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"One of a handful of saga's that ended with a bang."

Ever wondered what would happen if you had the Rock go against the Great Muta? Well, With this game you can. Fire ProWrestling Z is the final chapter in a long and great series. For those who don't know what the fuss is about over this game, Ill try and inform you. HUGE roster, Simple and in depth edit mode, great matches, And a rewarding control system. That sum's up FPZ in a nutshell.

Graphics: 9

Well, I don't know a lot about foreign wrestling, but with what Ive seen in real pictures and the in game characters, they look VERY accurate. Hayabusa looks just like he would if he turned 2D. Jushin "Thunder" Liger looks very close to what he would look like too. But why did I rate this area a 9?? Cause it doesn't meet todays 3D standards. It may seem harsh, but most people would dislike pictures of a PS2 game which looks like a SNES game. Other than that, its wonderful.

Gameplay: 10

This has to be one of the most in depth games Ive ever played. It has basic matches, Single, Tag [from two guys on one team to 8 man tag battles], Death-match's [Which range from barbed wire/Light bulb rod matches to a barbed wired, electric, explosive steel cage!]. Anything a hardcore would love in a game is here. The only con on it is that most of the WWE gimmicks [If your a U.S watcher] have not been added, which would make it feel like it lacks something. But it makes it up in its Edit mode where you can go deep with making a creatable wrestler [They even have some American heads in there, so you can make RVD and all of them]

Controls: 10

VERY great controls. Overall they seem hard to do due to the timing of grapples, but once you crack that "Difficult" road [I didn't have trouble with this, I learned it in the first match I had] you wont have so much trouble. You will only have trouble on aerial moves [I had trouble connecting standing aerial moves] and moves like the enziguri. It may be hard, but rewards you when you destroy your opponents.

Sound: 8

Pretty nice sound. Some parts are loopy and annoying [The crowd!!!], there are too little tracks for entrances. Other than that, its okay.

Overall: 9/10

This is one of those handful games that started and ended with a bang. Its unfortunate that the series couldn't last longer, but all good things must end sooner or later. If you are a hardcore wrestling fan, check out this wonderful piece.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/03/04

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