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    Jean Grey FAQ by noshorterversion

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    X-Men Legends Character Guide:
    Jean Grey
    by noshorterversion
    Copyright 2004 Anastasia Ehlers
    Please only use this guide for your personal benefit.  Do not reproduce it
    without my permission.  Reach me by email at noshorterversion@hotmail.com, but
    please, be reasonable about it.  I won't open it if I have the least reason
    not to.
    Table of Contents
       I. A Note On Stat/Ability Points
       II. Levelling Up
       III. Bio
       IV. Abilities
       V. How to Level Up the Abilities
       VI. Strengths/Weaknesses
       VII. How to Use Jean
       VIII. Comic Book
       IX. Danger Room
    I. A Note On Stat/Ability Points
    There are fifteen playable characters in X-Men Legends, the fifteenth is only
    available during certain missions and does not gain levels or utilize points
    like the rest.  All characters can use the combos described in the Danger
    Room's "Moves" excersizes.  Furthermore, their mutant abilities follow a
    similar patern, but more on that in a bit.
    A total of 45 levels can be gained throughout the game.  For each level gained,
    customizable points are awarded.
       Level 1: no usable points, one (or two, if the character can learn "Might")
          ability block has already been filled in.
       Each level that is a multiple of five yields 2 stat points and 2 ability
       Every other level yields 1 stat point and 1 ability point.
    ===>You can use 54 stat points and 54 ability points to build up your super-
    ===>hero.  Characters have a total of 63-67 ability blocks, meaning you cannot
    ===>max out your characters abilities.
    The whole point of this guide is to help you use those 54 points wisely.  Only
    learn the best skills and how to use them efficiently in battle.
    II. Levelling Up
    It comes as no surprise that you collect Experience Points (XP) to level up.
    Each level, use your points to enhance your stats and learn new abilities.
    Adding stats is a no-brainer.  You may want to focus on stats inherent to each
    character (ie focus for Storm and strike for Wolverine).  Strike is your
    strength, agility is your defense, body is your health, and focus is your
    mutant power.  Body is not usually worth putting points into since high
    agility raises your defense sufficiently enough that high hit points won't
    For ability points, unlocking a new skill often requires 2 points, indicated
    by the yellow outline of the block.  One tip: you can see what higher levels
    have to offer by adding points and reading the description at the bottom of
    the screen.  If you don't like what you see, then use the subtract button
    before you hit accept to exit the screen.  All of the abilities are briefly
    explained when you highlight them, as long as your are able to unlock them.
    Mutant powers are multi-tiered.  For example, there are 5 blocks of
    Telekinesis, 5 blocks of Telekinetic Mastery, and 1 Telekinetic Legend; all
    are progressively stronger versions of the same animation.
    III. Bio
    Jean is an original X-Man and Cyclops's wife.  She is one of the most powerful
    telepaths on earth, but sadly, has serious control issues with her powers.
    Jean sacrificed herself to save the team (in space, NOT canada!) and was
    resurrected as Dark Phoenix.  She came to herself with the help of the X-Men,
    but was changed forever to the Phoenix.  Generally, her and Scott's mushy
    psychicly-bonded romance gets on my nerves, but in Legends, Jean is one of the
    most useful and powerful characters.
    Real Name:      Jean Grey  
    Mutant Powers:  Telekinesis, telepathy
    Level 1 Stats:  Strike-2
    Inherent Stat:  Focus
    Default AI:     Normal
    Ability Blocks: 67
    Gained:         End of first mission
    Use 60% of Jean's stat points on focus, 25% on agility, and 15% on body.  Jean
    needs no strike.  Psionic Strike/Fury make up for that, and besides, you won't
    use her hand-to-hand that much anyway.
    IV. Abilities
    *To the right of each skill name is the level required to unlock blocks.
    *If only "0" appears, then all blocks are available immediately.
