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    FAQ/Walkthrough by djw118

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    Game: The Suffering
    System: X-Box
    Version: 1.0
    Revised: 3/17/04
    A Walkthrough by Joe Williams
    Copyright (c) 2004 by Joe Williams
    This document may not be reprinted or reproduced for profit.  This includes 
    being reproduced in magazines, books, ebooks, CDs, or web sites that charge 
    users a fee to visit or view their sites, or for any other commercial 
    purposes.  Alteration of the document without the author's permission is 
    prohibited.  The author will make updates to the document available on 
    Special thanks to everyone on The Suffering message board.  I never would 
    have found the gonzo gun without their tips.
    This isn't intended as a definitive walkthrough for The Suffering.  The game 
    really doesn't need a walkthrough.  But it's always possible the solution to 
    a puzzle might elude you, or you might miss the one doorway you need to 
    progress.  My hope is this walkthrough will get you back to enjoying the game 
    as quickly as possible.
    I don't list every health pickup or monster.  You will find supplies 
    everywhere, so covering them all would be tedious.  As for monsters, I prefer 
    not to ruin the surprise.
    I also don't give any details on the storyline.  The game does a much better 
    job of telling the story than I ever could.  I mention cinemas only as a way 
    of orientating yourself.
    Although I don't mention the phones or monitors in the walkthrough, feel free 
    to answer any phone that rings or view any monitor.  You never know what 
    you'll learn.
    You control Torque, a convict sentenced to the death house for killing his 
    family.  Just your luck, you're sent to Abbott State Penitentiary on Carnate 
    Island which, for lack of a better word, is haunted by centuries of 
    When you start a new game, you have a choice of four difficulty levels.  Easy 
    is perhaps too easy, and diminishes the sense of danger.  I consider myself a 
    mediocre player, yet I found Easy so disappointing that I soon restarted on 
    You can choose from different controls via the Options menu, accessed through 
    the start button.  My personal favorite is Dual Stick + Flashlight.  You can 
    also choose the single stick mode for moving and turning Torque with just the 
    left joystick.  For the benefit of those renting the game, here are the 
    default controls for the X-Box:
    Left stick moves Torque forward, backward, left and right.
    Right stick turns Torque and looks up and down.
    The Back button brings up the map (if there is one).
    The Start button pauses the game and brings up the pause menu.  From here you 
    can save the game at any time.  You also have extensive control over the game 
    The directional pad access inventory.  Press up and down to select between 
    categories (including weapons, thrown weapons, and notes).  Press right and 
    left to highlight a particular item.  Press X to select the item.  You can 
    have both a thrown weapon and a normal weapon selected at the same.
    Press the left trigger to use a thrown weapon.
    Press the right trigger to attack.
    Press A to jump.  If you are moving to the side, you will do a roll instead.
    Press B to reload your current weapon.
    Press X to use an object in the environment.  It's used to man a searchlight 
    (press the right trigger to toggle the searchlight on and off).  It's used to 
    climb ladders, operate stationary machine guns, and activate switches.
    Press Y to activate insanity mode.  This ability becomes available at the 
    beginning of Chapter 2 and is explained in more detail there.
    The white button switches to first person mode.  This is useful for aimed 
    shots.  I suppose it's possible to play the entire game in first person, 
    making it practically two games in one.
    Press the black button to use a health pickup.  You can carry 9 bottles of 
    Xombium at a time.
    The Suffering has three ending.  Which one you get depends on whether you do 
    good deeds, evil deeds, or if you rely heavily on insanity mode.  You'll know 
    you've performed a good deed because you'll receive positive reinforcement 
    from the spirit of your ex-wife.  Evil deeds earn her chastisement.
    After the opening movie, leave your cell and go right to the main gate to 
    activate another cut scene.  A cell door falls open.  Go in and extract the 
    shiv from your cellmate, then leave by the gate that conveniently falls open 
    for you.
    To Torque's left is the control station.  Inside it you'll find a map of the 
    level.  While here, press the red light to open all the cells, then go back 
    and loot the cells.  Leave D-block via the door with the flashing red light.  
    Turn left and left again to enter the showers.  Search the area for supplies.  
    Be sure to open the lockers.  Exit the showers and go straight.  The door to 
    the left is locked, so turn right to find an administrative room to ransack.
    Return the way you came, passing D-block, until you see another inmate with a 
    crushed disposition and you trigger a cutscene with a guard.  Keep going 
    forward and a door will fall open.  Go in and press the red light.  Go 
    through the gate that opens (the door to the maintenance room is locked).
    The door to the electrical room is locked, so turn left to face your first 
    fight.  A CO comes out of the WC.  Decide which of the voices to heed, and 
    either join with him or kill him.
