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    FAQ/Walkthrough by partimegamer

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    Table of Contents
    I 	Intro/Story and Legal Junk
    II 	Basics
    III	Planes and Weapons
    IV   Training Mission objectives
    V	Campaign Mission objectives
    VI	Challenge Missions objectives
    VII	Cheats and hints, Thanks, Contact Info
    Introduction and Story
    Well here goes.  First time at writing an FAQ but I hope to include all the
    basics with a little surprise here and there.
    Secret Weapons Over Normandy (SWON) is a flight sim game that is based on WW
    II.  It is fairly historically accurate and starts with the evacuation of
    Dunkirk all the way up to the invasion of Normandy.
    Legal Junk
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    Rearming-The one great feature of this game is the ability to get out of major
    combat and head home to rearm and repair.  There is no fuel gauge in this game
    so that wont be a problem.  Basically you rearm two ways.  The fastest was is
    to drop your gear and head for the rotating black circle with an arrow in it. 
    The second way is to actually land on the ground.
    Bombing-A neat feature of this game that you will learn to use in training is
    the bombsight.  Basically what it does is give you a top view of your plane
    with a yellow circle that gets bigger or smaller depending on if your in a dive
    or climb.  Great for direct hits on heavy targets.
    Slow time mode(reflex time)-A neat feature that actually can slow down or speed
    up time.  Allows for easier shots on fast fighters or quick transport over
    large areas of nothingness.
    Target types-There are really three types of targets
    Light-easy to destroy with your guns.  These include AA guns and light fighters
    Medium-a little bit of a longer burst with your machine guns here or a light
    use with your secondary weapons will do the job nicely.
    Heavy-forget the machine guns.  You might as well be spiting at them if you're
    going to use machine guns.  If you're out of secondary weapons, then you're out
    of luck my friend; cause panzers aren't going to just walk home for you.  Can
    only be destroyed with sustained secondary weapons, mostly panzers and big
    Here is a list of the airplanes in the game, how they can be procured and the
    weapons they are armed with.
    Hurricane-1st plane you start with.  Hopefully you only use it in the first
    Spitfire-Your reward for downing Trevor twice in Dogfight
    Ju-88  Reward for beating Mission 2 "Adlertag".
    Bf-109  Reward for beating Mission 3 "Sea Lion".
    Swordfish  Reward for beating Mission 3 "Sea Lion".
    P-38 "Lightning"  Reward for beating Mission 4 "Rommel".
    "Zeke"  Reward for beating  Challenge Mission Devistator.  Can be stolen from
    an enemy airbase in mission 6 "Prision Break"
    F4F-3 "Wildcat"  Reward for beating Mission 6 "Prison Break".
    "Devastator"  Reward for beating Mission 6: Prison Break.
    Mosquito  Reward for beating Mission Mission 7: Midway.
    XP-55  Reward for completing the bonus objectives in challenge mission
    "Mosquito Bite".
    Fw-190  Reward for completing the bonus objectives in challenge "Big Bang".  It
    can  also be stolen from the enemy airbase in Mission 8: Denmark.
    IL-2  Reward for beating Mission 8 "Denmark".
    XFSU-1  Reward for beating Mission 9 "Stalingrad".
    XP-56  Reward for completing the bonus objectives in challenge mission
    Me-262A  Reward for beating Mission 12 "Jet Stream".
    P-51D Reward for beating Mission 12 "Jet Stream".
    Meteor  Reward for completing the bonus objectives in challenge mission "Freie
    250 lbs
    500 lbs
    2000 lbs
    Small Rocket
    Medium Rocket
    Large Rocket
    Special weapons
    Fritz X
    Henschel 294
    Henschel 293
    Mark XV Torpedo
    Upgrades for planes and new technology for weapons
    Each upgrade on each plane requires a requisition. Ammo and bomb upgrade only
    effect the amount you are able to carry. They do not effect speed or handling.
    Armor 1-3 Each upgrade increases damage protection by 25%, but the will slow
    your plane by 10%.
    Engine 1-3 Each upgrade increases maximum airspeed by 20%, and climb rate by 5%.
    Airframe 1-3 Each upgrade increases roll, pitch, yaw, and turn rate by 10%
    Extra Gun Ammo Doubles your stock gun ammo.
    Double Bomb Rack Doubles your bomb capacity.
