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    Gambit Guide by freac

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    ASCII by freac
    ¤X-men Legends
    ¤Nintendo Gamecube
    ¤Created 10/30/04
    ¤In-Depth Gambit FAQ¤
    ¤1.3¤Gambit's Profile
    ¤1.4¤Moves List
    ¤1.5¤Stats & Attacks 101
    ¤1.6¤Recommended Skills
    ¤1.7¤Recommended Stats
    ¤1.8¤Recommended Equipment
    ¤2.0¤Melee Strategy/Tips 
    ¤2.1¤Ranged/Support Strategy/Tips
    ¤2.3¤Contact Me
    Welcome to my In-depth Gambit FAQ, created to teach
    in-depth strategies and tips on how to use Gambit.
    Over the course of my FAQ I will teach you various
    secrets that most people don't know about Gambit,
    I will outline his attacks, I will specify what I
    believe is the best way to raise his statistics and
    attacks throughout X-men Legends, and various other
    areas of vital importance.  If you have anything to
    add to my FAQ, or a mistake in it to point out, please
    see my "contact me" section and I will credit any 
    useful information to you.  So without further 
    ranting, here is my FAQ.
    Here is a list of all playable characters throughout X-men Legends,
    and how/when to unlock them.
    Begins in your party
    Unlocked after you defeat Mystique
    3.Jean Grey
    Unlocked after completing the first mission
    Unlocked after completing the first mission
    Unlocked after completing the first mission
    Unlocked after completing the second mission
    Unlocked after completing the second mission
    Unlocked after completing the second mission
    Unlocked after completing the second mission
    Unlocked after completing the third mission
    Unlocked after completing Magma's second Danger Room challenge
    Unlocked after clearing Nuclear Facility level
    13.Emma Frost
    In X-mansion after Nuclear Facility level
    14.Professor Charles Xavier
    Used only for special missions
    Unlocked after beating NY Riot, third sewer level, and first
    manditory Juggernaut level
    This is the beginning of the Frequently Asked Questions
    section of my FAQ.  Here I will answer any questions that
    I personally had trouble with, or questions that I see 
    popping up a little too often on the X-men Legends message
    board (not that any newbs will read this anyways, they 
    never do =P).
    Question 1:  How many playable characters are there?
    Answer 1:  There are 14 main characters, along with a 15th
    available in a few special missions.
    Question 2:  How do I use Gambit/Jubilee's Overload attack?
    Answer 2:  Once you have at least one skill point on their
    Overload attacks, approach an object (such as a trash
    can) and use their basic R+A attack (like Gambit's
    "charged cards" attack).  This causes the object to
    get "charged" and will henceforth explode in several 
    Question 3:  How do I cross large gaps with the holograph "X"
    Answer 3:  The ideal way to cross these gaps is with Iceman 
    Jean Grey, or Magma's R+A attack.  Standing a few feet away 
    from the X, and make sure you're targeting it, use your R+A 
    attack to create a bridge of a corresponding element.
    If you don't have either of these characters in your current 
    party you can use any of the flying characters (Storm, Jean 
    Grey, or Rogue) to pick up other characters and ferry them
    across the gaps (this only works if you have 3+ skill points
    on the "Fly" skill).
    The final way to cross gaps is to teleport characters across
    with Nightcrawlers R+A teleport attack (you can only carry other
    party members across if you have 4+ skill points on his teleport
    Question 4:  Beast did not join me after the second mission.  Why?
    Answer 4:  Apparently this is a somewhat common glitch.  Don't 
    freak out and restart your game, he will join you after the third
    mission once you talk to him at the mansion.
    Question 5:  How many optional missions are there?  
    Answer 5:  There are 3 "flashback missions", eachof them can be 
    activated by talking to a specific mutant after a specific mission.
    Question 6:  How do I unlock extra costumes?
    Answer 6:  At the main menu press up, up, right, left, down, down,
    start to unlock the Xtreme costumes.  Additional costumes will be 
    unlocked once you play through story mode.
    Question 7:  What is the highest possible level?
    Answer 7:  The highest possible level is 45.
    Question 8:  How do I change costumes?
    Answer 8:  Press X at any Xtraction point's "change team" menu.
    1.3-Gambit's profile
    I little info about Gambit from his various roles in the Marvel world.
