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"Your favorite annelids are 3D!"

Introduction- Worms. What odd creatures. They eat dirt, they sleep in the ground, and they look like pieces of spaghetti.........except for these worms. The Worms series is pretty old. I'm new to these whole series, and I am quite taken with this game. Just last March, I went into EB Games looking for a few thrilling games; Worms 3D being among them. I popped it into my PS2 at started playing. I was actually quite bored of the game when I started the first level. The little worms crawl around on the screen with their little weapons and try to kill the other. The worms moved too slow, and the jumping controls were hard. I turned it off and started playing again a few days later. Boy, did I have new feelings for Worms.

Gameplay- Like I said, its seems boring in the beginning, and you have to play a little bit before you can actually pull off some killer strategies. You have one team of Worms versus another team of Worms. Each of your Worms haves names and they can have many weapons at a time. As I played more, I got to thinking: Man, how could I have disliked this game in the beginning. The game does start out slow, but at the end of the day, you'll want to redo the missions again, and again, and again. There are plenty of ways to defeat your opponents. You can sneak up on them and take them out with a single strike, or you can make yourself noticeable by blasting away at their feet. Either way works just fine.

Gameplay: 9/10

Graphics- The graphics are nice, but a little rough. The new 3-D look is cool, and the worms are rather nicely detailed. The colors are a little dull, but that's okay. You spend your time blowing up the landscapes anyway.

Graphics- 7.8/10

Controls- This is the biggest downside to the game. The Worms are not easy to maneuver. You would think that X would jump and Square would fire. But its opposite. I find myself firing the ground in front of me when I need to jump over something. The weapons menu is used by Circle and putting away your weapon is Triangle. 1st person is R1 and overhead view is R2. In first person mode, if you use a gun, the Worm will squirm around, thus making it easier to miss. It also took me a long time to learn that Square x 2 is the double jump button. I could never jump across the gaps. You really should do the tutorials, unlike me.

Controls- 7.75/10

Sound & Music- The sound is one of the vest parts of the game. The worms say witty cracks every now and then. But the best part is voice changing. You can alter what your worm should sound like. The music in this game is nothing special, even though the music matches each level.

Sound & Music- 8.6/10

Variety- There are tons of levels, including levels that have historical events within them, like D-Day of WWII. The levels are fully functional. If you fire an explosive at a rocky wall, you'll leave a crater in the wall, and it won't disappear (or reappear, rather). You can also blow up the ground around your enemy to strand them. There are so many weapons in this game. I can't give away too many, but I can tell you now, there are Baseball Bats and Petroleum Bombs (If I tell you too many weapons, this review will not be posted because of Spoilers). Anyway..................the weapons come in different styles, like hand explosives, physical moves, special features, explosive projectiles, and multiplying weapons.

Variety: 10/10

Extras- There are plenty of extras and bonus stuff in this game. There are the tutorial missions, which is pretty obvious. But there is also the Challenge Mode. Challenge Mode gives you a list of challenges you can complete, like weapon training and quick thinking games. You can unlock new challenges by beating campaign and tutorial missions. You can also make your own teams. You get to name your worms, you get to choose their tombstones (which are left behind when a worm dies), and, best of all, their voices. There are 30+ voices that you can give your worms, like Teenager Angst or Viking. You can also make them sound like they are from other nations or countries.

Extras: 9.3/10

Recommendations- Hey, remember Army Men: Sarge's Heroes? It reminds me of this, for some reason. If you enjoyed that game, you might want to check this out. If you didn't like it, you'd probably like this game anyway. Anyone who is willing to play a long game would also like this, since a match can take up to 30 minutes overall.

Final Thoughts- Overall, this game is a great and truly unique game that will delight gamers all over the world.

Overall: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/08/04

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