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"Buy only if you have played worms before"

This is a review for Worms 3D, the latest in the worms saga from Team 17 for the PS2 (although it's probably very similar on other platforms). It's hard to place the game in any category but shoot-em-up, turn based puzzle game is probably closest.

There are many levels of play to this game. There are three single player sections consisting of the tutorials (essential for mastering the game) and the campaign and challenge missions which unlock weapons and utilities within the game. There is also a multi-player section where you can set up games with either 1-3 mates or CPU players. One annoyance with this is that you all have to use the one controller, there is no way that the second controller will work. It takes a while to set your team up with names but you only have to do it once. I haven't delved too deep into the campaign or challenges but they can be hard especially if you haven't mastered the control system. Virtually every button on the controller is used for something and a press of the wrong button can land you in deep water (literally). This is especially apparent with the jump and fire weapon buttons. Jump is O and fire is X. I have many times pressed the X to jump and ended up firing a missile straight onto the ground in front of my worm. If you can get used to the controls the game is quite enjoyable and fun. Time is of the essence with your moves as you are always working against the clock and you can set options for the level of the sea rising over time and enter sudden death mode when the clock reaches zero whereby all worms are given an energy level of one. You can configure the game pretty deeply right down to setting what weapons you start with and many others.

The graphics are ok and don't really push the PS2 to anything near it's limit. There are a few problem where scenery can get in the way but again it's down to mastering the controls and using the right joystick to change your camera view. There is a blimp and first person view available and they are critical in getting the game right. The scenery is colorful but nothing really special. Now to the sound. In a word, basic. The sounds are still virtually the same as when the original worms came out way back in the Amiga days. There is nothing groundbreaking here and many would consider it a bit naff in this respect but it's not a crucial part of the game.

Play Time/ Re-playability
This depends on what you do with the game. Once the campaign and challenges are done there is very little for the single player. You can challenge the CPU worms to a game but that's about it although there is the Wormpot which adds a random factor to a game by setting options to different settings. For multi-players the game could theoretically last forever.

Final Recommendation
In my opinion buy the game if you have played previous versions of Worms and enjoyed them. For the newcomer to Worms you may be very disappointed. It's being charged at full price here in the UK and is only just worth it. If you have the option to rent then it would be very worth it as you could quite easily finish the missions in a weekend.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/18/03

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