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    Iceman Guide by freac

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    ASCII by freac
    ¤X-men Legends
    ¤Nintendo Gamecube
    ¤Created 11/04/04
    ¤In-Depth Iceman FAQ¤
    ¤1.3¤Iceman's Profile
    ¤1.4¤Moves List
    ¤1.5¤Stats and Attacks 101
    ¤1.6¤Recommended Skills
    ¤1.7¤Recommended Stats
    ¤1.8¤Recommended Equipment
    ¤2.0¤Melee Strategy/Tips 
    ¤2.1¤Support Strategy/Tips
    ¤2.4¤Contact Me
    Welcome to my In-depth Iceman guide, created to 
    teach strategies and such on how to use Iceman.
    Throughout my Guide I'll give growth charts, move
    lists, general strategies, and anyhing else I see fit.
    If you have anything to add to my FAQ, or a mistake 
    in it to point out, please see my "contact me" section 
    and I will credit any useful information to you.  So 
    without further ranting, here is my FAQ.
    From this point forward there will be spoilers!
    Here's a list of all the playable X-men in X-men
    Legends, in the order they join your party.
    Begins in your party
    Unlocked after you defeat Mystique
    3.Jean Grey
    Unlocked after completing the first mission
    Unlocked after completing the first mission
    Unlocked after completing the first mission
    Unlocked after completing the second mission
    Unlocked after completing the second mission
    Unlocked after completing the second mission
    Unlocked after completing the second mission
    Unlocked after completing the third mission
    Unlocked after completing Magma's second Danger Room challenge
    Unlocked after clearing Nuclear Facility level
    13.Emma Frost
    In X-mansion after Nuclear Facility level
    14.Professor Charles Xavier
    Used only for special missions
    Unlocked after beating NY Riot, third sewer level, and first
    manditory Juggernaut level
    Here I cover all the Frequenty Asked Questions
    I see on the XML message boards, and any other
    questions I had myself.
    Question 1:  How many playable characters are there?
    Answer 1:  There are 14 main characters, along with a 15th
    available in a few special missions.
    Question 2:  How do I use Gambit/Jubilee's Overload attack?
    Answer 2:  Once you have at least one skill point on their
    Overload attacks, approach an object (such as a trash
    can) and use their basic R+A attack (like Gambit's
    "charged cards" attack).  This causes the object to
    get "charged" and will henceforth explode in several 
    Question 3:  How do I cross large gaps with the holograph "X"
    Answer 3:  The ideal way to cross these gaps is with Iceman 
    Jean Grey, or Magma's R+A attack.  Standing a few feet away 
    from the X, and make sure you're targeting it, use your R+A 
    attack to create a bridge of a corresponding element.
    If you don't have either of these characters in your current 
    party you can use any of the flying characters (Storm, Jean 
    Grey, or Rogue) to pick up other characters and ferry them
    across the gaps (this only works if you have 3+ skill points
    on the "Fly" skill).
    The final way to cross gaps is to teleport characters across
    with Nightcrawlers R+A teleport attack (you can only carry other
    party members across if you have 4+ skill points on his teleport
    Question 4:  Beast did not join me after the second mission.  Why?
    Answer 4:  Apparently this is a somewhat common glitch.  Don't 
    freak out and restart your game, he will join you after the third
    mission once you talk to him at the mansion.
    Question 5:  How many optional missions are there?  
    Answer 5:  There are 3 "flashback missions", each of them can be 
    activated by talking to a specific mutant at a specific time.
    Question 6:  How do I unlock extra costumes?
    Answer 6:  At the main menu press up, up, right, left, down, down,
    start to unlock the Xtreme costumes.  Additional costumes will be 
    unlocked once you play through story mode.
    Question 7:  What is the highest possible level?
    Answer 7:  The highest level any character can reach is 45.
    Question 8:  How do I change costumes?
    Answer 8:  Press X at any Xtraction point's "change team" menu.
    1.3-Iceman's profile
    Here's some information about Iceman I thought was interesting.
    Code Name: Iceman
    Real Name: Bobby Drake
    Height: 5'3
    Weight: 145 lbs.
