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"Warning! This game may cause addiction..."

The anticipation for NCAA 2004 was well known across many web sites and video game magazines. When the wait was over, out came one of the most amazing games EA Sports has released. NCAA 2004 picks up from last year. The legacy continues and this is why this is a MUST HAVE for your gamy system.

Graphics- Where do I start? Should I begin with the ever so popular stadium designs and upgrades? Or should I begin with the players walking from the locker room. Maybe I should focus on the create-a-school that provides more options, such as alternative uniforms, but the most graphical feature is definitely the Sports Illustrated magazine covers. These pictures are taken from your previous game (if you're lucky to make it into the magazine) and posted right on the cover on inside. Your impact will determine your success rate. New icons, colors, and easy determination of your controlled player makes this a wonderful view. 10

Gameplay- EA Sports did one heck of a job making the A.I. smarter in this game. The A.I. plays well, recognizing plays that are ran back to back, but the best feature noticing the game is that the teams play like their projected rankings. It's an easy game if you play a team such as Hofstra (D+ overall) and you can just pound on them, but when you play great teams such as Miami and Ohio State, you will actually need a game plan. The controls are smoother, the tackles are nicer, and the ability to drag opponents down by the collarbone just makes this even merrier. 10

Sound- EA brings back the original fight songs from NCAA 2003, but the entrance music as you enter the stadium during televised games are a nice touch. Different music for different stadiums make this feature nice. One of the greatest features is the fan interaction. I felt like I was actually in the game. For example, when my team was about to upset Kansas State (Ranked 7th when Dynasty Mode begins), the fans start chanting ''overrated.'' The first time I heard that I was about to bust out laughing. The bone-crunching tackles also take precedent and the harder the hit, the louder the tackle. Aww, my type of game. 10

New Features- EA definitely went all out for this. There are so many features, I can't explain them all in this column!!! Sports Illustrated is my favorite, but the personal EA Sports profile is good as well, but cheap plugs for Old Spice and the sports ticker when you hit pause is just sickening. I think I'm about to cry because this game just goes beyond imagination. 10

Overall- Awesome, excellent, one-of-a-kind, no matter how you say it, this game is just too phenomenal for words. Playing with friends, more teams, more mayhem, more tackles, more options, just more more more. Online play will be great and talking trash to opponents has never been better. This game is nothing but a 10. 10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/17/03, Updated 07/17/03

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