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"Worms 3D Is The Best Yet! ... But Where Has The Drill Gone!"

Personal Intro
I’m a great fan of all the previous worms games. If you are like me then you will love this game too! This game doesn’t lose any of the worms atmosphere and adds a lot more fun! No matter of you are a grenade person or concrete donkey, they are all still there! Plus more!

The Idea
Simple but very effective and class turn based idea. You have a themed 3D landscape and you just have to eliminate the other team or teams by taking away all their life. This can be done using weapons, utilities or drowning them.

Nice graphics, smooth and crisp. Why shouldn’t they be!? On a side not the physics are perfect. No odd bouncing of weapons although worms can seem to get stuck in holes which are too tight to jump out from.

Nice sounds, Explosions, clanking and bashing. There are, of course, the catchy and very funny catch phrases that you can pick from when making a team of worms. Never has that famous “Happy days” saying “Wanna go for a malt?!” been so funny! Now I know what your saying, and I know, It isn’t famous at all. The voices don’t get repetitive which is what I was expecting. They just become famous! You’ll find yourself joining in as the worms call you “Private stupid”.
The main theme song (Sung by junior senior) is quite catchy too!

Easy controls once you get going and I found them to be the easiest to explain to first time players.

Cut Scenes
Not many cut scenes, more like voiced over pans across the landscape.

Average loading, but one of the most boring loading screens going! Its 99% black with the Worms 3D logo but apart from the initial load you shouldn’t be too bothered

Single Player/Multi Player
HELLO?! Multiplayer all the way. You’ll have to do a lot of single player work to unlock things but this is a great, and I mean great multiplayer game. You’ll find you and you’re mates teaming up and back stabbing all the way to the finish.

A little.. wait, No. Loads! In both multiplayer and single player you will be shouting at whoever’s listening. You’ll be shouting at your mates for backstabbing. If a family member is getting this game.. Just let them win!

Life Span
Like the previous worms I doubt you will ever get bored. Lots of maps, lots of stipulations to add and lots of weapons!

Extra weapons, Extra maps, Extra voices and even entries in the Wormopedia! There is so much to unlock you’ll have your work cut out for you. I found it very satisfying. The game even gives you a percentage of stuff you’ve unlocked.

+ Great Gameplay
+ Funny voices and atmosphere
+ One of the most fun multiplayer games out
+ Very simple controls
+ So much to unlock!
+ Endless lifespan
+ So many options
+ The price (UK, 2004)

- A little frustrating in parts

Buy this! If you are like me and love multiplayers then this is a great game for you! Its fun, its easy and its in 3D!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/11/04

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