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    Collectables Guide by Achmetha

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    Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando 
    Collectibles Guide 
    Created by Achmetha 
    Copyright November 2003 
    1. Prehistoric Rampage
    Planet Oozla
    -Shoot 4 pterodactyls.
    2. Smash and Grab
    Planet Oozla
    -Break all breakables in Megacorp outlet.
    3. Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade
    Maktar Nebula
    -Beat Chainblade in the Arena using only your wrench.
    4. Vandalize
    Maktar Nebula
    -Break as much stuff in the level as possible.
    5.2B Hit Or Not 2B
    Maktar Nebula
    -Defeat the B2 Brawler without taking any damage in the arena.
    6. Clank Needs A New Pair Of Shoes
    Maktar Nebula
    -Find a slot machine until you win 300 bolts and get bar-bar-bar.
    7. Destroy All Breakables
    Planet Endako
    -Break stuff on the planet until you get it.
    8. Operate Heavy Machinery
    Planet Endako
    -Use the cranes to destroy 10 robots.
    9. Speed Demon
    Planet Barlow
    -Get a time of 2:10 in the hover bike race.
    10. Planet Buster
    Planet Notak
    -Blow up the giant floating planet in the shopping district.
    11. You Can Break A Snow Dan
    Planet Siberius
    -Around the first garage there will be a snowman.
    12. Heal Your Chi
    Planet Tabora
    -Collect 100 crystals in the desert. 
    13. Robo Rampage
    Planet Dobbo
    -Destroy every building in the city in the Giant Clank battle.
    14. Dukes Up
    Planet Dobbo
    -Use only Giant Clanks punch attacks to beat the boss.
    15. Old School
    Planet Dobbo
    -Kill all enemies on Dobbo using only the following weapons: Omniwrench 
    8000, Decoy Glove, Tesla Claw, Visibomb Gun, Bomb Glove and The 
    16. That's Impossible
    Planet Joba
    -Beat the "Impossible Challenge" in the Megacorp games. 
    17. How Fast Was That?
    Planet Joba
    - Get a time of 2:20 in the hover bike race.
    18. Wrench Ninja II: Massacre
    Planet Joba
    - Kill all enemies in level with only the wrench and without dying. (Do 
    not activate any cheats)
    19. Bye Bye Birdies
    Planet Joba
    - Kill 12 of the birds on the planet.
    20. Nothing To See Here
    Planet Todano
    - Destroy the 4 large rockets in the beginning area.
    21. You're My Hero
    Planet Todano
    - Protect all 10 tourists from squirrels.
    22. Try To Sleep
    Planet Todano
    - Turn 16 squirrels into sheep.
    23. No Shocking Developments
    Planet Boldan
    - Grind the power cable and lumber yard without getting hurt.
    24. Moving Violation
    Planet Snivelak
    - Shoot down 14 ships from the sky.
    25. Midtown Insanity
    Planet Damosel
    - Grind the train rails without taking any damage. (Use the tesla 
    barrier and synthenoids)
    26. Safety Deposit
    Planet Damosel
    - Protect the 4 robots in the bank from the robots.
    27. Be A Moon Child
    Planet Greblin
    - Mine all 101 crystals in the ice field.
    28. Nano To The Max
    - Level up to Maximum nanotech amount.
    29. Nice Ride
    - Buy all weapons, shields, and upgrades for your ship.
    30. Weapon Envy
    - All weapons, all fully upgraded.
    Planet Oozla: 2 Platinum Bolts
    1. Right after purchasing the tractor beam from the scientist you will 
    need to use it to move the pillars into position to climb the tall 
    silo. If you can't see it try looking up for it and you will find it.
    2. Take the path that goes to get the tractor beam after you have done 
    all the missions. After the rocks in the water keep looking on the left 
    for a dragon to ride on and it will take you to a cave where the 
    platinum bolt is at.
    Maktar Nebula: 2 Platinum Bolts
    1. At the part where the limo takes you near the cranes, get to the 
    upper level by shimming along the wall to the stairs. It's on the 
    right, where the crane is attached at.
    2. You need clank to get this one. Go to the Jamming Array. Jump onto 
    of your limo and look for a platform behind it. Jump onto it, and onto 
    the boost. It will boost you to it.
