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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RMurtha

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                     WALKTHROUGH FOR THE PS2, XBOX, OR PC
    Walkthrough Version 3.0
    April 2008
    E-mail: randym1375@yahoo.com
    This document is Copyrighted by Randy Murtha, March 2005 and may not be 
    reproduced in part or in full without the written consent of the 
    author. Nor shall this be posted on a website or printed in a magazine 
    without my consent.  All Rights Reserved.
    1) Introduction to Walkthrough
    2) More Walkthroughs by me, Version History
    3) The Suffering's Story and Background
    4) Weapons and Items
    5) Using the Insanity Meter, Moral Meter, and Alternate Game                 
    6) Assembling the Flamethrower
    7) Enemies 
    8) Game Walkthrough
    9) Unlockable Secret
    10) Cheat Codes
    11) A Really Funny E-Mail
    12) Credits, E-mail Rules, and Legal Issues
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         Welcome to my very in-depth and extensive walkthrough for The 
    Suffering for the PS2, Xbox, or your PC.  I've played damn near every 
    horror game on the market and this is without a doubt the most twisted, 
    creepiest, weirdest, sickest, disturbing, bloodiest, bugged out, 
    demented, foul mouthed, best damn horror game ever made and Midway has 
    a lot of balls for publishing it, I applaud them. I can't imagine the 
    hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of complaints Midway and 
    Surreal received for this game. The person(s) who thought up this game 
    better take their ass to a shrink, medication is definitely in order 
    for their dilapidating mental condition, time for the Thorazine shuffle 
    I say.  But all said and done, thanks Surreal for making this 
    shockingly brutal and apalling game.  
         And one more thing, this is an M rated game so if you have 
    children or younger siblings, be responsible and don't play this game 
    in front of them, or any other M rated game around them.  Kids have 
    enough crap to try and digest these days and seeing horrific bloody 
    images, hearing loads of swear words (this game has so much foul 
    language in it that it makes the movie "Goodfellas" seem rated G), 
    and watching monsters running around slaughtering people won't help 
    much, unless your parental goal is to raise a serial killer.  And let 
    me tell you, if a young child sees this game not only will they never 
    sleep again, they most certainly will be emotionally scarred.  I know 
    some evil brothers out there would find it funny to play this game in 
    front of their six year old sibling, but it won't be so funny when 
    that sibling sticks a Shiv in your ear while you're sleeping, now 
    will it?
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    Version 1.0
    March 12, 2005
       This is the first, complete version of my guide.  
    Version 1.5
    March 15, 2005
         I added a cheat code section.
    Version 2.0
    February 6, 2006
         Sorry if I haven't been answering the numerous e-mail's promptly, 
    I've been without the internet for a little while because of a dispute 
    with the cable company, but I'm up and running again, and DSL isn't 
    available in my area, can you believe that crap?  I added an Assembling 
    The Flamethrower section because I'm sick and tired of all the e-mails 
    people keep sending me asking how to make the damn thing.  I also added 
    a really funny e-mail I got from this religous freak I thought you all 
    would get a kick out of.
    Version 2.5
    January 2008
         Fixed typos and shit as usual and added "Quake II," "Fable: The 
    Lost Chapters" and "The Suffering: Ties That Bind" to other walkthrough 
    I wrote.
    Version 3.0	
    April 2008
         Added in the location of the Gonzo Gun that a reader sent in, 
    thank you Charles Valentino.     
    ***  Word for word from the instruction manual, I did this for all the 
    people who bought this game used that didn't come with the instruction 
    manual and wanted to know a little bit more about the history of the 
    locales they'll be playing the game in.  I know some people will 
    appreciate this and for those of you who do you're welcome, I'm glad I 
    can help you understand this demented game a little better.
         Carnate Island is certainly among the most bizarre and unique of 
    the properties owned and maintained by the Department of Corrections 
    (D.O.C.) and the decision to locate Abbott State Penitentaiary there 
    was dubious at best.
         The D.O.C. has received innumerable complaints from facility 
    staff, who resent living in such a remote location with such a storied 
    history, not to mention unseasonably poor weather.  Penetentiaries are 
    not meant to be pleasent, of course, but Carnate takes this principle 
    to a new level.
         The island is located ten miles off the coast of Maryland.  A 
    Puritan village was the first recorded group of Caucasian settlers in 
    the late 17th century.  After only a few decades a horrifying event 
    transpired that involved the tragic deaths of a number of townspeople.  
    This resulted in the disbanding of the community.
         A lighthouse was built on the island in 1834, and is still in 
    operation to this day.  It is now automated, though it is plagued by 
    frequent breakdowns.
         In the late 19th century, a wealthy family purchased the entire 
    island and built a sizeable estate on its west side.  The family's stay 
    was short lived.  Apparently they were deeply traumatized by an 
    undisclosed incident and immediately moved away.
         The mansion was subsequently converted into a mental institution, 
    though whether it was offically accredited remains uncertain.  The 
    Carnate Institution for the Alienated, as it was called, was run by one 
    Dr. Killjoy until some time in the 1920's.
         Files indicate that Killjoy's methods were unscientific at best, 
    barbaric and depraved at worst.  The asylum still stands today, and 
    anyone who has paid it a visit will have a ghost story to tell you.
         The federal government acquired this island in the 1940's for use 
    by the US Army during World War II.  Following the war, ownership was 
    transfered to the state of Maryland, and the facilities were converted 
    into Abbott State Penitentiary.  Operation of the facility continues to 
    this day.
         The D.O.C. also provides barracks for corrections officers and 
    their families, necessary since their is no regular ferry service to 
    the mainland.  Employee retention rate at Abbott is low; unsurprising, 
    given the bizarre living arrangements that are required of employees, 
    not to mention the generally unsettling and unpleasent nature of the 
    island itself.
         Unfortunately for the Maryland Department of Corrections, Abbott 
    State Penitentiary is a facility whose reputation is hopelessly 
    tarnished.  The facility has been represented consistently and 
    negatively in the media, but the facts do not paint a pretty picture.
         Among Abbott's failings: one of the highest homicide rates of any 
    penitentiary in the country; an extremely volatile population, with six 
    full-scale riots in the last twenty years; an extremely low retention 
    rate among wardens (there have been eight in the last fifteen years), 
    not to mention the continually disgruntled corrections officers 
    (officers have been known to quit rather than accept transfer to 
    Abbott); an aging facility that has not been properly maintained, with 
    the sea air having corroded and worn the facility; and finally the 
    ominous history of Carnate Island itself.
         As difficult as it may be for us within the D.O.C. to admit, few 
    who have visited it would deny that Abbott's reputation is deserved.
         Origionally, Abbott's central structures were used by the United 
    States Army as a prisoner of war camp during World War II.  Maryland 
    acquired the property shortly after the war, and the D.O.C. established 
    Abbott there in 1948.
        A rock quarry was used to provide the raw materials for 
    construction, while the inmates provided the labor.  Maryland transfers 
    only its highest risk and most violent inmates here, and the 
    corrections officers struggle just to keep themselves safe.
         It is this writer's opinion that the officers have given up on 
    trying to maintain a facility that is safe for inmates.  One can hardly 
    blame them.
         The state carries out its death sentences at Abbott.  Fortunately, 
    due to geographical reality, death penalty protesters have a difficult 
    time making it to the penitentiary, which the D.O.C. views as a plus. A 
    few protesters have tried, with some unfortunate results.
         Over the years, Abbott has employed a number of execution methods: 
    the electric chair, the gas chamber, and lethal injection, which is the 
    only one still in use today.  Further contributing to Abbott's dark 
    reputation is the story of Captain Hermes Haight, a Corrections Officer 
    who served as executioner for some 27 years.
         In a truly surreal incident, Haight ended up taking his own life 
    in the gas chamber.  Unfortunately, this is the type of behavior that 
    Carnate Island seems to bring out in people.
    COMPLETED BY:  Supervising Corrections Officer Ethan Edwards
    HEIGHT:  5'10"                        WEIGHT:  180 lbs
    HAIR:  Dark brown/black               EYES:  Brown
    MARKS/SCARS/TATTOOS:  Large tattoo across his back.
    NEXT OF KIN:  None.
    OFFENSE:  3 counts of first degree murder.  Convicted, 8/2
    SENTENCE:  Death by lethal injection.
    RELEASE DATE:  Scheduled date of execution is Dec. 15
    CURRENT LEGAL STATUS:  No appeals pending.
    ASSIGNED HOUSING UNIT:  D-Block, unit #DX-02.
    MEDICAL STATUS:  Inmate claims to be prone to black outs, during which 
    time he has no memory of his actions.  No medical data has ever been 
    presented to back up his claims.  Inmate has anger management issues.
    NOTES:  Corrections officers will need to be mindful of inmate's 
    safety due to the nature of his crime.  D.O.C. regulations prohibit 
    discussion of the specifics of an inmate's crime between officers, but 
    do to the high level of publicity surrounding this inmate's offense I 
    will make an exception: inmate was convicted of killing his ex-wife 
    and two young children.  Penitentiary population does not look well on 
    child killers.  That said, inmate has a record of violent (and 
    sometimes lethal) altercations during previous sentence carried out at 
    Eastern Correctional Institution.  In short: it seems he is able to 
    take care of himself.  Despite periodic outbursts of violence 
    (primarily against other inmates), inmate has been very cooperative 
    with corrections personnel.  This inmate will need to be watched 
    closely, though the ammount of trouble he could cause on death row is 
    certainly minimal.
    - WEAPONS -
    SHIV: Commonly referred to as the Shank by many inmates, this homemade 
    blade serves its purpose of bleeding the freaks.
    MOLOTOV COCKTAIL:  Feel like watching some freaks burn?  Then toss one 
    of these homemade gasoline bombs their way.
    AXE:  Hack, slash, and chop your way through the never ending hordes!
    TNT:  Toss a stick of this at an enemies head and watch what happens.
    GRENADES:  Need I say more?
    REVOLVER:  A .357 Magnum that packs quite a punch.  This is the weapon 
    most frequently used throughout the game and around the third level 
    you can carry two of them so you can get all Clint Eastwood and lay 
    down the law.
    TOMMY GUN:  Run around and pretend to be Al Capone with this machine 
    gun that packs a good wallop.    