    Code Name: Gambit
    Real Name: Remy LeBeau
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 180lbs
    Ethnicity: Cajun
    Place of Birth: Louisiana
    Mutant Powers: Can charge objects with kinetic energy to explode on 
    contact, hypnotic charm causing others to be more trustful of him*, 
    Kinetic Bo Staff, and super-human reflexes*.
    * Neither of these abilities come into play during XML, but can be seen
    in X-men comics/tv shows featuring Gambit.
    Short History**:  Born on the streets of New Orleans, Remy was a
    homeless orphan when he was adopted by Luc LeBeau, leader of the
    Thievs Guild.  Remy LeBeau proved to be an adept student - he soon
    learned to be every bit the master thief his stepfather was.  Eventually
    though, Gambit turned his back on his old life of crime - for the most 
    part.  From time to time he still enjoys stealing from other thieves.
    **This information is exactly (unless I made a typo) as seen in X-men
    1.4-Moves list
    Here are all the tiers of Gambit's move list.
    I will refer to this list often in the main part of my FAQ.
    Charged Card (5 blocks)
    Throws 3 kinetically charged cards
    -Charged Shuffle (5 blocks)
    Throws 5 kinetically charged cards
    -Card Legend (1 block)
    Throws 7 kinetically charged cards
    Staf Slam (5 blocks)
    A powerful staff attack
    -Staff Detonation (5 blocks)
    A powerful staff attack
    -Staff Legend (1 block)
    A powerful staff attack
    Kinetic Boost (3 blocks)
    Gives damage bonuse for a time 
    -Kinetic Amplification (3 blocks)
    Gives damage bonus for a time, affects nearby teammates
    -Kinetic Mastery (3 blocks)
    Gives damage bonus for a time, affects all teammates
    52 PICK UP (1 block) 
    A flurry of kinetically charged cards dishes out extreme damage
    Overload (5 blocks)
    Adds energy to charged objects
    Kinetic Strike (3 blocks)
    Adds kinetic damage to melee attacks, does not include staff attacks
    -Kinetic Fury (3 blocks)
    Adds kinetic damage to melee attacks, does not include staff attacks
    Staff Master (5 blocks)
    Adds kinetic damage to non-power staff attacks
    Toughness (3 blocks)
    Increases maximum health
    Mutant Mastery (3 blocks)
    Increases maximum energy
    Critical Strike (5 blocks)
    Increases chance of criticals for melee attacks
    1.5-Stats & Attacks 101
    Here I'll explain some basic information that you must know while
    playing X-men Legends.
    Upping your attributes:
    Every level you gain you will get points, these points allow you to 
    boost attributes.  The four attributes are...
    Strike- Raises your attack rating
    Agility- Raises your defense rating
    Body- Raises your maximum HP
    Focus- Raises your maximum energy, and 
    determines how fast you regenerate energy back.
    Normally you only get one point per level, but on every fifth level (5, 10
    15 etc.) you get 2 points for upgrading stats.  For almost all the mutants
    Focus is the most important stat, as you need Focus to use mutant 
    Upgrading your attacks:
    As seen in the previous section, all mutants have various attacks to upgrade.
    Some of these attacks/skills are more important than others, so choose 
    carefully.  Just like with attributes you get one attack point per level 
    (two on every fifth level), so you won't get new attacks very often.  
    Most attacks have more than one level ("blocks" in the Move List 
    section), so you can upgrade them more thanonce for better effects.  
    For example:  Upgrading Gambit's Toughness skillraises his HP 10% 
    on the first block, then 15% on the second, and finally 20% on the third.
    Some attacks (like "Staff Slam") have more than one tier of blocks.  After the
    first 5 blocks Staf Slam upgrades into Staff Detonation.  In order to upgrade 
    to Staff Detonation you must spend 2 points on that skill (only on it's 
    first block, the other four only cost one).  After you have all five Staff
    Detonation blocks filled you can upgrade to Staff Legend for two more
    I hope I've been clear enough on these areas, if you don't understand 
    it all don't worry, they're easy to figure out once you start playing.
