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A lot of people buy this game simply because they just want something to hold them off until Madden comes out. Well, I know don't really know how many people do that.. but I think no matter the reason why you purchase this game you'll still come to the same conclusion.

NCAA Football is an Excellent game...


EA has made the graphics a lot better in NCAA 2004. There really isn't that much change in the look of the crowds, but the stadium models look better, and the players overall look much better. One thing that one would quickly notice when they play the game is that the players really do give an image that they aren't just simply polygons, but characters with mass. In NCAA 2004 the players body models do not go through one another, thus giving the image that they are solid figures. The Field looks nice.. the only thing is that there isn't any field wear and tear.


Still got the Dolby Surround in place. So overall things sound nice. I still believe that EA could make for a more believable crowd noise. It sounds good, but I think that with the Dolby format and the DVD format a more astounding improvement in crowd noise is possible. As for the hits, crunches and on the field noises are top notch.


Let it be known that Gameplay is what sells this game, and it's the primary reason that I gave it a 10. When I do reviews my scores are most moved by the gameplay and how well it works in the game. There have been significant improvements in gameplay which will allow for a better football game overall.

The swinging camera is great, most of us do not own widescreen TVs and so it made it hard to utilize certain portions of the field if the QB were to scramble to one side of the field. With the swinging camera you're able to see the field at an angle, thus giving you view of the entire field.

Playaction Fake - Finally a Playaction that can be used to fool not only the computer but actually people in versus play. I think this is very important because in the past many of us had to shy away from these plays because against other users they didn't work, and really didn't fool the computer defense.
The tackling is much much better. Animations have been added that make it feel like you're really out on the field attempting to make a tackle. Also I think it's great that there are NO SUPERMAN Tackles. Just like in real life if you want to tackle someone you're going to have to run to him and bring him down. Size, speed, height, all must be taken into account when making tackles. It's a fun game mixed with excellent simulation.


A great game that you can enjoy. If you like college football, the atmosphere the challenge, the rivalries, then it beehoves you to give this game a try. I also like the fact that there's a little tutor to help newbies get started with the game. Many of us who read these reviews are younger, and have played the Maddens and more familiar. But there are some who are older and want to get started and can't because the game seems complicated. Just give it time and it'l be very intuitive. The control scheme for this PS2 controller works great.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/18/03, Updated 07/18/03

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