    Nationality: American
    Place of Birth: Long Island, New York
    Mutant Powers: Iceman can generate subzero cold that freezes anything in its 
    path, he can form vapors into ice-shapes such as ice slides which he can use 
    to slide faster than at a full run, and can turn into a full ice form giving 
    him enhanced physical abilities.
    Short History*:  Hailing from a small town on Long Island, New York, Bobby Drake
    was much like any other youth - boisterous and mischievous.  Then one night he 
    he was forced to use his ice-making ability to protect a friend from assailants.
    Bystanders were so shocked and outraged at Bobby's display of mutant power that
    they formed a mob.  Luckily, bobby escaped unharmed and was able to join the
    *I copied this part from X-men Legend's bio for Iceman.
    1.4-Moves List
    Here I've listed all of Iceman's mutant powers and such.
    Freeze Blast (5 blocks)
    Blast of ice that slows enemies.
    -Deep Freeze (5 blocks)
    Blast of ice that freezes enemies.
    -Legend Freeze (1 block)
    Blast of ice that freezes enemies for long lengths of time.
    Ice shards (5 blocks)
    Throws 3 ice projectiles
    -Ice Spikes (5 blocks)
    Throws 5 ice projectiles
    -Legend Spikes (1 block)
    Throws 7 ice projectiles
    Ice Armor (3 blocks)
    Adds ice armor bonus.
    -Ice Equipment (3 blocks)
    Adds ice armour bonus to self and nearby allies*
    -Ice Forge (3 blocks)
    Adds ice armor bonus to all party members*
    FREEZE FRAME (1 block)
    (special attack) Freezes enemies within 12 feet, slows 
    enemies within 33 feet.
    Ice tracks (5 blocks)
    Allows use of air skating
    Cold smash (3 blocks)
    Adds cold damage to melee attacks.
    -Cold Crush (3 blocks)
    adds cold damage to melee attacks.
    Toughness (3 blocks)
    Increases maximum health.
    Mutant Mastery (3 blocks)
    Increases maximum energy.
    Critical Strike (5 blocks)
    adds chance of getting a critical from a melee attack
    Point Blank Shot (5 blocks)
    Increases damage done by ranged attacks within 10 feet.
    In this case bonus damage to Ice shards/spikes.
    *This attack adds Defense to Iceman, but instead of adding
    defense to teammates it adds punch damage, so ya know.
    1.5-Stats and Attacks 101
    This is all basic information about leveling up statistics,
    etcetera.  Newb stuff.  Here's the crash course:
    Upgrading your stats:
    Every level you gain you get one stat point, except every
    fifth level (25, 30, 35 etc.) you get two.  You can spend
    these points on any of the following stats:
    Strike- Raises your attack rating
    Agility- Raises your defense rating
    Body- Raises your maximum HP
    Focus- Raises your maximum energy, and 
    determines how fast you regenerate energy back.
    It differs from mutant to mutant which stats they need most,
    nine out of ten times they rely heavily on focus, but this 
    isn't always true (Colossus, Beast, and Wolverine are the 
    best examples, they don't need very much focus).
    Upgrading your attacks:
    As seen in the previous section, all mutants have various 
    attacks to upgrade.  Some of these attacks/skills are more 
    important than others, so choose carefully.  Just like with 
    attributes you get one attack point per level (two on every 
    fifth level), so you won't get new attacks very often.  Most 
    attacks have more than one level ("blocks" in the Move List 
    section), so you can upgrade them more than once for better
    effects.  For example:  Upgrading Iceman's Ice Tracks skill
    allows him to slide on ice for ten feet on the first block,
    then 20, then 30 etc. until the final block there are no 
    distance restrictions (although it does cost focus to use 
    Some attacks (like "Ice Armor") have more than one tier of
    blocks.  After the first 5 blocks Ice Armor upgrades into 
    Ice Equipment.  In order to upgrade to Ice Equipment you 
    must spend 2 points on that skill (only on it's first block, 
    the other two only cost one).  After you have all three Ice 
    Equipment blocks filled you can upgrade to Ice Forge for two 
    more points.