    Planet Endako: 2 Platinum Bolts
    1. The second time you have to move the blocks with the crane, go into 
    the room after you blow open the door. Look on the left in the next 
    room for a door up on a wall. Go into the next room with the crane and 
    pick up the block and put it by the door. Then get the bomb box and 
    blow the door open, its inside.
    2. When you first see the thugs-4-less helicopter continue going along 
    the path. You will find a drop off at the end. The platinum bolt is 
    just off of the edge. Go off the edge onto the platform to find it.
    Planet Barlow: 2 Platinum Bolts
    1. In the hoverbike races, after the water part take a sharp left over 
    the border. It's right in front of you.
    2. After going threw the room with water you have to swim through. Turn 
    left and find a part on the wall you have to shimmy on. It will lead 
    you to a cave. The platinum bolt is inside.
    Feltzin System: 1 Platinum Bolt
    1. In the race against Ace Bunyon, go threw all the rings and you get a 
    p. bolt.
    Planet Notak: 3 Platinum Bolts
    1. After going down the elevator at the start through the left path. 
    After the second helicopter go over the bridge and look for a megacorp 
    sign, break it and there is a p. bolt.
    2. Go across the bridge, and turn left go around the building till you 
    find it in the corner.
    3. Go across the bridge, and turn left into a room. 
    Continue along this path. After the helicopter that shoots you go up 
    the next path and look to the right for a dynamo. Go the rest of the 
    path and go look over the edge to where the dynamo is, activate it and 
    go into the door.
    Planet Siberius: 2 Platinum Bolts
    1. At the part where a lot of robots are attacking you it's up in that 
    garage. To get up there go down the elevator and get the tractor beam 
    thing. Bring it back up and bring it back near that and jump up into 
    the garage.
    2. Go to the elevator but do not go down it. Look at the elevator, and 
    then look right, hover across onto the building below, the p. bolt it 
    near the fence.
    Planet Tabora: 3 Platinum Bolts
    1. Go along the border of the desert and look for it. Use the 
    hovercraft if you need to.
    2. Inside the mining facilities where the platforms need to be frozen 
    to advance jump on the last platform. Look back from where you came. 
    Freeze the water. Go to the highest platform. Look left. It's in the 
    little room.
    3. At the very end of the Momentum Glider course is a P. Bolt.
    Planet Dobbo: 2 Platinum Bolts
    1. In the final room of the momentum glider course pull up as son as 
    you enter the final room. The P. Bolt is in the middle of a diamond of 
    pipes at the top of the room.
    2. After the tank that you have to kill to be able to get across with 
    the swingshot safely. Continue along the path. Go up the stairs and the 
    first room on the left and launch a spider bot into the vent and go 
    push the button for a room with the p bolt inside to open.
    Hrugis Cloud: 1 Platinum Bolt
    1. Go threw all the rings in the race.
    Planet Joba: 2 Platinum Bolts
    1. After the first turret and up the stairs. Look right and up a 
    little. There is a swingshot thing, go across and you will find it in a 
    2. Right after you get the Levitator fly straight up to the tall tower 
    on the left and the p bolt is on top.
    Planet Todano: 3 Platinum Bolts
    1. Follow the robotic Fizzwidget at the end of the tour it gives into 
    the little building. Inside is a P. Bolt.
    2. In the first room with an inspector bot, move all the columns to the 
    other side of the room and look up for a hole in the wall and arrange 
    them to get up there. There will be a platinum bolt in a room.
    3. At the 2nd time you see an inspector bot go to the end of the room 
    with the column. Jump onto the conveyor belt. Look for a hole and 
    launch a spider-bot into it. It will open a door for you to get to.
    Planet Boldan: 3 Platinum Bolts
    1. After opening the door keep going straight and take the left path. 
    Go into the area and turn right and look for a spider bot opening, 
    launch one in there to open the door to get the p bolt.
    2. After the armor vendor and walking down the building, and the loop 
    de loop. Look up for a platform. The p bolt is on it. Go across to the 
    elevator to get up and glide over to it.
    3. After doing this once. 
    Come back to the planet and go to the spot where the cut scene started 
    and you started in the prison cell. Look for a swingshot. Go up there 
    and the p. bolt is up there.
