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The Worms return after a long spell of absence, armed with more weapons, more fun, more features and more mayhem than ever before. Worms has been quite a popular series throughout the years with the first Worms being one of the most innovative games ever and each one after that improving it in some way or another, the exception being Worms Blast, which was a different genre to the rest and featured puzzles and great two player. So how does Worms 3D fare, is the 3D stuff good or bad and what are the new features, all will be revealed.

There isn't one.

They're cute as always, the game isn't realistic so the visuals aren't, however there are some good points that remedy the negatives. First up is the attention to detail, although it is a cartoon style game there are still great effects such as explosions and clouds. The way things are arranged on screen is good with something in every corner and a new radar which is a fantastic feature. The next positive is the bold, colorful environments, the menus look nice and the terrain is good as well as being fully destructible. On the negative side the graphics can be a bit blocky and the odd graphical glitch can tick a gamer off but overall Worms 3D's graphics are in the positive so far.

The worst thing in the whole game, dodgy sound stops this from getting a perfect ten score, are you reading Team 17?, the game would be better without the dodgy sound. Menus have cheesy audio and that really does get on your nerves. Positives though include comedy effects in the war zone such as that lovable sheep and other effects such as death cries and the classic 'no' scream. Overall for sound a tad in the negative.

This is where Worms 3D steps up a gear, the fun battles, the amount of stuff to do, the multi player, the weapons, the creation and loads more. First up the battles, destructible terrain adds to the fun factor and the way battles are done adds more, even though Worms is 3D now the good classic battles are still in there so even Worms veterans will be happy. Secondly the stuff to do, a whole new tutorial and the great wormopedia means a new Worms player can get stuck in and playing. Thirdly the multi player lets you have up to four players each controlling a team trying to blast the others into oblivion, with fifty weapons to choose from there's too many ways to squeeze fun from the game, one negative is that there's no online which is a shame. Next the creation, team creation lets you modify everything on your team from their voice to a country, its all great and the amount of different styles to experiment with is endless. Next are the controls, a good simple configuration is good and a new first person perspective allows more accuracy, nothing is complicated about controls so nothing negative. Finally the missions are good and challenging leaving everyone happy with this game.

Game Time:
Another shining ray of light from this jewel of a game, it lasts forever, endless creation options, stuff to do, stuff to experiment, multi player and loads of other stuff. There is loads to keep anyone happy and it will satisfy until the next Worms is released.

Stuff to unlock via missions and other modes.

Final Recommendation:
Buy this game, it is worth it solely for the gameplay and game time, you'll get used to bad sounds and the glitches but hey nothings perfect. My last words are this is a little gem of a game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/19/03, Updated 04/12/04

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