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This game is perfect... I also here Madden is better, so ... that scares me on the score I am going to give that. In this game, everything, from the gameplay, to the sound, to the graphics, right down to the controls, everything is perfect.

Gameplay - Addicting gameplay, has me playing up into the late hours of the night, I cannot get enough of this game. There is so many things to keep me busy, Online, Dynasty, Scrimmage, everything. It offers great replay value, as well as a great replay system, so you can go back and check who made you eat all that dirt.

Graphics - The graphics are perfect... Each person has their own face, and look so real. Even the coaches and referees look so lifelike, its unbelievable. Sometimes when your players get off the ground, they will have chunks of grass in their facemask.

Sound - Except for Corso calling me sweetheart all the time, it isn\'t too bad. The player chatter on the field, makes me feel like I am really on the field, getting ready to make a touchdown pass. Then when the game is intense, the crowd begins their chants, and it makes you feel like you are really there.

Controls - There is a minor problem with the defense controls, but can easily be changed in the Settings menu. On defense, I like to sprint with X, and it starts out with O, and that got me confused, but there are tons of different control settings, so don\'t worry.

Dynasty - This is what keeps me entertained for so long. The ability to raise a team, recruit players, win championships, this is what really makes this game a perfect 10. It has everything...

Online - Online is excellent. The EA Talk really helps add more fun to this, because nothing is better, than being able to trash talk a buddy, as you run in for the touchdown. The game runs smooth online, and I have yet to disconnect once. In Madden, it seems like I got disconnected almost once a week. This game offers great fair, gameplay, and I have yet to run into a dirty cheating idiot.

Well, now that you have read my review, I urge you to buy this game. If football isn\'t your thing, get it anyway, because you will get hooked playing it, whether it is online, playing, and talking with EA Talk, or just raising a horrible team, to be the next Champions.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/08/03

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