    1.6-Recommended Skills
    Early on the XML game gives you a hint that if you're having trouble 
    picking stats to hit the "Y" button on the statistics screen, this will 
    cause the game to automatically choose proper attacks/attributes for 
    you.  In my opinion all it does is screw the heck out of your character 
    by giving them the wrong stats at the wrong time.  So if you really don't 
    know what stats to purchase I've made this list of what I believe are the 
    best skills for melee with Gambit.  For more information on these attacks 
    see the "Move List" section.
    Gambit's recommended skills. 
    Charged Card (4/5)
    -Charged Shuffle (0/5)
    -Card Legend (0/1)
    Staf Slam (5/5)
    -Staff Detonation (5/5)
    -Staff Legend (1/1)
    Kinetic Boost (3/3)
    -Kinetic Amplification (3/3)
    -Kinetic Mastery (3/3)
    52 PICK UP (1/1)
    Kinetic Strike (3/3)
    -Kinetic Fury (3/3)
    Overload (1/5)
    Staff Master (5/5)
    Toughness (3/3)
    Mutant Mastery (3/3)
    Critical Strike (5/5)
    Of course these are all just my opinions, there isn't a best way to raise 
    his attacks.  Two questionable attacks in the list, Charged Cards and 
    Overload, I have tried before.  They weren't completely useless to me, 
    but with the limited number of stat-points I thought they weren't 
    worth leveling up.
    1.7-Recommended stats
    Just like the last section, except dealing with the stats (Strike, body 
    etc.)  Just like with attacks, you can press "Y" at the character screen 
    to have the game automatically use your skill points, or you could just
    follow my suggestions.  The automatic leveling system tends to be
    kinky, as it gives characters lots more strike/focus than agility/body
    (a big "no, no" for Gambit).
    >_< Sorry, i noticed a big error here...I'll fix it A.S.A.P.
    The reason he doesn't have as much Focus as some characters is
    because he doesn't need it.  The only mutant skill frequently used
    with Gambit is Staff Slam.
    Again, these are my opinions, so don't go up the wall if you don't 
    agree with them.  I played through the game using all the same
    techniques I talk about in this FAQ and they worked GREAT for 
    ¤1.8¤Recommended Equipment 
    Here I'll suggest all the best armour for Gambit to suit his specific needs.
    Shi'ar Battle Implants (+3 to focus, strike, body, and agility)
    Obtained after completing "Nightmare-Colossus"
    Dead Man's Hand (+20% to all Gambit's kinetic energy attacks, +5 Agility)
    Obtained after completing "Challenge - Gambit"
    Ultra Focus Enhancer (+8 Focus)
    Found on the ground, or bought from healer.
    Super Internal Deflector (+30% Chance to reflect 125-150 punch/kick 
    Found on ground, or bought from healer.
    Want to know how to raise Gambit, what type of fighter he is?
    Read this before getting into the nitty-gritty.
    Gambit is a basic melee character, not very complicated.  He isn't a 
    tank like Beast or Wolverine, he's more similar to Iceman in the way that 
    he can put on heavy damage, but he can't take in as much as the tanks.  
    He relies mostly on Agility and Focus, although he does need a good amount
    of body, too.  Don't up strike with Gambit at all, his two moves that add 
    kinetic energy damage to melee attacks (Staff master and Kinetic strike) are 
    vital at first, as they're what makes him hit hard in place of strike.  Long 
    range isn't his specialty but he does have it in case of emergency.  His 
    special attack rocks, but more on that later.  He won't start out in your
    party, you obtain him after the third mission (which is still very near the
    game's beginning).
    For more detailed info on these and more areas, read on to the next two
    sections, the main area of my FAQ. 
    2.0-Melee Combos/Attacks
    This is Gambit's main use, right here.  He's all front lines, and can do 
    immense damage if leveled properly.  I'll get to each of the points
    Detailed Skill Purchasing:
    When you start out you'll notice Gambit doesn't have many attacks yet.  
    It's a good idea to spend points on his more useful skills first, it'll make 
    the game much easier.  Once you're a high enough level it is best to buy 
    the attacks Staff Master & Kinetic Strike, as soon as you have these fully 
    leveled you can take control of Gambit's full strength (note that these 
    skills take the place of strike, you do NOT need to put any points into 
    strike at all so long as you have these skills).  An important note about 
    these attacks is that you will be able to fight Physical Resistant enemies 
    effectively, but there is a minor draw-back:  Although you can fight Physical 
    Resistant enemies you won't be as effective against Energy Resistant enemies.  
