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"Just as good as Madden, if not better"

Once you get a hold of NCAA Football 2004, chances are it will be hard to put this game down for a while. You might have to call in sick from work because of this game because it\'s that good.

Graphics: 9/10
As the series progresses onward, so do the graphics. The crowd is lively as ever, the players move more smoothly, and the new animations like open field blocks (the players just don\'t run up to a guy and \'\'stay\'\' and block another guy...they crack, chop block, or even clip). Tackling animation also gets an upgrade with a few more ways to see a ball carrier get lit up or the quarterback get smothered.

Sound: 9/10
The graphics pretty much match the sound. It\'s really good! With about 100+ fight songs you might be singing these in your head for a couple of weeks (I\'m still humming the Tennessee Volunteer\'s Rockin Top fight song...heh). The crowd sometimes is so real it sometimes feels like you\'re actually playing in the game itself. The only minor nuances in the sound department is the good but repetitive commentary and the constant cycling of the grunts and groans from the football players.

Gameplay: 10/10
This is what makes NCAA king for football games. 140+ teams including 1-AA, custom schools and recruiting offseason players make you feel like the head coach. The sheer realism of this football sim is what makes EA dominant in the football market. Also, winning all those rivalry trophies,collecting all 350+ pennants in the campus challenge, unlocking the classic and mascot teams, playing a 50 season dynasty with a great top 25 team or trying to make a run with a subpar team will keep you busy. In addition to all these features, the EA SPORTS BIO will also glue you to your Playstation 2 just to raising your levels by defeating top 25 teams, rivals, and winning/losing close games. And if that wasn\'t enough, try taking your college frenzy online and challenge other NCAA junkies. I\'m pretty sure that you\'ll be kept busy with this until NCAA 2005 comes out.

Controls: 10/10
The controls are easy to pick up so you won\'t really have to worry here. And for the newbies the NCAA 101 is a great way to start being a college freak.

Buy or rent: You better buy it if you\'re a football fan. If you rent it return it immidiately and buy yourself a copy!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/06/03

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