    I hope I've been clear enough on these areas, if you don't understand 
    it all don't worry, they're easy to figure out once you start playing.
    1.6-Recommended Skills
    If you can't decide what skills to put up you can use 
    Cerebro by pressing "Y" on the character screen.  In
    my opinion it sometimes is helpful, but not often.
    Instead I've made a list of all my favorite stats to
    put up with Iceman at several different levels, using 
    him as a support/fighting based mutant.  See section 
    1.4 for more info about these skills/attacks.
    Freeze Blast (5/5 block(s) filled)
    -Deep Freeze (5/5 block(s) filled)
    -Legend Freeze (1/1 block(s) filled)
    Ice shards (4/5 block(s) filled)
    -Ice Spikes (0/5 block(s) filled)
    -Legend Spikes (0/1 block(s) filled)
    Ice Armor (3/3 block(s) filled)
    -Ice Equipment (3/3 block(s) filled)
    -Ice Forge (3/3 block(s) filled)
    FREEZE FRAME (1/1 block(s) filled)
    Ice tracks (5/5 block(s) filled)
    Cold smash (3/3 block(s) filled)
    -Cold Crush (3/3 block(s) filled)
    Toughness (3/3 block(s) filled)
    Mutant Mastery (3/3 block(s) filled)
    Critical Strike (5/5 block(s) filled)
    Point Blank Shot (0/5 blocks)
    Obviously you get most of the attacks anyways, I'll
    cover which ones to level up first in section 1.9 and
    1.7-Recommended Stats
    Here are the guidelines I've made for raising Iceman's stats:
    He needs no strike.  At all.
    He needs a bit of agility, I'd say 25%
    He doesn't need too much body, probably around 15%
    Focus is his main stat, I think about 60%
    Level 45 stats (no armor equipped):
    Strike: 13
    Agility: 27
    Body: 14
    Focus: 63
    HP: 469 
    Focus Points: 782 
    These are my personal favorite stats for a level 45 Iceman.
    Although it says he has 13 strike, don't put any points into 
    it, because you'll get these automatically as you level up.
    Level 45 stats (with armor):
    Strike: 16
    Agility: 30
    Body: 17
    Focus: 74
    HP: 499
    Focus Points: 803
    This is what his stats would look like with the Ultra Focus 
    enhancer and Shi'ar Body implants equipped.  
    1.8-Recommended Equipment
    Early on you won't be able to get Iceman's best
    armor (the Shi'ar Body Implants aren't even
    acquired until the last mission).  So here I'll
    give some good substitutes until you can get the
    best stuff.  All of these items are either found
    on the ground or bought from Forge.
    Sword of Ogun (+3 Focus and +8%  chance for punch/kick 
    Caliban's Shroud (+2 Focus and +25-31 damage to punches).
    Focus Enhancer (+2 Focus)
    Super Focus Enhancer (+4 Focus)
    Normal Inertial Deflector (+ 20% chance to reflect 50-63
    punch/kick damage back at the attacker).
    Super Inertial Deflector (+ 30% chance to reflect 125-
    150 damage back at the attacker). 
    Here I'll suggest all the best armor for Iceman,
    to suit his specific needs.  Most of these can't
    be found until the game's last quarter of play
    time (estimate).
    Shi'ar Body Implants (+3 all stats):
    obtained by completing "Nightmare-Colossus".
    Ultra Focus Enhancer (+8 Focus):
    Found on the ground, or bought from Forge.
    Ultra Internal Deflector (+40% Chance to reflect 175-215 punch/kick 
    Found on the ground, or bought from Forge.
    Here's a basic outline of what type of fighter Iceman is at his best,
    Iceman is a melee/support character, probably the only one in XML.