    PUMP ACTION SHOTGUN:  Works great at close range but don't use it if 
    an enemy is more than ten yards away.  It also has a slow reload time 
    so make sure you load it after you wipe a room of freaks out, not 
    while in a room full of freaks attacking you.
    BROWNING M2:  These stationary heavy machine guns are set up in 
    strategic positions throughout the game and you can't pick them up to 
    carry around.
    FLAMETHROWER:  You won't find this until very late in the game and 
    ammo for it is extremely scarce.  To assemble this weapon you'll need 
    to find a bicycle pump, flare, and a can of gasoline.
    GONZO GUN:  This weapon just adds to the weirdness of this game.  This 
    is a chicken gun.  Yes, a chicken gun...that shoots eggs...quite lame 
    if you ask me.  
    - ITEMS -
    FLASHLIGHT:  To help you see and make your way through the dark 
    BATTERIES:  For your flashlight.
    MAPS:  To navigate your way around this hellacious place.
    XOMBIUM:  Pain killers that also heal any damage you have taken, you 
    can only carry a maximum of nine bottles.
    FLARES:  To see in really dark places.
    FLASH BANG GRENADES:  Temporarily blinds the enemy.
    CLEM'S NOTEBOOK:  This little book contains detailed information about 
    all of the creatures you encounter throughout the game.  When you 
    first fight an enemy never seen before, its description will go into 
    this book.  You don't even have to read the descriptions, they're 
    CONSUELA'S JOURNAL:  This narrated journal contains photos and 
    detailed information about Carnate Island and its corrupted history.  
    You have to find all the entries for this book by entering certain 
         Next to your health meter is the insanity meter.  You fill it up 
    by killing enemies and when it starts flashing you can change into a 
    horrific beast and literally tear the enemies apart with your insanely 
    sharp claws.  The more you use this the bigger your meter becomes.  
    When you fill the meter up to the max, you get a new devistating 
    attack to wreak havoc on all the monsters running around.
         In the bottom right hand corner of the gameplay screen there is a 
    little blue bar that pops up every so often.  This is your moral 
    meter.  If you play the game as a good boy and don't go haywire using 
    insanity mode, then the meter should remain full.  If you use insanity 
    mode a lot and kill people you can help then the meter will drop, thus 
    determining which ending of the game you'll receive.
         There are three different endings you can expierience for this 
    game: a good ending, a bad ending, and an insane ending.  The ending 
    depends on your actions while you play the game.  If you help people 
    that need your help throughout the game and don't use  insanity mode 
    too much, you'll get the good ending.  If you decide to kill the 
    people that need help instead of helping them and don't use insanity 
    mode that much, you'll get the bad ending.  And if you kill everybody 
    and use insanity mode a lot, you'll get the insane ending.  And what 
    is each ending like you ask?  Find out for yourself, I'm not spoiling 
         Am I ever sick of all the e-mails I get asking how to make the 
    Flamethrower so here's what you need to do: you must have a bicycle 
    pump, a flare, and a can of gasoline.  After you've collected all 
    three pieces the Flamethrower will automatically be added to your 
    weapons.  You won't be able to assemble this weapon until late in the 
    game.  Very late, like in second last level of the game late.  But if 
    you're really lucky you can find one lying on the ground somewhere by 
    a pickup truck...or in a cave...
     7) ENEMIES
    ***  During this game you will encounter the freakiest enemies you've 
    ever had to face in a video game.  Some of these creepy things 
    literally sent chills down my spine.  What kind of whacked out deviant 
    thought up these enemies?  Whomever did I think it's time for the 
    Thorazine shuffle, little green smiley face slippers and a straight-
    jacket, along with several years of elctro-shock therapy, let's not 
    forget the little padded room you should be in also, strapped to the 
    fuckin' wall and kept hidden from the world like Sloth from "The 
    Goonies."  Because of the many brutal executions and torture that went 
    on at Carnate Island, most of the enemies represent one form of 
    torture or another.  While fighting any enemy in this game, move, 
    move, move!  DO NOT stand in one spot trying to get all John Wayne or 
    you'll just be a sitting duck because these creeps are way too fast 
    and powerful.  For more detailed information on enemies, read Clem's 
    Notebook during the game because my descriptions are short and to the 
    SLAYER:  These are the freakiest freaks of all the freaks you will 
    encounter, and also the most abundant.  Instead of limbs these creeps 
    have wickedly sharp blades.  These things are really fast, climb on 
    walls and ceilings, crawl very low to the ground, and are extremely 
    deadly at close range.  Some of these things are larger than others 
    and thus deadlier. 
    MARKSMAN:  These big monstrosities are a bunch of guys melted into 
    one.  These things are quite big and have numerous rifles fused into 
    its back. These weirdos are pretty fast considering their size and 
    will do some heavy damage if you let them. 
    MAINLINER:  These cretants have syringes sticking out all over the 
    place, their eyes are even syringes, very creepy.  They shoot 
    flourescent green fluid at you and if they get too close they'll stick 
    you and pump some lethal injection fluid in you.  These are one of the 
    deadliest enemies in the game so be careful while you fight them.  
    When you kill them they'll bleed this green fluid and it will be 
    smoldering on the ground, don't walk through it or you'll lose health.  
    BURROWER:  A very disturbing enemy to say the least.  These things are 
    wrapped in a canvas tarp and whip chains at you.  They move around 
    underground, you'll see the soil moving and when you do be careful.  
    Although these are very weak creatures (one shotgun blast should kill 
    one) they are extremely deadly and if two or more are around you, 
    you're in a heap of trouble.    
    NOOSEMAN:  These bloody decaying torsos with a head and arms drop down 
    from the ceiling and choke the crap out of you.  They will surprise 
    you 'cause you never see them coming.  You can usually tell when one 
    will drop down by the big blood stain on the ceiling but who in the 
    hell plays a game looking at the ceiling all the time?  I know I 
    don't.  (And as the sun goes down I say, it's a good day to die, a 
    good day to die, from the hangmans noose - Devil Driver).
    FESTER:  These things are definitely the ugliest bastards you've ever 
    seen.  They are huge and carry around morning stars to seriously mess 
    you up.  They also release exploding rats to chase you down.  The best 
    way to kill these cretants are with fire or explosive weapons.  If you 
    got a pair of brass balls you can hack these things up with an axe, 
    but you're risking your life if you try this because it'll take a 
    minute.  Also note that if you don't kill these freaks with fire then 
    their stomachs will burst open releasing a bunch of exploding rats, 
    which are damn near impossible to kill them all before they reach you 
    to inflict massive damage.  
    INFERNA:  Evil little girls that are on fire.  These pyro's are the 
    deadliest enemies in the game and will prove to be quite the menace in 
    the later levels.  The only way to kill them is to destroy their ashes 
    when they fall.  If you don't destroy their ashes they'll just keep 
    respawning and set you on fire some more.
    BOSSES:  I won't spoil them for you up here, look in the walkthrough 
    section below to find out who, or what, they are.
                                * NOTICE *
         This game is great and it is intended for adults, it will disturb 
    you, if not scare the living daylights out of you.  Throughout your 
    quest you will see and hear some very sick shit that is not for the 
    faint or easily offended.  If you get offended by the F word and every 
    other swearword known to man, don't play this game.  If you get 
    offended by extreme violence and grossed out by lots of blood, don't 
    play this game.  If you get offended by seeing dead children, don't 
    play this game.  If you get offended by references to necrophilia 
    (having sex with dead people), don't play this game.  And the list 
    goes on and on, I think you get my point.  Parents, once again I 
    strongly advise that no one under the age of 17 should play or view 
    this game.  
         What makes this game even better is that you can play it in first 
    or third person.  I highly recommend first person view, especially 
    while facing enemies and the graphics are slightly better in first 
    person. I fail to mention A LOT of enemies throughout the game, this 
    was to heighten the scare factor and I didn't want to spoil all of 
    your fun, and some things you see I won't even mention because they're 
    too good to spoil.  I tried to make this guide as spoiler free as 
    possible, meaning I'll tell you to open a door to see a ghost, or see 
    some weird stuff going on to your left and so on; I won't describe the 
    details because I don't believe in spoiling the strange things going 
    on in this game, that would be cruel.  I don't want to be responsible 
    for robbing you of a great video game expierience.  The visions you 
    see and the background voices you hear while playing the game will 
    vary depending on your actions, and the moral decisions you make will 
    slightly alter the story, which to me is good because it adds 
    significantly to the replay value.  I will also fail to mention tons 
    of ammo and health since these items are in pretty much every room and 
    area you will be exploring so keep your eyeballs peeled.  This game is 
    in no way cheap on the ammo and health and you'll almost always have a 
    maxed out inventory...unless you really suck and if that's the case 
    then go back to playing spank the Monkey Balls and Ratchet and Wank, I 
    mean Clank.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ THE WORST PLACE ON EARTH ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
          "My first day on the island I knew my life was over. 
           I had reached the heart of darkness, a stygian abyss,
           the supreme nexus of despair.  I knew."
                                                   Ranse Truman
         After the smile inducing opening cut scene and the chaos 
    commences, put a pair of your grandmothers depends on in case you shit 
    yourself!  If you're a total yuppie who doesn't like hearing bad words, 
    stop playing now because it gets a WHOLE lot worse.  Leave your cell 
    and go to the locked gate, a guard will run up to you and freak 
    out...for good reason.  A cell door will fall behind you so go in there 
    and pull the Shiv out of that poor souls back.  Check out the naked 
    babe pics on the wall and leave the cell, the cell door where that 
    guard was just at will fly off, nearly decapitating you in the process.  
    Go through it and a control room will be on the left, go in there and 
    open the locker for some flashlight batteries, press the red button on 
    the wall to open the cells where you just came from, and take a look on 
    the TV monitors.  You can look at every monitor you see throughout the 
    game, just letting you know.  Go back into the cell area and search two 
    cells for an Xombium bottle in each.  
