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"The Latest and Greatest Installment in a Dynasty!"

NCAA Football 2004 is the best college football series out for the wonderful machine called the PS2. Eagerly awaiting this title, many fans did, I know I sure did! Did they get what they expected? I’m sure they did, and more. EA did a great job on this one, folks!

This has to be one of the biggest points buyers, like me, look at. The creators came through in a very astronomical sense and made this game, in one word: beautiful. The motion of the players is fluid and smooth with not many graphical errors. Got an interception? Watch it in the flawless ‘instant replay’ mode and see that the ball actually goes into the defender’s arms now and doesn’t appear there from nowhere. Now, if you think that’s all this sports simulation game has to offer in the graphics department just look at the stadiums! There’s all the team stadiums plus a few you can unlock with Pennants and by saving milestone games to your 'EA Sports Bio'. Awesome, ya?

You can’t really ask for more in this game. What football strategy can’t be implemented with these controls? Every button has a use; even select can call a time-out when the ball isn’t in play! Are you an average gamer or a top-of-the-line sports player? It doesn’t really matter; this game has four difficulty levels! Each extremely different from the next. Now, there are things called ‘sliders’ which affect certain things, such as throw power, throw accuracy, kick power, kick accuracy, and much more! You can find a great setup to customize the game to your own taste. There is also still the Pennant feature where you get points for doing actions such as ‘Break a 20 Yard Run’ or ‘Throw a 30 Yard Pass.’ You spend this currency to buy Pennants which give you cheats and unlock historic teams and stadiums.

SOUNDS: 7.5/10
The music here can get boring after a ton of games. All the ‘music’ mostly is school fight songs, which is pretty cool, but it can get annoying fast. During the game you can hear the crowd chanting for the home team, not bad. The sounds of the players getting slammed to the ground or the crowd screaming wildly after a game deciding event are very innovative and awe-inspiring.

The brand new play online option now allows you to connect to the internet and play other users all across the world! The bad side to this is it’s very costly. You need a modem and a PS2 hard drive, estimating one hundred (100) dollars. Dynasty mode can keep you busy, playing for the National Championship and recruiting your high school prospects, what more could you ask for?

You can make your own school and use them in a Dynasty and make them have whatever school colors you want and a ton more. The ‘edit coach’ feature is a big downcast to these features as it doesn’t give you much insight upon what your coach looks like or how good he is. You can absolutely make EVERY player you create look different with all the options in this year’s edition.

This game is definitely a must buy. There’s no way around it. It kept me entertained for weeks, YES, weeks! It’s a good deal and it has over 100 teams for you to choose. A wonderful installment of NCAA Football.

You MUST buy this game! It’s one of the best sports games out for the PS2 this year and most likely will remain high on the list until 2005 comes out. I highly recommend this game. Go K-State!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/03/04

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