    Why?  Simply Because it is an energy attack, since you are using kinetic 
    energy to attack, so a character that uses strike instead will be more effective
    against Energy Resisters, but less affective against Physical Resistant.  
    I don't consider this a good or bad thing, just something you need to know.  
    After you've gotten a good start on these attacks I recommend focusing points 
    on Staff Slam, a good knock-back attack, In my opinion the best mutant skill, 
    and Critical Strike, which makes you much more likely to critical (which is a 
    very good thing in XML, you do about 3x normal damage).  Those three 
    attacks are the main staples of Gambit's attacks, but since you should have 
    all these moves by level 30 I recommend putting points into Toughness 
    and Mutant Mastery until they're filled.  Finally, I suggest winding up 
    any loose points by purchasing Kinetic boost or Charged cards and 
    their higher forms.
    Attack/Combo usage:
    When fighting with Gambit, much unlike other mutants, you shouldn't 
    rely on mutant powers too much.  Staff Slam comes in handy, but one deadly
    combo I use is A+B+A+Staff-Slam.  There's something you have to know about 
    Gambit that includes this combo.  The final "A" attack in the combo does 
    about 2.5x as much damage as any other A/B attack with Gambit.  Every 
    time.  We're talking key-knowledge, Gambit just isn't the same without 
    this combo.  For me it was basically like using a mutant power without 
    using any focus points, a very strong and useful combo.  So basically 
    you don't need to rely on powers too much because the A+B+A combo 
    (called the "sweep", I believe) is just about as powerful as Staff Legend 
    (impressive, eh?).  The nice thing about this attack is that it has a very 
    wide range, so you can smack baddies wherever they are.  Staff slam 
    also has a good range, when you use it you smake the ground via staff, 
    sending a small shock-wave, with great knock-back and good range.  
    The other combo attacks I like to use with Gambit are A+A+B (Uppercut) 
    and B+B (Knock-back).  Neither of these combos are unique to Gambit, 
    many characters (such as Cyclops and Iceman) use these combos 
    also, but that's beside the point.  Uppercut is a reasonably strong 
    combo that ends with the final "B" strike in an uppercut punch, 
    sending the enemy into the air and on their back.  It is somewhat 
    strong, but the main reason I use it is if you need a thug out of your 
    face you can get them on the ground easily to set up some recovery 
    time for yourself.  The Knock-back is similar, Gambit performs two 
    round-house kicks, the second is pretty strong and it send the enemy 
    flying back with some good speed.  Like the uppercut, it does get the 
    enemy on the ground, but it also adds nice additional
    damage if you can send them into a wall or car etc.
    Attack Charge:
    One thing you'll notice quickly is that every character has a mutant power 
    that temporarily increases their stats, generally it increases the amount of
    damage you do, but in some cases it helps agility.  Gambit's ability, Kinetic 
    Boost, makes his attack damage go up, and at high levels it helps all your 
    teammates also.  This is a handy move, but I don't recommend puting 
    points on it until you get to a very high level.  Why?  Mostly because 
    XML is easy enough that you won't need the extra help, except 
    possibly near the end of the game it may come in handy.  It can also
    be a pain to use, remembering to use the same attack every 20 seconds.
    If you do decide to use this skill you'll notice that it adds even more damage
    to his melee attacks making him an awesome melee character.  Useful, but
    not totally nescessary.
    Special Attack:
    The final area I'll touch down on for melee is Gambit's special attack.
    Every character has a special attack that can be bough for 2 points
    at level 15+.  Most special attacks (like Gambit's) attacks all enemies
    in a small surrounding area.  Gambit's special, called "52 PICK UP", is
    one of the best specials in my opinion.  When you trigger the attack
    (R+Y) everything goes into slow motion, Gambit then shoots a ton
    of cards into the air and they come down in shiny beams of light on
    all surrounding enemies.  It does about as much damage as one Staff
    Legend attack, and it hits all enemies at once (and it is impossible to
    miss).  I highly recommend getting this attack at around level 25, it
    shouldn't be used as a main attack but rather saved for when you 
    need to get out of a tough squeeze.  
    2.1-Ranged/Support Attacks
    I strongly suggest NOT doing support with Gambit, as he isn't very
    good at it.  Some better support characters are Iceman and Jean 
    Grey.  If you're still insistant on trying, I made these as best I 
    could to help with Gambit's supporting needs individually.
