympia class ships. After that, shoot the aircraft down in
    intercept mode. Then, win. But only you have to do it. Good luck.
    A-06 - The Fire of Feold
    Sink 2 enemy cruisers.
    Rating: 3
    Wow, halfway through the A section already. But there is no time to celebrate,
    there are enemies that need to be killed. Slowly. Painfully. But these cruisers
    are not giving an inch of territory until they are killed, so barrage them with
    torpedoes and hope for the best. Then, if that dosen't work, try your guns.
    Try not to get sunk in the process.
    A-07 - Winds of Freedom
    Destroy 6 enemy gun emplacements.
    Rating: 4
    Wow, we are getting closer to the end of the A section fast. But this is no
    easy job. Intercept the mines and destroy the gun emplacements. Easy? NOT!
    Those gun emplacements can hit about 200 damage onto your destroyer,
    assuming that is your chosen ship. So keep your distance, shoot your guns
    at the big tower things with guns on them, and repeat. Finally, if you happen
    to be a lucky survivor, speed out of there, or your ship will be renamed
    "Wreckage". If you escape, I have one word. Lucky.
    A-08 - Attack at Dawn
    Do not let the enemy carrier escape.
    Rating: 2
    It is amazing how quickly Empire ships get wasted. Right? Anyway, killing
    that carrier is easy if you can catch up. Super easy, because its engines
    are damaged. Just stay on task, no matter how appealing killing little
    ships is. Sink that sucker, grab what you need, and rush out. Simple, but
    only for the focused one. I sound like Yoda, make it stop!
    A-09 - The Enemy Typhoon
    Sink 8 enemy transports.
    Rating: 3
    Wow. First, go a bit north, then sink the transports. How easy. Oh,
    and there are escorts, shore emplacements, and other stuff to make your
    life miserable. And once you sink the transports, you have to escape it.
    Be a little easy with that PS2. Don't throw it. Don't thr...DON'T THROW IT!
    A-10 - Typhoon Hunter
    Destroy the supership!
    Rating: 6
    Supership Wirbelwind. This will be hard. A truckload of endurance, hi-tech
    armament, and speed. Too much flippin' speed. My 55 knot battleship can't
    catch up. But it follows a pattern. Hit you, run. Come back, hit you, and
    run. So play its game and intercept it as it comes back. Then, barrage it
    with torpedoes and...KABLAM! Pick up the parts, and leave. Fast. Oh, and
    if you didn't know, in the START menu is an option called repair. Use it
    sparingly. You start with 3 repairs, and each one fixes all statue effects,
    and restores your endurance. But you cannot move until a blue bar comes up.
    That bar indicates that your weapons are being reloaded (not free ammo!),
    and you cannot fire weapons that are not listed, so, naturally, you may want
    to put important weapons first on the 1-7 list.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~END SECTION A~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    OK, by now, I expect you to have at least radar and sonar II, cruiser hulls
    unlocked, and be putting together parts for a cruiser. If you haven't done
    so already. You will definately need that cruiser. Unless you like total
    failure. OK, now, we shall begin Section B! I really am torturing you now.
    III: Section B
    Once the nice cutscene is over, you'll need to get back to work.
    B-01 - Hammer and Anvil
    Protect the airstrip for 300 seconds.
    Rating: 4
    Wow, you made it to Section B. I commend you. But this mission is hard.
    Protecting airstrips? This is hard stuff people! You will have to fend
    off waves of ships that could crush your puny destroyer (hopefully you are
    using a cruiser, or the tough ships become lethal!)! And, to top it off,
    you have to fend them off for 300 seconds (5 minutes for the lazy mind)!
    Good luck. You WILL need it.
    B-02 - Fire on Icy Waters
    Destroy 60% of harbor facilities.
    Rating: 2
    Nice. That was hard, no? Good, because it just got worse. Go to the first
    harbor and utterly decimate everything there. Repeat with the second. And,
    if necessary, the third. Then, head North (you don't have too, but it gets
    you less dead), and escape the sector.
