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"Good Transition To 3D"

The hilarious Worms series makes it way to all consoles plus PC in their 3D debut. Will it be as fun in 3D as it was in 2D? Lets see...

Graphics 6/10
Very average. It uses a cartoonish style of graphics which fit in well with the series. But the worms look very average and the stages look kinda crappy. My worst complaint is that when an explosion occurs on a piece of terrain it doesn't immediately disappear from the blast it usually takes a second or two for that to happen.

Gameplay 10/10
This classic 2D strategy series doesn't lose it's touch when making the transition to 3D. For newcomers worms uses a very simple strategy system with a hilarious twist to it. You have an army of 4 worms and you're placed (randomly or manually) on the battle field (which can be virtually anything). You take turns using different weapons to kill your opponent (or opponents when playing with 3 or 4 people). The amount of weapons is endless from bazookas to my personnel favorite Holy Hand Grenades. There's explosives, guns, hand to hand, grenades, and other things like jet packs and Ninja Ropes. Each weapon serves it's own unique purpose to nothing is useless. At the start of each turn you take control of a worm and go out to kill another worm on the opposing team. You only get 1 shot and each turn is limited to only a minute or so. You have to watch though for things like wind, recoil, and getting caught in your blast. Worms have to ways of dying. One is getting killed by a weapons (either the enemies or your own) or drowning in the water. The stages are filled with obstacles and is completely destructible. You can shoot through literally anything. It's very fun and very challenging.

Story 0/10
There's a campaign mode. But no story. Can't say much for a story that aint there.

Sound 8/10
The sounds of the worms dying in defeat are funny along with the worms cheering in victory. You can change the voices to anything you want from classic voices, alien, robot, cowgirl, etc. The weapon sounds are good to. Not much music though.

Control 7/10
The control is pretty solid. I'm glad they added an aiming mode when firing your weapons. You can do double jumps with ease. But using some of the objects like ninja rope and teleport can be difficult at times and I still can't use the homing pigeon at all. It's still ok control though.

Difficulty Varies
The computer sucks on easy and is flawless of perfect. Luckily though there's several levels of difficulty to choose from. So no matter how good you are you can find a challenging opponent.

Replay 10/10
This game is nothing but replay. I haven't touched campaign mode. I keep on setting up my own games in multiplayer mode. Playing with friends is fun and so are the computer bots.

Extras 0/10
You get no free gifts when buying the game. No shirts, no bonus disk, no nothin'.

Value 10/10
Only $30 and available on every gaming platform even the PC, this game is great.

Overall 9/10
Great gameplay, great deal, pretty average everywhere else. You should really try this out simply for it's originality.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/17/04

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