    Search the restroom for supplies, then swing right to reach the break room 
    (called the locker room on your map) and grab the flashlight.  Then head 
    Depending on whether you teamed up with CO, either your partner will open the 
    gate from the control room or the gate will fall open on its own.  Go though 
    and expect another fight.  Afterwards, the CO will go to check out a noise in 
    the Electrical Chamber.  Take his advice and don't follow him, or else you'll 
    meet with the same shocking end.  After he collapses, you can safely fetch 
    his gun.
    Check out the infirmary for lots of health pickups.  You also catch your 
    first glimpse of gaseous Hermes.  You'll be seeing a lot of him later.
    There's more Xombium in the control station, but by now you should be well 
    stocked.  Hack through the crates barricading the exit with your shiv.  Move 
    the soda machine from in front of the exit door by pressing and holding the 
    action button.
    Follow the hallway, making a quick detour through the door on the right to 
    the E-Chamber control station.  Throw the switch to the left of the window 
    for jollies.  Also for fun, view the monitors by the desk.  Go back out the 
    way you came and head for the Foyer.  There's Xombium in the bathroom, and 
    other items to loot by the metal detector and in the Visitor Arrival area.  
    Go through the open metal gate and pull the statue a few feet back so it 
    blocks the already open door.  Now try the door to the control station.  When 
    the coast is clear, enter the control room and press the red button.  The 
    bust should hold the first door open while the second door opens.
    Follow the beastly apparition through the door to the right.  You're 
    presented with the opportunity to do some evil by gassing the CO (but not the 
    choice to do good—there isn't any way to save him).
    Return to the hall and follow it to its end, skipping for now the door on the 
    right.  Enter the control station for the L-Chamber.  Feel free to loot the 
    room.  On your way out, beware of an attack.
    Now backtrack to the middle door that you skipped earlier and follow the 
    apparition, fighting as necessary.  Both doors at the end of the hallway are 
    locked, so check out the gas chamber.  When Hermes lets loose with the smelly 
    stuff, run to the viewing window to the south.  A slayer breaks through the 
    window, granting you a way out.
    The witness area for the E-Chamber is locked, so head down the stairs to the 
    basement.  Under the basement stairs are some shelves with supplies.  Only 
    take them if you really need them.  You'll be coming back this way much later 
    in the game, and this stash could prove valuable.  When you're ready, go 
    through the blue door.
    Throw the red switch on the right to turn on the light.  Follow the only path 
    available until you come to the Boiler, where you meet your two main 
    adversaries, gaseous Hermes and 16mm Dr. Killjoy.  After the requisite 
    taunting, a seemingly endless supply of Slayers attack.  Fight them until Dr. 
    Killjoy starts asking to see the real you.  You'll notice that a yellow bar 
    has appeared next to your health bar.  Once the yellow bar fills and flashes, 
    press the Insanity Mode button to unleash your inner monster.
    After you make short work of the Slayers, the blue door opens.  Be sure to 
    loot the room before leaving.
    Follow the path to where it's blocked by steam.  There's a wheel to your 
    right that will turn off the steam.  In the next room is a switch next to the 
    door that you entered through.  Activating it causes an explosion back the 
    way you came.  Throw the switch again and head back.  You'll see an opening 
    in the wall with a stash of supplies, including a second revolver.
    Now return to the Electrical room and go to the end of the hall.  Climb the 
    cabinet at the end to reach a door.  There's a cutscene introducing you to a 
    Go through the doorway to the right and continue on to the Workshop.  As you 
    leave, you can turn right or left.  Go right first.  It leads to some 
    solitary confinement cells.  Visit the cells for some creepy voices.  There's 
    a wood door next to some gas tanks.  Shoot the tanks to blast open the door.  
    Follow the path until you come to a crate blocking a red door.  Pull the 
    crate backward a very long distance, until it's in the part of the hall with 
    the high ceiling.  Up to one side you can see an opening in the wall.  Climb 
    onto the crate and jump to a small niche with ammo and a revolver.
    In Chapter 14 of the game, you will return to this area.  At that point the 
    nice will hold the Gonzo Gun, the most powerful and loony weapon in the game.
    Drop back into the hall and go through the red door.  You're in another group 
    of solitary cells.  Against the west wall are three solitary cells.  Through 
    the smashed stone wall is a crank that opens a door in the center cells.  
    There's a crate next to the southernmost.  First, smash the boards with your 
    shiv.  Then move the crate inside the cell and climb to an opening in the 
    back wall.  Both paths lead to the same place.
    Carry on for a little encouragement from Horace the electric man.  Go up the 
    stairs, where you find a tommy gun, and then down another flight of stairs.  
