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"A review that does not make any annotations to the prequels of this game."

This review is designed to help those of you who have never played any of the Worms games (which I have not) decide if you think you'll like it or not.

Storyline: 5/10
Erm, storyline? Oh yea, we get to blow each other up! Wheeee! Naa, not really a storyline here, although each mission has a separate setting and background when you choose it.

Controls: 8/10
It might take a little bit of getting used to . . . but just a little. Nice and simple here, yet complicated . . . in a simple sort of way. Well, lets put it this way: their easy to handle, and once you've gotten the hang of them they seem perfect.

Graphics: 10/10
BLOW ME AWAY BABY! These graphics are awesome! Everything looks exactly the way it was mean't to look, although you may not like the style of graphics. Think back to Gex: Enter the Gecko, the level where you're a wabbit doding the hunters. Yea, that's the style we're talking about. For those of you who haven't played that, think of a simple, somewhat upbeat set of graphics, smooth, with absolute colors. And then you realize that the people who made the game also managed to convert this same style into a very well done creepy-esque level!

Sound: 7/10
Sound is very good as well. Boom, bang, smash, explosion! The sound deserves the seal of excellency. There's even an option to change the voices of your worms, so that they say different things! Which brings me to two large gripes about the voices. Gripe one, they say the same things for a certain action. For example, if they say “Fire!” every time you use the bazooka, and you use the bazooka a bazillion times, it WILL most definitely become annoying. They could have thrown in a random three quotes for each event at least, so that he says “Fire” one time and “I've got you now” the second time. Secondly, there aren't diverse enough worm voices. They all can be divided into four categories: Accent, Alien/cyborg, Annoying, and Parody. Where are the special ops, the Police, the hackers, etc?

Gameplay: 9/10
This game does something no game has ever done this well before. It combines strategy with skill, dexterity, and platforming. And this game should appeal to gamers of every kind! Here is how it works (slight spoilers . . . duh):
It's Turn based, meaning that when the game starts, Team A goes, then Team B, then Team A again. Each turn you are given control of your next worm. You can then move them around by jumping, walking, backflipping, forward flipping, or using a utilities such as Jetpacks and Ninja ropes. You are timed, so don't dawdle! You have anywhere from 30-90 seconds to move yourself, equip your weapon, and fire it. Some weapons fire farther if you hold down the X button longer, and these very same weapons are usually effected by wind direction. Strong wind can also move your target around if you have a weapon like the shotgun, making it difficult to shoot. It's both realistic AND fun, who would have thought?

Replayability: 3-9/10
One word here. No. Unless you have four friends and a rainy weekend, this game most likely won't be appealing in two months.

Buy or Rent?
I suggest buying it, there's so much stuff to unlock that you won't be able to finish it in a weekend.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/26/04

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