    Telekinesis                0, 3, 5, 7, 9
     Telekinetic Mastery        15, 17, 19, 21, 23
      Telekinetic Legend         30
    Moves objects and enemies along a straight line trajectory.  Destroys objects
    and damages enemies when they hit a wall.  Can also push enemies off ledges.
    Higher levels move heavier objects.  You cannot control where things move
    around, which limits the usefulness of this skill.  Also opens doors and flips
    switches; you need jean to flip switches on your third trip to Astral Plane.
    Builds bridges.
    I have not personally experimented with this skill much since i find Scream so
    handy.  sabin01 says:
    "First, Jean Grey's Telekenisis.  This ability which you have labeled as
    having limited control is actually quite controllable.  In order to lift an
    object, face the object and press R2+X, this will initially lift the object,
    while holding R2+X and moving with the analog stick you can control the
    movement of the object jean is lifting, however once you let go, the object
    will be flung in the direction which she was moving the object.  This attack,
    also increases in damage when you add points to Telekinetic Combat.  Since it
    adds damage to ALL mental attacks, this will do damage even though the ability
    itself when at one skill point says that it does no damage.  By far this
    ability need not be improved in order to be useful, as throwing enemies off
    cliffs and into pits is rather useful.  However, at one skill point is limited
    to lifting only enemies and light objects, and will need to be sufficiently
    leveled to lift cars, however that is quite unneccesary as with only one skill
    point is enough to lift and throw enemies into each other, walls, or even your
    other allies instantly getting the Batter Up combo."
    So thanks to him!
    glacialfury also had some telekinesis strategy to contribute.  He says:
    "This involves using Jean somewhat more as a melee fighter.  As you
    mentioned, you can combine the two psionic damage skills to boost her
    melee damage to large numbers, and this is where telekinesis really
    shines.  Control over is quite good.  As long as you continue to hold
    down the power button (it doesn't take that much EP), they remain
    aloft and you can move/manipulate them anyway you want to.
    As you run into an area or down a corridor, trigger the telekinesis
    move and you will very often grab an enemy off screen that you hadn't
    seen yet; then push the control stick toward your party and release
    the power.  The enemy will come hurtling toward you, taking falling
    damage and becoming separated from his buddies.  When he collides into
    you or a party member (this does no damage to you), you can beat the
    snot of him without his friends nearby.  Likewise, if you see an ally
    getting beat on, you can do a quick grab-yank-release and send the
    enemy hurtling away from your ally.  This works very well in the
    protect and defend danger room missions too, because if you see
    someone attacking a car or student you can pluck them up and throw
    them somewhere else to deal with them.
    If an enemy is close to you, you can just quickly press the
    telekinesis button and the control stick away from you and you have an
    instant knockback attack that will send them clear across the room for
    very little energy.
    I don't think the hurling of objects is nearly as good or important as
    using telekinesis on the enemies directly.  You can trash a room by
    picking up enemies and throwing them into each other, into walls,
    etc....it is a fantastic addition to melee fighting.  Run up to a
    group, throw one guy into the group, knock them all down....start
    punching and kicking (with the extra mental damage adding +100 or so
    to your punches), as one gets up, grab it with telekinesis again,
    throw them over a cliff/railing, use it again to push one of the
    enemies down, punch....
    The most important thing about this, as opposed to the killer Scream
    attacks, is that it's incredibly fun to play.  You toss enemies around
    like rag dolls, flinging them at will wherever you want them.  It
    gives you unprecedented control over enemy locations because you can
    relocate them at will.
    Jean has a fantastic combo with cyclops if you have a human player on
    cyclops; use telekinesis and maneuver the poor sod in front of
    cyclops, who can blast it out of the sky for a guaranteed combo.  I
    can't tell you how many enemies we killed by doing this; Jean lifts
    the enemy and holds them steady, cyclops shoots them down out of the
    sky, doing massive damage in the process.  I think it's called
    "Lifting Beam" but I'm not sure."
    Thanks a lot!
