Where can I find the armor magnetizer?

  1. How do you get the armor magnetizer?In the faq it said to use the tractor beam to reach somewhere with some platform.But where do you get the the platform and where do I need to bring it to?

    User Info: Drake111144

    Drake111144 - 8 years ago

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  1. You can get the Qwark action figure on your second trip to Aranos. There will be a section where you need to use the Glider. At the end of that, you'll encounter the plumber. He will sell you the action figure for 20,000 bolts.

    On Todano, go back to the area where you had to use the Tractor Beam to get past all those laser grids. This is easier if you have the mapper, because then it will show you were the hidden area is. But anyway, just keep looking around until you find an inaccessible door above you. Move the Tractor Beamable platform underneath it, jump up, and voila. Then you follow the path to the Qwark fanboy, and he'll trade you the magnetizer for the action figure.

    User Info: Cereborn

    Cereborn - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. You can find the armor magnetizer on the tourist planet [you know the one where you had to follow the Robotic Fizzwidget into the factory] but youll need the 'Quark Action Figure' on the Floating Lab in order to trade it to this Quark nerd. If you want to know the specific location.

    User Info: PerpetualGamer2

    PerpetualGamer2 - 8 years ago 1 0

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