         Run past the control room to a door, kick it in to be in another 
    hallway and hang an immediate left.  On the wall ahead you will see 
    signs, showers pointing to the left and right to administration.  Go 
    into the showers and open the lockers on the right for a nice surprise, 
    next to the lockers are two Xombium bottles, the lockers across these 
    ones have batteries in it, and don't forget to check out the bloody bar 
    of soap in the middle of the shower by the floor drain.  Am I the only 
    one who finds this hilarious?  A dropped bloody bar of soap in the 
    middle of the shower, in a prison.  Gives a whole new meaning to that 
    old saying "don't drop the soap..." unless you want to be bleeding from 
    the ass that is.  Leave the showers, answer the phone on the little 
    desk if you want, and go into the administration office and search this 
    slaughter fest for items.  Some serious shit went down in this room, 
    damn.  In most dark rooms you can flick the light switch to brighten 
    the place up which is located on the wall near the door where you enter 
    rooms, common sense I know but a lot of people out there don't have any 
    and will search for a light switch for a half hour, then e-mail me 
    asking where it is.  Seriously.  Some people are really fuckin' stupid 
    and have no business playing video games.  Run back past the hallway 
    that leads to your old cell and you'll see some dude saying to follow 
    him.  Do so and laugh, then turn around to see a locked cell door, walk 
    up to it and a guard will appear.  After the shockingly brutal awesome 
    little scene, the door to the control room on the left will fall off.  
    Go in there to find the Death House Map, an Urgent Note, and some 
    batteries, push the red button on the wall to make the gate open where 
    the guard just was, and take a look at the monitors if you want.  Head 
    through the gate to reach a checkpoint.
         Head forwards and go through the door on the left, the one to your 
    right is locked.  Hang a right and you'll have your first encounter 
    with a Slayer, a message should've appeared in the upper left corner 
    saying the Slayer was added to Clem's Notebook.  Waste the freak with 
    your Shiv and take a look at this things description in the notebook.  
    You'll see some stairs going down on the left and a mens room on the 
    right.  Go try to open the mens room door and hear someone shooting 
    monsters behind it, then a guard will open the door and tell you to 
    "freeze or he'll blow your fucking off."  Go into the bathroom and look 
    in the locked stall for some really weird imagery to pop up on the 
    screen.  You'll hear conflicting voices in your head, one urging you to 
    kill the guard and one urging you to help him.  You have a choice here, 
    you can kill him to be covered from head to toe in blood and take his 
    .357, or you can help him out and get the gun in two minutes, the 
    choice is yours.  Remember that killing people you can help results in 
    a worse ending for the game.  Go down the hallway to the right of the 
    stairs and go through the door to find a flashlight.  Leave this room 
    and go down the stairs and a locked cell gate will be ahead of you and 
    a control room to the left of it.  If you're helping the guard, he'll 
    go into the control room and open the gate for you.  If you whacked the 
    guard then it will fall down.
         Either way the locked cell door gets opened so head through it, 
    then another one to be in a large room.  Go into the door across from 
    you to be in the prison morgue, in here is some revolver ammo and four 
    bottles of Xombium.  Leave the morgue and the guard will get fried just 
    to the right in the entrance to the electric chair room, if you killed 
    him then this door will be closed and locked.  It still counts that you 
    helped him 'cause he died on his own, you had nothing to do with it.  
    Go pick up his .357 and check out the chair.  Leave the room and on 
    your right will be some debris blocking the doorway, break through it 
    with the Shiv and answer the phone if you want.  Grab the bottle of 
    dope next to the headless guards body and you'll see a vending machine 
    blocking a door behind it.  Pull it back, go through the door it was 
    blocking and head down the hall on the right to reach another 
         Go through the first door on the right to be in the chairs control 
    room, search for ammo and stuff, take a look at the TV monitors if you 
    wish, and pull the switch to juice up the chair for a good laugh.  If 
    you haven't noticed yet, when you look at the monitors for a few 
    minutes you'll often see some weird shit going on.  Leave this room and 
    go right into a room with a checkered floor.  To your left are the main 
    prison doors and a metal detector with some ammo next to it, there's 
    also a little room with more ammo in it.  Across from where you entered 
    this room is a door, to the left of it is an open cell gate with a 
    statue blocking the way.  Go and pull the statue 7 steps back, then go 
    into the door to the right of you for a Carnate Island Map.  Push the 
    red button in here and you'll see a cell gate open in front of you, the 
    one that was behind the statue, the statue should now be blocking 
    another gate from closing.  If the statue's not preventing the gate 
    from closing, you didn't pull it back far enough so press the red 
    button to open the gate back up to try again.  
         Go through the gate behind the statue and you'll see a beast run 
    down a corridor to the right, follow it to be in the gas chambers 
    control room.  The Death House archive page should now be added to 
    Consuela's Journal, check it out if you want.  You'll see a guard 
    trapped in the chamber, you can gas the bastard if you please via the 
    yellow button.  Leave the room and hang a right, then go through the 
    second door on the right to wind up in the lethal injection control 
    room, search for ammo and such.  Leave the room and go left, then 
    through the first door on the left.  You'll see that beast thing again, 
    follow the corridor to the open door on the right and it will slam 
    shut.  You are now in the room with the gas chamber and a spirit will 
    pop up and talk some weird smack to you, then he'll turn on the gas.  
    If you gassed the guard, then the door to the chamber will fall open 
    and lethal gas starts pouring into the room.  If you didn't gas the 
    guard before then you get to watch him die right now, when he does 
    he'll fall into the door to open up the chamber.  Go stand near the 
    viewing glass to see a Slayer.  Get its attention and it'll jump into 
    the glass eventually busting through it.  Go through the broken window 
    and go down the corridor to the left, then run down the stairs.  Behind 
    the stairs there's health and ammo along with the Death House Basement 
    Map.  Go through the cell gate at the bottom of the stairs and through 
    the door to the next level.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ DESCENDING ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
               "Take away a mans light, his clothes, his food,
               his friends, his air, and you leave him with
               nothing but himself.  And for most that is not
               pleasent company."
         So what do you think of this game so far?  Pretty sick, twisted, 
    and morbid isn't it?  Never before has a gaming company had the balls 
    or the audacity to release something like this. This game puts all 
    others in the horror genre to shame!  Thank you Midway and Surreal, 
    even though you're probably helping a few serial killers realize their 
    potential.  The Resident Evil series is more like the Kirby's adventure 
    series compared to this.  Yeah, I said it, eat that shit Capcom!  Don't 
    see a lame ass disclaimer depicting "extreme blood and gore" when I 
    play this.  And what gore are they disclaiming anyways?  What a joke. 
         Go straight for some items and Tommy Gun ammo, you'll be finding 
    the gun for it in a little bit.  Go through the narrow corridor on the 
    right to watch yet another disturbing cut scene and meet Dr. Killjoy, 
    Hermes, and Horace.  Pretty dreary shit in this game.  Head down the 
    stairs and kill all the Slayers (be careful of the oxygen tanks in 
    here, if you shoot them or use your claws on them, kablooie), after you 
    kill five or six you'll have an insanity meter.  After you kill a few 
    more freaks the meter will start flashing, this means you can turn into 
    a horrific beast, do so and test insanity mode out.  After you 
    obliterated all the creeps go through the door down here and take the 
    flares off the floor, follow the corridor through some water and enter 
    a room with a generator.  Pull the lever to the left of the doorway to 
    make a wall blow out behind you.  Go to the back of the generator room 
    and climb onto the locker, then to the ledge above you and go through 
    the door to reach a checkpoint. 
         You'll see some weird monstrosity, follow it to watch it waste a 
    guard, then kill it.  This monster, Marksman, should now be added to 
    Clem's Notebook.  Go through the door to the right of where the guard 
    was just executed, pull the lever and go into the room on the right 
    with a bunch of coffins leaning upright against the wall.  Exit this 
    room to the left to be in a hallway that goes left or right, left are 
    some red lights but hang a right.  Enter another room with three 
    alcoves blocked by 2x4's, bust them down if you're in need of health 
    and ammo and to hear some freak talking vile stuff to you.  Across from 
    the alcoves are some oxygen tanks next to a door, stand back and shoot 
    the tanks to blow the door off its hinges.  Go through the blown out 
    door for some Flash Bangs and head through the next door for lots of 
    other goodies.  Continue down the corridor to a steel crate blocking a 
    door, pull it back.  When the crate is pulled back look at the ceiling, 
    you'll see a recessed area up there, rembember this spot 'cause you'll 
    find the Gonzo Gun up there the next time you come back in here in 
    about 12 levels.  Continue along through the door that was blocked by 
    the steel crate and waste all of the cretants in this room and look for 
    a hole in the wall.  Go through it and you'll see a little crank on the 
    wall, turn it to see a door open directly in front of you, go through 
    it to a cracked wall and see some more weird visuals pop up on the 
    screen.  Go down the corridor on the right to some stairs, some weird 
    guy will be talking to you through a locked gate to the left, that's 
    Horace, you'll be seeing plenty of him.  Go up the stairs and take the 
    Tommy Gun and continue along to a ladder, climb it and go through the 
    door to the next level.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ SLUMBER OF THE DEAD ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
                "When you compare killing a person to putting
                 down a dog, you cheapen all human life.  And
                 life in Abbott is the cheapest you'll find
         This will be a short level, sorry to say.  Follow the corridor to 
    doors that will be on your left and right.  Go into the one on the left 
    and turn on the monitor to see more of the infallible Dr. Killjoy, you 
    must turn on the monitor to trigger the cut scene.  It's a funny cut 
    scene but very twisted, it's okay to laugh, you're not demented if you 
    do.  When the lesson is over, leave the room and go through the door 
    ahead of you, well you have to wait for an inmate to come through.  You 
    can either kill him or help him, your choice.  Go through the door to 
    be outside, follow the path to a dead guard and grab the tommy ammo 
    next to him.  You'll see a hole in the wall leading to the room you 
    just saw Killjoy in, there's a bunch of Xombium bottles in there so 
    stock up if you're running low.  Go through the hole in the fence by 
    the bloodied and very dead guard to reach a checkpoint.
         Follow the descending path and you'll see a dead guard with 
    flourescent needles sticking out of him and pick up the revoler next to 
    him, you can now use both at the same time to really wreak some havoc.  
    Go to the right of the dead junkie to see some scaffolding lit up by 
    flood lights.  Waste all the Slayers you see climbing down the wall, 
    then climb up the ladder furthest right to be on the scaffolding.  Jump 
    over the fence on the right and follow the path to a door, go through 
    it to be back in the prison and put this short played level to an end.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ABBOTT PRISON BLUES ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                  "They prime us to kill eachother and then
                  smile when we do.  But I don't blame the
                  psychos, or the gangs, or even the hacks.
                  Abbott sucks us all down."
