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    Boss FAQ by Pieoh

    Version: 1.21 | Updated: 03/30/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    RATCHET & CLANK : LOCKED & LOADED (All Europe except France)
    RATCHET & CLANK 2 (France and Japan)
    BOSS FAQ V1.21
    Ask yourself: Are you man enough, hero enough, INSANE enough to step into
    the ring with two of the fiercest warriors in the galaxy?
    If you answered yes, you're a big fat liar!
                      -Maktar Resort Gladiator Advertisement
    By Pieoh (pieohpw@hotmail.com)
    Table of Contents
    0-> Version History
    1-> E-mail policy                                 BOSS PRESENTATION MODEL
    2-> Oozla : Swamp Monster                        *************************
    3-> Maktar Nebula : Chainblade                   * Planet - Location/City*
    4-> Maktar Nebula : B2 Brawler                   * Name of the boss      *
    5-> Endako : Thugs-4-Less Leader - Chopper       * Difficulty            *     
    6-> Siberius : The Unknown                       * Where the boss is     *
    7-> Joba : Megapede                              *************************
    8-> Dobbo Orbit : Thugs-4-Less Leader - Robot
    9-> Snivelak : Thugs-4-Less Leader - Freakin' big robot
    10->Oozla Revisited : Swamp Monster #2
    11->Yeedil : Mutated Protopet
    12->Weapon recommendations
    0-> Version History
    V1.0 -> Many sections missing, still haven't bought the game... Not online
    V1.1 -> Added Sections 6, 7 and 8 ; I rented the game...
    V1.2 -> Added all sections (Just bought the game, two years late...:-)
    1-> E-mail policy
    It's simple, if you have an alternate/easier way to beat a boss or if I forgot
    a boss fight, let me know, but put "Ratchet & Clank 2 Bosses" in the subject
    line. Don't send me an e-mail to tell me that this FAQ is ****, ****** or
    simply ***** ********... :)
    2-> Planet Oozla - Megacorp Outlet
        Swamp Monster
        Very Easy
        Before you get the Dynamo
    This monster will try to crush you under one of his tails. This is his only
    attack. Just shoot the crap out of him and you'll be finished with it in no
    time. If you want a little challenge, try to kill it with only your wrench...
    If you manage to hit it, it could be fun...
    3-> Maktar Nebula - Maktar Resort
        Gladiator Fighting Arena
    When Chainblade swings his swords, jump in any direction,but don't jump in 
    Chainblade's direction...:p Then, take your Blitz Gun/Cannon or (Heavy) Lancer,
    and shoot him until he starts swinging his swords again.
    When he starts hovering above the ground and throwing his "chainblades" at
    you, jump sideways and you should be fine. Shoot him when he gets back on the
    NOTE : If you want to get a skill point, kill him with your wrench only. The
    best way to do this is to wait until you have the Omniwrench 12,000 from
    the Thugs-4-Less Prison in Aranos, but it's pretty simple even with the regular
    Omniwrench 8,000. Just jump when he swings his chainblades and hyper-strike him
    Don't use any other weapon than the wrench and you'll get the skill point.
    4-> Maktar Nebula - Maktar Resort
        B2 Brawler
        Gladiator Fighting Arena
    When the B2 Brawler arrives, it'll stand almost still and shoot purple things
    at you. Jump sideways and do backflips while shooting it with your
    Blitz Gun/Cannon until it lies down. Its enormous legs will be spinning around
    the arena. Jump (not sideways!) when a leg comes near you, and continue
    shooting. It's hard work but it can be done.
    NOTE : You'll get a skill point if you manage to destroy the B2 Brawler without
    taking any damage. Be extremely careful not to get hit by the spinning legs!
    5-> Planet Endako - Megapolis
        Thugs-4-Less Leader - Chopper
        Fairly Easy
        Near Clank's Apartment
    The chopper has three basics attacks. Your success on this one depends on your
    ability to strafe precisely. One of the numbskull's attacks is to shoot at you
    with a machine gun. just jump sideways above the bullets to avoid them.
    Another attack he has is to send electric "pillars" at you. When he does that,
    run around, avoiding the beams. His final attack is, guess what, rockets.
    (What an original boss fight... :) Again, jump sideways to avoid them. Shoot
    him with the Blitz Gun/Cannon, Gravity Bomb/Mini-Nuke, (Heavy) Lancer, or
    anything else you have. When he hurls rockets at you, try and make them crash
    into the blocks around the arena to help you aim at the chopper. Also, be
    careful when you jump sideways, you can fall easily...
