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"Football Greatness"

Ok here we go this years incarnation of college football titled ''NCAA Football 2004'' is one of the sweetest football games created to this day. This is not merely an upgrade of Last years game either. I will list the improvements through out the review.

Ok this is what I was worried about I felt last years game was a little too dark, and every thing didn't look as polished as its pro counterpart. This year the Game looks just as sweet as Madden, and, the tons of new animations, not only are a graphical treat they really help the game play. Last year even in both NCAA, and Madden, if you had to chase someone down from the back you always tackled them by pushing them forward giving them even more yardage. This year players will grab guy by his shoulders and pull him down. all the tackling animations look better including ones were the back fights for more yards, and pushing the runner out of bounds.
Ok this is definitely the weak point of the game, and judging by the score I gave if this really isn't all that week. The sounds are great actually, its just like most game the commentary will get repetitive, and make some dumb mistakes every once in a while. Other than that, they still are a good unit, and more enjoyable to hear than the Pro game.
To use an old Cliche' ''if it ain't broke, don't fix it''. Well if you played last years game you will Know how to play. If you play Madden, then you have a minor adjustment to make as far as controls go. So the controls are very responsive, and this year they actually did fix the few things that were wrong with the game. The A.I. is better, Depending on how good the players, or team is depends a lot on how well the AI will play and perform. If you have a good receiver who is 6'2'', he will likely comedown with a catch if the only guy covering him is a 5'9'' cornerback who isn't as good. However if your ok short receiver is trying to go up there and get it from a taller and better safety you are looking at an interception my friend. With the better A.I. the option is still a force to be reckoned with but no longer as unstoppable as it was before. Also this year if you are throwing the ball and your feet aren't set, that ball will probably be off target, and you better be quick to adjust with your receiver if you want a shot at making the grab. But you should stick to setting your feet, like a real QB if you want good passes.
The Extras:9
There are quite a few extras in the game that are fun to use. if your not in the mood for the whole sim thing you can play a Mascot game. Every player on the team is the schools mascot, its a little silly, but you might find yourself messing around with it a couple times. The College Classics is an awesome feature. You have to recreate or change history from some of the most famous games in college football history. Online Mode is nice, and may be the primary mode of play for some people. It is still buggy with its record keeping. Voice chat is nice too, but some people are will ruin it. Online play is only as good as its community, and well most people who play video games play only to win, and if they go down by a couple scores they quit, and you don't always get the win. They do have a nice thing called the EA Messenger though, so if you do finds some nice guys to play you can add them to your mesenger list and play within your own little circle of friends.
Dynasty Mode:10
This is the meat and potatoes of the game in my opinion at least. You can have up to 12 user controlled team. go through a college football season. set your out of conference schedules, recruit high school grads, and junior college transfers to your team. This year you even throw a pitch at them to recruit players. So some may want early playing time, Some May want to go to a high profile school, others may want to play in a certain location. and Some might want to play in a certain system. So if your a heavy running team I wouldn't try recruit that is a slow QB, with a hell of an arm and us the Coaching style pitch. he's gonna wanna throw and throw a lot and want to go to a school that does so. Also you will be able to convince any underclassmen to stay another year. And through out your weeks of your Season you will be able to to see Sports Illustrated covers and little Headlines within the mag. It definately makes following your season a little more interesting.
Little things to help make the game Better:
A sharkport, or Xport. this little device will enable you to transfer save files from the computer to your PS2 and vice versa. There are a few nice people that Renamed every single player in Division 1-A football. And having every player renamed to their actual name makes the game easier to follow, and you can export the Draft Class to Madden. At the end of your Season the Seniors who graduate, and the Juniors who want to leave early. can be put into Madden 2004. And if they are Renamed already, instead of drafting some random schmoe made up by the machine, You can really Draft Roy Williams WR Texas. And Eli Manning QB Old Miss into your Madden NFL seasons.
Reviewers Bias:10
This is just an area to some up all of the great things this game has to offer. I am sure I forgot some of the things this game has to offer. It is an excellent game and if you have the extra money to spend I recommend buying it. You will not be disappointed if you are a football fan.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/26/03, Updated 07/26/03

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