         If you're helping that dude out, he's still with you and will be 
    to the end of this level so get used to his jib-jab.  Follow the 
    corridor to some debris blocking your progress, bust through it and 
    then push or pull the crate so you can advance further into this 
    hellacious place.  Follow the corridor to a closed door on the left 
    (health is in there) and an open one on the right.  Go through the open 
    one to a door, open it and continue along to be in a control station.  
    Push the red button to open some cells and you'll see this freak with 
    flourescent needles sticking out of it all over the place!  Go through 
    the door in here and follow the hallway to T-Block and you'll also 
    reach a checkpoint.  
         You'll see the cells you just opened up to your right and some 
    stairs going down.  Search the cells if you want and listen to your new 
    buddies story about his junky friend, pretty funny.  Can you believe 
    all the foul language in this game?  You gotta love it.  One of these 
    days I'm going to count how many times the fuck word was used in this 
    game and I bet the count will be far greater than in that movie 
    "Goodfellas."  Head down the stairs and get ready to kill some of those 
    things with green needles sticking out of them you saw through the 
    window, Mainliners, they are now added to Clem's Notebook.  These 
    things are pretty tough and very lethal, inside those needles are the 
    chemicals used for executing scumbags so don't let one of these little 
    bastards get close enough to stick one in you.  If they do happen to 
    stick you, you'll be disoriented and the screen will get blurry for a 
    few seconds and half your health will be depleted.  When they die, a 
    puddle of chemicals will be smoldering around them, don't step in it or 
    you'll lose health.  When you've wasted them all, look for a door just 
    past the bottom of the stairs on the right, a locked gate will be to 
    the left.  Go through the door and down the steps, open the door down 
    here to see a ghost and don't forget the East Cellblock Yard Map.  
         Go back to where you just wasted all the Mainliners, in a cell on 
    the right is an inmate begging you to lock him in, kill him or do him 
    that simple favor.  Across from his cell is a control station, go in 
    there and pull the lever on the wall to lock the cells and that guy 
    will be grateful for your assistance.  Push the red button in here to 
    see two cell gates open up through the window in front of you, there's 
    also an East Cellblock Map in here.  Leave the control room and go left 
    to the two cell gates you just opened.  Go through the one on the right 
    for a little scene you'll enjoy I'm sure.  Sometimes there's no scene 
    to see here, don't ask me why 'cause I don't know, it may have to do 
    with your Moral Meter if it's too low.  Leave this area and go back 
    through the gate, to your right are the showers.  You now have two 
    choices to exit the prison to be back outside.  You can either go into 
    the showers (which has A LOT of Mainliners waiting to piss on your 
    parade) and look in the back far right corner for a corridor blocked by 
    flames, just shoot the fire extinguisher on the wall to the right to 
    put out the fire, then go through the door on the right.  OR, you can 
    go through the now open gate (with a lot less enemies) just past the 
    bottom of the stairs on the left.  In this corridor there will be 
    electric currents blocking a hallway on the left, just shoot the fuse 
    box to stop the flow of electricity and follow the corridor to a door 
    leading outside.  Now choose a way to leave, either way you go you'll 
    wind up in the same place to reach a checkpoint.
         Follow the prison wall to the right, hang a left at the fence and 
    then go through another one to see corn stalks growing (of all things) 
    and a small shack.  You can enter the courtyard just ahead for a nice 
    little shootout with some latino gang members, if you're still helping 
    that inmate out the words exchanged are much better than they would be 
    if you're by yourself.  If you are still helping that guy out, be 
    careful not to shoot him by accident more than three times or he'll 
    turn on you and start capping rounds in your ass.  Go back to the shack 
    and you'll see a large metal crate next to it.  Check the shack for 
    items and then go to the metal crate.  In front of the crate is a small 
    wooden one, move the metal crate so that it is in front of the wooden 
    one, against the shack.  Jump onto the wooden crate, then the steel one 
    and pull yourself up onto the shack to be on a catwalk, Horace appears 
    on the left.  To your right is a crank, turn it to lower a ladder for 
    that annoying inmate if you're still helping him.  Follow the catwalk 
    to a guard house, go in it for an East Cellblock South Map and some 
    ammo.  Leave the guard house and continue along the catwalk to a door, 
    head on through to reach another checkpoint.
         There's a locked cell gate ahead of you, go through the open one 
    on the right, grab the Flamethrower Instructions off the dead guard and 
    the go into the Library on the left.  To your right are two doors, 
    behind one of them is a room with a heap of items, and behind the other 
    one are some stairs.  Waste all the little freaks crawling around and 
    go down the stairs and follow the corridor to a split, the door on the 
    right is locked so go into the one on the left.  Turn on the light in 
    this darkened room, to your right is the door you must go through to 
    advance, but check out what's behind all the other doors in here if you 
    want, and answer the phone if you please.  Go through the door you need 
    to and you'll see two inmates hanging upside down freaking out.  Go 
    through the door on the left to reach a checkpoint.
         Now you get to meet the warden of this fine establishment.  He's 
    in a little room manning a heavy machine gun trying to whack you so run 
    up to the window and toss a flash bang greande in there to blind him, 
    then waste him.  Waste all the guards running around, if you're helping 
    that inmate out he'll shoot 'em too.  When all the guards are wasted, 
    go man the machine gun and waste a ton of Slayers that drop into the 
    room, be careful not to kill your fellow inmate or let the Slayers 
    slice him up.  DO NOT let the Slayers get into the room you're in, 
    there are so many of them that they will overwhelm and kill you in a 
    heart beat.  When they're all good and dead, press the red button by 
    the machine gun and see a cell gate open through the window, so head 
    through it for another checkpoint.
         It's time to free this asshole if you're still helping him.  As 
    soon as you enter the room there is a dumpster to your right.  Climb on 
    top of it and pull yourself up onto a ledge above you.  Head through 
    the door up here and follow that ghost into the bathroom and watch some 
    whacky scene.  Go into the control room just before the bathroom and 
    push the red button on the wall to free that idiot and hear some 
    encouraging words.  Finally, you won't have to put up with this 
    dickheads jib-jab any more.  Search the room for items and then leave, 
    go into the door directly across from you for the next level.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ NO MORE PRISONS ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                  "How many have come to Abbott without
                  guilt?  Too many.  But I don't worry 
                  about the innocent, because on Carnate
                  none of us is without sin for long."
         This level is extremely short and I don't know why it's considered 
    a level all by itself.  Don't let the name of this level fool you 
    either, you'll still be in the prison for a while yet.  You'll start 
    off on a catwalk, enter the guard house in front of you if you need 
    tommy ammo, if not then go down the stairs on the right, then down some 
    more to wind up in the courtyard to see that weird ghost thing again, 
    that's Hermes by the way, you'll be seeing more of him. Go past the 
    burning car on the right for a checkpoint.  Run along the path to a 
    machine gun and man it, 'cause you're about to face a ton of foe.  Cut 
    them all down with machine gun fire and then continue along to a fence.  
    Go through the gate, not the hole, and go back into the prison on the 
    right for the next level.  If you're lucky maybe you'll be toting a 
    Shotgun now.  If not don't worry, you'll have it soon.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I CAN SLEEP WHEN I'M DEAD ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~
              "Abbott's high homicide rate is well known.  
               But only whispered is its staggering suicide 
               rate, which is highest of any prison in America."
         So am I doing a good job of walking you through this game and not 
    spoiling it?  I'm always open to feedback so feel free to e-mail me and 
    let me know what you think.  Go down the corridor to a door, open it 
    and look for a West Cellblock Map and listen to the guy over the radio, 
    interesting stuff.  Leave this room and and hang a left, ignore the 
    corridor on the right leading to S-Block, go straight to a locked gate, 
    guards will be shooting like crazy on the other side, go into the 
    Officer's Station on the right and push the red button to open the gate 
    you were just at, go through it for a checkpoint.
         Hang a right and go into another Officer Station, push the red 
    button on the wall to release some prisoners from their cells, they'll 
    thank you and haul ass out of this place.  Leave the station and go 
    left, past the hallway you just came up, and go through the door the 
    Mainliner busts through.  Continue along and a bathroom will be on the 
    left with items, if you don't need any go through the door on the right 
    to enter the visitation area.  Go to the right and you'll see a 
    Nooseman for the first time through the glass.  You'll hear someone 
    calling you through the visitor glass so go over there and pick up the 
    phone.  After you hang up the phone, waste all the Slayers and go 
    through the cell gate one of them knocked down, follow the corridor to 
    the break room and reach another checkpoint.
         Enter the room on the left to have another enlightening encounter 
    with Dr. Killjoy.  When the projector shuts off the good Dr. appeared 
    from the room will be ablaze.  Go into the sprinkler access door, break 
    through the debris and turn the crank on the wall to turn the 
    sprinklers on.  Go back into the room that's burning and pull one of 
    the vending machines over the drain in the middle of the floor to 
    extinguish the fire.  This is the most common idiotic e-mail I receive 
    is asking how to extinguish this fire.  I CANNOT explain in any greater 
    detail on how to put this fire out, this is as laymen as one can get 
    and if you still can't figure it out then tough shit for you.  Like I 
    stated above, some people just don't have any common sense and 
    shouldn't play video games.  Board games like CLUE maybe but not video 
    games.  Go through the gate the fire was blocking, there's a locked 
    gate in front of you so go into the room on the right to open it via 
    the red button, search the room for items.  Go through the now opened 
    gate to R-Block and reach a checkpoint.
         Follow the corridor to a cell area with some stairs leading up.  
    Head into the Officers Station and press another red button to open a 
    cell gate, head up the stairs to get choked by a Nooseman, it was just 
    added to Clem's Notebook.  Go back down the stairs and head through the 
    gate you just opened to enter a room with a whole bunch of shelves on 
    the left.  The shelves are LOADED with items so go stock up.  Head into 
    the laundry room and pull the lever on the wall to open a door next to 
    you, go into the room with big washing machines, you can go up the 
    stairs in here if you need health and want to listen to a phone call.  
    Go through the gate by the machines to enter another room full of 
    washing machines.  Drop down through the hole in the floor and head 
    down the stairs to a lever, pull it to open a gate behind it and head 
    on through, walk down a couple flights of stairs, waste all the freaks 
    and go through the hole in the wall for a checkpoint.
