Review by Cheaterboy

Reviewed: 12/31/03

Excellent - Not Perfect Though


Those cute, funny and maniacal worms are back with more missions, more weapons, more game modes and 1 more dimension! The Worms series so far has been great, they have been the best turn-based strategy games since chess, and Worms 3D is the best of the best.

Storyline / Plot

There isn’t really one, in the missions you do see the same characters over again trying to do something completely devilish and you have to stop them so that could be considered a story.

Gameplay 10/10

The gameplay is better than ever, its endless. There are loads of modes. Multiplayer mode, where 4 teams [only 3 can be human controlled though] battle to the death, you can control everything in this mode even the slightest little things like how much the water rises in sudden death mode [If it rises]. Quick game, where it just creates a random game against the computer. Tutorials, to help you with the controls that come with the extra dimension. Missions where you can unlock levels, weapons etc. and challenge mode, where you test your skills with weapons, to unlock weapons.

Sound 6/10

The major let down, you may think I’m being harsh but still. The music in the menus is annoying and there’s only 1 song that loops over and over. In the game you sometimes here these weird noises because of a sound glitch and sometimes the words worms speak loop and when it’s loading the map in the multiplayer menu 2 seconds of the music loops.

Graphics 9/10

A bit of a minor let down, at first glance they seem perfect, but a closer look reveals that they’re a bit blotchy and blurry.

Time - Forever

This game has so many modes that it will last you a lifetime, once you complete the missions and challenges to get 100% you can just have fun in the multiplayer section.


I’m going to have to be negative now. The game seems to have a habit of crashing after games, it isn’t very common but when you do a mission or anything at the end a completely black screen will replace the loading screen and it will never load, this can be annoying if you are stuck on a mission and when you finally get passed it, the game crashes before you get a chance to save it. Lastly even though it claims to have more weapons, it doesn't, it has some new ones, but Team 17 obviously forgot about a lot of old ones, but who could forget the Super Banana Bomb!!!

Because of the negative things I can only give it 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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