    Ranged attacks:
    For Ranged attacks Gambit has Charged Cards, much like Iceman's 
    Ice Spikes except considerably weaker (adding in the fact that
    Iceman has Point Blank Shot, Gambit doesn't).  Charged cards
    can be a descent ranged attack, it sends out 7 cards in all, once
    you've leveled it up to Card Legend.  The cards themselves are
    weak, but they do have more knock-back (something Gambit seems
    to specialize at) than Ice Spikes.  So if you like Ice Spikes or Energy
    burst, Charged Cards isn't too far off the mark.  I find them useful
    for when you see a dude with some huge gun you REALLY don't want
    to get shot by, shoot him via cards first and he'll get knocked back,
    hence messing up his aim until one of your tanks can go finish him
    off.  Another ranged attack that comes in more handy than charged
    cards is Overload.  Overload isn't one of the basic R+ moves, once 
    you've put some points into it you can kinetically charge objects.  To
    do this approach a small enough object for Gambit to pick up (i.e. trash
    can), press R+A once you're right next to it, and it'll become explosive, 
    now hurry and chuck it at the enemy before it explodes!  Once you've
    put lots of points into the move it makes bigger explosions, useful if
    you're stuck in a corner with fifty enemies hot on ya.
    As far as support goes Gambit only has one really useful move.
    Once you've leveled Kinetic boost up to it's Kinetic Mastery
    form it increases all allies attack considerably for a short 
    time.  Using this move often will be a big plus later on.
    Special Attacks:
    Gambits only other ranged move is his specal attack, 52 PICK UP.
    This attack is incredibly useful for support or melee, when you
    start the move everything goes slow-mo and Gambit launches
    his deck of cards into the air, all the cards come crashing down
    on enemies in the form of light beams causing about as much 
    damage as Staff Legend to every enemy in the surrounding area.
    If you plan on having Gambit as a support (this is possible, but
    not a good idea in my opinion) I recommend getting it at level 15
    and using it to nuke stuff frequently.
    PapaGamer & moot for suggesting I write this FAQ.
    Thanks again to moot for giving me tons of ideas 
    of stuff to fill my FAQ with.
    Thanks to cablepuff for pointing out that the
    Shi'ar Battle Implants give +3 to all stats, not
    Thanks to slobr, who told me I had used the wrong 
    font in my ASCII, which is why it looked all jumbled.
    Thanks again to moot for pointing out that Jean Grey
    can also create bridges, I added this into Question
    3 of section 1.2
    Thanks to Suicidal Lemmings for suggesting I take
    the periods out of my ASCII.
    2.3-Contact me
    See anything wrong with my FAQ?
    Found something I should add/remove?
    Just think there's more info that needs to 
    be covered (I do to, so Ideas are welcome)?
    Contact me.
    My AIM is Freaczorz, except I hardly ever use AIM anymore.
    The best way to contact me is to drop a line at my home board
    Board=1651; Dragon Ninja
    If you wonder why I don't just post my E-mail, that's because I
    know quite a few people who have gotten viruses this way, and
    I'd rather get no feed-back than a virus.
    11/1/04-Submitted my FAQ for the first time, 
    it was denied.
    11/3/04-I made big changes to sections 1.3-2.0,
    and submitted the FAQ again.
    11/4/04-Slightly changed sections 1.7, due to
    cablepuff who pointed out an error in my guide.
    Also changed section 2.1 to give him credit for 
    this.  I tried to fix my ASCII, also, which was
    totally screwed up.
    11/5/04-I changed question 3 in section 1.2,
    due to advice I got from moot. Thanks, moot.
    11/6/05-I noticed a layout error, so I fixed it.
    Added to section 2.5
    11/9/04-Added a Q/A the the F.A.Q. section.
    Fixed many various errors I found.
    Changed the ASCII.
    None of the characters/trademarks belong to me (duh) they all
    belong to Marvel.  You can't use any part of this FAQ without 
    crediting it to me or the original source mentioned.  If you 
    credit it properly, go nuts....Oh, yeah, I'm also not responsible
    for any mental or physical trauma you experienced from reading 
    my guide (due to my bad grammar or something).

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