    Double Rocket Pack Doubles your rocket capacity.
    Double Cannon Ammo Doubles your canon ammo.
    IV   Training Missions objectives
    Bonus Objective
    	Destroy all balloons in 1 minute
    V	Campaign Missions with objectives and Tips
    Mission Objectives
    M 1  Dunkirk
    Primary Objectives:
      Keep Stukas from destroying transports -- Half must live.
      Destroy Bf-109s.
      Protect the defensive lines.
      Shoot down Krieger
    Secondary Objectives:
      Destroy all AA guns.
      Destroy Nemesis Bf-109s
    Bonus Objectives:
      Destroy Recon Group #1
      Destroy Recon Group #2
    A fairly easy mission but it might take a couple of run through to find out
    where the 4AA guns are and the two sets of recon cars are.  After taking out
    two of the AA guns and the first set of recon cars you need to turn around and
    move quickly to hit the other set as Trevor has probably already taken out one
    bridge and is on his way for the third bridge.
    M 2  Adlertag
    Primary Objectives:
      One Hangar must not be destroyed.
      One Radar Station must not be destroyed.
      Destroy all Nemesis Bf-109s.
    Secondary Objectives:
      Half of Hythe must not be destroyed.
      One Hangar must survive second attack.
    Bonus Objectives:
      Shoot down more planes than Lyle.
      Half of New Romney must not be destroyed.
      Two Radar Stations must not be destroyed.
    If you do good in the first part of this mission it makes the second part much
    more easier.  Basically you man the AA gun along with Lye until you shoot down
    the bombers or your hangers are destroyed.  If you are able to save both
    hangers in the first part of the mission then the bonus objective is much
    easier because the Stukas of the second part have to divide their bomb loads. 
    Saving the radar stations, half of Hythe and all of New Romney are not
    difficult if you're good at this game.
    M 3  Sea Lion
    Primary Objectives:
      Destroy all Landing Craft.
      Capture Reserve Airfield.
    Secondary Objectives:
      Destroy Fighter Hangars.
      Destroy Bomber Hangars.
    Bonus Objectives:
      At least one British destroyer must survive.
    Fairly easy as long as you DON'T TO ANYTHING ONCE THIS MISSIONS STARTS!!!! 
    That cannot be stressed enough.  You have repaired a bomber and are using this
    to sneak into the airbase, if you move you are dead.  Once the planes begin
    their landing, you should take out the hangars here and then hit the landing
    craft.  Somewhere around there you will find the other set of hangars, destroy
    them also.  Capturing the airfield isn't that hard all you have to do is take
    out the AA.  You might want to do this quickly as the faster you do, the more
    chance you will have of being alive to switch into the new German fighters. 
    They don't carry as many bombs but if you're low on health I would suggest
    M 4  Rommel
    Primary Objectives:
      Destroy all freighters.
      The White Rose must survive.
      Destroy Roadblocks.
      Pauline's C47 must not be destroyed.
    Secondary Objectives:
      Sink all Destroyers and U-Boats.
    Bonus Objectives:
      Destroy German Hangars.
      Destroy Ju-88 cargo planes.
    Not my favorite mission, but it is still beatable.  You start off in the
    Swordfish and are tasked with taking out everything except the white rose ship.
     If you take out everything except that one ship then you just got the
    secondary objective.  After you rearm you start the city part of the mission. 
    Destroying the roadblocks can be frustrating at times as they don't go down
    with one hit.  After you destroy the third roadblock you will see German
    hangars, destroy them for the bonus.  I think the hardest part of this mission
    comes at the end of the city.  Scout cars have followed the white rose and they
    can really give her a thrashing unless you help her out.  What I usually do is
    target one of them and tell my wingman to attack it while I attack another one.
     Only teamwork will get you through this part of the mission.  The final part
    of this mission ends up in the skies.  Not a hard part, just make sure you take
    out the transports first, as your wingman can handle the fighters while u take
    that.  Once you're done with the transports then go assist with the fighters.
    M 5  Flying Tigers
    Primary Objectives:
      Destroy all crates.
      Shoot down all Zekes.
      Shoot down all Nemesis planes.
    Secondary Objectives:
      Sink all freighters.
      Sink all destroyers.
      Destroy all trucks.
    Bonus Objectives:
      Shoot down more planes than the Flying Tigers.