         Follow the tunnel you're now in to a ledge, climb it and then 
    climb another one to see some more weird imagery on your television 
    screen.  Now go and climb up through the hole in the ceiling to be back 
    in the prison.  Go up the stairs you see and search the cells if you 
    wish and then climb onto the bunkbed that's not in a cell, climb up 
    another ledge and this level will be over.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL IS GONE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                "No matter how tough you are, a measure of
                fear can help keep you alive.  In Abbott a
                man who isn't afraid is too stuid to live."
         You'll start off on the prisons roof, head towards the dead guard 
    on the right and drop onto the catwalk left of him.  Go to the guard 
    house in front of you and climb up the ladder on the side of it.  Jump 
    to the roof across from you and a guard will open up a door and freak 
    out when he sees you and slams the door shut.  Go through the door and 
    down the stairs to find the guard cowering under them.  Help him or 
    splatter his brains for some nice wall decoration, this place needs a 
    little color.  Man this guy is really wigging out, too bad you can't 
    share your bottles of dope to calm his ass down.  Go through the door 
    at the end of the corridor to reach a checkpoint.
         Go up the stairs to be on a catwalk and you'll see a spotlight.  
    Go turn it on and shine it down the catwalk, you'll see a couple of 
    Slayers burn up from the light.  If you don't shine the light down the 
    catwalk, endless Slayers will drop down onto it and shit all over your 
    parade.  Follow the catwalk to two more spotlights.  Shine the one on 
    the right down the catwalk towards the fire.  Continue along to yet 
    another spotlight, shine it down into the yard below so the light is 
    going into the fiery pit you see.  Behind you is a ladder, walk up to 
    the hole it's going down and you'll see oxygen tanks down there, shoot 
    them to blow the door off its hinges.  Go down the ladder and through 
    the door you just blew apart and enter a baseball diamond, get ready to 
    waste a whole bunch of Marksmen.  After you lay down the law, run to 
    the fence on the other side of the baseball diamond to the Radio 
    Station.  If you're helping the guard, this is where you'll part ways 
    so you don't have to listen to his pussy ass whining anymore.  Search 
    the station for items and an Urgent Note.  Climb up the ladder and jump 
    to the fiery roof across from you, drop down and head through the door 
    for the next level.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ DARKEST NIGHT, ETERNAL BLIGHT ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
              "I worked the cemetary for one week.  I had
               to quit, couldn't face it anymore.  I knew
               some day I would end up here, buried forever
               on Carnate.  I couldn't handle that reality."
         You'll start off in a room that's on fire, a fence is ahead of you 
    and a little room to your right with a Shotgun in it.  Climb ontop of 
    the little room if you need more items.  Climb up the ladder in front 
    of the fence and break through the cardboard boxes on the left and head 
    through the door they were blocking.  Jump through the hole in the wall 
    to be outside.  Run through the cemetary ahead of you, it's now logged 
    into Consuela's Journal, and you'll see some people standing over a 
    grave.  Follow the path to the left for some sticks of TNT.  Turn 
    around and follow the path to three guards who will start shooting at 
    you, waste them (it doesn't affect you moral meter if you shoot these 
    guard's so blast away).  Keep following the path, the wires overhead 
    will guide you, and you'll see something moving just beneath the soil.  
    Stand still and wait for the Burrower to reveal its freaky self and 
    blast it with the shotgun, Burrower should now be added to Clem's 
    Notebook.  The best way to deal with a Burrower is to face the 
    direction the soil is moving and stand still until it pops up in front 
    of you for an easy kill.  Keep going and you'll reach a checkpoint.  
         Keep following the path and you'll see little girls running away 
    and laughing, you'll find out about these evil little wenches later on 
    in the game.  Eventually you'll come to a fence with a crane behind it, 
    go to the right to spot a dilapidating shack and some rusty stairs 
    going down to the left of it.  Search the shack for items and then go 
    down the stairs and drop into the quarry.  Kill all the creeps and then 
    climb up the ladder, run through the cave (the quarry should be in the 
    journal now) to a guard and watch what happens.  Past the guard are 
    some rusty steps, go up them and head through the hole in the fence to 
    reach the next level.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ OBLIVION REGAINED ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                 "The quarry legend goes: prisoners were
                 trapped by a cave in, the guards wouldn't
                 lift a finger to save them.  Personally,
                 I think the hacks were doing them a favor."
         Follow the path to a tunnel on the right, go through it to a 
    walkie-talkie lying on the ground.  Enter the watery area just past it 
    and break all the wooden crates on the right to reveal a plunger.  Just 
    past the plunger are 2x4's blocking a cave, break them down for some 
    items and to see some imagery on the screen.  Go push the plunger to 
    blow up some rocks, then climb up a couple ledges the explosion made.  
    Follow the path to a catwalk, the ladder across the gap takes you to 
    some items if you need any, just jump to it, cross the catwalk and 
    enter the tunnel to reach a checkpoint.
         Follow the tunnel and a bunch of Marksmen will appear.  Beware of 
    all the boxes of TNT lying around, don't get close to them or a 
    Marksmen will shoot it to blow you up, so use the explosive boxes to 
    your advantage to blow them up.  Waste all the freakity freaks and 
    follow the tunnel to emerge outside.  Follow the path to a fence, go 
    through the gate and go up the stairs, through another fence and walk 
    towards yet another fence in front of you for another checkpoint.
         Drop down to the left and some guards will be below you wasting a 
    crapload of Slayers.  Use the crane controls to maneauver the large 
    stone it's supporting into a large boulder, it will fall and crush all 
    the Slayers.  Behind the crane controls is a ledge you can climb to 
    reach a generator, turn it on to flood the quarry below with light.  
    Drop into the quarry and go past where the boulder just fell, climb up 
    a ledge on the left and follow the path to another hole.  Drop into it 
    and push the plunger down under the leantoo to blow the rocks blockig 
    the tunnel.  Go through the tunnel and go up the hill to a shack that 
    will be on the left.  Search it for items and go right to a fence, go 
    through it to some more crane controls.  Some dude is shouting to you 
    on the right for help, use the crane controls to maneaver the rock it's 
    holding to free the guy or just say screw 'em.  Place the rock in-
    between the two rusty catwalks, jump across and go staright to some 
    more crane controls.  You'll see them evil girls again wanting to play, 
    use the crane to knock over the water tower to extinguish the fire 
    leading into a tunnel.  Enter the tunnel for the next level.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ YOU'VE MISTAKEN ME FOR SOMEONE ELSE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                   "The worst crimes aren't commited by
                   the body, they're invented in the mind.
                   The urge to kill is the purest evil and
                   supressing it only lasts so long.  Dr.
                   Killjoy realized this."
         This will be another extremely short level.  Exit the cavern and 
    to the left is a beat up truck with some items by it.  Follow the 
    fenceline to a hole, go through it and follow the path to some rocks.  
    Climb them and jump over the wall and you'll be by a lake.  Go to the 
    gazeebo on the right for an encounter with someone, then go to the 
    right of the gazeebo to see some hedges with steps behind them.  Walk 
    past the steps and look for a dead, decaying body and take the Asylum 
    Map.  Go up the stairs you just passed and hang a left, then go up some 
    more stairs and go right.  Follow the path to a cage blocking a door, 
    pull it out of the way and enter the Asylum. 
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ HATE THE SIN NOT THE SINNER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                 "From what I know, Dr. Killjoy's motives
                 were pure.  That he commited crimes against
                 humanity shouldn't surprise, given where he
                 did his work."
         This place can be confusing so pay attetion to detail and follow 
    my directions to a tee.  Enter the door ahead of you for another lovely 
    chat with the ever so freaky Dr. Killjoy.  When the fun is over, a door 
    will be blocked by a projected gate, the Asylum also gets added to the 
    journal.  Shoot the projector that's on a shelf to destroy it and the 
    gate will disappear, go through the door it was blocking.  Go up the 
    stairs and into the first door you see for some visuals, then shock the 
    guy lying on the bed if you want.  Leave this room and follow the 
    corridor all the way to the end and then hang a right, then go through 
    the double doors on the left to meet a guard that's stoned off his ass.  
    Check out the size of that bowl he's tokin' from, holy shit!  You could 
    probably stuff a quarter ounce in that thing, check out the hukah 
    (bong) on the floor.  This dude's in the midst of absolute chaos and 
    don't give a flying fuck, just sitting there non-chalant smoking weed, 
    just your typical stereo type stoner.  After you listen to his stoner 
    ranting he asks you to turn on a generator for him so go through the 
    door next to him and drop into the room below to see more of this joker 
    Killjoy.  When the scene is over another projected gate will be on a 
    door.  You'll see stairs leading up to the second floor, ignore them 
    for now.  Head through the open door and follow the corridor to a 
    split, hang a left and go into the last door at the end of the hallway.  
    Destroy the projector in this room and the phone will ring, answer it 
    if you please and leave this room and enter the first door on the left.  
    You'll see 2x4's blocking a door, shoot them off and then leave this 
    room the way you came in and go into the next door on the right.  There 
    is a hole in the floor and a beast locked behind a fence, push the 
    yellow button to shock the beast and witness something very 
    interesting.  Leave this room and follow the corridor to a set of 
    double doors, go through them to reach a checkpoint.
         The projector rolls once again and Dr. Killjoy makes another 
    appearence.  Waste all the Slayers and go onto the stage, next to the 
    projected gate blocking a door is an axe inside a case.  Take the axe 
    and use it on the rope directly across from you, this will make an 
    object fall onto the projector opening the door where you found the 
    axe.  Go through it to be in the Slayer dressing room.  Walk around the 
    shelves and shoot the 2x4's off the door and go through it and follow 
    the corridor to take the first left.  Go straight into a room with a 
    projectoed gate and go up the stairs.  Follow the corridor to four 
    doors on the right.  Search these padded looney cells and behind one of 
    the doors is a guard cut in half with no arms, put him out of his 
    misery and search another room for a cage.  Pull it out into the 
    hallway and push it to the end, then use it to climb through the hole 
    in the ceiling to be in the attic.  You'll see a fence, and to the left 
    of it is this weird contraption suspended in mid-air, go to the other 
    side of it and turn the crank to lower the object, you'll also reach a 
         Waste all the freaks and a projected gate will block the hole you 
    climbed through to get up here.  Go behind the fence and look in the 
    left corner for a projector to destroy.  Do so and go pull the cage 
    back housing another projector until the gate disappears over the hole.  
