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"It's Worms...but in was a winner from the start..."

A long time ago in...well this galaxy, there was a game. And that game was worms. The little side on shooter that captured millions of hearts, with its strategic possabilities and its great humor. Armed with great weapons, from the mighty airstike to the humble sheep. This was then upgraded in Worms 2, and again in Worms Armeggedon. But soon people said 'how can worms keep on going? how can that same old format be remade into something new and original?' and this is it. The Worms have gone 3D......

Wow. Great graphics. I've given these 10/10 because instead of thinking along the lines of 'Oh, they aren't very realistic' i've gone for rating the cartoon visuals. Because that's what they are. And they look great. Firstly, the terrain. This is really well done and has a little surprise. The terrain is fully, completey, utterly destructable. Something in the way? Blow it up. Need to 'help' a Worm go for a swim? Shoot the land under their feet. All this happens without any slowdown, unless you completely annihalate some land, which can cause some delay between the shot hitting and the Land dissapearing. Also, the worms look great. They have a large number of facial expressions and seeing a small worm brandishing a massive cow brings a smile to anyone's face.

You have to love the sound in this game. Everthing is done with perfect accuracy to make this game just as funny as the old Worms games. The weapons first, which sound great. While the bang of the shotgun or the rattle of the uzi are pretty average, the 'comedy' weapons are where it excels. The 'hallelujah!' of the holy hand grenade or the muttering of the old woman are perfectly done. And of course, the humor from old Worms games is carried on in the worms voices. There is a huge selection of voices, from pirates (the winds be not in our favour men!) to the irish (Aah, a crate, so it is!). I only have one thing to complain about: how could they axe the Yorkshire voices? Me being a Yorkshire kid, I used to love the Yorkshire voices but alas, t'was not meant to be....

How could anyone critisize the worms gameplay? if you have played worms games before, it's the basic turn-based gameplay, but if you haven't, here's the basics: 2 or more teams of up to 6 worms take it in turns to kill each other with the various weaponry available. Each worm can have up to 90 secs to take their turn before they run out of time and the turn goes over to the next team. The team with their worms left standing is the winner of the match. Simple. And it really worked in the other games. And yet while I'm not saying in anyway that worms in 3d is a complete disaster, there are some parts that just don't seem to work. Aiming an airstrike is now given to a 'blimp view' from above, which is hard when u can't zoom in and have difficulty find an enemy. Jumping can sometimes lead to frustration when you land on something more soft and liquid-like. And when you teleport yourself into a worm, or start a game inside an inescapable cave that has to be blown out of you may want to attack the game. But hey, musn't grumble.

So, it's worms in 3d. Pretty godd, with a few minor faults, but a top class game anyway. Fans may be annoyed when they realise you must unlock the best weapons (super sheep, earthquake ect), especially with the rock hard campaign mode. But still, buy this game. I mean, it's worms...

Oh, and sorry about the spelling. I'm, lazy, you see...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/01/04

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