    B-03 - Bandits on Your Six!
    Sink 1 enemy aircraft carrier.
    Rating: 3
    Good, you survived. This one is quite apparent. Just sail toward the carrier,
    and open fire, then escape. I should say, salvage what you want, and escape.
    I don't know if I could simplify it anymore. If I could, I wouldn't because
    I don't need too.
    B-04 - Fox and Hounds
    Escort the Allied carrier to port.
    Rating: 4
    Finally, another hard level! Um, yeah. I said it. H-A-R-D. Hard. Anyhow, DO NOT
    STRAY FROM THE CARRIER'S COURSE!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise, you are asking for trouble.
    So, don't. Just sink whatever is shooting at the carrier. Then, er...Win? Yeah,
    win! You win once the carrier reaches the bounding box. Oh, and good luck. Do
    I have to say why?
    B-05 - Assault at Rabaul
    Sink 4 enemy cruisers.
    Rating: 4
    Another hard one. Wheee. Head North, kill the shore emplacement, head a little
    more North, then West, and kill the cruisers. Use torpedoes where they are
    needed. Then escape. Sorta like a beefed up A-06. Just don't die, please don't
    die. Why? Because you'll look stupid. This one IS hard,so don't goof around.
    But you didn't get this far slamming your head into the controller and praying
    it would work, right? Good.
    B-06 - The Killing Machine
    Sink 1 enemy battleship.
    Rating: 4
    OK, sink an enemy battleship. All I can say is that this is hard. For the
    unprepared. But this is a walkthrough, so you are more than prepared. Head East,
    and sink the small group. Continue East, and there will be a few battleships.
    Torpedo them, and if you have at least 20cm guns, use them for backup fire.
    Salvage what you want, and escape.
    B-07 - Majesty
    Sink 4 enemy cruisers.
    Rating: 3
    Er, really, how many cruisers does the Empire have? Anyhow, head toward the
    group, sink the cruisers, salvage your stuff, and escape. By now you should
    have learned the proper way to sink a cruiser with a destroyer or cruiser.
    Barrage with torpedos, and cover with main guns. Simple enough, people.
    B-08 - The Terror Below
    Destroy the supership!
    Rating: 5
    First, equip anti-sub weapons before leaving dock. Then, make sure you have
    torpedos and good main guns. Why? Because this thing is a submarine. At first
    it is submerged, get it to rise by pelting it with anti-sub weapons. Once it is
    at about half endurance, it rises. Now, you can pound it with volley after
    volley of torpedos to your hearts content. Then, once it sinks, salvage the
    wreckage and escape. Simple? Sure, just don't get killed by a submarine, that
    would be a stupid way to die, even though it is a supership.
    B-09 - Behind Enemy Lines
    Raid Kagoshima and escape.
    Rating: 3
    First, head for the big indent in the land, North of your starting position.
    Go as far as you can in, and you are done. Well, almost done. Head back out,
    and hang a hard right to the edge of the battle sector. Now you are done.
    Easy? Yup, you bet.
    B-10 - Shadow of Evil
    Destroy the supership!
    Rating: 6
    OK, remember those nice guns you researched? Well, they are your best friends
    here, just aim up, and they are ultra-lethal. But if you are still using your
    destroyer, I highly recommend upgrading to a cruiser or, if you have
    researched it and can afford it, a battleship. Just keep shooting and once
    you get its endurance down enough, it will hammer you with gunfire, just keep
    going, if you repair you are vurnerable to its fire! Its disadvantage: the
    heavy gunfire is inaccurate! Just keep going to see an awesome death scene,
    just salvage the wreckage and escape. Quickly. Unless you like struggling
    for success, then failing. Once this guy is dead, the difficulty only 
    increases, with multiple superships per sector. Good luck from here on in,
    it is your only motivation. Other than blowing stuff up.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~END SECTION B~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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