    6-> Planet Siberius - Frozen Base
        The Unknown
        On top of the train and on the arena at the end of the level
    When you get on top of the train, kill the enemies and the Unknown will appear.
    He mainly charges up his gun before shooting you, so avoid the laser while
    shooting him with any weapon. I suggest the Seeker Gun/HK22 Gun or the
    Chopper/Multi-Star. He'll soon get away. Continue running on the cars using
    your swingshot, killing enemies until the Unknown comes back. Now he'll send
    some laser balls which will cast a fire ring on the floor. Jump in the middle
    of the ring to avoid the fire and continue to shoot him. He'll soon vanish
    againand the train will stop. Get up the ladder, get some ammunition at the
    Megacorp Vendor and get inside the arena.
    After the cinematic, the Unknown will use the same two attacks as before, but
    will also create MSR V2's to help him, as well as automated turrets. The
    turrets can be destroyed by a single wrench hit, and the MSRs are easily
    taken care of. Don't mind the MSRs if you can, and the turrets as well
    if you're a strafing professional, and take the Unknown out. If you can make
    it past the robots and turrets, you'll deal with him easily. If not,
    you'll have to destroy them before attacking him, which is very time-consuming,
    and you'll be a sitting duck for the Unknown.The Mini-Nuke is very useful to
    take the MSRs out.
    7-> Planet Joba - Megacorp Games
        Gladiator Fighting Arena
    Megapede will send little bombs at you. Just keep running to avoid them. I
    suggest using the Plasma Coil/Storm and Mini/Megaturret Glove, as well as the
    Minirocket Tube/Megarocket Cannon. As you hit Megapede, he will lose one of
    his "sections". This "section" will shoot at you until you have destroyed
    it. Once you've destroyed a loose snake bit, go on with shooting Megapede
    until he loses more parts. Destroy them, shoot at Megapede, rinse and repeat as
    8-> Dobbo Orbit - Spherical World
        Thugs-4-Less Leader - Robot
        Fairly hard
        Spherical World
    You have to fight this jerk with Giant Clank. If you've played the first
    Ratchet & Clank game, you should be able to do it without too much trouble.
    Just notice that in Going Commando, you no longer have an unlimited supply of
    rockets. To get some more, you have to break the buildings all around the
    spherical world. Try to follow the robot by jumping and shooting rockets
    at it. When you're close enough, punch it a few times and throw a bomb. Repeat
    this process until it's over. Just be careful not to get hit by the choppers.
    9-> Snivelak - Thug HQ
         Thugs-4-Less Leader - Freakin' Big Robot
         Freakin' HARD!!!!!
         End of level
    Quickly run to a triangular pad and jump. You'll be taken to a platform with
    a turret. The HUGE robot has HUGE defense and armor, so your ordinary
    weapons aren't worth much here. Get on that turret and start shooting! When
    the thug arrives near or is about to shoot a red laser at you, get out of the
    turret and use the charge boots (R1+R1) to get to another pad.
    Do this until a) the robot explodes, or b) all turrets are destroyed. If a)
    has happened, shout a big Hurray! and get to planet Smolg. If b) has happened,
    shout a big **CK! and take your strongest weapons. Get to a high vantage point
    and shoot the robot until a) happens. Now you can shout a big Hurray!... :p
    10-> Oozla - Megacorp Outlet
         Swamp Monster II
         More than FREAKIN' HARD!
         Gravity Boots platform
    Aaaaarrrrrgggghhh! You should have almost all of the weapons before attempting
    this. You must avoid falling into the mud, but more importantly, you must
    AVOID THE MONSTER! Shoot the crap out of the monster with everything you got,
    but I suggest using weak weapons first, because if you die, it'll cost
    less bolts to replenish your ammunition than powerful guns. Use the
    stronger ones when the monster's health is about halfway down. Just be even
    more careful when you jump on other leaves to avoid falling to your death.