    There's a supply stash under the stairs.  Return up the stairs and straight 
    ahead to a ladder leading to a blue door and the level exit.
    Go right.  At the end of the hall, take the door on the right.  Watch the 
    monitor.  Leave and try the door opposite, where you meet Dallas.  You can 
    help him or shut him up by killing him.
    Go outside to the North Yard.  You can check out the lethal injection room if 
    you want.  Near the end of the path there's a hole in the fence.  Descend a 
    hill until you come to a work site with scaffolding.  The rightmost platform 
    lets you jump over the fence.  Climb the hill to the East cellblock.
    You come to a barricade you must hack with your shiv.  Then push the crate 
    out of the way.  If you're trying to keep Dallas alive, consider shoving the 
    crate back in front of the door to keep him from following you.  You can come 
    get him later after you've cleared the way.
    The bathroom to your left is a dead end.  The open door leads to a locker 
    room.  Search the wooden desk to find a map.  Dallas finds a gun here, making 
    him a little more useful.  Leave the locker room by the north door.
    The prison entrance is locked.  Proceed to the control room and watch a clip 
    of your next nemesis, the Mainliner.  Throw the big red button to open the 
    cell doors, then follow the path to T-Block.  After checking out the cells, 
    go down the stairs to the lower level.  Fight for your life as necessary.
    In one of the lower cells is an inmate who wants you to keep him locked in.  
    To rescue him, and thereby earn good points, go into the nearby control 
    station and throw the switch on the wall.  It will close his cell.  While 
    there, also press the red button to open some gates.
    On the west side of T-Block is a door to an Electrical room.  Go down the 
    stairs to get a cell block map.  Leave the room and go to the door across 
    from it.  Here you will see electrified water on the floor.  Shoot the 
    electrical box to the right of the water to clear the path.
    At this point you can choose from two branching paths.  The easy route leads 
    across the puddle and out a yellow and white door into the yard.
    If you want a more challenging path, then try hitting the showers.  Return to 
    T-Block and go out the east door next to the control room.  First go through 
    the doorway on the right to get a clip with your ex-wife.  Then backtrack and 
    go to the showers.
    To stop the endless flood of mainliners, you must turn off each shower.  Or 
    simply avoid them and run through.  Toward the back of the showers is a room 
    blocked by flames.  Turn on the clogged sink next to the flames to put out 
    the fire.  Check the nearby control room for some supplies, then head out the 
    yellow and white door into the yard.
    Either way, you end up in the East Yard.  Your objective is to make your way 
    up to the watchtower.  If you went through the shower, it's a quick romp 
    through hordes of monsters.  Otherwise, you'll have to make your way through 
    a series of fenced areas and past a gang of unfriendly inmates.
    Locate a supply shed.  Smash the small crate and move the larger crate next 
    to the shed.  Climb atop the shed's roof and jump over to the walkway.  Here 
    you'll find a crank that lets you lower the ladder so Dallas can follow you.
    Inside the guard tower is an east cellblock map.   Follow the catwalk to the 
    green and white door.  Eventually you come to the library.  Along the way, 
    you'll grab the flamethrower instructions from a corpse.  It'll be awhile 
    before you have all the required materials.
    Circle the library, killing Mainliners, until you reach the office.  Ransack 
    the place and then head out the door to the left of the office.  Descend the 
    stairs and head for V-Block.  You'll have to go through the infirmary first.  
    Make a quick visit to the nearby restroom and the operating room if you want 
    to kill more mainliners, then head out the southeast door.  When you reach V- 
    Block, there is a cinema.
    To defeat Hargrave, run up the stairs.  You'll find a hole in the ceiling of 
    the control station.  Drop in and take command of the machine gun.  Time to 
    rock and roll.
    Once the music calms down, you know its safe to let go of the machine gun.  
    Throw the red switch to open the exit, which leads to the loading dock.  The 
    big doors are locked, so you need to climb the dumpster or pile of steel 
    crates to reach the ledge.  Go through the door and follow the little kid 
    into the bathroom.  Next, go to the control station and throw the red switch.  
    This will free Dallas, if he's still with you, but it won't do you much good 
    Go through the green and white door across from the control station to end 
    the level.
    Go down the stairs to the ground.  Leave through the gate where the inmates 
    are sprawled.  Follow the path until you reach a yard with a searchlight.  By 
    standing in the light, you gain protection from Slayers, but it doesn't help 
    against marksmen.  There's more fighting in the basketball court.  Finally, 
    in the area with the bleachers, run for the machine gun in the far left 
    corner as you come in.  It will make short work of the hordes while 
    conserving your ammo.