    His Cold Smash attack is awesome for damage, but due to his lack of
    spread attacks (they attack more than one enemy at once) he is best
    at one-on-one style fighting, like boss or Sentinel fights, not so 
    good at crowds.  He has some nice support attacks, specifically 
    Freeze Blast, which at high levels freezes any enemies in it's path
    for several seconds (and slows them down considerably once they become
    un-frozen).  He doesn't have much for ranged attacks, just Ice Spikes,
    which is comparible to other attacks like Charged Cards or Energy Burst
    (I, personally, hate all these attacks).  He joins your party for mission
    two, and is almost essential to have at first (since he can make bridges
    and put out fires).  So basically we have a melee dude who can do effect-
    ive support, also.
    2.0-Melee Strategy/Tips
    Although Iceman is generally thought of as a support character, he can 
    definitely get away with melee.  In this section I'll outline his most
    useful job in the game, a mix between support and melee.
    Detailed Skill Purchasing:
    As with any other characters picking the order of which skills to buy
    is a big deal with Iceman.  Get Cold Smash A.S.A.P., this determines
    how much damage he does with punch/kick attacks, so it is helpful to
    put as many points as possible as soon as possible on Cold Smash.  One
    important thing to know about Ice Smash is that it adds cold damage to
    melee attacks, which means he does Energy damage with punch/kick attacks
    as opposed to physical damage (note that some enemies are physical resis-
    tant and weak against energy or vice-versa, so you'll be doing more 
    damage to Physical Resistant enemies).  After you have Cold Smash going
    the right way, I recommend putting Freeze Blast (which freezes the enemy 
    in place) and Critical Strike (which makes you do more criticals, a big 
    bonus on all damage) up, followed by Ice Armor (puts Iceman's defense up 
    and at higher levels puts all allies punch damage up also).  Once you get to 
    about level 25 I recommend buying Freeze Frame, which freezes all enemies 
    in a small radius, just like Freeze Blast except it effects more enemies.
    From here we have Mutant Mastery (increases maximum energy), Toughness
    (increases maximum HP), Ice Tracks (allows Iceman to slide on an Ice bridge 
    for transportation), and Ice Shards (throws Ice projectiles).  It doesn't 
    matter much what order you do these in, except make sure you have all other
    needed attacks bought beforee you put any points into Ice Shards, that just 
    gets the left overs.  Ice Tracks is pretty fun to use, and not bad for 
    transportation, but definitely not nescessary.  
    Attack/Combo usage:
    For meleeing with Iceman you don't need any mutant skills, not for the actual
    fighting, anyways.  Freeze Blast can be your friend, if there are only two or
    three enemies around you can freeze one and go beat up the others.  Or if 
    there's a runaway you can freeze him in his tracks and go own him with mad 
    close-range skills, you get the point.  However, Freeze Blast is all but 
    useless if there's a huge crowd of enemies, since freezing one doesn't do 
    much good if there's still twenty on your back, big groups are Iceman's weak 
    point.  Ice Armor can be nice, it'll make you less likely to die in a big 
    group, and gives your teammates a slight offensive edge.  As for combos, he 
    doesn't have any really useful ones, although, some combos I like to use with 
    Iceman are A+A+B (Uppercut) and B+B (Knock-back).  Neither of these combos are 
    unique to Iceman, many characters (such as Gambit and Jubilee) use these combos 
    also, but that's beside the point.  Uppercut is a reasonably strong combo that 
    ends with the final "B" strike in an uppercut punch, sending the enemy into the 
    air and on their back.  It is somewhat strong, but the main reason I use it 
    is if you need a thug out of your face you can get them on the ground easily 
    to set up some recovery time for yourself.  The Knock-back is similar, Iceman 
    performs two round-house kicks, the second is pretty strong and it send the 
    enemy flying back with some good speed.  Like the uppercut, it does get the 
    enemy on the ground, but it also adds nice additional damage if you can 
    send them into a wall or car etc.
    Special Attack:
    The final area I'll touch down on for melee is Iceman's special attack.  Freeze 
    Frame freezes all enemies within a 12 foot circumferance, and slows all within
    33 feet.  This move is good against huge groups of enemies (especially useful 
    for a difficult Danger Room course), and is good to have just in case.  Unlike 
    other special attacks, Freeze Frame doesn't do any damage, although it does 
    freeze them still.  I'd say this is just an average skill, not particularly 
    good or bad, but definitely nescessary to have at level 30+, just to be safe.