    A fairly easy mission but for the life of me I cant seem to be able to get all
    the objectives in one mission play.  It has been my experiences that you either
    go for all the ground targets or you go for the zekes.  Basically the only
    things you really need to hit  quickly are the trucks as they seem to be good
    at hiding on back roads.  The other sea bound stuff is pretty easy as it is
    right in front of you.  Oh and if you want to try and do both objectives at
    once, don't destroy the airfields right away.  Let as many zekes take off as
    possible and down them all.  Once all the crates are destroyed the mission ends
    and you're out of luck.
    M 6  Prison Break
    Primary Objectives:
      Rescue Pauline and the POWs.
      Destroy POW Camp gates and towers.
      Clear the way for POWs to take off.
      Destroy the Fw-190s,
    Secondary Objectives:
      Destroy POW Camp HQ.
      Destroy all trucks.
    Bonus Objectives:
      Destroy all Japanese Destroyers.
    This is the mission that I probably did 1000 times trying to get everything. 
    Basically take out the fighters first, then the tower defenses and then the HQ.
     After the POWs are in the truck have everyone go wild at protecting them.  The
    airplanes all seem to have rockets and that means cooked meat for your POWs if
    you not on top of things.  Down the Betties first then anything else that is in
    the air.  Destroying the ships is hard due to the fact that you should remain
    over the truck to help guard it.  A Zero fighter can be stolen from the
    Japanese airbase if you think you can get back in time so it is totally your
    M 7  Midway
            Phase 1:
    Primary Objectives:
      Protect allied aircraft while they attack Japanese carriers.
    Secondary Objectives:
      All Dauntless Dive Bombers must survive.
            Phase 2:
    Primary Objectives:
      Protect the Yorktown
    Secondary Objectives:
      Destroy all Japanese aircraft.
    Bonus Objectives:
      Keep the Destroyer Anderson from being destroyed.
            Phase 3:
    Primary Objectives:
      Defend Yorktown with AA gun.
    Secondary Objectives:
      Two US destroyers must survive.
            Phase 4:
    Primary Objectives:
      Sink Hiryu
    Bonus Objectives:
      Sink at least one Japanese destroyer.
    And they did this all as one mission!  Without a doubt the toughest mission to
    do in the game and with some many targets, your main objective should just be
    to stay alive.  Getting the secondary and bonus objectives is very hard in this
    mission and all I can really say is try out the mission several times and see
    what works best for you.
    M 8  Denmark
    Primary Objectives:
      Protect Dr. Bohr.
    Secondary Objectives:
      Capture Nemesis Airbase
      Sink all destroyers.
      Sink all U-boats.
    Bonus Objectives:
      Destroy Train
      Destroy all recon cars.
    Not that hard of a mission if you stay on top of your game.  If you don't,
    adios to Dr Bohr.  Take out anything that they say is a threat firstly the
    tanks following the doctor.  This is where you can destroy the train and the
    recon cars, this might take some looking around for them.  After you have
    cleared out anything that can possibly lay a hand on the doctor he should make
    it to the harbor.  Once he is in the boat your mission is close air support. 
    When anything comes within 500 feet take it down fast.  Once you hit the island
    that is the chance to capture the airfield and pick up a new German fighter. 
    If your going to do this do it quickly as the subs and the destroyers will be
    right around the corner.  Sink all of the sea-based craft and you completed the
    secondary objectives.
    M 9  Stalingrad
    Primary Objectives:
      Soviets must capture the camp.
      Destroy defensive lines.
      Destroy attacking Ju-390.
    Secondary Objectives:
      Destroy supply train.
    Bonus Objectives:
      Destroy all AA guns.
    A long mission that requires you to be on top of the enemy at all times, taking
    out AA wherever possible.  Destroy the supply train with any long-range
    secondary weapon you have.  If you are aware of where the friendly tanks are
    and the enemy is then you should be fine.
    M 10 Low and Slow
    Primary Objectives:
      Destroy all Ju-390s.
      Destroy Ju-390 factory.
    Secondary Objectives:
      Shoot down all Nemesis Bf-109s
      Destroy supply train.
    Bonus Objectives:
      All Bf-110s must be destroyed before takeoff.
    Take out the factory first then the planes in their hangars.  When the 110's
    show up take them down quick, there will be two waves of them so be ready. 
    Taking down the Nemesis planes take a fair degree of flying so only do that if
    you think your good.
