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"Get Your Holy Hand Grenades Ready...This Game Will Blast Away The Competiton"

It started on the PC...and people loved it. It became a daily routine for some people playing it. Online was even better then single..blasting your friends worm guts all over the place...Now on to the review.

Graphics- 8/10
Alright I just loved the graphics in this game. Compared to the PC version this is like heaven to Worm Gamers. The backgrounds and level design are great, even better all the levels are randomly generated, so you dont need to worry about playing the same level over and over and over. The way they transformed this game into a sort of side scrolling game into this 3D peice of art is amazing. Although the graphics arent perfect, my friends and I are truly satisfied.

Alright the sound wasn't that bad in this game, but it wasnt very good either. The weapon effect sounds are great, it is just the sound of the worm's voices that makes me shudder. Whether it is the overly used expressions, or the....overly used...expressions. One part I did like about the sound was the variety of diffrent voices you can choose from. There is a great selection for your picking, and most will be very happy with the new selections.

For playing this game for 5 days now, it feels right the way the game is played. The first person views in this game helped out alot in some of the weapons you will use. Although, there is a couple of things that will make a regular gamer mad. Whether it is the very bad jumping controls, or your worm getting stuck in places he cant get out of forcing you to quit the game, to the walking that has its many flaws. Although i think the weapon system has improved there is still much needed work to do for future worm games.

Replay Value-10/10
Not only is this a fun single player game, it also is a very fun multiplayer. For the single player there is many things to unlock, and challenges to complete, which in the end rewards you with random stuff. Also for multiplayer the endless hours you will waste playing your friends will make the days go by faster.

All in all i love this game. It was well worth the $20 dollars I payed for it. I recomend this game to any worms fan, or someone looking for a game to play agaisnt your friends. This is a must have in your ps2 colection


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/21/04

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