Review by Slawdigi

"How do they keep making it "better"?"

My overall rating of 10 would be more like a 9.8, since I dare not rate any game an almighty ''10''.

Presentation: 9/10

Pretty cool looking menus, the regular fight songs blaring in the background, but what I really like is the Dynasty menu with the Jumbotron shots of still players. I thought that was cool for a menu feature. EA laid everything out from a fan's perspective this time, and the Sports Illustrated and special team entrances additions are proof. You can battle your way onto the most prestigious SI cover (even though it's a hex) and read about updated Heisman candidates and etc..etc.. A big step forward from 2003. The play selection menu is a bit more difficult to read, but all in all no big complaint.

Graphics: 9/10

Bout the same deal as always...a little cleaner...a little sharper. I've experienced a few slowdowns during the pre game talk, but nothing while playing. I've still experienced the ''hand thru the ball glitch'', but not nearly as frequent as 2003, so once again, an overall improvement. Some of the new animations for tackles and being knocked out of bounds should be listed under graphics too. They are amazingly fluid, and add so much depth to the game when you're not being tackled the same way all game long!! I do wish for gang tackles as they are a huge part of any league of football, just the game in general.

Gameplay: 10/10

Unreal. Perfect. From the handling of the controls, to the extra features such as online, classic games, and participating in your own ''greatest games'' which is kept track of, this game has it all. The AI seems very much enhanced and so called ''cheese'' plays are more few and far between than ever. You can do so much more, I need not waste another minute expressing this to you, run out and buy a copy of this, because it'll be at least a year before EA can absolutely shock me like they've done with NCAA 2004.
This may even top the all time greatest TECMO BOWL!!

Replay Ability: 10/10

Of course. Whether playing with a friend, computer, or online vs some crazy dude, you'll get hours galore racked up on this thing. Plus the new addition of the personal ''EA BIO's'' keep track of all your records on all EA games. Not only that, you can still create schools (with four different style uniforms) or invite some Div1-AA powers to join the big dogs. All schools have chances of being demoted out of their respective conferences, or invited to play in more prestigious ones depending on performance. With the computer being a beast on Heisman level as always, you could replay this 10 times and not get a win!!! I like that, even though it's frustrating. Plus, you can play a part in one of 20 or so Classic Games, buying pennants to unlock stadiums and mascots, Mascot games and a host of other things to buy/waste your time.

Overall, GET THE FRIGGIN' GAME. It's such an easy buy for any sports game's simply thoughtless ....

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/17/03, Updated 07/17/03

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