    M 11 Heavy Water
    Primary Objectives:
      Destroy all AA guns.
      Destroy Dam generators.
      Commandos must destroy heavy water plant.
      Commandos must escape in C47.
    Secondary Objectives:
      Destroy all ground forces.
      Destroy half of the Me-262s
    Bonus Objectives:
      Destroy all Me-262s
    Use the fastest plane you have on this mission, you will need every ounce of
    speed here.  Taking out the guns isn't that bad and can be done with you and
    your wingman in no time.  The generator is the same way no problem.  If you
    have the highball I suggest using it as your secondary weapon.  When the planes
    show up start taking them down as fast as possible and when the ME's show up
    take them down in waves.  Have your wingman do what he can but basically your
    going to be the one who takes them all down.  They are incredibly fast and can
    turn on a dime.  When the ferries show up let them go.  The ME's will give you
    enough trouble for the moment.  I have found that I can take out two ferries
    then all the ME's then the last two ferries in one shot.
    M 12 Jet Stream
            Phase 1:
    Primary Objectives:
      Protect B-17s.
    Secondary Objectives:
      9 B-17s must reach Me-262 base.
            Phase 2:
    Primary Objectives:
      Pauline's B-17 must survive.
    Secondary Objectives:
      At least 6 B-17s must survive.
      Destroy all German planes.
    Bonus Objectives:
      Destroy the last Me-262 hangar.
    Another hard mission, I suggest using reflex time most of the way.  If you're
    able to take out the fighters that swarm then you will probably get the first
    objective.  The bonus and secondary objectives will be in the second stage of
    the mission after you have stolen a ME fighter.  Turn around and take out the
    hangar and any ME's on the ground, this only makes your life easier in the air.
     After the ME's on the ground are down take them on in the air.  I suggest the
    jets first as they can hit harder and faster.  The prop jobs do damage but are
    easy to destroy.  If you do good then you just might get the secondary
    objective.  Good Luck
    M 13 Peenemunde
    Primary Objectives:
      Sink all research ships.
    Secondary Objectives:
      Shoot down all Me-262s.
      Shoot down all Me-163s.
    Bonus Objectives:
      Destroy all research labs.
      Destroy escaping convoy.
    Not that hard of a mission except for the jet planes but by now you have one of
    those for yourself.  Use the 262 and arm it with cannons.  The labs and convoys
    can be easily found on your radar by target arrows.  The planes are kind of
    hard to miss, yep they are the things traveling ridiculously fast across the
    sky.  Once all the fighters are destroyed then take the ground stuff and you
    should be looking at all the objectives completed.
    M 14 Blitzenluft
    Primary Objectives:
      Destroy Nemesis hangars.
      Destroy Vengeance weapon factory.
    Secondary Objectives:
      Shoot down all Me-163s and 262s.
      Destroy all Wasserfall launchers.
    Bonus Objectives:
      Destroy Ju-88 hangars.
      Destroy all Ju-88s.
    Not a fun mission.  There seem to be missiles up your tail 24/7 even when you
    take one launcher out five more missiles home in on you.  That seems to be the
    hardest part of this mission is just evading the missiles.  If you take down
    the launchers then it gets slightly easier.  Now all you have to deal with is
    the super fast airplanes.  Use a fast airplane here and 57mm cannon ammo. 
    Destroying the 88's isn't that hard as they are easy to spot and take down.
    M 15 D-Day
            Phase 1:
    Primary Objectives:
      Destroy all V2 rockets
    Secondary Objectives:
      All destroyers survive.
    Bonus Objectives:
      All V2 rockets must be destroyed before launching.
            Phase 2:
    Primary Objectives:
      Half of the landing craft survive.
    Secondary Objectives:
      All landing craft must survive.
            Phase 3:
    Primary Objectives:
      Destroy Daimler-Benz C
      Destroy Ju-390
    A long tough mission here.  Take out the missiles first and if you're quick
    then your have the objectives and your life still to play with.  The rockets
    are best seen by holding down the target button and having all targets be
    displayed.  Use the P-51 and long range RC rockets.  They provide good stand
    off weapons.  Take out the rockets before launch and anything else that might
    be hassling your landing craft and your home free.  The last part of this
    mission is fairly easy as long as you keep the huge bomber in your sights.  Try
    to ignore the intense fire coming from it and take it down.