    Go through the hole in the fence to get some supplies, then leave by the 
    gate.  There will be a clip showing the effectiveness of shotguns.  A shotgun 
    falls behind a burning picnic table.  Get it.  Leave through the door to the 
    west cellblock.
    Go to the control station to find a West Cellblock map.  At the intersection 
    with the human pinatas, go straight (the right is a dead end).  Open the gate 
    from the control station.  Go right at the next intersection toward the 
    officer's station.  Press the red button to open the cell doors.
    Now head straight down the hall to the bathrooms, where the shotgun proves 
    effective against Mainliners.  As you progress toward Visitation, you catch a 
    glimpse of your next enemy, the Noosemen.  Answer the phone in the Visit Room 
    for a chat with your ex-wife before all hell breaks loose.  The exit is now 
    open and you can follow the path to the lunch room.
    Go straight across the room and pull the vending machine until it covers the 
    drain on the floor.  Enter the sprinkler control room, breaking through the 
    barricade with your shiv, and turn the crank.  The water puts out the flames 
    blocking the exit.  Leave the cafeteria.
    Hit the red button in the control station to open the exit, break through the 
    crates, and proceed to R-Block.  You need to be wary of noosemen, which turn 
    out to be more of an annoyance than an actual threat.
    Go into the control station and press both red buttons.  One opens the exit 
    and the other opens all the cell doors. 
    Now you have a choice of how to finish the level.  You can either go through 
    the laundry rooms, or you can drop through the hole in the lower middle cell.  
    Or, you can just go to the 2nd level and drop through the hole to the opposite 
    side of the gate.
    There are lots of supplies in the laundry rooms.  No puzzles here, just a 
    couple of obvious switches to pull.  You ultimately come to a hole that takes 
    you to into the basement.  Follow the little boy into the caves.  You climb 
    out in S-Block. A bunk bed sits at the end of the upper tier.  Climb the bunk 
    bed to end the level.
    If you choose to drop through the hole in the lower middle cell, you'll find 
    your route is much easier.  Again, follow the little boy through the caves to 
    S-Block.  Climb the bunk bed on the upper tier to finish the level.
    Outside again, there is only one way to go.  Drop down where the railing is 
    broken.  Visit the guard tower, but leave quickly before the gas gets you.  
    Climb the ladder to the watchtower roof and jump across to the adjacent roof.
    You'll meet a frightened guard up here.  Leaving him to cower for now, go 
    though the blue door, down the stairs, and across to the orange and white 
    You'll come to a long walkway with searchlights along its length.  Slayers 
    will leap from the trees.  Aim the searchlights at the trees to stop the 
    flood.  Man a searchlight by using the Action button, and turn it on with the 
    right trigger.  Aim the last searchlight at the pit below you.  You can also 
    use the searchlight to burn some of the slayers in the playing field.
    At the end of the walkway is a trapdoor with a nearby crate.  Push the crate 
    into the opening to explode the gas canisters below.
    If you haven't already killed the frightened guard, go back and get him now.  
    He'll eventually decide to follow you.
    Run ahead of him and climb down the ladder to the baseball field.  You will 
    have to fight many Marksmen, and it's best to leave the frightened guard 
    safely out of danger.  Once the coast is clear, you can climb back up to get 
    him.  It's a quick jog to the communications building, where you will find a 
    Quarry map.
    Climb the ladder and jump across to the burning rooftop.  Go inside the 
    workshop to end the level.
    The workshop is teeming with monsters.  Check out the nooks, craffines, and 
    roofs for supplies.  Leave by the door off the upper walkway.  You'll need to 
    smash a box to open the door.
    Outside again, go through the cemetery.  You'll find a road.  To the left is 
    some TNT.  To the right is a group of guards who turn hostile.  Keep 
    following the road until you come to the quarry.  You can do this the hard 
    way or the easy way.  In either case, you'll first want to ransack the shack 
    at the end of the road.
    The Easy Way (avoiding combat):  To the left of the staircase into the pit is 
    a small hill.  Jump onto the hill.  It might take several tries from 
    different areas.  Go to the end and jump to the block of stone suspended from 
    the crane.  Now jump to the very narrow ledge next to the barbed wire fence.  
    I found it safest to jump into the corner where the fence abuts the stone 
    nearest the crane.  Drop down to the ledge below you.  From here, you can 
    either drop down to get the TNT (but then you won't be able to get back up) 
    or you can go in the opposite direction and drop down into the cave mouth, 
    thereby avoiding all combat.
    The Hard Way (combat heavy): Simply descend the orange stairs and start 
    Enter the cave and you're treated to a cinema of your next foe, the Burrower.
    Jump onto the orange staircase.  At the top, don't go through the burning 
    fence right away.  Turn around and hop across to the grassy area for some 
    supplies.  Now head through the fence.