    2.1-Support Strategy/Tips
    Support is Iceman's strong point.  Although he is great at support, he's best
    suited as a mixture between support and melee (what I showed in the last 
    section).  Here's pure support Iceman!
    Ranged Attacks:
    Iceman has one of the better ranged attacks (besides Cyclops and Storm, they pwn
    at ranged).  Ice Spikes and Point Blank Shot make a nice combo.  Level up both 
    of them as soon as you can, and try standing close to the enemy so several of 
    the spikes make contact, instead of just one (recall that point blank shot 
    makes Ice Spikes stronger if done within 10 feet).  This is Iceman's main 
    attack for supporting, since you should mainly be freezing enemies and such.  
    Ice Spikes is useful if there's an enemy with a gun, chuck ice at him before 
    he can shoot you or a teammate.  Once you level Ice Spikes all the way to 
    Legend Spikes Icey'll execute 7 spikes at once.  This isn't a terribly 
    strong attack, it's mostly used for stopping an enemy in mid-attack.
    For support Iceman has Ice Armor.  This is a descent attack, not great or awful.
    At high levels it adds energy damage to all punch attacks for allies, as well
    as boosts Iceman's defense.  If you really want to do hard-core support this
    is a must, every time it dissapears (it lasts for about 35 seconds when fully
    leveled) put it back up again, rinse and repeat.
    His two best support moves have to be Freeze Blast and Freeze Frame.
    Freeze Blast is a wide-spread attack of Ice that freezes enemies in place.
    Use this often so your allies can run ahead and easily defeat enemies for you.
    Freeze Frame is just a variation of this, it's his special.  It freezes all
    enemies within 12 feet of Iceman and considerably slows down all within 33 
    feet.  These moves are awesome, it makes the game so much easier to have 
    Iceman's freezing abilities with ya.
    Here I'll tell how to acquire/earn all Iceman's secret stuff.
    Bobby Drake (as seen around the Mansion)
    Original Iceman (as seen in the very first comic book featuring Iceman).
    Both acquired after defeating the game once, you can change costumes by
    pressing "X" at any Xtraction point's "Change Team" menu.
    Comic: Located in the elevator room at the end of the 
    Satellite Control Center of HAARP (+2 body to Iceman).
    Dange Room Disc:  Right before starting the stage to rescue Illyana from
    the Astral Plane, check the balcony next to the stairs for the "Challenge-
    Iceman" disc.
    PapaGamer & moot for suggesting I write this FAQ.
    Thanks again to moot for giving me tons of ideas 
    of stuff to fill my FAQ with.
    Thanks to cablepuff for pointing out that the
    Shi'ar Battle Implants give +3 to all stats, not
    Thanks again to moot for pointing out that Jean Grey
    can also create bridges, I added this into Question
    3 of section 1.2
    Thanks for Papagamer for the info on where to find 
    Iceman's comic book and Danger Room disc.
    2.4-Contact Me
    See anything wrong with my FAQ?
    Found something I should add/remove?
    Just think there's more info that needs to 
    be covered (I do to, so Ideas are welcome)?
    Contact me.
    My AIM is Freaczorz, except I hardly ever use AIM anymore.
    The best way to contact me is to drop a line at my home board
    Board=1651; Dragon Ninja
    If you wonder why I don't just post my E-mail, that's because I
    know quite a few people who have gotten viruses this way, and
    I'd rather get no feed-back than a virus.
    Thanks (again) to cablepuff who pointed out an error in section
    11/8/04-Submitted my guide for the first time.
    11/9/04-Checked over lightly for errors and typos.
    Beefed up sections 1.5, 1.7, and 1.8.
    Added section 2.2 (secrets section).
    Updated Credits section.
    None of the characters/trademarks belong to me (duh) they all
    belong to Marvel.  You can't use any part of this FAQ without 
    crediting it to me or the original source mentioned.  If you 
    credit it properly, go nuts....Oh, yeah, I'm also not responsible
    for any mental or physical trauma you experienced from reading 
    my guide (due to my bad grammar or something).

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