    11-> Yeedil - Protopet Factory
         Mutated Protopet
         Difficulty depends on the weapons you possess
         End of level (of course)
    Hope you have the UPGRADED Bouncer! If you don't you'll have a hard time
    beating the Original Protopet.
    a) If you have the Heavy Bouncer:
      Approach the Protopet CAREFULLY and throw the bouncer bomb at him while he
    isn't surrounded by nanotech. If you do it quickly enough, he won't have time
    to release some new protopets. Repeat until the mutated protopet breaks the
    glass ground. Shoot the guards with the Megarocket Cannon and continue bombing
    the protopet with the Bouncer. When the protopets are released, take the Blitz
    Cannon to destroy them. If you do it correctly, your Bouncer ammo shouldn't be
    depleted completely before the Original Protopet dies. Now watch the hilarious
    ending. Congratulations!
    b) If you don't have the Heavy Bouncer:
      I've never been able to beat the final boss without the Heavy Bouncer, so
    you're out of luck. Go upgrade it on Damosel against the infinite amount of
    Protopets at the beginning, and come back later to do section a). If you did
    beat him without the Heavy Bouncer, please let me know how you did it, and I'll
    post it here.
    12-> Weapon recommendations
      - In this section, you can see my personal ratings for each of the weapons.
    Since I don't possess every weapon in the game yet, I put N/A as rating for
    weapons I didn't try. If you want a complete weapon guide, see the very good
    Weapon FAQ by soroush123, here on GameFAQs. The ratings go from ONE to FIVE
    stars for the weapons.
    Note : The first mod in each weapon file is the "vanilla" gun, with the
           white icon. The second mod is the upgraded gun which you get from
           frequent use (orange icon). The third mod is the Challenge Mode weapon
           modification which you buy at Megacorp Vendors (very ugly greenish-
           yellowish icon), and the last mod is the Challenge Mode upgrade, which
           you get from frequent use of the "Mega" Challenge Mode weapon mod
           (Blue icon). It does sound complicated, but it's actually very easy... 
    -----MEGACORP WEAPONS-----
    -Lancer **** (at beginning) Heavy Lancer **** at beginning, * later
     Mega Heavy Lancer N/A  Ultra Heavy Lancer N/A
    -Gravity Bomb ***  Mini-Nuke ****
     Mega Mini-Nuke N/A  Ultra Mini-Nuke N/A
    -Chopper **  Multi-Stars N/A
     Mega Multi-Stars N/A  Ultra Multi-Stars N/A
    -Blitz Gun ****  Blitz Cannon *****
     Mega Blitz Cannon N/A  Ultra Blitz Cannon N/A
    -Pulse Rifle **½  Vaporizer **½ at beginning, **** later
     Mega Vaporizer N/A  Ultra Vaporizer N/A
    -Miniturret Glove ***  Megaturret Glove N/A
     Mega Mega Turret N/A  Ultra Mega Turret N/A
    -Seeker Gun ***  HK22 Gun *****
     Mega HK22 Gun N/A  Ultra HK22 Gun N/A
    -Synthenoid *****  Killinoid *****
     Mega Killinoid N/A  Ultra Killinoid N/A
    -Lava Gun ***½  Meteor Gun **½
     Mega Meteor Gun N/A  Ultra Meteor Gun N/A
    -Bouncer ****  Heavy Bouncer ***********
     Mega Heavy Bouncer N/A  Ultra Heavy Lancer N/A (it must ROCK!)
    -Minirocket Tube ****½  Megarocket Cannon *****
     Mega Mega Rocket N/A  Ultra Mega Rocket N/A
    -Spiderbot Glove N/A  Tankbot Glove N/A
     Mega Tankbot Glove N/A  Ultra Tankbot Glove N/A
    -Plasma Coil ****½  Plasma Storm *****
     Mega Plasma Storm N/A  Ultra Plasma Storm N/A
    -Hoverbomb Gun N/A  Tetrabomb Gun N/A
     Mega Tetrabomb Gun N/A  Ultra Tetrabomb Gun N/A
    -Sheepinator ** for usefulness, ***** for fun  Black Sheepinator : N/A
     Mega Black Sheepinator N/A  Ultra Black Sheepinator N/A
    -Shield Charger ***  Tesla Barrier ****
     Mega Tesla Barrier ****½ Ultra Tesla Barrier *****
    -Zodiac N/A
    -Clank Zapper and Clank Shocker N/A
    -Bomb Glove *  Mega Bomb Glove ***
    -Visibomb Gun **  Mega Visibomb N/A
    -Tesla Claw **½  Mega Tesla Claw N/A 
    -Decoy Glove ****  Mega Decoy N/A
    -Walloper ***  Mega Walloper ****
    -RYNOII (Rip Ya a New One II) N/A
    Hope you enjoyed using this guide...

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