    Follow the trail to another cave.  To the right of the entrance is a pile of 
    boxes that conceal a TNT detonator.  Blow up the boxes and use the detonator.  
    To the right of the detonator is a barricaded cave-in that grants a 
    Climb the rubble left by the explosion.  Circle the cave along the catwalk to 
    reach a cave lined with TNT.  Monsters attack, making it very hazardous.
    The cave opens outside again.  The path is short, and ends in a fence.  Go 
    through the gate on your right, up the stairs, and through the burned fence.  
    You come to another pit.  Hop down and use the console on the first ledge to 
    move the suspended stone block so it smashes the stone tower across from you, 
    plugging the fiery red pit.  You can also hop up on the ledge to your right 
    and turn on the spotlights.  At this point you can drop into the pit to 
    finish off the slayers.  There's a supply shack on the other side of the pit 
    that you can reach by climbing a ladder.  When you're done searching the 
    area, go past the pit you blocked and climb up what seems to be a dead end.
    There's another detonator in a lean to by the cave.  Carefully clear it and 
    use it to detonate explosives inside the cave.  Then go in.
    On the other side, you'll find a small supply shack.  Follow the lighted road 
    to another pit.  You can help the inmate if you choose by lowering the stone 
    block and then swinging it over to him.  Then swing the block to the left and 
    jump across to the ledge with the crane.
    After a cut scene with two creepy girls, use the crane controls to swing the 
    stone block to the right into the water tower.  Hop down and go through the 
    cave to end the level.
    You find Torque trapped in a fenced area.  The exit is a hard-to-see hole in 
    the fence next to the third lamp post, between some bushes.  A short path 
    takes you to a stone wall with a convenient pile of blocks you can climb 
    At the foot of the wall opposite where you climbed up is a map of the asylum.
    You can explore the area around the lake.  The corpses all have their stories 
    to tell.  Bear right around the lake to the gazebo where you can chat with 
    your ex.  As usual, she does most of the talking.  Keep going right to get to 
    the asylum.
    Enter through the side door.  Smash the crates and pull the cage out of the 
    You start in the kitchen.  Shoot the projector atop the stove and go through 
    the door it releases.  Climb the stairs.  The first door on the right leads 
    to electro shock therapy.
    The open double doors that you next pass lead to the library and Sergie, a 
    stoned CO who asks for electricity for his stereo.
    Past the library is a bathroom.  The exit from this floor is in the library, 
    through the door to the left of Sergie.  Drop down to the main floor and go 
    through the open doorway.  At the first intersection, turn right and swing 
    around to the theater.
    On the west side of the stage is a fire axe.  Smash the glass to get it.  
    Then use the axe on the rope on the opposite end of the stage.  A painting 
    will drop, blocking the projector's beam and releasing the door to the west 
    of the stage.  Go that way. Chop the boards over the exit door and return to 
    the hallway.
    Turn right at the corner, go past two intersections, and turn left at the far 
    corner.  Go past the door on your left for now, the one with the monstrous 
    shambling, and check the dining hall, water closet, and study.  In the study 
    is a projector for you to destroy.
    Go into the room with your caged alter-ego.  Press the yellow button if you 
    want to.  Drop down the hole into the cellar.  Head to the far end of the 
    first room to trigger a cinema.  Blast the enemies that appear.  Between the 
    shelves are a couple of boards propped against a cage.  Smash the boards and 
    pull the cage out.
    Rather than climb out the cellar, go through the only door in the room and 
    make your way through the coal rooms.  At the far end is a generator sitting 
    in a pool of water.  If you want to help Sergie, you need to turn on the 
    generator without getting yourself killed.  First, smash the wood panel to 
    the left of the generator to open a drain. After the water drains away, you 
    can safely turn on the generator.  Smash through the boards over the nearby 
    exit and return to the first floor.
    If you want to help Sergie, you need to return quickly to the library.  The 
    fastest way is through the kitchen.
    Next, head for the foyer and run up the stairs.  You can drop down the 
    elevator shaft for some supplies.  Follow your beastly half to a row of 
    cells.  The third cell contains a cage.  You need to push it out of the cell 
    and down to the end of the hall so you can climb through the trapdoor to the 
    attic.  The last cell contains someone I like to call Mr. Floppy.  You can 
    kill him to earn good points.
    Off the attic a strange blue device is suspended.  Turn the nearby crank to 
    lower it.  At the far end of the attic is a projector pointing through the 
    roof.  Destroy it.  To leave the attic, you'll need to pull a second 
    projector in a cage so it no longer points at the exit.