    Planet Aranos: 1 Platinum Bolt
    1. When you find your ship. Jump off the edge and glide toward the 
    level and you'll see the p. bolt.
    Planet Gorn: 1 Platinum Bolt
    1. Get through all the rings in the race.
    Planet Snivelak: 1 Platinum Bolt
    1. After going along the grind rail path and boost jumping across next 
    to the bridge and vendors. Look to the right for the dynamos. Scale the 
    building till you get to a room with the p bolt in it.
    Planet Smolg: 2 Platinum Bolts.
    1. In the part with all the crates in the warehouse use the dynamo to 
    turn the crate and jump up on top. You will see two crates that are 
    close enough to use your wall jump. Once on top you can see a P. Bolt. 
    Jump between the crates on your right, then Stretch-Jump to the P. 
    2. At the third Levitator pad stop and fly towards the really high 
    platform to your left. The P. Bolt is on top.
    Planet Damosel: 2 Platinum Bolts
    1. Freeze the water in the bank fountain with the therminator and grind 
    the frozen fountain onto a platform with a P. Bolt. Take the taxi back.
    2. Once you have the completed Hypnomatic use it on one of the Receiver 
    bots on the roof on the Megacorp Pyramid. Bring the bot down to the 
    front wall and put it in the exact middle. Detonate the bot and it will 
    reveal a P. Bolt in a hidden alcove.
    Planet Grelbin: 3 Platinum Bolts
    1. Out in the snowy wastes look on you map for two parallel lines. The 
    P. Bolt is right next to them. Look carefully.
    2. At the end of the water area, dive deeper in the last water chamber 
    to find another little chamber. Enter it and rise to the top. Grab the 
    P. Bolt.
    3. Enter the tunnel behind the Armor Vendor and take the second left. 
    Use the Hypnomatic on the bot to open the door. Grab the P. Bolt 
    Planet Yeedil: 2 Platinum Bolts
    1. The very first bridge is a suspension bridge and you can grind the 
    supports up to the top and grab the P. Bolt.
    2. After the room with waves of Troopers and a Hover-tank there is a 
    column with a tractor beam target. Move the column and climb the stairs 
    to the grind rail. Ride it to the P. Bolt at the end.
    1. Planet Endako
    Use the infiltrator in the second part where you use the crane. In the 
    big room with the crane there is a door on the wall with infiltrator 
    puzzle. Use it and the nano-tech boost is inside.
    2. Thug Rendezvous
    Go into the large station in the middle of the level, its in one of the 
    rooms on the floor.
    3. Planet Notak
    From the start take the path on the left, follow it to the end. The 
    nano-tech boost is there.
    4. Planet Tabora
    On the glider part stay to the top of the canyon, it will be on one of 
    the pillars.
    5. Planet Dobbo
    Go on the warp pad at start. Get to the glider path. You'll see it when 
    you go off the boost, in the next room swerve up fast on the right 
    side, turn to the left and go down, then swoop back up to get it in the 
    room you just came from.
    6. Planet Joba
    There are 2 dynamo activators you need to do. Go straight from the 
    start to the big room. Before you go to the big room look left and you 
    will see the dynamo activator, use it, then activate the dynamo in the 
    big room, get across the new bridge and go in the room on the right, 
    that's where it is.
    7. Planet Joba
    Go into the hoverbike race. Go into the 3rd challenge. Don't worry 
    about racing at all. After getting out of the building into the mud, 
    look on the right for a newly opened path, the nano-tech boost is in 
    8. Planet Todano
    Get up where the megacorp vendor is. With the megacorp vendor behind 
    you, take the left path. Go into the room with a rocket in the middle. 
    Go right, and just after the door there is an infiltrator thing. Use it 
    and an elevator will come down, go on the elevator it will take you a 
    level up, the nano-tech is up there.
    9. Planet Boldan
    From your ship go threw the door and take the left path. 
    Go to the fork and take the right path. Look for a fountain on the left 
    of the stairs, the boost is on top of it. It only comes every other 
    hour, if it doesn't come when you see it, save the game, and reset your 
    10. Planet Snivelak
    At the beginning use the swingshot targets, on the last one you will 
    see the boost, rock back and forth on the target till you get enough 
    height to glide over onto the roof, and grab the boost.

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