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"Somehow it plays exactly like the older worms games. Which is both good and bad.."

Well its taken a while for the sequel of Worms to appear but its finally here and this time with a major twist.. Its in 3d!! The biggest suprise that you will find when you play this game is that it plays exactly like worms of old. You would think with a radical change it graphics would come a radical change in gameplay but not at all.

Graphics 8 - Not bad but not very detailed. Still if you are buying a worms game then you are'nt buying it for the graphics are you? The best thing about it is the way that the landscapes can all be destroyed!! Also you can now see facial reactions on the worms after they have pulled a stunt e.g When you fire a grenade and miss your worm looks bewildered and shrugs. The range of levels is pretty good as well with places like atlantis to a haunted graveyard. But one thing that is a bit annoying is that every level is filled with water!! In the older worms games you had to worry about going off the screen but not anymore. Personally I perfer the going off the screen method as it usually spawns larger maps. You would expect the Ps2 version to have worse graphics then other formats but no the graphics are pretty much the same

Sound 9 - Yup I like this... Tunes from Junior Senior and a fantastic range of worms vocal sounds. This is something completly new and it works a treat as when you are creating your team you can select a theme which your worms voice will based. These teams range from various countries to robotic and aliens. The only possible complaint I could have is that the backround music is a little bland, but nothing new there.

Gameplay - 8 - Sheer fun, and suprisingly the actual 3d element works!! However as expected sometimes you might find yourself dropping off a cliff and falling straight into the water. The camera angle is very frustrating however and does'nt respond as well as you would hope. Apart from that this is a great game especially in multiplayer.

Lastability - 5 - A bit disapointing here. It will last in multiplayer but for how long can you keep playing one player matches? The campaign and challenge modes are nice and long but are a bit pointless and essentially are just multiplayer matche's with an annoying story attached. An online mode would have been useful to keep this from gathering dust and why is'nt there a league type system like the original?

Story - 4 - I found myself searching for a plot for a while and the only one there is the horrible campaign mode. Basically you get to view a seemingly random and unconnected series of events and you have to solve them. Its really more fun to play a one player multiplayer game.

Score: 64/100 - 6/10

My verdict: If you enjoyed previous worms and are'nt sure if you would like this then buy this now as its just the good ol' worms in 3d!! If you never played worms before then give it a rent because it is'nt half bad. If you never liked worms before then don't even look at this game

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/13/04

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