    Return to the foyer and go through the double doors to the Operations 
    Theater.  Don't bother fighting the monster, Dr. Killjoy will just resurrect 
    them.  You need to destroy the 5 projectors in here.  There are three very 
    obvious projectors.  Two are harder to destroy:
    Destroy the electrical box across from the entrance to shut off the projector 
    on the balcony.
    Destroy the rope on the right of your inner monster to shut off a projector 
    suspended from a cage. 
    Press the yellow button next to the operating table to activate the blue 
    device.  Stand under the blue ray to power up Torque.  Now use the Throw 
    button to hurl a blue ball at your alter ego to open the exit from the level.
    On the west side of the asylum grounds is a hedge maze.  At the center is a 
    gazebo with supplies.  After you've explored the asylum grounds, leave by the 
    ajar gate.  On either side of the road are some interesting sights.  To the 
    left, between two bonfires, is a cabin that was apparently used by Sergie.  
    To the right is a little history lesson on the asylum.
    Go across the first bridge.  On this level, you will discover that Slayers 
    now regenerate.  To finish them off for good, simply take off their heads.  
    You can do this with a well placed shot before taking them down, but it's 
    often easier to just run up to them while they're on the ground and blast 
    To the right of the trail is a burned house with supplies and an archive 
    page.  Atop the fireplace is a gas can.  From here you can get atop the 
    building and escape the flames.
    Continue down the trail.  To the right is a grotto sheltering a cave.  At the 
    end of the cave is the last ingredient to create a flamethrower.  This is the 
    first opportunity I've seen to make it.  Leave the cave quickly before the 
    green gas incapacitates you.
    Farther along, your path is blocked by flames.  Climb the rocks to your left 
    to get around them.
    Next you come to a collapsed bridge.  To the right is an old pickup with a 
    jack.  Use the jack to send the pickup rolling down the hill.  Drop down to 
    the stream.  But before you climb over the pickup, follow the stream to a 
    small beach.  Here you'll learn Torque can't swim.  You'll also have to fight 
    for your life.
    Return to the pickup and climb to the other side of the ravine.
    Immediately to your right is a supply stash.  Continue down the road until 
    you meet Clem.  You can help him or not.  If you decide to kill him, you must 
    let him finish his spiel first or he won't die.
    On the beach you will fight Festers.  They are immune to bullets.  You must 
    either slash them or dispatch them with explosives or Molotovs.
    Continue along the beach until you come to a derelict ship.  Inside the ship 
    is an iron gate.  Eventually, a Fester will burst through the gate.  Keep 
    checking back until it happens.  Go inside the ship and up the ramp to the 
    opening in the wall.  Shoot the barrels on the ledge across from you and, 
    once the oil permeates the water below, throw in a Molotov cocktail.  That 
    puts a stop to the Festers.
    You can explore the rest of the beach.  If you're trying to help Clem, you 
    should visit his raft as he sets sail.  When you're done exploring, go inside 
    the ship and climb to the deck.  Then jump across to the large drainpipe and 
    the end of the level.
    Start by running.  Turn left, right, right, then left to reach the ladder 
    out.  Fight your way up through the supply room to the munitions.  Clem's map 
    has some clearly marked stashes you can reach by smashing through walls with 
    your axe.
    In the munitions room is a fairly simple lever puzzle.  Each crank moves a 
    gate through one of three positions.  Get the openings lined up in the center 
    and you're good to go.
    In the Medical Lab are two caged slayers.  Killing them earns you evil 
    points.  Throw the red switch to exit.  At the intersection, go right or left 
    depending on if you followed the directions in Chapter 2 for finding the 
    Gonzo Gun.
    If you followed the directions in this walkthrough for Chapter 2, turn RIGHT.  
    Go to Solitary and go through the red door.  There is a crate in this 
    hallway.  Climb onto the crate and jump up to a small niche with the Gonzo 
    If you didn't follow the directions in this walkthrough for Chapter 2, turn 
    LEFT.  You'll come to a smaller group of Solitary cells.  There's a wood door 
    next to some gas tanks.  Shoot the tanks to blast open the door.  Follow the 
    path until you come to a crate blocking a red door.  Pull the crate backward 
    a very long distance, until it's in the part of the hall with the high 
    ceiling.  Up to one side you can see an opening in the wall.  Climb onto the 
    crate and jump to a small niche with ammo, a revolver, and the Gonzo Gun.
    Drop back into the hall and go out the red door.  From Solitary, make your 
    way through the workshop and then south.  You'll run into Hoarce, who opens 
    the blue door to D-Building.
    Go upstairs and turn left to reach the electric chamber.  Each of the 
    electrical boxes is protected by a force field.  The field will turn yellow 
    and then vanish.  When it's off, blow up the electric box.  Continue 
    clockwise around the room destroying the electrical boxes in this way.  Jump 
    over the static field as it radiates toward you.  