    Psychic Shout              5, 7, 9, 11, 13
     Psychic Scream             20, 22, 24, 26, 28
      Legend Scream              30
    Jean's most damaging skill.  Mental damage within in a circle around Jean.
    The radius increases with level.  Legend Scream does 300-400 damage against
    average enemies, which although not too high, takes care of enough at a time
    to be very dangerous during melee.  Slows enemies as well, though not as much
    as Bobby's Freeze Blast.  This skill rocks; could even be considered cheap
    when it is maxxed out.
    Telekinetic Shield         5, 7, 9
     Telekinietc Shell          14, 16, 18
      Telekinetic Armor          23, 25, 27
    Higher levels affect more allies.  X-Men are surrounded in pink cylinders.
    -50 damage at highest level.  Not energy damage, or mental damage, or
    physical damage, ANY damage.  All attacks under 50 points will not hurt you at
    all.  Lasts 36 seconds max.  Also affects Professor X in the 400 level Danger
    Room exam.
    Phoenix Force              15
    Jean lifts all enemies then smashes them back into the ground for damage more
    or less equivalent to Legend Scream.  ...pink Phoenix wings...purty...
    Psionic Strike             3, 5, 9,
     Psionic Fury               12, 15, 18
    Adds mental damage to physical attacks.  This skill boosts Jean's attack power
    (as long as she isn't fighting mental resistant enemies) to compensate for her
    low strike stat.
    Telekinetic Combat         4, 9, 14, 19, 24
    Boosts mental damage.  Adds 150-165 damage to Scream, not sure about regular
    melee combos.  sabin01 also informed me that Telekinetic Combat boosts damage
    as long as you have something invested in Psionic Strike/Fury.
    Toughness                  10, 12, 14
    Increases HP by a percentage.
    Mutant Mastery             10, 12, 14
    Increases Energy by a percentage.
    Flight                     0
    Allows flight and improves mastery over it.  Each block means less energy is
    consumed during flight.  At three blocks, Jean can pick up enemies and X-Men.
    Needed to get to certain areas in levels for things like comics or sketch
    books.  Speedy way to get around for backtracking.  Jean can attack in the air
    but cannot use Telekinesis, Scream, etc.  Fly by pressing the jump button
    twice.  Pick things/people up with attack, dive with kick, land gently with
    throw.  Try knocking off a sentinel's head for fun.
    Critical Strike            0, 7, 12, 17, 22
    Increases odds of dealing a critical blow by a percentage.  Criticals do
    serious extra damage in this game.  Not an important skill for Jean since once
    you have her Psychic Scream, you'll not use her physical attacks anymore.
    V. How to Level Up the Abilities
    Try to keep Psionic Fury, Psychic Shield and Psychic Scream as high as your
    levels will allow.  This gives Jean an early edge in almost every aspect.
    When you can't add to those skills, add to Telekinetic Combat to boost their
    effectiveness.  Phoenix Force, Toughness, and Mutant Mastery can all wait
    until level 20 or later.  Telekinesis is not as useful since it has limited
    controllable, but could be fun to send cars crashing into sentinels as long as
    your allies are out of the way.  Level it up at your own discretion.  Flight
    is just for fun since Telekinesis builds bridges.  Dump anything left over
    into Critical Strike.
    Max for sure: Psychic Scream, Psychic Shield, Telekinetic Combat, Mutant
    VI. Strengths and Weaknesses
    Jean's attacks are all Mental based, unless you don't add any points to
    Psionic Strike (which would be a bad idea), making her useless against enemies
    with mental resistances, but strong against the other ones.  The problem with
    this is that later in the game, just as you realize that mental attacks kick
    ass, lots of enemies are mental resistant.  Sentinels are too.  In these
    cases, use Jean for support and she is still a valuable member of your team.
    Jean is a very well-rounded character, but her versatility really shows when
    it comes to puzzle time.  She can build bridges and in some cases, is the only
    X-Man who can activate switches or get to high places.
