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"Great for an X-Men fan or RPG fan."

The X-men are a fairly legendary team of X-men, rating right up there with the classic legends we all know and love, like Spidey. So naturally, it would be pretty easy for the developers of this game to just put some garbage together and hope to cash in on the name, but that's not the case for this game and let me explain in further detail.

Game play 9/10
This game is for both X-Men fans, for the the X-men based game, but als the RPG fans for the interesting and fun RPG style this game brings to the table. This game resembles the Gauntlet series very much. Besides the fact this is not a turn based RPG, it is also multiplayer. Up to 4 players can play, and the difficulty seems to be based on how many human handlers are playing the game. With up to four buddies playing, the enemies can be very dumb and easy by yourself, but those same enemies will be very much harder and smarter if you grab some buds. Also, it is noteworthy that you can switch a human player with a CPU (and vice versa) at any given time (Even without starting a new game). The game is, despite the fact that most RPG's are the opposite, very linear. You can't explore or change your missions or anything, you are stuck following your orders. In addition the game is also equipped with a bonus "danger room" feature, which is not a part of the game play, and even lets you play as a villain or duel with a buddy. In the end, the game play is great, but not flawless.

Story 6/10
The story seems forced and is not interesting or exciting. All though there is indeed a story, this story is short and fairly boring, but a bit on the original side. It deserves some credit. In addition you do NOT need to be an X-Men fan to enjoy this game 100 percent. The game gives you alot of the back story.

Graphics 7/10
These graphics are not the greatest, and in fact seem like a PS1 game. This is a PS2 however, and you would really expect more. The characters do not look like they belong on the backgrounds, and the facial expressions rarely change, on top of lips not moving to the words spoken. In the game, your view can be obstructed easily, and often walk up items not intended to be walked up, such as walking up a tree like it's a ladder. It's got solid points, but is no where near perfect.

Sound 8/10
The music is not great, but not annoying either. However, the voice actors are great. People may even recognize a few of the voice actors, and be surprised how well some voices fit some X-Men. Many characters were nailed with the right voice, including Wolverine and Prof. Xavier.

Replayability 7/10
It's tempting to replay this game again. You gain control of 12 or so different X-Men over the course of the game, and can only use four at a time. It's very likely you'll want to go back and use different X-men in different situations. Unfortunately, nothing useful carries over into your next play, and you can't really change the difficulty level. But it's also a good idea to play this game once with some human help, and once with CPU's controlling your help. Good for at least two times around the block.

Overall 8/10
You would not expect a game based on the X-Men to appeal to anyone but an X-Men fan, but this is not true. Fans of the RPG style, as well as the X-Men will enjoy this. This game could be better, but by all means, you can pick it up and start having fun now.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/28/05

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