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"Worms wasn't broken. Why did they try to fix it?"

I really don't understand. Worms was a perfect game, and the various different Worms games were perfect. Worms World Party was even more perfect. The worms series was perfect. Perfection in its peak. But they tried to push perfection, and perfection can't be pushed. They added in 3D graphics. This only knocked the game down. They took out some of the weapons. This knocked it down more.

But, most importantly in my opinion and in many others, they butchered the ninja rope.

Graphics- 9
The graphics are amazing. The levels are huge and bright, and the worms themselves have made the transformation into the 3D world perfectly. There are even little movies at the end of each level you beat (think the movies at the start of the 2D games) which show what you have unlocked. Not bad eh?

With the praise out of the way, there is a huge flaw. The levels, when blown up with a weapon, take a while to load the new ''broken'' land. This isn't huge, which is why I haven't marked it down, but still, it does get annoying.

The weapons are cool too. The explosions look better in 3D, and there are more frames of animation than there were before.

Also, one thing which I hated in the 2D ones has been corrected; it is now possible to see where the land ends and the water begins.

Sounds- 10
The sound is easily the best part of this game. The music isn't anything too great in game, but the menu music is quality. Praise be to Junior Senior for that one.

The sound effects are good too. They kept the holy hand grenades ''HALLELUJAH!'' cry, and many of the (perfect) sound effects from past worms games remain.

There are loads of voices to select from as well to personalise your team. There are the classic worms phrases, which re-uses the voicing from the 2D games, and then the new ones like the wrestlers or pro sportstars, or even a way to make them sound like rappers complete with cries of ''Don't make me put a cap in yo' butt!'' (uncensored). The sound is the only thing better than before.

Controls- 6
I won't even try to explain the controls. Bascially they are the same as before, but the new aiming system sucks big time. Try aiming a bazooka in 3D to understand. It takes a lot of getting used to. And the ninja ropes? They ruined them! They are literally impossible to use quickly and effectiively! But with this being said, jetpacks are easier to use.

Gameplay- 9
The same as before, but the control system jilts it slightly. To read a more in depth version, read my Worms World Party review. (See what I did there? Shameless self advertising!)

But to add to it, there are more weapons, and harder missions to try. There are also some interesting variations to the missions, for example in one you have to rob graves by blowing up the turf above them.

Replayivity- 10
There are loads of things to unlock, and hundreds of levels to try, and infinate amounts of combinations usiong th Worm Pot, AI, and level select, and literally several ways to customise your worms. What more can you want for replay value? There are even mini games, and doing well unlocks more mini games.

Overall- 8
Brilliant, but the controls and atrocious aiming system knock it short of the place on the shelf with the other worms games, where it can be known, too, as perfect. And the ninja rope... I will never forgive them for what they did to it.

Rent or buy- Buy
I would buy this game. Once you have adapted to the system it does get better, but it takes sso long to get used to. Rent it if you are an impatient guy/gal, otherwise buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/02/04

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