    When all the electrical boxes are ruined, throw the lever on the east wall.
    Go out through the broken window and turn left.  Make your way through the 
    gas chamber and along some corridors to the stairs up.  Make your way back to 
    D-Block, where you started the game.  You'll know you've reached it when 
    things get trippy.  Talk to your phantom family.  A projector will switch on.  
    Go into the cell it's pointing at and grab Dr. Killjoy's diagnosis.  This 
    will trigger an attack by Festers, and also open the way out for you.
    Go through the locker room and down the stairs.  When you reach the wall of 
    flames, rats will show you the opening in the wall to the right.  Head 
    Go through the hole in the fence and climb down the hill.  If both guards 
    below you survive, you earn good points.
    Go through the doorway opened by the Festers into the exercise yard.  The 
    gate on the far side takes you to the communications shack.  Inside you get 
    an urgent tickertape.  When you leave the shack, a fester conveniently opens 
    a heretofore locked gate.  Go through the gate but don't grab the machine gun 
    until after you take out the festers with Molotov cocktails.  Then gun down 
    the waves of slayers.
    Go though the hole in the wall and out the door to end the level.
    Go though the open gate.  Pull the crate next to the low building and climb 
    to the roof.  There's a machine gun up here you can use on those below.
    Hop down the way you came and circle the building.  You'll have many slayers 
    to fight, but they will eventually stop coming.  If the bus hasn't already 
    rolled down the hill, shoot the block of wood behind its right rear tire to 
    send it on its way.  Climb over the bus to get out of the prison.
    As you make your way down the road, there's a cinema of inmates having an 
    auto accident.
    The road is blocked by flames.  But if you explore the cliffs near where the 
    cinema triggered, you'll find a path that leads down through a cave.  From 
    here you can hop across the river and then climb up the other side.  But 
    before you get to dry land, you might want to hop across the rocks to reach 
    the crashed car and the supplies it contains.
    Inside the shack next to the closed gate you'll find supplies.  Continue 
    along the road until you reach a collapsed tunnel.  Make your way through the 
    woods to the right, taking any of three paths.  Before long you'll come to a 
    clearing with some stakes and a machine gun.  Man the machine gun and shoot 
    the hordes of Marksmen.
    There are two exits from this clearing, the obvious exit and a smaller path 
    through the trees to the right of where you entered.  Take the smaller path.  
    You come to a supply shack.  To open the shack, drag the nearby TNT crate as 
    near to it as you can and detonate it from afar.  Climb atop the shack and 
    clamber up to the ledge above.  Follow the path until you reach the crashed 
    Return to the firing squad field and go to the left.  Watch out for the mad 
    bomber who throws TNT from the cave.  Follow him into the cave.
    Keep to the right and you'll find a supply cache under a radio tower.  The 
    main path leads to the left.  Follow the flares left by the mad bomber 
    through a series of caves.  Ultimately you come to a dead end.  Backtrack to 
    the tall chamber.  There are ledges to one side that you can ascend.
    Progress through the caves by the only path available.  The next dead end has 
    a trapdoor in the ceiling.  Proceed through Fort Maleson by the only 
    available route until you come to a flight of stairs.  Go down and before 
    manning the machine gun, throw some flares in the dark corners for the work 
    The gun is pointed at a stack of crates.  You need to detonate them to 
    unleash an army of Marksmen and Mainliners.
    Follow the caves to where the Mad Bomber is trapped.  You can free him by 
    shoving a TNT crate next to the stalagmites imprisoning him and detonating it 
    from a safe distance.  Blowing the wall also helps you get a clear shot at 
    him if you're going for evil points.
    Follow the caves until you come outside.  Your guide, if he's still alive, 
    will go left.  Follow him to the left and you will encounter a lot fewer 
    monsters.  For a greater challenge, fight your way to the right and come back 
    later for your companion.
    Either way, you'll eventually enter a large cave.  At the end of the cave is 
    a ladder.  Keep going until you reach the lighthouse basement where you'll 
    part ways with your guide (if you haven't killed him already).
    Hermes will taunt you and let loose with his green gas.  Run around the room 
    shutting off the red valves in the corners.  Then close the trapdoors.  Two 
    are held open by ropes.  Another is closed by detonating the stack of crates 
    behind it.  A third you need to shove a crate on top of.
    Eventually Hermes will only be able to move between just two trapdoors.  When 
    he starts to form in front of the furnace, turn the crack right in front of 
    the furnace to send steam gushing against him.  The steam drives him into the 
    furnace.  Run forward and slam the furnace door using the action button.
    Leave by the door that opens for you.  Climb the ladder to end the level.