    VII. How to Use Jean
    Her moves are strong enough to keep up with the other members as long as you
    have her Psionic Strike/Fury. In large swarms of enemies, use Scream.
    Whoever it doesn't kill will be knocked back to a reasonable distance and
    slowed down.  Telekinesis is not usually worth it, unless you want to push an
    enemy into something hard.  Exploding barrels are nice.  If you are good at
    flying, that's fun too.  You can rely only on Scream, but it is a bit cheap.
    If you have no problem with that, be my guest.
    Telekinesis would come in more handy here then anywhere else since your
    attacks are more focused on one target.  Use the terrain to your advantage.
    Remember, you can use objects with Telekinesis too.  Try a Phoenix Force for
    a boss fight with multiple enemies.  Make sure to use Psychic Shield at the
    beginning of the fight if it is at the level to affect multiple party members.
    Psychic Shield owns the support skills as far as defense is concerned.  It
    doesn't discriminate among damage types and it affects the whole party at
    high levels.  Fly to get out of a sticky situation quickly.  
    First off, you have to use Jean to flip the switches in the third trip to the
    Astral Plane.  Have to.  She's the only one.  You can't even teleport and do
    it.  You can also moves the arms at the nuclear plant with her.  Jean also
    builds bridges for those levels when Bobby is useless and you don't have Magma
    yet.  The only thing Jean can't do is weld.  On a story note, she does hold
    the Arbiter together until somebody else can weld it, making her unavailable
    for this mission.
    Danger Room
    Jean is the best way to get experience in the Danger Room with Scream.  Use it
    on Survival and bail before the time limit.  Or even better yet:  play the
    400 level exam.  Use Shield to protect the professor too.  destroy all the
    statues but one, then focus on defeating enemies with Scream.  Save another
    course open for item collecting.  Before the timer runs out, blast the last
    statue to defeat the course.  You need to defeat the course to get to the
    higher levels anyway.  You still get the experience after the course is
    defeated, and it tells you how much.  My highest is about 5.8 million XP.
    Happy leveling.
    Best Team
    Match Jean with an energy fighter and a physical fighter.  Her husband is a
    good match.  Jean is really flexible enough to put with anybody.  Just make
    sure it isn't Iceman: the combo with Scream and Freeze does -1 extra damage.
    I prefer a DNA generator, but her Mantle of the Phoenix also works.  A
    Nanofiber Armor and Focus Enhancer fill out the rest.
    VIII. Comic Book
    +4 Focus
    During the second trip to the Astral Plane.  Take the path to the right in the
    beginning of the Hall of Fire.  
    IX. Danger Room
    Found: First visit to the Astral Plane.  To the left after you open the second
    Reccommended level: 20
    Reward: Mantle of the Phoenix
    Objectives: Defeat twenty enemies in two minutes
    Strategy: Use Psychic Scream repeatedly and nobody stands a chance.  Easy.
    Found: In the hangar at the X-Mansion when you help Wolverine and Beast prep
           the jet for your visit to Asteroid M.
    Reccommended level: 33
    Reward: Shi'ar Body Shield
    Objectives: Defeat Sun Goddess twice in one minute
    Strategy: Focus on one Sun Goddess at a time, don't worry about the minions
              (HAARP soldiers).  Use Ability Drain to stun her and then let loose
              with physical attacks.  Try to get her backed up against a wall or
              pillar.  Use Rogue's Iron Maiden skill for extra defense.  Fly if
              she gets away since it is faster and time is tight.
    *You use Rogue in this training course, however I have chosen to place this in
     Jean's section since it is her nightmare.  (Sun Goddess is the evil version
    of Jean and uses her attacks).
    Updates: 11/25/04 Happy Thanksgiving.  Finished guide, submitted.
             12/01/04 Thanks to sabin01 for info on Telekinesis and Telekinetic
             8/12/05  Thanks to glacialfury for info on Telekinesis

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