    Drop down through the hole and follow the corridor, down the steps, 
    that one door is still gated, go down the corridor and take the first 
    left, enter the room with the hole in the floor and drop into the 
    basement.  Walk alongside the wine racks and Killjoy will make ANOTHER 
    appearence and a door will will be locked via a projected gate.  Look 
    for a cage in-between two wine racks, break the boards blocking it and 
    pull it out to tumble the racks down so the door will be degated.  Turn 
    around and go behind the corner to destroy another projector.  Look for 
    the generator down here to turn on for the stoned guard.  Go through 
    the door down here and follow the basement to a door blocked by 2x4's, 
    knock them down and go through the door.  Follow the corridor and take 
    two rights to be at the door that's been locked by a projected gate 
    this entire level, it is now unlocked.  Go through the door to reach a 
         The curtains will open and you get to see the final cut scene 
    involving Dr. Killjoy 'cause you're about to destroy him.  Go through 
    the door to be in the room he's in.  You'll see three projectors, a 
    beast that's strapped to the window, and a table with that weird 
    contraption above it you lowered from the attic.  Slayers will be 
    popping up all over the place so watch your ass.  Destroy the three 
    projectors, then look for a rope anchored to the wall, shoot it to 
    lower a cage, then look for a fuse box to shoot.  Killjoy is now dead, 
    well gone anyways, how in the hell can you kill a projected image?  
    Walk up to the table with the weird contraption above it, push the 
    yellow button and the contraption will charge up and fill you with 
    psychosomatic energy.  Shoot some of the energy at the beast strapped 
    to the window to free it, it will then jump through the window and so 
    should you to end this level.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A LONELY PLACE TO DIE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                 "In the end none of it matters: the
                 size of our family, how much stuff
                 we have, or who we count as friends.
                 In the end we all die alone.  It's
                 not death I fear, it's dying here."
         Walk towards the headless guard and grab the two bottles of dope, 
    then head up the stairs on the right.  If you want to experience some 
    more weird shit, then go into the hedge maze on the left, if not then 
    head through the Asylum's main gates ahead of you.  Search around this 
    area for a path leading to an old burned up house, it will get added to 
    Consuela's Journal.  Go back through the main gate and follow the brick 
    road and you'll hear someone killing monsters.  Go past the burning 
    corpses and cross the bridge to reach a checkpoint.  Continue down the 
    brick road and kill all the Slayers and Marksmen.  For the rest of the 
    game all Slayers will respawn if you don't blow them to pieces or shoot 
    their heads off, just letting you know.  Continue along and that guy 
    you keep hearing will set a fire, blocking the road.  To your left are 
    ledges, to your right is a cavern you can enter for items.  Climb the 
    ledges and grab the items on the wood crate, then continue along to a 
    broken bridge.  To the right of the bridge is a pickup truck.  Go to it 
    and use the jack to lift it up, it will then roll down the hill and 
    crash into the crick.  Go to the broken bridge and drop down, if you 
    want to see more strange things then go through the cave on the left, 
    if not then climb onto the pickup and and follow the road to the next 
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ DANCING AT THE DAWN OF THE APOCOLYPSE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                 "Inmates all know the story of the
                 slaves locked below deck and devoured
                 by rats.  But they also know the true
                 horror lasted 250 years.  It continues
                 today, everywhere."
         Follow the road and you'll meet Clem.  Yes, the Clem who wrote the 
    notebook you're carrying around.  You can either kill him or help him.  
    I'd recruit his help if I were you, he helps out a lot in the killing 
    of freaks department.  Kill all the Slayers and then head on down the 
    road to a dock, there's a bunch of items at the end of it.  Waste all 
    the freaks and have your first encounter with a Fester, it will be 
    added to the notebook.  The best way to kill these things are with a 
    Jack Daniel's bomb, you just found some on the dock so test them out.  
    If you just throw a grenade or TNT at them, then their stomachs will 
    burst open and you'll be attacked by the pack of rats that were in it 
    but if you burn them, then all the rats will fry in Festers tummy.  Run 
    along the beach a little ways and you'll reach a checkpoint under an 
    old slave ship.  Clem will take you to his raft and ask you to kill the 
    Fester's inside the ship.  Enter the ship and go right, a Fester will 
    break down the gate so set his ass on fire.  Run up the plank and 
    you'll see an opening to your right and a ledge to your left.  Go into 
    the opening and you'll see two barrels across from you.  Burn or blow 
    up the barrels to knock them down and set the area below on fire.  
    Climb up the ledge to be on the ships deck.  Run to the left side and 
    look down at Clem, help him kill the last couple of Fester's and he'll 
    sail away on his raft thanking you.  Jump to the ledge the sewer drain 
    is on and go in there, you'll get a map to end this level.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ SURFACING ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                "Many try to bury the sins of the past.
                But if you deny them, pretend they never
                happened, wish them all away, they will
                come back to the surface a million times
         When the scene is over, wade through the shit water and you'll get 
    attacked by a bunch of rats.  Go left, right, right, and then left to a 
    ladder, climb it.  Walk to the left of the generators and run down the 
    corridor and up some stairs.  Kill some Fester's and go through the 
    door they came out of, a Burrower will bust through some 2x4's.  Kill 
    it and head through the corridor and go through a few rooms collecting 
    lots of items.  You'll come to a room with three cranks on the wall, go 
    turn them to slide a gate open ahead of you.  Behind the cranks are two 
    steel crates, pull them out and break through the wall behind them for 
    a gas can, Flamethrower piece number two.  Run up the stairs past the 
    gate you just opened and go into the room directly ahead of you for a 
         To your right are Slayers locked in a cage, pull the lever on the 
    wall in here to open the gate next to it, go through it.  Follow the 
    narrow corridor to watch some visuals pop up on the screen, go down the 
    hallway the Fester is in to be in a large room.  This place should look 
    familiar to you because you were in here during the second level of the 
    game.  Remember that area I told you to remember in the Descending 
    level where you pulled the steel crate back blocking a door?  Climb the 
    crate to get to the ceiling and grab the Gonzo Gun (thanks Charles 
    Valentino for sending in this secret).  The Gonzo Gun is really lame if 
    you ask me even though it is a powerful weapon and kills most foe with 
    one egg; ammo for it is EXTREMELY scarce so only use this weapon in 
    dire situations.  Go left of the hole in the wall, then through the 
    door on the right with the red lights behind them, make a right at the 
    coffin, hang another right to see a lever, run past it and go left to 
    be in the room where the guard was executed by a Marksman the last time 
    you were in here oh so long ago.  Horace will appear through a locked 
    gate on the right and opens it for you.  Go through the gate and down 
    the corridor to the right and follow it to a door, go through it to end 
    this level.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ AN EYE FOR AN EYE MAKES THE WHOLE WORLD BLIND ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
               "They say Horace doesn't rest.  His
               crime was horrible, but his execution
               was worse.  Every now and again I catch
               a scent of him, and I want to die myself."
         Follow the corridor and go up the stairs, head through the door on 
    the left to be in the viewing room for the electric chair, step to the 
    window and get ready to destroy Horace.  While you're fighting him, 
    listen to his sick ass rantings about killing his girl, and then how he 
    screwed her when she was dead.  Pretty vile shit.  To get rid of 
    Horace, shoot the five fuse boxes around the chair on the wall.  Wait 
    until the electricity ball around them dissapear and shoot them at 
    point blank range with the shotgun to destroy them in one shot.  Beware 
    of the rings of electricity shooting out from the chair, just jump over 
    them to avoid getting shocked, and watch out for the lightning bolts 
    Horace tosses at you.  When you've destroyed all the fuse boxes, pull 
    the lever on the generator to put Horace out of his misery and finally 
    end his suffering.  Go back through the viewing glass and go left in 
    the corridor to reach a checkpoint.
         Go through the door and make your way through the gas chamber and 
    enter the corridor, there's a fire blocking the left hallway so go 
    right and up the stairs.  Go through the door and hang a right, then 
    the next left to be at your old cell.  Listen to the three people 
    talking to you and then a projector will turn on, follow the light to 
    Dr. Killjoy's Diagnosis of you lying on the bed, read it if you want.  
    A wall will break open and a Fester will appear, burn the bastard alive 
    and go through the hole he made, then go through the door on the left.  
    Follow the corridor to some stairs, go down them to see a fire ahead of 
    you, go up to it and through the hole on the right to end this level.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ WHO WANTS TO DENY FOREVER? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                 "When we gaze into the blackest oblivion,
                 all we see is ourselves.  People on Carnate
                 are fixated on that void, but I try my best
                 to look away."
         Walk along the fence to the right and go through the hole and down 
    the incline.  Help the guards kill some freaks and then they'll lead 
    you to a door with a bunch of items behind it.  Kill the Fester's on 
    the right and then go through the hole in the wall to be in a 
    courtyard.  Head through the gate on the other side of the yard to be 
    back at the radio station, go in there to find an Urgent Ticker Tape.  
    You'll hear the Coast Guard over the radio saying the lighthouse beacon 
    needs to be lit in order for them to rescue any survivors.  Leave the 
    station and go to the right of the truck, go through the hole on the 
    right for some grenades and test them out on the Fester's.  When you've 
    killed them, man the machine gun and mow down a bunch of Slayer's.  
    When they're all good and dead, go through the door behind where they 
    all came from for the next level.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ DEATH BE NOT PROUD ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                   "When no evidence exsists, the cunning
                   will find some.  Guilt by association
                   can be sufficient.  Still, I think the
                   colonel honestly believed in the evil 
                   he did."
         Go through the fence on the left and you'll see a large metal 
    crate.  Push/pull the crate so it is against the building on the right.  
    Climb onto the roof and man the machine ahead of you, mow down all the 
    freaks below and then shoot the chocks out from under the school buses 
    back wheels, this will send the bus crashing through a gate.  Drop down 
    and climb over the bus to reach a checkpoint.  
