Review by EJD

Reviewed: 12/26/03

Best strategy game of the year

Worms 3D features:
3D landscapes, fully deformable
Includes ''Shake Your Coconuts'' by Junior Senior.
Hugely variable multiplayer matches
Tutorial for people new to the game
Gigantic array of weapons, utilities and gadgets
New weapons including Blowpipe, Gas Canister and Lottery Strike.
Immersive campaigns and challenges
Create your own teams
Huge selection of voices including Hippie, Alien and Cyberworm.
First person mode helps improve accuracy of shots

Graphics 10/10
The graphics are obviously (as the name suggests) 3D.
The menus are a lot more colourful than the dreary, dull menus of Worms 2. The explosions and water effects are like watching a fireworks display, both beautiful and colourful. The levels themselves are equally stunning and the attention to detail is perfect.

Sound 10/10

Usually a weak point in games but here it is not the case. The menu music ''Shake Your Coconuts'' is catchy. You might not like it at first but it grows on you. The voices are brilliantly clear and are high quality. The many voices include Alien, Cyberworms, Hippie and Classic Worms. The in-game music tenders to be quiet but noticeable.
The sound effects were very accurate. The only problem I found was when I tried to change the music volume it didn't lower it when I wanted it to, making it hard to hear the voice samples. Apart from that, the sound deserves a 10.

Controls 10/10
If you have just played Worms 3D for the first time you may want to just get into the action straight away. Fear not, I too made that mistake. Having not played a Worms game on Playstation 2 before I did not know what to do and ended killing myself. The controls don't take long to get used to. X is fire which most people would think is jump. Square jumps. Circle brings up the weapon menu. R2 is change to blimp view. R1 is first person mode. Right analog is camera and left analog is move. If you are unsure, the Atlantis training area is the place for you.
Easy to learn controls gives it a 10.

Gameplay 10/10
This game has such good gameplay even people new to the game can enjoy it. There is a tutorial for newbies, fun campaigns and challenge for veterans. The wormpot is a great addition if you can't decide what to have in multiplayer. New weapons including the deadly blowpipe are available to arm yourself with. Even old weapons such as the shotgun have improved. The shotgun now does more damage at far distances than before. Also the bazooka now tends to loop more when you fire it. First person mode is important to make accurate shots. When you fire an airstrike it shows the aircraft shoot the bombs. Worms are now a lot harder to kill and when you shoot the shotgun at a enemy they don't get pushed as far as before. The prod is more powerful and pushes further. The dynamite and land mines aren't as deadly as before but still cause at least 30 damage. In multiplayer you have to pass the controller over.

Overall Verdict 10/10
I would recommend this to any Worms fans. If you like strategy games you should rent and see if you like it. Otherwise a must buy.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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