    VI	Challenge Missions objectives
    (If secondary or bonus objectives are not listed then there are none)
    Primary Objectives:
      Defeat Trevor twice.
    Junkers 88
    Primary Objectives:
      Destroy all bomb targets.
    Secondary Objectives:
      Destroy targets in less than 4 minutes.
    Bonus Objectives:
      Sink U-boat before it dives.
    Primary Objectives:
      Outscore the Eagles.
    Primary Objectives:
      Destroy all U-Boats.
    The Rescue
    Primary Objectives:
      At least 4 pilots must survive and not be captured.
    Primary Objectives:
      Two destroyers must survive.
    Secondary Objectives:
      Hawks must shoot down more planes than the Tigers.
    Primary Objectives:
      Sink troop transports.
    Secondary Objectives:
      Sink destroyers.
    Bonus Objectives:
      Sink patrol boats.
    Betty Boom
    Primary Objectives:
      Destroy freighter.
      Protect American destroyers.
    Mosquito Bite
    Primary Objectives:
      Sink more U-boats than Toomey.
      Clear out all fighters.
    Secondary Objectives:
      Sink all patrol boats.
    Big Bang
    Primary Objectives:
      Outscore Lilia
    Secondary Objectives:
      Destroy Bf-110s before they take off.
    Primary Objectives:
      Escort Pauline.
    Secondary Objectives:
      Destroy 4 Kubelwagens.
    Primary Objectives:
      Beat the clock.
    Secondary Objectives:
      Beat the clock with 45 seconds to spare.
    Primary Objectives:
      Free Prisoners.
      Destroy guard towers.
      Destroy main gates.
      Derail supply train.
      Destroy all enemies
    Primary Objectives:
      HMS Stygian must survive.
      Intel team must survive.
    Secondary Objectives:
      Outscore Lilia
    Freie Jagd
    Primary Objectives:
      Shoot down all the Komets.
    Secondary Objectives:
      Outscore Toomey.
    V is for Vengeance
    Primary Objectives:
      Protect airbase.
    Secondary Objectives:
      Prevent any airbase casualties.
    Gunner's Battle
    Primary Objectives:
      Shoot down more planes than Lyle.
    Medals and Promotions
    You must achieve the bonous and secondary objectives in each mission to recieve
    the following.
    (Thanks go to bfrieze for this information)
    Mission 1, Dunkirk: Air Medal
    Mission 2, Adlertag: 2nd Lieutenant
    Mission 3, Sea Lion: Distinguished Flying Cross
    Mission 4, Rommel: Distinguished Flying Cross with Gold Star
    Mission 5, Flying Tigers: 1st Lieutenant
    Mission 6, Prison Break: Silver Star
    Mission 7, Midway: Distinguished Service Medal
    Mission 8, Denmark: Distinguished Service Medal with Bronze Oak Cluster
    Mission 9, Stalingrad: Captain
    Mission 10, Low and Slow: Distinguished Service Cross
    Mission 11, Heavy Water: Major
    Mission 12, Jet Stream: Distinguished Service Cross with Bronze Oak Cluster
    Mission 13, Peenemunde: George Cross
    Mission 14, Blitzenluft: Lieutenant Colonel
    Mission 15, D-Day: Victoria Cross
    VII	Cheats and hints, Thanks, Contact Info
    Codes(Thanks go to the SWON offical website for this info.)
    Codes must be entered on screen that says "Secret Weapons over Normandy" at the
    top and have the option for a new game or continue. After codes are entered
    then choose continue, never new game.  You will hear a male voice say secret
    code accepted if it worked.
    Unlimited Ammo
    Up  Right  Down  Left  Up  Right  Down  Left  L1  R1
    Unlock all levels
    Thanks go to
    -LucasArts for making such a fun and addicting game
    -Game FAQs for providing me with a site on which to host this guide
    -The SWON message boards for the general info that made me able to beat this
    game and their strategies and ideas on how to get past an objective
    -Gamepro Magazine for letting me know of this great game
    -Me for putting in many hours and part of my spring break
    Contact Info
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is the personal property of James Wadsley.  If you have
    any comments or your own strategies email me at czybkr@yahoo.com  Put SWON
    help/suggestion in the heading otherwise it won't be read.  I will try to get
    back to you as soon as possible.
    Copyright 2004 James Wadsley

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