         Follow the road to see Hermes perform more evil deeds.  When the 
    scene is over, walk up to the tree in front of you and drop down to the 
    tunnel below you.  Follow it, jump over the river and follow another 
    tunnel to a ledge.  Climb it and go into the little guard shack on the 
    left for some goodies.  Leave the shack and follow the road to a caved 
    in tunnel, go right and up the incline for some weird imagery and The 
    Bluff gets added to the journal.  Man the machine gun and waste all the 
    Marksmen that surface.  When they're all dead, turn around and follow 
    the path to a little shack, you can't go in it but you can hug the wall 
    around it for lots of items.  Climb onto the shack, then to a ledge 
    above you and follow the path to a crashed Nazi spy plane, Crashed 
    Plane just got added to the journal.  Go back to the machine gun and 
    hang a left, walk towards the cave and some asshole will toss some 
    dynamite your way, enter the cave for the next level.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ SINGLE BULLET THEORY ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                  "In the end, the island took the soul
                  of the colonel.  It left him with no
                  alternative but the bullet.  It was the
                  same gun he used at the executions."
         Follow the cavern to a Y split, go right if you want lots of ammo 
    and health, go to the left of the Y and continue through the cave, 
    you'll hear that dude and he's still tossing TNT at you.  When you hear 
    him say "step to yo grave mutha fucka" and a stick of dynamite nearly 
    blows your head off, climb up the ledge on the right.  Jump to the 
    tunnel across from you and follow it to reach a checkpoint.
         Continue along and you'll see a Fester and two Slayers, let the 
    Fester smash the Slayers, then kill it.  Wade through the water on the 
    left and you'll see an evil girl, climb up through the hole in the 
    ceiling to be in an old Army Bunker, it will be added to Consuela's 
    Journal.  Search among the bunks for a diary entry and go through the 
    door, follow the corridor to some stairs and head on down.  Man the 
    machine gun and shoot the boxes of explosives under the stairs to blow 
    a hole in the wall and waste all the enemies that surface.  When the 
    slaughter fest is over, go through the hole in the wall to be back in a 
    cave.  That asshole that was tossing TNT at you is trapped behind the 
    rubble and wants you to free him.  Go to the right and you'll see a 
    bunch of TNT, blow up the wall to the left of the TNT if you want to 
    free the guy but I say fuck 'em, let him rot.  Run through the cave to 
    the right and emerge outside, straight are some items but lots of foe 
    so climb up the ladder on the left.  Run along the thin ledge and cross 
    the natural bridge, continue through another cave and then climb up the 
    ladder you'll run into.  Follow the cave to enter a building's basement 
    and you'll reach a checkpoint, watch the cut scene.
         If you were helping that inmate out that was tossing dynamite at 
    you, you don't have to worry about his dead sorry ass anymore.  Okay, 
    you are about to destroy Hermes and he can be a real pain in the ass to 
    kill.  Poisonous gas is flowing into the basement so act quickly.  In 
    each corner of the basement are pipes with valves on them, go shut them 
    off.  There is an open grate anchored to a rope on the wall, shoot the 
    rope to slam the door shut.  Look for another open grate and shoot the 
    exploding crates behind it to shut the door.  Next to the dead inmate 
    is a large steel crate, pull it over the vent in the floor opposite 
    him, now all the gas is off so you don't have to worry about that 
    anymore.  Now look for the furnace, leave the door open.  In front of 
    the furnace is a large pipe with a crank on it.  Wait for Hermes to 
    appear in front of the furnace, then turn the crank TOWARDS HIM to make 
    steam shoot out of the pipe, blowing him into the furnace.  Quickly run 
    up and slam the furnace door shut to destroy Hermes.  It may take him a 
    couple of minutes to pop up in front of the furnace so have patience.  
    Don't stand in one spot or Hermes will blow some poison gas your way, 
    and definitely don't stand in front of the furnace with your hand on 
    the crank or he won't appear in front of it to blow him in, he's not 
    that stupid.  When he's dead, go through the gate that falls to the 
    left of the furnace and follow the corridor to a ladder you must climb.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ AND A CHILD SHALL LEAD THEM ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                "When they burned the accused witches,
                they thought they were doing God's will.
                But that's the trick about killing someone,
                you can't take it back later."
         You start off in the Lighthouse and it gets added to the journal.  
    You can't do anything in here yet so go through the door ahead of you, 
    kill the three little girls that turn into firey foes and you'll get 
    some help from a guard, the little wenches are now in the notebook.  
    The only way to dispose of these little freaks are to destroy their 
    ashes when they fall or they'll keep on respawning to burn you up some 
    more.  DO NOT KILL THE GUARD!  He will be a GREAT help to you on this 
    level.  If you are going for the bad ending and killed everyone you 
    were supposed to help thus far, you've killed enough people to earn the 
    bad ending so don't kill Ernesto, unless you're aiming for the insane 
    ending and if thats the case then waste Ernie.  If you do kill him, 
    then search around for the areas I mention below, they're not hard to 
    find.  At first he'll just talk smack to you, follow him to a locked 
    gate and a guard house, then he'll decide two people are better than 
    one.  He likes to talk a lot so get used to it.  Follow him and he'll 
    lead you to a cemetary which gets added to your journal.  Kill all the 
    bitches and then follow Ernie to a building with a fence next to it, go 
    in the building for items and a phone call.  Go through the hole in the 
    fence and turn on the generator to power up the lighthouse.  Follow the 
    guard and he'll lead you to where the accused witches got burned alive, 
    this place will get added to the journal.  Follow the guard to a cave, 
    he's too scared to go in.  Go in the cave and take the first left to 
    see three inmates who get pretty pissed off at your presence, and for 
    good reason.  These are the three dudes you released about ten levels 
         Wade through the water and follow the cavern to some ledges, climb 
    them to find a bike pump, the last piece to the Flamethrower which will 
    automatically be added to your weapons, provided you have a flare and 
    the can of gasoline I led you to.  Ammo is scarce so use it sparingly, 
    short bursts will conserve your fuel. And one more thing, I can't 
    believe I'm saying this but like I stated before some people are really 
    fucking stupid and have not one shred of common sense so here it goes: 
    cavern and go back to the guard.  He'll lead you back to the lighthouse 
    so go in.  Go through the door ahead of you, collect the Ticker Tape 
    and climb the ladder, then go up the winding staircase to a generator.  
    The gears are jammed with debris so break them off with the axe, then 
    turn the crank to start the generator.  You'll hear the Coast Guard 
    over the radio saying they can see the light and to meet them at the 
    docks.  Go back down to Ernesto and follow him to the locked gate you 
    were at earlier.  An old friend appears and opens the way, head on 
    through for the last level.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ LAST BREATH BEFORE DYING ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                 "It all makes sense now.  This place is
                 magnification, concetration, purification.
                 Now the world goes black.  I see my
                 reflection in a pool of blood.  I kiss it
                 all goodbye."
                                               Ranse Truman
         To your immediate left is some health and ammo, conserve your 
    health, fair warning.  Follow the road, wasting cretants everywhere, 
    and you'll enter a tunnel.  A little wench starts a fire to trap you 
    and Ernie inside.  Climb the scaffold over the fence and blast away at 
    the pipe to make some water start flowing to extinguish the fire.  Exit 
    the tunnel and continue along to a broken bridge, watch the cut scene.  
    When it's over, quickly jump out of the way and then climb over the bus 
    to be on the other side of the bridge.  I keep getting e-mails about 
    this part of the game 'cause some people can't trigger this scene.  You 
    have to kill ALL of the enemies along the path to trigger the bus scene 
    so please stop e-mailing me and asking how to make the bus appear.  
    Continue along to a town which gets added to your journal and you and 
    the guard will part ways, if you managed to keep him alive, if not, oh 
    well, the town still gets added even if Ernie dies.  Continue up the 
    road to a house, go in for some health.  Exit stage right to be on the 
    docks, they get added to the journal.
         Okay, it's boss time, three of them!  You are on a dock with a big 
    crane supporting that contraption you saw in the Asylum, and there are 
    four fences.  Behind one of them is the crane, behind another is a 
    machine gun, behind another are the crane controls, and behind another 
    are grenades.  Talk to somebody to make the first boss appear, turn 
    insane and hack 'em up to bloddy little pieces, way too easy to kill.  
    Talk to someone else and the second boss will appear, stay Torque and 
    shoot 'em full o' holes, he's as easy to kill as the last one.  Talk to 
    someone else and then a HUGE monstrosity will bust through the dock.  
    Shoot at it to make it go away and then go into the fence to the right 
    of it.  Lower the contraption on the crane via the controls.  Walk 
    under the contraption to get charged up with psychosomatic energy.  To 
    kill the boss, you must shoot the energy at that red circle on its 
    chest.  You can tell you're hitting it when electrical shocks cover the 
    monsters body.  Keep charging up the psycho energy and blast away at 
    the freak till it dies, then it'll get added to Clem's Notebook, so 
    will the three people you talked to.  Watch the ending and then save 
    when prompted to.  If you don't save the game, then you don't get to 
    see the secret level.  Well, this game is over, finished, gone, done, 
    out!  Now try to beat the game on all difficulties and try to see each 
    of the three endings.
         To get this you must beat the game on any difficulty and it 
    doesn't matter which ending you get.  This was supposed to be the first 
    level of the game and the director decided to take it out and add it as 
    a bonus for beating the game.  I think he made the right decision.  To 
    access this level, just start a new game and you'll start off here.  If 
    you didn't save while prompted to after beating the final boss, you're 
    pretty much fucked 'cause you won't be able to see this level.  You'll 
    be in a pen with other inmates, when a crow lands go step on it to hear 
    the director tell you why this level wasn't the first one in the game.  
    I don't know if this level is available on the PC version.  PC games 
    ALWAYS lack unlockable secrets and cheats so if you're playing this on 
    your PC then don't be surprised if this secret isn't available.  
     10) CHEAT CODES
    **** From www.gamespot.com
         Cheat codes are for pussies.