    Leave the lighthouse and you'll meet three girls, called Inferna.  Eduardo 
    will help you kill them.  Once the inferna scream and turn into piles of 
    ashes, you must destroy their ashes or they will regenerate.
    Take the road to the right, which leads to a guardhouse.  Here Eduardo will 
    join you.  He's one of the most helpful companions, so you might want to keep 
    him around for awhile.  If you're playing for evil points, you can always 
    kill him later.
    Eduardo takes you back to the lighthouse, and then says you need to turn on 
    the generator.  He leads you on a very roundabout island excursion.  From the 
    lighthouse, he goes west and then cuts south to a small cemetery where you 
    meet more inferna.  Then he goes along the south edge of the island to a 
    truck where more inferna attack.  From there he leads you back to the main 
    road and turns west toward the generator.
    Quickly go into the door to the right of the collapsed tunnel and climb to 
    the spotlight.  Direct it at the fiery pit on the other side of the fence to 
    stem the never-ending supply of slayers.  Now get back down and help Eduardor 
    mop up any survivors.
    To the right side of the fence is an opening.  As you approach, three inferna 
    attack.  Go into the fenced area and in the back you'll find a red switch 
    that turns on the generator.  In the pickup are some supplies.
    Now return to the lighthouse.  On the way, Eduardo, never satisfied with a 
    straight line, veers north off the main road to take the scenic route past 
    some more inferna playing ring around the rosy.
    Eduardo isn't done with you yet.  He lead to you a cave to the north and then 
    says he isn't going in.  But you can if you want.
    Inside the cave are three convicts.  Kill them for evil points, or try to 
    save all three from the hordes of monsters for good points.  Explore the back 
    of the cave further and you will find a pile of stalagmites you can climb to 
    reach a hidden area.  Return to the cave entrance.
    Finally Eduardo leads you back to the lighthouse.  Go straight into the 
    lighthouse and through two doors until you come to a room with a ladder.  
    Climb the ladder and go up the circular ramp.  At the top you'll find a 
    machine with a crank.  Using the crank has no effect.  You must first break 
    the two pieces of debris that are jamming the gears.  Use your axe.  Try the 
    crank again and the lighthouse should start working.
    Exit through the blue door behind you.  Climb up and say hi to your son.  He 
    doesn't act happy to see you.
    Go back down and rejoin Eduardo.  He leads you back to the guardhouse with 
    the closed gate.  Your electrician buddy opens the way for you.
    The final gauntlet to the docks is pretty straightforward.  Often to the side 
    of the road you'll find supplies.  Fight your way down to the tunnel.  Inside 
    you're attacked by inferna.  Climb the scaffolding to the left of the 
    entrance.  In the fenced area is a large horizontal pipe between two green 
    consoles.  There's an explosive crate sitting next to it.  Detonate the crate 
    to break the pipe and cause water to pour out.  Push the nearby moveable 
    crate over the drain in the floor to cause the water to spread out.  
    Ultimately it will extinguish the flames.
    Continue down the road.  You'll come to a pickup by the side that explodes.  
    After you fight the inferna, go to the edge of the bridge and have a chat 
    with Hermes, who isn't as dead as you thought.  There's a cinema of an 
    onrushing bus that you need to dodge.
    To the left of this area is a ledge with supplies.  Jump onto the bus to 
    cross the chasm.
    Further down the road, past some Festers, is an area off to the left that 
    gives you a view of the burning village where Eduardo's family lives.  
    Eduardo leaves to save his family.  You cannot follow him because of a wall 
    of fire that springs up.  Inferna attack.
    Continue past the cliff diving girls.  The docks are just around the corner. 
    There is a building here with a few Xombium.
    At the docks, you have three final bosses to fight.  The first is your demon 
    self.  Take him out with guns.  The Gonzo gun is particularly effective here, 
    or you can use the machine gun mounted in one corner.
    Next you are attacked by your human self.  Invoke insanity mode to take him 
    The final boss is a big sucker.  He smashes the gate around the controls for 
    Dr. Killoy's blue device.  Run up to the controls and lower the device by 
    pressing action and then down.  The device will fire periodically.  Run under 
    it to charge Torque with blue energy.  Then use the Throw button to hurl blue 
    energy balls at the final boss.  Aim for red light in the center of his 
    chest.  You can tell when you hit because his body is laced with a blue 
    current.  The iron crates next to the device make excellent cover from all 
    the of the boss's attacks.
    After many hits, the monster finally dies.
    The ending you get depends on whether you did good deeds, evil deeds, or 
    relied heavily on insanity mode.
    If you have lots of good points, you get Torque's family.
    If you have more evil points, you get Torque.
    If you used Torque's monster side a lot, you will get the Monster ending.

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