    XOMBIUM BOTTLE FULL: Right, Right, Up, Up, R2, Left, Right, R2, Right, 
    Up, Right, R2
    FULL HEALTH METER: Down, Down, Down, R2, Up, Up, Down, Up, R2
    GET GONZO GUN: Left, R2, R2, R2, Right, Left, Right, Left, Up, R2, R2, 
    R2, Down, Up, Down, Up, R2
    REFILL CURRENT THROWN WEAPONS: Left, Left, Up, Down, Right, Left, 
    Right, Right, R2
    GET ALL WEAPONS EXCEPT GONZO GUN: Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, 
    R2, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, R2, Down, Down, Down, 
    ACID MODE: Left, Left, R2, Right, Right, R2, Up, Up, R2, Down, Down, R2
    FAMILY PIC DIRTY, BLOODY, AND WRINKLED: Left, Down, Left, Down, Left, 
    Down, R2
    BRAND NEW FAMILY PIC: Up, Right, Up, Right, Up, Right, R2
    RESEMBLE THE DEMON: Up, Down, Left, Right
    SQUEAKY CLEAN: Down, Up, Right, Left
    SHOTGUN MAYHEM: Left, Left, Left, Down, Down, Down
    GOOD OLD DAYS (BLACK AND WHITE): Up, R2, Left, R2, Down, R2, Right, R2
    OVERCOME INSANITY: Right, Right, Right, R2, Left, Left, Right, Left, R2
    FADE TO BLACK: Down, Down, Down, Down
    DEPTHS OF HELL: Up, Up, Up, Right, Right, Right
    SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND: Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, R2, Left, 
    Left, Right, Right, R2, Down, Up, Left, Right, R2
    HELL IN A BOTTLE: Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up
    THE BIG BANG: Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left
    LET US ALL SEE THE LIGHT: Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right,Down, Left, 
    INFORMATION HOG: Right, Left, Up, Left, R2, Right, Down, Right
    DIRECTION WIZARD: Left, Right, Down, Right, R2, Left, Up, Left
    SUICIDE: Down, Down, Down, Down, R2
    GET FLAMETHROWER: Up, Up, Up, Right, Right, Right
    GET ALL MAPS: Left, Right, Down, Right, R2, Left, Up, Left
    MOLOTOV COCKTAILS: Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up
    FRAG GRENADES: Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left
    -- XBOX CHEATS --
    RESTORE HEALTH: Down, Down, Down, A, Up, Up, Down, Up, A
    PILL BOTTLE REFILL: Right, Right, Up, Up, A, Left, Right, A, Right, Up, 
    Right, A
    FILL AMMO FOR CURRENT GUN: Right, Right, Down, Up, Left, Right, Left, 
    Left, A
    FILL SHOTGUN AMMO: Left, Left, Left, Down, Down, Down
    GET GONZO GUN: Left, A, A, A, Right, Left, Right, Left, Up, A, A, A, 
    Down, Up, Down, Up, A
    ALL WEAPONS EXCEPT GONZO: Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, A, 
    Up,Left, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down
    FRAG GRENADES: Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left
    MOLOTOV COCKTAILS: Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up
    INCREASE NEGATIVE KARMA: Left, Left, Down, Up, A
    OVERCOME INSANITY: Right, Right, Right, A, Left, Left, Right, Left, A
    BLOODY TORQUE: Up, Down, Left, Right
    CLEAN TORQUE: Down, Up, Right, Left
    OLD MOVIE MODE: Up, A, Left, A, Down, A, Right, A
    ACID MODE: Left, Left, A, Right, Right, A, Up, Up, A, Down, Down, A
    NEW FAMILY PICTURE: Up, Right, Up, Right, Up, Right, A
    DIRTY FAMILY PICTURE: Left, Down, Left, Down, Left, Down, A
    COMMIT SUICIDE: Down, Down, Down, Down
    CONSTANT IMAGES: Enable all weapons code and two more of your choice 
    and you'll see constant images from Dr. Killjoy's room
    GOOD OLD DAYS (BLACK AND WHITE): Up, A, Left, A, Down, A, Right, A
    BIG BANG: Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, A
    FADE TO BLACK: Down, Down, Down, Down, A
    HELL IN A BOTTLE: Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, A
         I just got this today and thought you all would laugh your asses 
    off as hard as I did:
    Hail and well-met, 
    You are a heretic, Randy Murtha. We condemn and damn you for writing a 
    faq about a game full of unacceptable heresy ("The Suffering"). You can 
    do whatever you desire, but it is our wish to tempt you away from such 
    games before you lose all your faith and sanity. We hope that you 
    understand our concerns and demand that you join our immortal crusade 
    against The Suffering before your twisted and dark soul is beyond all 
    redemption. Even a lost one such as you can tread on the path of our 
    Lord. We thank you. 
    Thine sincerely, 
    Archbishop Honorius, 
    Bringer of Justice, 
    Leader of the Holy War
          Pretty amusing wouldn't you say?  Good luck waging war on your 
    immortal crusade there Gonorius<--not a typo.  You're probably the 
    leader of some whacko cult that wears pink too-toos, bunny ear 
    slippers, and flourescent green capes who picket in front of EB Games 
    holding signs that say video games are corrupting our youth and 
    society.  Your mother is probably one of the founders for the PMRC who 
    gave us head-bangers Hell back in the mid-to-late '80's and early '90's 
    trying to ban our music.  Why, just why can't people keep their 
    religion to themselves and leave the rest of us alone?  You ever have 
    some of them Jehova Witness or Mormon people show up at your doorstep 
    passing out comic books and wanting to talk God at nine 'o clock on a 
    Saturday morning?  Here's how to get rid of these people for good, note 
    that this method has been tried, tested, and is therefore true: Invite 
    them in, serve some coffee minus the cake 'cause they don't deserve any 
    treats, ask a bunch of idiotic questions to keep them talking (it helps 
    if your girl is playing along so discuss the situation beforehand while 
    the coffee is brewing), and then after the second cup of java or so get 
    this insane look in your eyes and tell them you're a Satanist who just 
    drugged their coffee so you can drag them into the basement to perform 
    a ritual on them in your super deluxe size sacrificial chamber (at this 
    point and to permanently seal the deal, have your girl walk into the 
    room with some rope and duct tape).  Never, and I mean never, will you 
    see someone get up out of their chair and haul ass out of your house so 
    quickly, they'll leave so fast it's almost as if they vanished into 
    thin air, like life skipped about thirty frames.  Goodbye and good 
    riddance I say, they'll never bother you or anyone else on your street 
    ever again.  Guaranteed.
       - Midway for having the balls to publish this game
       - Surreal Software for making the best damn horror game period!
       - www.gamespot.com for the cheat codes
       - Charles Valentino for sending me the location of the Gonzo Gun
       - DO NOT SOLICITE! I don't care what your crappy product is all 
    about or how cheap you're selling it, I don't want it.
       - NO CHAIN LETTERS!  I will not send them on and if I go bankrupt, 
    get a horrible disease, an anvil drops on my head, I die, blah, blah, 
    blah, because I don't send the letter on, oh well.  I'm not a 
    superstitious fool.
      - NO JUNK MAIL!  If you write a crappy newsletter, send me political 
    jargon asking for money instead of my vote, ask me to join some 
    pathetic singles website with nothing but supposively extremely hot 
    single chics in my neighborhood who want to hook up and get all 
    freaky, news about how Paris maxed out her dramaticaly life changing 
    23 day COUNTY jail sentence, celebrity bullshit about who's fucking 
    who (and who cares anyways?), or just feel like sending out trash to 
    me DO NOT FEEL FREE TO DO SO!  If you do then I'll send you a virus.  
    How does that appeal to your server?
       - NO FAN CLUB STUFF! I don't care what your geeky little club is all 
    about, I will not join.
       - NO MONEY MAKING SCHEMES! That means you EXCEL (not Microsoft 
    affiliated for all you who don't know about that scam artist company 
    Excel) and all of you other bullshit scam artists out there.
       - If I don't know or trust you, I will not open up any attachments 
    so don't bother to send me any.  Even though I state this, it's amazing 
    all the idiots out there that still send me attachments.
       - I don't care what kind of language you use, just don't swear 
    directly at me.  If you do, well then "Fuck you too," you won't be 
    hearing from me.
        - If the answer is in the walkthrough you will most likely not get 
    a response from me, maybe a smart ass comment depending on the mood 
    I'm in at the time. I have better things to do than to answer 
    questions that have clearly been answered. Go back to the third grade 
    and take up some Reading Comprehension classes, I think it's time to 
    renew your subscription to Highlights magazine. Hooked on Phonics 
    worked for me, maybe it'll work for you too.
       - And as long as were talking about e-mail I'll most likely ignore, 
    please write ledgible e-mail's without all these modern day acronyms 
    all you tennie boppers IM and text eachother with, I'm kind of old 
    school and aren't hip to all their meanings and don't ever plan on 
      - And one more thing: I KNOW THERE ARE TYPOS in this guide. I typed 
    it in word pad and if you knew anything at all, then you should know 
    word pad doesn't have spell check, plus I'm only human and thus not 
    perfect. When you type in a million plus characters you're bound to 
    make a mistake. It's amazing all these anal retentive asshole yuppies 
    out there who e-mail me and make a big deal because I didn't use 
    proper grammer or spelled a word wrong, whick 98% of the time is due 
    to a typo and not my ability to spell. Get a life you pathetic morons! 
    Maybe someday I'll notice the typos and fix them, then again maybe I 
    won't just to piss you off!
      This document is Copyrighted by Randy Murtha, March 2005 and may not 
    be reproduced in part or in full without the written consent of the 
    author. Nor shall this be posted on a website or printed in a magazine 
    without my consent.  All Rights Reserved.
         WEBMASTERS: If you want to post my guides I'll most likely let you 
    but you HAVE TO ASK ME AND GET MY PERMISSION FIRST!  Don't just take it 
    upon yourself to post my guides without my consent 'cause I'll sue you 
    if you do and it will be my name as the webmaster for your site.  I 
    always check out the website you ask to post my guides on and if it's a 
    crappy amateur site then don't bother asking me to post my guides on 
    your cheeseball site 'cause you can't.  If you send me an e-mail asking 
    to post my guides and I don't respond, that means no and you should 
    know that NO MEANS NO!
         If you have viewed this walkthrough on any other websites than the 
    ones listed near the top of this document, or have seen this 
    plagerised, please e-mail me and let me know which site you viewed this 
    on, I will highly appreciate it.  If you've seen this plagerised or on 
    a website this isn't supposed to be on, there is a $CASH$ reward for 
    informing me of who the violator is.  It's a lot of hard work, time, 
    and sore wrists to write a game guide and there's nothing worse for us 
    FAQ writers than having some dickless douchebag claiming credit for our 
    work and dedication to all the frustrated gamers out there who read our 
    guides with great appreciation.  If you plagerise this document or post 
    this without my permission, or any other guides I wrote, then I will 
    prosecute your dickless self to the fullest extent of the law.
    ***** Copyrighted March 2005 by Randy Murtha, All Rights Reserved *****    

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